The Ninety-Five Theses Versus The Five Pillars

It’s unclear why an imam was warbling out the Islamic call to prayer inside a Lutheran church in Germany, but that event is indeed what is recorded in the video below. A woman in the congregation took exception to what was going on, and — after channeling Martin Luther — was escorted from the premises by police.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   (Imam calls to Muslim prayer)
00:04   blaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
00:08   (sound of steps)
00:12   blaaaa-aaaa-aaaaaa
00:16   Jesus Christ alone
00:20   is Lord over Germany. I (unclear)
00:24   I am standing here, I cannot do otherwise.
00:28   This is the Church of Martin Luther.
00:32   I stand here, I cannot do otherwise (famous quote by Luther).
00:36   “It’s a concept for peace”, NO it’s not, no-one touches my flag
00:40   “Allah-u-akhbar” is … (unclear) don’t be fooled,
00:44   don’t be fooled, it is a lie.
00:48   (no sound from there on)

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  1. O.K., folks. When the anti-jihad prizes are up for distribution next, I’m voting for German Lady!

  2. Who let the beardie boy into church in the first place and permitted him to engage in this anti-Christian caterwauling?

  3. As a member of the ELCA, I can tell you that it is fashionable among the Lutheran clergy and elites to be so very, very inclusive and understanding of Islam. The pastor probably invited the imam in. Every mainline protestant church is going down due to their own political correctness. It is no wonder the ‘simplistic’ feel-good religions are thriving. They draw clear lines.

    • Come join us at the LCMS. Standing with this German lady on the truth of the inerrant Word of God. Come back.

    • ELCA? Dump them.

      One of my old childhood chums is an ELCA pastor, and there is absolutely NO left-wing idea he will not back. He tells me how important it is to have abortion, and gay marriage, and “understanding” of Islam, etc., etc.

      And he snickers when he says these things, as if any other viewpoint is comically absurd.

    • A couple of years after 9/11, I happened upon a book written by a Lutheran theologian setting out to dispel any “misunderstanding” that the average Lutheran parishioner might harbor concerning Islam. A quick inspection left no doubt that the aim was to create a favorable (and therefore deeply inaccurate) picture of Islam. I had to wonder if the author ever asked himself whether any Muslim theologians were trying to make Muslims think nicer thoughts about Christianity.

    • You are no doubt right, Bill, in assuming that the Muslim congregation was invited to use the Lutheran church as a place of worship. Was this done as an expression of “political correctness?” Here I am quite sure you are mistaken. It was probably done as an expression of hospitality. Christians in general learned to be tolerant of other religions only during the past century. Though most Muslim countries have had Christian citizens for centuries, equality of rights for non-Muslim religions in most of these countries continues to be a problem. But Muslims who are citizens of the United States and Europe now have a good opportunity to learn and practice such mutual respect. But if we Christians display the kind of hostility towards them that most of the participants on this page are expressing, this appreciation of mutually respectful relations between different religions is going to be hard to come by.

  4. Among those 95 Theses, there are two
    “Do not say, ‘peace, peace,’ where there is no peace.”
    “Do not say, ‘the cross, the cross,’ where there is no cross.”
    Rough paraphrase, but whenever I think of interfaith, I think of these words.
    Darkness has nothing to do with light, and Islam has nothing to do with Christianity.

  5. I hope Baron Bodissey was being sarcastic when he wrote that “it is unclear”. This imam was doing the equivalent of what a jackal does when he urinates on, in or around the territory of his prey, to mark out who the New Boss in Town is (or will be).

    • I hope The Hesperado is capable of apprehending layered nuances of meaning. Irony is just one of the aspects.

      Obviously, the imam is just doing what imams do, performing his usual function, as you so pithily describe.

      But there’s another “why” involved, having multiple parts: Why did someone bring this estimable Islamic chap into the church? What portion of the Lutheran hierarchy made the decision? Did the congregation of the church voice its assent? etc. etc.

