Did We Lose the Cold War?

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Did We Lose the Cold War?
by Fjordman

Diana West’s latest title, Diana West’s book American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character, challenges conventional wisdom about the Second World War and the Cold War. It has caused quite a stir in certain circles.

Old Town, Warsaw

As it happens, I started reading it while visiting Warsaw, Poland for the first time. This is fitting in many ways. Historian Timothy Snyder in his excellent work Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin demonstrates how East-Central Europe was crushed between the totalitarian regimes of two infamous dictators, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. One of their victims was Poland. Roughly 85% of Warsaw was destroyed during the Second World War. Its pretty Old Town is actually fairly new; it was reconstructed after WW2.

Today, the city is riddled with monuments and memorials to those who struggled and were wiped out during those fateful years, both from the Jewish minority population and the Slavic Christian majority population. One of the monuments of Warsaw’s Old Town is dedicated to the victims of the Katyn massacre, mass execution of 22,000 Polish officers in the spring of 1940. This evil deed was originally blamed on the Nazis, but it was in fact carried out by the Soviet secret police. Evidence of this surfaced rather early.

Katyn massacre memorial at Old Town, Warsaw

Yet this fact was deliberately buried by the Roosevelt Administration in order not to offend their new Soviet “allies,” after Hitler decided to invade the Soviet Union. This shameful policy continued for years even after the war ended, when it should have been clear to all sensible people that Stalin and the Communists could never really be anybody’s “allies.” Diana West argues that by actively covering up such atrocities, the Western world in some ways became complicit in Soviet crimes.

Towering over the city center of Warsaw even today is the Palace of Culture and Science. It was a “gift” from Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union in 1952. How nice of Uncle Joe, especially since he and Hitler had secretly carved up Poland and several other countries between them in the August 1939 Nazi-Soviet pact. The International Socialists of the Soviet Union were every bit as much expansionist totalitarian predators as were the National Socialists in Germany. Diana West reminds us that this isn’t always emphasized today, and asks: Why is this so?

A timely question.

Stalin’s gift: The Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw

It wasn’t the first time the Communists attempted to expand into Central Europe via Poland, either. As Adam Zamoyski details in his book Warsaw 1920: Lenin’s Failed Conquest of Europe, already after the First World War, the Bolsheviks under the direction of Vladimir Lenin tried to use military force to invade Poland and export the world revolution to Germany. This early attempt was successfully beaten back by Polish resistance. But the Soviets returned with a vengeance a generation later, under the leadership of Lenin’s ruthless apprentice Stalin. This time they succeeded in establishing Communist dominion over the eastern half of Europe as far as Berlin.

Diana West shows how the US Government and the Western Allies foolishly defeated one totalitarian system, only to hand half of Europe plus China over to another totalitarian system on a silver platter. But was it merely foolishness, or was it successful Soviet subversion? West demonstrates that although anti-Communists such as Joseph McCarthy have been vilified and ridiculed, the simple fact is that the Soviet Union in the 1930s and 40s already had an extensive network of collaborators, agents, and agents of influence within the USA. Communist infiltration and subversion was very real, perhaps even underestimated in scope and severity.

One of the chief villains of American Betrayal is Harry Hopkins. For years, he was one of the most influential members of the Roosevelt Administration. He was so prominent behind the scenes that he was almost treated as a deputy president to Franklin D. Roosevelt. Hopkins exerted a major influence on American and therefore Allied policies during the Second World War, and may thereby have influenced the very course of the war.

He was instrumental in the so-called Lend-Lease program which sent billions of dollars worth of equipment and support to Allied nations. This included Stalin and his totalitarian thugs in the Soviet Union. The policy was to give more or less free ammunition, weapons, fuel and equipment to Stalin, even ahead of American or Western troops. As a consequence, huge shiploads of American aid went to make the world safe for Communism. In the meantime, American troops fighting bravely in the Philippines were left largely unsupplied. The British in Singapore did not get new airplanes that might have prevented the Japanese from invading. The Soviet Union didn’t declare war on Japan until after Germany had surrendered, but Stalin wanted the British, the Americans and others to fight a two-front war on his behalf, which they did.

