20 thoughts on “Caving in to Small-Minded Islamic Bullies

  1. His best yet that cuts all the way to the bone!

    Secular Muslim? There ain’t no such animal. You are either in or you are out as far as Islam is concerned.

  2. Good one from Pat, but he misses out an important fact. Our government and police are terrified of political (including islamic) violence. You only have to see the contortions they go through to keep republican terrorists onside in Northern Ireland to realise that. And why? Because one well-targetted bomb, or one serious riot can cost tens, hundreds of millions. The damage from the Baltic Exchange bomb alone cost in excess of one billion pounds. Condell rightly excoriates the media and ourselves for our cowardice and complicity in caving in to the threat of islamic violence. What he should also include is the complicity both of the government and their enforcement arm, the police in this, too. After all, what’s a bit of freedom of expression lost here and there compared to the millions saved from not having riots in the streets because of some line drawing?

    • “Condell rightly excoriates the media and ourselves for our cowardice and complicity in caving in to the threat of islamic violence.”

      The self-righteous “brave journalists” were never scared of the IRA the way they are scared of muslims, because the IRA never set about murdering journalists. Breivik’s original plan was to kill a conference-hall full of journalists, and that was the first indication that ultimately people will come to regard journalists as the enemy. The media will then be attacked from both sides. If Breivik had had the resources of the IRA, then no doubt he would have followed through on his attack on journalists, instead of attacking the more vulnerable teenagers on Uttoya Island.

      “After all, what’s a bit of freedom of expression lost here and there compared to the millions saved from not having riots in the streets because of some line drawing?”

      The elite are going to be stuffed when things reach breaking point, and it’s not muslims who are rioting. (This breaking point must be fast approaching in Britain, since the government is already planning to deploy the kind of military policing that was used in Northern Ireland). That is why the media were co-opted into destroying EDL. In 2009 the media were reporting on EDL fairly. When the authorities/the media saw how big EDL was growing in 2010, that is when they started to describe EDL as “racist”. At the end of 2010, EDL had two large simultaneous demos (Nuneaton and Preston), on the same day. EDL had a Sikh leader, a mixed-race Caribbean/Irish leader, and the Nuneaton demo was addressed by a Pakistani christian. Meanwhile, the media were reporting that EDL was a racist organisation (when each of those demos had probably 20 to 40 journalists/cameramen at them who knew this was not true).

      At one point in about May 2010, EDL/Casuals United put out a (joke) fatwa on journalists. At the following EDL demo, these “brave journalists” were not to be seen on the ground, but were reporting from 4 floors up, inside buildings. That showed precisely how fearful the brave journalists are. If those opposing islam had murdered journalists, then the media would have treated EDL with the respect they accord to islam. What the elite don’t seem to realise (despite their cant to the contrary), is that they are demonstrating that they do not respect the truth, but they do respect threats to kill them. And that is no doubt what Breivik realised.

      By ignoring/destroying political protest, the authorities condition dissent so that it becomes violent. As some bloke said: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

  3. I’m afraid Pat Condell kind of misses the point.

    The British citizenns have been systematically disarmed for decades. If you want to see some really effective police work in Britain, report an otherwise-law-abiding citizen who possesses a firearm for self protection.

    The main effect of the US Second Amendment is not to protect the US citizen against a tyrannical government. The Second Amendment allows the citizen to feel some responsibility and ability in protecting himself, and encourages a sense of independence and self-respect.

    With all due respect to Pat Condell, by this point the editors of the news journals have no chance whatsoever to defend themselves, and are sitting ducks for a pair of thugs with a baseball bat. Does he expect a disarmed people to show bravery? Does he expect people who have been conditioned from birth to look to government for sustenance, and to suppress any urge to defend themselves, to stand up against systematic thuggery of Islamists?

    Incidentally, this is why leftists are so opposed to the right to bear arms. Citizens accustomed to taking responsibility for their own affairs and their own well-being are less susceptible to the implicit threats of violence and the emtpy promises of something for nothing that are so associated with leftist street gangs and Muslim interest groups.

    • Recently I happened to watch (on YouTube) a Time Team documentary about the Iceni revolt under Boudica. One of the scholars who appears in the show talked about how the Romans, upon arriving on the scene, set about disarming the locals. She went on about what a terrible blow it was to the Iceni to have their “sacred” weapons taken away and destroyed — the implication being that it ruined their cultural pride as well as making them submissive to oppressive conquerors.

      I couldn’t help wondering if that scholar, or anyone else involved in the production, viewed the forcible disarming of modern Britons in anything like the same light. For many centuries, the term “free man” was nearly interchangeable with “arms-bearing man.” Our overlords (U.S. and European) want us to think it’s the opposite.

      • In my lifetime, (1948- present), it has never been the norm for civilian Brits to own and carry guns, other than those who need them for work (farmers, hunters etc) and collectors, whose weapons had to be “neutered” a few years back, which some didn’t like, but they didn’t keep them to use anyway. There may be an argument for something like the Second Amendment, but to suggest that we have been “disarmed” is incorrect.

        I’ve forwarded PC’s video (love his initials!) to my MP, Simon Hughes, but won’t hold my breath for a reply.

  4. Interesting – Pat Condell always ends his speeches with “Peace” and does the fingers peace sign. He didn’t this time. Maybe he is finally realizing that peace is not going to cut it. We are at war and Pat might be finally realizing it and is taking off his gloves..

  5. There is an open facebook page called Rochdale future. Rochdale is a town near Manchester in England.
    It has a large demographic of muslims. Mainly of Pakistani origin.
    There have been recent discussions on there about halal slaughter.
    It’s a classic case of where anybody criticises islam, then they are immediately branded as racist.
    It’s frightening how many apologists and dhimmis there are in Rochdale.
    This town will be one of the first in England to have an inevitable majority muslim population.
    I suggest that you monitor this site. It gives a depressing indicator of how bad things are over here despite the flannelling and big brother speak about multi culturism.

    • I have no idea how good that source is…was just the first I happened to see. Random google. What is interesting from an American perspective is that most -many?- Brits don’t seem to quite remember when their guns were removed. They were once a part of English village life, but that was back when police weren’t armed…

  6. Was thinking just this same thing today about Britain… Whatever happened to the legendary stiff upper lip, resolve and determination? Whatever happened to the spirit which saw Brits charge at German machine guns (however misguidedly) 100 years before now? Whatever happened to the “Up yours Delors” (an actual headline) attitude of the media, to matters like the EU? It seems that when it comes to Islam, all the qualities Britain exhibited against the Germans, EU and other past adversaries seem to evaporate…

    • Cultural Marxism pulls out traditions by its roots. During World War Two, when England had already been infected by Marxism to an extent few would believe today, the traditional Englishmen still ruled, but no country has been able to withstand the force of these nihilists. Being English is now something to be ashamed of according to the Elite.

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