    • A very apt and graphic description about the imam’s howling.

      But the imam was not merely urinating to mark conquered territory for the ummah, he was claiming the church as an Islamic possession, because ‘allah is greater’.

      The sheeple there are on the peace train; they really are naive and clueless enough to invite the wolf in the hope he will not eat them.

      Except Heidi. Good on her!

      • “But the imam was not merely urinating to mark conquered territory for the ummah, he was claiming the church as an Islamic possession, because ‘allah is greater’. ”

        Same difference.

    • Oh dear you are right. Just visit when they are beheading *sheep no I mean people and they cry allahu Akbar until the blood is drained. Allah is so satisfied with what they do. Allah gives them instruction how to kill and whom.

  6. Bill Keezer, although apparently writing from the USA, has probably nailed the issue in his post at 7:44. The “Mainline Protestant” clergy are indeed some of the most EmCeePeeCee people on the planet. When it comes to Islam, they’re about the most willing Dhimmi ever–and I say that their patron saint is Judas Iscariot (NOT the other Judas mentioned in John, not the author of the penultimate book of the NT, not the brother of the Lord, nor Judas Barsabbas, but Judas Iscariot). To them, the only sensible “prophetic witness” (to steal a phrase dear to them back in the Silly ‘Sixties and Sillier ‘Seventies) is:

    Mein Volk ist dahin, darum daß es nicht lernen will. Denn du verwirfst Gottes Wort; darum will ich dich auch verwerfen, daß du nicht mein Priester sein sollst.

    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me.

    我 的 民 因 無 知 識 而 滅 亡 。 你 棄 掉 知 識 , 我 也 必 棄 掉 你 , 使 你 不 再 給 我 作 祭 司.

    נִדְמ֥וּ עַמִּ֖י מִבְּלִ֣י הַדָּ֑עַת כִּֽי־אַתָּ֞ה הַדַּ֣עַת מָאַ֗סְתָּ וְאֶמְאָֽסְאךָ֙ מִכַּהֵ֣ן לִ֔י

    (Hos. 4:6)

    This is why some of us who are happy to be called “Protestant” think that the Reformation torch got passed to a number of the Free Churches (as in Scotland, or the Gereformeerde in the Netherlands) back in the 19th century rather than to the great established churches of Europe.

    To those of us who bear the “fundamentalist” label, a church ceases to be Christian in any meaningful sense when it would openly give itself to a cleric who denies that God the Word became Incarnate, truly suffered and died on the cross, and that Jesus’ death was atonement for his people.

  7. While I’m at it, my prayers are with the sister who spoke up for Christ’s church. May Germany have millions arising to say with her and Brother Martin:

    Ich stehe hier; Ich kannst nicht anderes.

  8. Ah yes! Luther before the imperial diet. Good for her!. – and that’s coming from a Catholic. Here I stand, I can do no other. God help me, Amen!.

    Having that Imam praying in that church was a crime, just as similar moves by John Paul II were. We need to act in a grass-roots manner to take back our Churches and remind Church leaders that our ecclesial bodies are inherently tied in with Western Culture as well and bastions of, and sources for, spreading the Faith.

  9. The poor fools don’t realize that the call to prayer is not addressed to them – the infidel – but to Muslims only!

  10. How can Catholics tolerate Islam, Lutherans tolerate Islam but both can’t tolerate each other?
    And why The 5 continents … oh no the seven continents are worshiping Islam and every whim they can dream up.
    And why the most prominent and conspicuous feature of “Democracy” is not justice but caving cowardly to indulging Islam and Muslims. Two teenagers in Scotland complained that a certain vaccine contained 0.00000000000001 pig component. Scotland dutifully obeyed they NEW god and recalled the vaccine in order not to offend their masters. Hey Scottish … what happened to your tribalism and courage. Chickens.