There is no doubt that Harry Hopkins was very pro-Soviet in the policies he advocated in the Roosevelt Administration. Diana West takes this a step further and speculates whether he was a full-blown and conscious agent of the Soviet Union and Stalin, who even helped to give the Soviets vital American nuclear secrets. This has become a bone of contention among critics of West’s book. I am unable to verify this claim, but West argues convincingly for her views. It has in any case later been confirmed that the Soviet Union did have a multitude of agents and willing collaborators who were sometimes capable of influencing American policies.

Diana West mentions that Boris Yeltsin, the first post-Communist Russian President, in the early 1990s toyed with the idea of staging a Nuremberg-type trial against the crimes of Communism. He was forced to give up these plans following strong resistance from the West to such an idea. Why this resistance from the West? Was it the risk of exposing too many Western collaborators, some still in high positions? Or was it something else?

The Nuremberg trials were blighted by the fact that the Soviet Union got away with crimes of which it was just as guilty as Nazi Germany. On Stalin’s insistence, the Soviets made sure that the infamous secret Nazi-Soviet pact was not mentioned during the trial. To their great shame, the Western allies agreed to cover up Soviet crimes in this manner.

Diana West further asks a simple question, using today’s situation as the starting point: How is it that hostile Islamic organizations and countries find it so easy to infiltrate and undermine Western nations? Why do they meet so little resistance, while truth-tellers about this threat risk being vilified or publicly ridiculed?

She finds this situation eerily similar to how Western societies responded — or sometimes failed to respond properly — to the Communist threat some years earlier. Her diagnosis, which is disturbingly plausible, is that the long struggle with Communist lies, subversion, threats and manipulation of language has damaged the very fabric of Western civilization. Our use of words has become more and more decoupled from actual reality, our understanding of our own history has become perverted and our moral fiber has been compromised.

This leads us to a question which some of us have struggled with for years: Did we lose the Cold War? Or at the very least, not win it as decisively as we should have done? Aren’t victors supposed to have the privilege of writing the history books? If so, why do so many of our history books reflect Marxist sympathies? Why are they hostile to the positive accomplishments of European civilization? Moreover, if the USA defeated Marxism, why does the country merely a generation after President Reagan have a President Obama who sponsors Socialist-inspired policies and echoes Marxist rhetoric?

The arms race pushed by Ronald Reagan in the 1980s cleverly exposed the underlying economic as well as moral bankruptcy of the Soviet Union, which collapsed a few years later. Reagan deserves our gratitude for helping to finish off an empire that was evil, just as he said.

The problem is that from the coup d’état staged by Lenin and his thugs in 1917 until the Soviet Union finally dissolved in 1991, the Western world lived for generations next to this aggressive Communist entity. Merely by treating a criminal bunch of totalitarian thugs as if they were the leaders of a normal country, the West weakened its resistance to evil.

What’s worse is that Communist collaborators, sympathizers and agents of influence for generations undermined the resistance of the West itself through subversion, disinformation, false propaganda and the spread of cultural pessimism. The beast itself may no longer be with us, but the ideological venom the Soviet Union and its networks injected into Western societies continue to be pumped around in their bloodstreams to this day.

This prolonged Marxist assault from outside as well as from within has disrupted the rational thought processes of the Western world, making it harder to distinguish good from evil, and friend from foe. Perhaps this partly explains why the West now looks like an easy prey for other predators, for instance Islamic ones. Muslims and other hostile aliens can simply take over the pattern of subversion and infiltration that has been established by the Communists. Indeed, some of the remaining hard-line Marxists seem to be helping them in this enterprise.

So much material has been published about the Second World War and the Cold War that it is hard to came across a book that challenges what you think you know about this war. Yet Diana West manages to achieve exactly that in American Betrayal, by bringing to our attention many little-known and sometimes deliberately buried facts. That is no mean feat. How many people know about the thousands of American citizens that the US Government abandoned to forced labor, suffering and premature death under Stalin’s iron fist in Siberia?

