“Make Stupidity and Cowardice an Indictable Crime”

The following video shows a French politician complaining in Parliament about the Merah family, which spawned the mass murderer Mohamed Merah and is now reportedly sending jihadis to Syria — all at the expense of the French welfare system.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Prime Minister, I would like to speak about a famous family.
00:04   Not the vaudevillian “Leonarda” family
00:08   but the Merah family, and here we are in Crime
00:12   in Terrorism and in the “everything-goes”.
00:16   The terrorist brother Mohamed, killer of soldiers
00:20   because they were soldiers and of Jews because they were Jews.
00:24   his brother an accomplice,
00:28   and now his sister Souad and the half-brother.
00:32   So that whole nice family left with arms
00:36   and luggage, but also with some
00:40   ten of their children. for Syria to do jihad,
00:44   if we believe the interior minister rather than
00:48   their mother who tells us they went to Tunisia to get a suntan.
00:52   It seems that in our country
00:56   this is allowed, authorised, tolerated, whatever.
01:00   But what is outrageous is that these 10+ persons have
01:04   financed their trip with family allowances,
01:08   personal rent assistance, and even their
01:12   single-parent pensions. France is a magnificent country,
01:16   isn’t it, where all that social assistance
01:20   can be used to make war in Syria
01:24   or elsewhere. Be careful, your voters will eventually ask you
01:28   some questions. Madame Justice Minister
01:32   will soon present a reform project for our criminal law. May I suggest
01:36   to make stupidity and cowardice an indictable crime,
01:40   which could also be used
01:44   against public servants and their
01:49   hierarchy who, in the Toulouse region,
01:53   distribute taxpayers’ money freely and
01:57   without any discernment to terrorists in power.

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7 thoughts on ““Make Stupidity and Cowardice an Indictable Crime”

  1. A great idea which should be adopted by all free nations. It is this lack of accountability which has seen our payments bloom and our rights shrivel. As one goes up, the other goes down. Madame Le Pen, Farage etc could push for this too. However, I foresee the aparatchiks maintaining their course until we hit the iceberg – and they will be the first to head for the lifeboats! Cowardice is the right term, as Churchill said, courage is the prime attribute as only it guarantees the others.

  2. “Make Stupidity and Cowardice an Indictable Crime”
    From his mouth to Allah’s ears… both ears. He has put his finger on the nail. He has diagnosed the horrible diseases that have afflicted the so-called western democracies, which are undemocratic, but some type of NEW gov. that yet we have to name: servile to Islam and eager to enter dhimmitude. Accurate description. This politician is the only person I can call wise, educated, courageous, aware of his surroundings. The whole continent contains only one human being in an ocean of zombies. The military must observe such things and notice how politicians behave or what they say. Can such a person be installed by the military to rule in a commonsensical, logical manner? When is democracy worse than dictatorship? How “intellectual” Europe has not thought of that? Can we call a democracy the best system when it is allowing itself to be invaded? What type of zombies, to say the least would do that? Hitler should have put Europeans, all of them, below the pyramid’s bottom line, way below the last one. How the prevailing destructive thought has penetrated all of Europe and are heading towards their perdition and are unaware of that. All books and magazines, and European parliaments are rubbish if they don’t have wisdom, scruples and conscience. How do they come to be elected is amazing. They don’t know anything, let alone human nature. To hell with all liars and cowards.

    • I sympathise with your outrage, Murad. Trouble is, there is no guarantee that an unelected elite will behave selflessly- power tends to corrupt, etc.

      Indeed one of the best arguments for democracy is that there is no evidence that intelligent or educated people will behave in a more enlightened or moral manner than the rest of humanity (so two fingers up to Plato!).

  3. Here is my conversation with a Germo-Turkish girl on holiday in America. Nice girl, about 22 years old:

    Her: I hate all Germans, because they discriminate against us.
    Me: Well, you are all dressed up in a burkah, which is not very Germanic.
    Her: If I could, I would punish them all.
    Me: What, you mean the Germans at dinner here?
    Her: Yes, if i had the ability, I would kill you all.

    I changed tables at this point in the conversation….

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