Brussels Shooting Suspect Released

Last Saturday an unknown gunman was transported by an accomplice to the Jewish Museum in Brussels. He left the car, entered the building, and killed three people. The shooter and the driver of the vehicle were both able to escape the scene of the crime. Shortly afterwards a suspect was arrested, but was later released.

Yesterday another suspect was arrested in connection with a different case. Although he is believed to be a mujahid who traveled to Syria to fight in the jihad, he too has been released for lack of evidence.

Many thanks to SimonXML for translating this article from De Standaard. The translation was originally posted at Vlad Tepes:

Jewish Museum shooting suspect released

The man who was arrested on Tuesday after the shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels has been released again.

The man was arrested yesterday by the federal prosecutor in another terrorism case. In the case of the attack on the Jewish Museum, the investigators are keeping all avenues open and their inquiries will include checking whether any clues can be found in existing cases.

The man who was arrested yesterday is said to have been a fighter in Syria. During his interrogation, in addition to the offenses for which he was arrested, the attack at the Jewish Museum was also considered because there are certain similarities between his profile and that of the perpetrator.

According to the federal prosecutor, the man could not be linked to Saturday’s events.

In the Jewish Museum last Saturday three people were killed and one seriously injured in a shooting. According to the prosecutor this was a terrorist attack.

For an article in English covering the same topic, see the Cleveland Jewish News.

7 thoughts on “Brussels Shooting Suspect Released

  1. I am very surprised that a Jewish museum in Brussels (the capital of Eurabia) did not have better video surveilance. As anyone who has lived there will know, many areas in Brussels have been completely taken over.

  2. Hey Jihadists in Syria or anywhere, you can return to the DEMOCRATIC Europe and I can assure you “There will be no evidence of your Jihadism” even if you enter your OWN continent with your full fighting gear. It is not because Europe is stupid or coward… No No. It is because they are morally unmatched. Oh Europe your fate is in the balance. Why are thou so for ever cursed?

  3. via JewishPress: Belgium Terror Attack Could Be Linked to Hezbollah

    “Belgian authorities are investigating whether the terrorist who murdered four people Saturday at the Brussels Jewish Museum is tied to the Lebanese Hezbollah terror organization.
    Israel’s Channel 10 television news reported Tuesday that Belgian intelligence is looking at the date of the shooting – May 24 – and the official date of Israel’s military withdrawal from southern Lebanon: May 24, 2000.”


    ‘Did a French Comedian Inspire the Killings at the Jewish Museum in Brussels?’

    via: Times Of Israel
    Belgian Jewish activist says he received death threat

    “Belgian Jewish activist Joel Rubinfeld said he received an online death threat for speaking about the Brussels Jewish museum killings. “…”We absolutely need to shut Joël Rubintrickmachine’s fat mouth,” read the text, which was posted on the LBCA Facebook page. “His defamations, his grotesque generalizations make me want to commit murder.”
    Rubinfeld said he would file a formal police complaint about the posting, which appears to have been spurred by his many media appearances following the slaying of four Jews on Saturday at the Jewish Museum of Belgium in central Brussels. Rubinfeld has called on Belgian authorities to take a firmer stance against minor and major incidents of anti-Semitism, referring to the French government as a role model.”



    ”…the museum attack’s victims — Emanuel and Miriam Riva, a married couple in their 50s from Tel Aviv; Alexandre Strens, an employee of the museum in his 20s; and Dominique Sabrier, a French volunteer at the museum. . .”

    . . .

    ”Security camera footage from the museum showed the killer approaching the entrance to the museum quickly but calmly while carrying two bags and wearing a baseball cap that obscured his eyes from the lens. Placing one bag on the ground, he produced an automatic rifle and entered the museum for approximately one minute. Inside, he opened fire, hitting his victims in their heads and necks, before making his escape. Counterterrorism experts said the man’s apparent calm, quick getaway and selection of target — the museum is one of the few Jewish institutions in Brussels that is not under permanent police protection — suggest meticulous preparations and perhaps some training.

  4. The President of the Czech Republic seems to think we know it was Muslims who did the killing (see article above). Have there been further developments…?

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