I did come across a couple of instances where I didn’t buy the author’s logic unconditionally, but her overall thesis remains strong: Generations of Western appeasement of Communist crimes have weakened the moral fiber and the cultural backbone of Western civilization, leaving it easy prey for new types of predators.

I would like to add that as a reader and sometimes contributor to FrontPage Magazine, I have been dismayed and disappointed to see the vicious smears its editor David Horowitz and others have used against West and her book. Disagreeing with certain interpretations of facts is one thing, but this behavior goes far beyond that. Coincidentally, it resembles the smear campaigns of character assassination against anti-Communists that West herself describes in her book. It’s not merely dishonest; it seems to betray a totalitarian impulse. In this case, David Horowitz has displayed traces of the Marxist belief-system he supposedly left behind many years ago.

Diana West’s book American Betrayal is a strong and carefully researched work that challenges many of the notions you might have about a conflict that shaped the modern world. It deserves to be read.


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27 thoughts on “Did We Lose the Cold War?

    • And the guy who recognized Soviet Union was such a Fan Noli, the patriarch of the Albanian Orthodox church. He was ordained priest in USA, Boston, by a Russian priest in murky circumstances.

    • That’s one Goldstein I didn’t know about, though I know more than most about the highly disproportionate participation of Jews in the Communist Revolutions (e.g. Russia, Hungary, Germany and, with Solomon, Bulgaria and Albania) and in other noxious features of commie history, in the United States too. Someone out there who loves the truth and is not a psycho Jew-hater ought to do a “Diana West” on this subject, including shining a light on the continuation of this pestilence through the vehicle of the Rainbow Peoples’ Socialist Party of USA, also known as the Democratic Party, its affiliated initiatives and institutions, plus the conservative-light movement that’s been debated here and elsewhere in connection with Ms. West’s book. As it were, much literature already exists on the Red Jewish Menace subject. but all of it that I know has been written not by objective truth seekers but by anti-Semites, some very sick ones, out to “prove” their fanciful theories. Hope this comment won’t be the sweet fruit attracting the buzzing crowd of that ilk.

      • Takuan —

        Don’t worry. I won’t put up with Jew-hating flies here; they will be swatted.

        I’ve had enough of that [odious substance] to last me a lifetime.

        • The primary motivation for Jews to participate in the Russian Revolution was that they were made into third-class citizens, unable to live in cities and regularly subjected to pogroms. Jews have also been historically more to the left, so Communism would have been appealing to them. In Germany, Jews were not such activists, because they could live ordinary lives.

          Nothing particularly fascinating about all of it, I think.

          • Curiously, American Jews are almost monolithic communists, and anti-Israel at it. Certainly Jews are not third class citizens in USA. They earn like episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans. NY looks like Leningrad mainly because of the Jewish population. I am not smart enough to understand why those Jew smarties side all the time with the guys who save them none of the disgraces. Now they are massively siding with Obama. They are again at it. If WWII ended earlier, many millions of Jews would have been saved. Jews found so much safety and prosperity in USA, and so many of them, even those arriving here during WWII, became Soviet spies. Outsmart this.

      • Actually there were 3 recognitions of of Soviet Union in 1920, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. There were 7 in 1923: Germany, Finland, Poland, Afghanistan, Iran, Mongolia, Turkey. There were 11 in 1924: Greece, Italy, Austria, Norway, Sweden, UK. These countries were before Albania in April 1924. So, Albania was country number 17 to recognize URSS. I have been lied once more. I was told all the time in Albania that Albania was the first country to recognize it, and Albanians were damn proud about it.

