She Didn’t Have a Prayer

Update: Vlad tells me that this news video is not current. It is a recording from several years ago that was uploaded recently because the alleged perpetrator will soon have a court appearance.

A Muslim man in Quebec has been arrested for allegedly beating his 13-year-old daughter to death for refusing to come inside for 6:00pm prayers. The police are adamant in their refusal to discuss the case as an “honor killing”, but you’ll notice that the reporters in this TV news account are not so reticent.

Many thanks to Bear for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

As Vlad says:

There is an old joke in the English speaking world which goes like this:

“Did you hear the one about the kid who killed his parents, then begged for mercy from the judge because he was an orphan?”

That joke in some ways is a core cultural staple of Islam. You can bet he will receive all kinds of sympathy from his devout Muslim buddies and even congratulations for ‘doing the right thing’ as all actions are justified by the sharia if it is for the rigorous enforcement of Islamic observance and supremacy.


00:00   Good end of the day everyone. First of all, a drama that creates a lot of questions in Longueil and in fact, Joel,
00:04   it is a teenager that has been beaten to death by her father, and we start
00:08   by asking if religious motives could be the origins of this drama.
00:12   You are right Pierre. On the side of (local) police, they refuse to talk of honour killing
00:16   or anything of that sort. What I can tell you is the man, aged 71, accused of
00:20   or suspected of having beaten to death his 13-year-old daughter is an African Muslim
00:24   And in the neighborhood where I went today many people have
00:28   witnessed during months and years disputes and arguments between the father
00:32   and his daughter on the subject of the 6:00 PM prayer. Here is why
00:36   doubt has installed itself amongst many. The little
00:40   (African name) 13 years old, relinquished her mortal coil but it was only on Monday
00:44   morning that local police confirmed the death. The drama played out a little after 6:00 PM
00:48   Wednesday night at the family home situated in a complex
00:52   of apt. in Chambly Rd. It is the father of the victim, aged 71,
00:56   who alerted 911 to say he had just slapped his daughter and
01:00   she was unconscious. The individual stayed in place. There was no resistance.
01:04   We proceeded with his arrest. He had been in court the week prior
01:08   on charges of assault, causing bodily injuries, and
01:12   unfortunately, we learned that in fact his 13-year-old daughter has died due to an assault.
01:16   I saw him come out with handcuffs. I was surprised.
01:20   Hey! this is the guy! and I call him, “the guy with the outfit”
01:25   For the first time I was very surprised. (woman2) I saw this child grow up, sir.
01:29   I have known this child five years. She used to jump out of the bus and would
01:33   jump in my arms. She liked kisses. She needed a lot of affection.
01:37   The whole day a coming and going has been noticed at the murder site.
01:41   The close friends/community of this family who are Muslim, are from Guinea have decided
01:45   to gather to share their sadness (woman???)
01:49   …it is hard to have a loss such as this. (interv) Was it an accident?
01:53   In my opinion it can only be an accident.
01:57   Her father used to come and scream at her. “You come now it is 6:00,
02:01   it is prayer time now”. The local police refuse categorically to speak of
02:05   honour killing. But more and more persistent rumours circulate here to the fact that
02:09   the young girl, aged 13, had possibly refused to do her prayers,
02:13   so wanted by her father, which would have provoked his anger. It was a little
02:17   girl with a joy of living that was superb. Always smiling,
02:21   except when her father arrived or praying; her face would change completely.
02:25   We see when a child is happy and when she is not. This is a question of religion probably.
02:29   It happened during prayer hour.
02:33   ???
02:37   To me, 1+1=2. The return to court of Mustapha (Tardname)
02:41   will happen Tuesday AM. Joel Goulet TA News Longueil

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6 thoughts on “She Didn’t Have a Prayer

  1. This story is fabricated. The father was actually a Maori who had emigrated to Canada.

    His brother knew the Baron in the good old Cold War days and was once a Southern Baptist like him.

    Nowadays, he just watches Duck a Dynasty and dreams of a new Holy a Roman Empire. He’s not very nice.

  2. The news video is clearly not shot in December in Quebec, greenery all over, lightly
    dressed people, no snow…

    • You’re quite right. I just learned that the news item is from 2010. The video was uploaded recently because the man is about to appear in court.

      See the update at the top.

  3. This is no laughing matter. It has not been reported in the ROC (Rest of Canada) Google lists honour killings in 2011 but not this one. What is honourable about beating one’s daughter to death and why won’t the authorities report it as such? A 13 year old girl, full of joy as one neighbour said, who jumped into her arms when she left the schoolbus, just a happy little girl. Beaten to death by a 71 year old muslim father because she was late for prayers. May hell rain down on that murderer for stealing that child from Canada and the world.

  4. Yes thank you for posting the update, I could not find anything current. Does that make it less disgusting? An old man beat his 13 year old daughter to death for not following his muslim prayers. Apparently it is new again because he is coming to court. Has he had 3 years more of his pathetic hatefilled life and has she, the young joy filled daughter been deprived of hers? I ask Canadians, their lawyers, judges and courts to punish this man, send him back to his country, and honour that young girl for the Life she had taken away from her.

    • How is sending a man back to his country a punishment ?
      Better : an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth……..

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