  11. I’m sure that there was reciprocity and that the Lutheran pastor was escorted in to call the Muslims to prayer as he led them in the Lord’s prayer. Please read the sarcasm there. I’m actually sure that there was zero reciprocity. I find it interesting that these open and inclusive churches haven’t figured out that Muslims aren’t fans of infidels. Someone mentioned the dhimmi–ask them how peace-loving and inclusive their Muslim brothers are. Truth is truth. The very nature of truth is non-inclusive and lacks diversity. Truth is objective. So either you have faith in the truth or your uncertainty has allowed you to further muddy the waters. I know where I stand and my feet aren’t muddy.

    • Islam is profane.
      Mohammed is a false prophet.
      And I’m glad someone recognizes that the truth is not “inclusive.”
      It is not what anyone wants it to be, it is what it is.
      Jesus Christ is the Son of God. That’s the message the imam should have been given before the “interfaith” was arranged.

    • I’m not sure if this was sarcasm or if there was an actual intent to relabel a blessing as a curse. If it was the latter, then please let me know how one gains the authority both to relabel and break.

      My apologies to Dymphna and the Baron. I will not consider it a slight if this is deleted for the purpose of avoiding a firestorm.

      • In times like these, in which secularists seem to have the upper hand in the culture, a comment like yours is to be expected.
        I think she’s on the level.
        And just imagine, what would have happened if she had enunciated such a message during Nazi Party Day in Nuremberg in the 1930s!
        There were many Germans back then who did not abandon Christ in favor of Hitler.
        And I think there are many others living in our own time who still have not abandoned Christ for a tyranny of unbelief and submission to Islam.
        Anyone who has knowledge of the long-term history of Christianity, the West, Islam and the tendency of totalitarian rulers to supplant religion in the minds of their subjects (in spite of their calling them citizens) with “professionalism” and mindless utilitarian drudgery, understands that a true faith and the re-development of a spiritual dimension and cultural loyalty in the West, are the only means, aside from fighting outright, by which the West will prevail.
        In terms of the world, the West counts for a minority of people, and this minority are responsible for preserving 7,000 years of civilization, not just fighting for 7,000 years of civilization.

    • Thank you ul. Now indeed I recognise it (could simply not get it on the copy I had) : The courageous woman said: “Ich breche diesel Fluch” I break this curse.

      • “Ich breche diesel Fluch” I break this curse.

        Both of my guesses were wrong. Thanks for the clarification and my sincere apologies for assuming that Ul was being a Smart-aleck.

  12. The bad news is that in fact this did not happen in a “Lutheran” church in Germany, because the German state churches and territorial gave up being Lutheran many years ago, starting with the Prussian Union of 1847. The territorial churches are not Lutheran but, as you see in this example, in some tragic cases have been taken over by liberal theologies that would actually think inviting a Muslim to make a call to prayer inside one of their churches is appropriate.

    I admire the women for what she did! Yes and amen.

    • Alright, I understand what you’re saying about the Prussian Church Union of the early 1800’s.

      But, speaking as one belonging to the Reformed wing of the Reformation, I don’t think that Johannes Althusius, Zacharius Ursinus, Jan Laski, or any of the other luminaries of German-speaking Reformed Protestantism would have liked an imam calling out the Azzan in a church, either.

      In any case, Reformed people have always liked Luther better than Luther liked them.

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  14. The whirlpool is picking up speed in Europe. At this rate war and anarchy are right around the corner. Oh, the whirlpool must be in a toilet, cause all this stinks.

  15. “It’s unclear why an imam was warbling out the Islamic call to prayer inside a Lutheran church in Germany…”

    The imam was there on the invitation of the German Lutheran pastor (or church), I think. Why this nauseating eagerness to “submit”? Speculating: could it be their present Lutheran church leaders share the hatred that Martin Luther had for Jews with islam?

  16. What were the police doing in the church? If they weren’t on hand for this event but were called in after Heidi spoke up, they must have arrived in record time. That is some serious vigilance.

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