  1. The situation of the West is a strange and possibly paradoxical hybrid of having been “de facto occupied” or of having “lost the Cold War”, on the one hand, and of remaining free. Basically, the dominant view has been to stress the latter (not, ironically, without massive infusions of lofty and broadly sweeping self-doubt and self-recrimination sometimes practically tantamount to a loser not a victor) at the expense of the former. In this context, it may be difficult to tell whether Diana West’s corrective turns the steering wheel too far and too long in the opposite direction; particularly when tendencies toward indulging in a strangely dark conspiracy-theory with various flavors of apocalyptic overtones have sprouted up like mushrooms on the forest floor midway on the road of our civilization’s life.

    At any rate, the truth seems to be somewhere in between; and one expects (though one is not entirely sure whether) Diana West would agree.

    • I would have to say that Diana West has not gone far enough, but she has at least set her foot on the path of survival. The origins of modern totalitarian thought in America during the era of institutional slavery are not a conspiracy theory but a historical fact. Those thoughts spread eastward to produce Nazism and Communism, but they continued their steady war against the demands of freedom and impartial law in America all along, and the evidence of continued cooperation with and fostering of their progeny in other nations is such that I would have to say that the continued existence of this conspiracy is still more a matter of fact than conjecture.

  2. Haven’t read the book yet, (it’s on the list) but knowing what I know about Gramschian warfare, the Venona cables and why the Comintern was set up and how it operated, I’m sure most of her book holds together quite well.

  3. Just like Bat Y’eor, she will be vilified. We owe both a great debt. I write a lot but not on this scale……Both are superb scholars and the exact opposite to the traitorous, maloderous denizens that inhabit and slither around, the foul smelling putrid corridors of modern “Academe”. I have already lost colleagues to these pests- two committed suicide, driven from their work by Marxists.

  4. “How many people know about the thousands of American citizens that the US Government abandoned to forced labor, suffering and premature death under Stalin’s iron fist in Siberia?”

    Not me, certainly. Can anyone provide some information about this?

    • It’s in Diana’s book. You can buy it here.

      She also covers it extensively in her three-part rebuttal at Breitbart.

  5. Did We Lose the Cold War?

    That question is an invitation to a hot war, it is an inquisition that should be firmly anchored on the political dead ground of academia.

    Did We Lose the Cold War? The answer is No!

    The West’s suicidal tendencies are rooted in the neoliberal self loathing of its own political manifestations, the post cold war paranoia of reds under the bed are the conjuring tricks of a political class seeking a distraction from the West’s self-inflicted wounds, a reset cold war would be a policy of proxy suicide – the last suicide note in history.

    Is the counter-jihad movement being side-tracked into the machinations of the neoliberal suicidal agenda of cold war 2.0?

  6. In reply to Jolie Rouge especially, we DID lose the cold war – it was lost, figuratively speaking where past wars were said to have been won – on the playing fields (and in the classrooms) of Eaton, and Berkley, and Oxford, and Harvard, etc, etc. Our educational establishments were subverted from the top down, beginning way before the second world war, possibly back into the early twenties or even earlier. By the sixties they had become a malignant cancer, their progeny almost totally programmed to be fatal to the vital organs of the body of the host society. They have just about destroyed every institution that was vital to the successful civilisation that we once enjoyed in western europe and the Anglosphere, ALL of the nonsense, the rabid environmentalism, the political correctness, the completely nihilistic self loathing, the moral degeneracy, the drug culture, the multi culti village earth one worldism, have all percolated down from our higher education establishments, and the indoctrination is so strong that no fact, no reason, no persuasion can sway the majority of the people who run our institutions of the sheer suicidal lunacy of their political beliefs.
    A good example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4KdhFkr1Ns
    I can’t find the link I wanted to show you after this one, but it shows two middle class white guys laughing, joking about this incident, describing the woman on the ground in the most vulgar and demeaning terms, finding it absolutely hilarious that this woman being kicked by asian men as she lay on the ground. I can remember when I saw the clip of these people I can remember thinking ‘These people REALLY believe they’re the good guys’, and so do millions who think like them – that a gang of asians attacking a bus full of white people in LONDON, ENGLAND, and then viciously attacking a woman as she lay prostrate, helpless, on the ground is a cause to celebrate, laugh. THAT is a measure of how great the victory has been in terms of destroying our identity, unity, decency. AND how successful they have been in demonising, putting beyond the pale anyone who has the audacity to complain, not go along with their own genocide. A very comprehensive victory for those who set this in motion.

