Brussels Pumps up the “Legacy of Al-Andalus”

The EU’s latest dhimmified pandering to Islam is explained by the Italian newspaper Il Giornale. Many thanks to Gaia for the translation, which was originally posted at Vlad Tepes:

Four million euros to raise awareness of the Omayyad…

…the great Islamic dynasty was allocated by the European Union in July 2013

But of course! Whilst the population of the continent rocked between crisis and taxes, while the Troika [the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund] spread the watchwords of austerity, while Europeans were asked for even more blood and tears, Brussels was allowed the luxury of financing with 4 million (€ 4,153,653 to be exact ) a program of “multilateral cross-border cooperation”, coordinated by the “Foundation for the Legacy of al-Andalus”.

The official purpose? Remedial measures to hurriedly correct what the Community institutions define as a — now intolerable — “serious imbalance”. What is this imbalance that is so bad? The pitiful wage of the workers? Unemployment levels among young people? Pension rates falling below reasonable levels? But no: the imbalance, according to Brussels, is the fact that not enough is known of the history of the Omayyad.

That’s right! Can you possibly go ahead without knowing the deeds of the followers of Mohammed, from Muawiya, Yazid I to III? Absolutely not! So pile money upon money. “In this way we increase the rich heritage of the Omayyad,” triumphantly proclaim the Community documents. Never mind if, in the meantime, the assets of the Europeans increasingly decrease… We must beware, because the money-wasting is often hidden behind anonymous abbreviations, bastard acronyms, aseptic little words that seem harmless at first sight. The 4 million euros for the Omayyad, for example, pass under the incomprehensible name CBCMED. Another seemingly unassailable name (EuropeAid) is used instead to allocate 2.5 million euros towards “dialogue with North Africa “ (August 2013). With Medisolae-3D virtual tours are funded in the islands of the Mediterranean, which, although virtual, come at a real cost of 2.7 million euros. With the MED-ENEC II finally, we give away 5 million euros to Egypt to organize discussions on the “Green Economy” (November 2013).

Even in Brussels, as in Italy, politics are raving mad. Once you know the history of the Omayyad, of the disciples of Mohammed from Muawiya to Yazid I to III spending another 4 million euro, what do we do next? In Brussels, the politicians have nothing to envy their Italian counterparts, who, when it comes to spend and spend with other people’s money, don’t restrain their urges. Those who have embarked on a political career or were nonentities in the productive life of their country, or coming from the judiciary — just what we may expect? The problem is that it is we who elect them! Thus… mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, as someone in his time once said under particular circumstances.

4 thoughts on “Brussels Pumps up the “Legacy of Al-Andalus”

  1. What’s amusing – or not – is that they’re not even supporting Andalus. They’re supporting the Damascene caliphs *before* `Abd al-Rahman took power.

    They are supporting the pan-Islamic caliphate, not La Convivencia.

  2. Whatever the Euroliars tell you, so-called Al-Andulous was NOT a multicultural paradise. Non Muslims were DHIMMIS, second class citizens who paid Jizya to their muslim masters. Do not let any lying communist tell you different.

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