    • @phil

      The video you reference is here – The REAL UAF scumbags

      The question could easily be Did We Lose World War II, was the defeat of the Third Reich the neoliberal catalyst for the destruction of European sovereign nations?

      As I said the West’s suicidal tendencies are rooted in the neoliberal self loathing of its OWN political manifestations, that most certainly predate the Cold War.

  7. In reply to Takuan Seiyo, I agree, whilst I don’t want to vilify all Jews, anymore than I do all muslims, there DOES seem to be a disproportionate influence in British politics which is east european and Jewish. Many British MPs appear to have this common ancestry, though it is very hard to tell because so many have anglicised names. The current three main party leaders have this connection, as did Blair, our last but one prime minister. As I say, it is very hard to tell how many have at least the east european connection when they go under names like McShane, Dunwoody, Hodge, Huhne, Milliband, Milburn, Howard, etc. Some have surprised me, in fact the whole thing has surprised me, perhaps someone with the means and the time could investigate if there is a disproportionate east european/Jewish influence in British, and, in fact european politics. As Mr Seiyo says, no one wants to go down the road of condemning a whole race of people, but there does seem to be a cabal of people in British public life who could be acting on mutual interests and loyalties that come before those of the British people
    As I write, there is currently a row over the father of our leader of the opposition, possibly our next prime minister. I have not read the article yet, but most of those who fled the nazis were rabid anti capitalist, nation state hating communists, who (see above) went on to hold very influential positions in european US and British universities. A whole new can of worms !
    I might add that I don’t hate anyone, don’t want to hate anyone. I am just looking for how and why the safe, decent, prosperous, polite, comfortable, happy country that I used to live in is being demolished piece by piece.

    • I have done some checking and have found that I was mistaken about the east european connection of Dunwoody/Blair, although there still seems to be a lot of mps with an east european background, perhaps I am unconsciously picking up propaganda as I trawl through various stuff on the internet. What is the truth on this ? The above mentioned article in the mail, certainly mention Ed Milliband’s influences as his father, Eric Hobsbawm, Harold Laski, who were all Jewish, communist, east european (Laski born in Manchester to east european father), certainly I could be wrong, but we should be allowed to ask.

      • One oddity in recent British politics was the huge Jewish contribution to the Thatcher era. Both Thatcher’s political mentor (and the ideological guiding spirit of “Thatcherism”) Keith Joseph and Nigel Lawson, her longest serving Chancellor were Jewish. As were several other of her Cabinet ministers. And not of Jewish or part Jewish background like Jack Straw or Peter Mandelson, but raised as Jews. They, like Thatcher herself, were from the “non-Grandee” faction of the Tories, outsiders inclined to free market policies and not beholden to patrician Tory traditions. And Britain and the world are better places for it.

        Regarding Takuan’s above call for an objective truth seeker, it really isn’t necessary because it is easily established and beyond dispute that the degree of Jewish leadership and active representation in the Left & “Social democratic” parties in Europe from 1850 onwards was huge. I understand Jewish political sympathies & orientation in the second half of the C19th, but it is beyond my comprehension why they continue to do support left of centre parties in the C21st as
        hostility to Jews in our era, usually masquerading as “anti-Zionism” (and its corollary, “pro-Palestinianism”), is almost exclusively
        the preserve of the Left.

        • One oddity in recent British politics was the huge Jewish contribution to the Thatcher era.

          No oddity if you take the conservative icing sugar off those Thatcher era policies and you will find the bitter neoliberal cake, the same neoliberal ingredients that allowed Tony Blair to claim to be the natural heir of Thatcher (with her blessing) and then allowed David Cameron to joke that he is the heir of Blair, many a true word spoken in jest.

          There you have it a neoliberal dynasty straddling the political spectrum.

        • A very good point about the Thatcher era, weren’t Leon Brittain and Nigel Lawson from the same background too, and I seem to recall reading to my surprise that Lord Hailsham (Quintin Hogg) was too, and of course Tory backers like the Sattchi brothers

  8. If there is “disproportionate” Jewish representation in whatever term we use to label the bugbear — “Communism”, “Leftism”, “Liberalism”, “Collectivism”, “Globalism”, etc. — there are only two ways to explain it:

    1) as a Macchiavellian cabal with superpowers


    2) as a semi-conscious, semi-willful participation in what is sincerely perceived to be Progress on the side of the angels.

    If we opt for Door #2, we must also assume other things in order to remain plausible:

    a) that Jews in this respect (viz., engaging in what is described in #2 above) are not sufficiently different from many other groups in the modern West doing approximately the same thing (including, for example, millions of Christians who are in various ways “liberal”), and where their participation seems quantitatively significant, it can be, using Ockham’s razor (and mixing metaphors), chalked up to two things: i) a high and singular cultivation of intellectual talent and ethical concern in Jewish culture; and ii) an assumed nexus between “Progress” and intellectual talent and ethical concern. Which brings us to (b):

    b) that modern Western Progress is not demonizable as thoroughly corrupt, thoroughly erroneous, thoroughly malevolent, but rather is an almost inextricably complex amalgam of Graeco-Roman/Judaeo-Christian virtues on the one hand, and their deformation through some process that may be a constellation of processes and which, since evidence seems to exist demonstrating its influence as far back as the 16th century in the great essayist and politician Michel de Montaigne (just to pick one example), ought not to be reduced by such labels as “Leftism” or “Liberalism” (much less a “Communism” that didn’t exist prior to the 19th century). I prefer to call that process “modern Gnosticism” following philospher Eric Voegelin. At any rate, my main point at this juncture is that the problem with the modern West ought not to be demonized with a simplistic Black Hat/White Hat paradigm, but should be, as the Bloggers say, “more nuanced” such that it is appreciated as a Mixed Bag where the Good and the Bad cannot be easily teased apart.

    Closely related to this more nuanced approach would be to stop this nonsense of implying glib equations of the all too grimly real Soviet Gulag with the Obama Administration — and similarly reckless comparisons. These seem to be made with a sophomoric impulse fearful that if one doesn’t frame everything in pull-out-all-stops all-cylinders-running ring-all-the-alarm-bells apocalyptic hyperbole, then one will be unable to condemn the Left at all. I wish I were exaggerating.

    These tendencies I palpate here in this brief adumbration too often, in my estimation, lead to one or another apocalyptic — one anti-semitic, the other congratulating itself on not being anti-semitic, whilst forgetting that (oops), it’s still apocalyptic.

    • Maybe the Babel predicament is to complex to formulate into a simple universal communicable language to muster opposition therefore it inevitably descends into apocalyptic hyperbole.

  9. Well, you’ve certainly blinded me with science there, and it’s not something I’m obsessed with, otherwise I’d bookmark every reference and be able to provide a link. But, it registers on a more sub conscious level, and I just think sort of ‘Oh, another one’. You occasionally come across people who rant about ‘the Jewish influence’ on the net, and I do not seek them out, or even read much of what they say. I am not into rabid hatred of any particular group, but, it does make you think when our Archbishop of Canterbury suddenly discovers he is Jewish, when people like the Grades have had a stranglehold on the British entertainment and media for decades, when they seem prominent in newspaper ownership, retail empires, you do, or I do anyway wonder if these people have a point. It is too easy nowadays to demonise people who ask uncomfortable questions.
    When I read in the daily mail of the absolute hatred that Ralph Milliband had for Britain and it’s people (and it is a matter of record, he recorded his contempt for the country and it’s people in his diary), taking into account that so many of these people gravitated to British labour party, which expressed a determination to ‘change Britain forever, so it can’t be changed back’ through suicidal rates of immigration, and when you consider that his son, who seems to share his political views could be the next prime minister of this country, it did set my cogs whirring, I could be wrong, but it should be a subject that we can discuss

  10. Pingback: Hebben we de Koude Oorlog verloren? | E.J. Bron

  11. I could not chime in on time but would like to build on a couple of the comments above:

    Phil: “The cold war – it was lost, figuratively speaking where past wars were said to have been won – on the playing fields (and in the classrooms) of Eaton, and Berkley, and Oxford, and Harvard.” I have devoted considerable space in my writings to the High WASP origins of gnostic progressivism and even its link with fascism. The series “The Bee and the Lamb” starts with a dissection of the semi-official British anthem, “Jerusalem,” written by Blake — when was that?– with heavy influences from the, of course, Scandinavian, Swedenborg in whom Jesus, socialism and copulation found a synthesis already 300 years ago. In the 1820-30s, New England Protestants would be astir with the overtly socialist-communitarians Owenses, father and son, and Fanny Wright, the Quaker socialism promoter Cornelius Blatchley and so on. By the 1880s Baptist ministers the brothers Bellamy would propagate the one “Jesus the Socialist” meme and the other the proto-Nazi Bellamy salute and a form of National Socialism.

    And this takes me to Jews. Not “The Jews” and herein lies the crucial distinction.

    Julius O’Malley: “Objective truth seeker [snip] really isn’t necessary because it is easily established and beyond dispute that the degree of Jewish leadership and active representation in the Left & “Social democratic” parties in Europe from 1850 onwards was huge. ”

    Yes, but that’s the minor point. The major point is that people who devote their lives to researching the connection between Jews and leftism are rabid antisemites who suppress the specifically Christian WASP origins of Socialism and the very large Jewish countervailing influence that Mr. O’Malley mentions but that goes much deeper and wider and includes names such as the pillars of what has come to be known as “Austrian Economics,” Ayn Rand, Barry Goldwater, and contemporaries that range from Mark Levin to Larry Auster , Giselle Littman to Diana West, Paul Gottfried to Michael Savage, and literally dozens of other prominent names including partly Jewish Mark Steyn, A. Breitbart and, in his own small measure, the undersigned.

    Second, and more sensitive, Jewish names are prominent not only in the annals of socialism and its current odious multiculti loci ranging from the U.S.’s Democratic Party to British Labor to Amsterdam’s mayor’s office, to the faculty lounge of any Western university. Jewish names are thick also in the annals of the worst Communist crimes of Central and Eastern Europe. And in this, an enveloping cloud of lies negates and neutralizes the truth that rabidly antisemitic, credentialed authors such as Kevin McDonald or the truly demented yet quite brilliant Revilo P. Oliver do expose.

    In order to harness history toward a principled critique and pressure exerted by the soon-to-be-ex-majority of Whites in their home countries against the corrosively hostile political activism by the majority of their Jewish co-citizens, the following need to be dug out and left in the sun and fresh air:

    1. When the Jews turned to radical leftism in mid-19th century it’s only one third of them that so turned. The other two thirds, one remained religious and disinterested in secular ideas and the second turned Zionist and left White Christendom’s concerns in order to participate in the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory of ancient Israel.

    2. The Jews who were/are socialist are no more so nor are they more pivotal than their gentile comrades. It’s just that Ashkenazi Jews being a high-achiever community, the number of them that gravitates to the top echelons exceeds their numerical ratio.

    3. The Jews who went into heavy commie malfeasance, or those most hostile to us today (think Susan Sontag and her comment that Whites are the cancer of the human race) did so in conscious or unconscious reaction to centuries of heavy persecutions by White Christendom on a specifically religious-theological basis. Symmetrically, the overt or sublimated guilt over such Christian religious excesses may have been motivating the Progressive Christian movement. It is not to be forgotten either that the early Communist Parties accepted Jews with open arms in a period when elsewhere in white society being a Jew was still a heavy disadvantage. Likewise, Progressive Protestants dispensed with Jew-baiting in the days when both the Catholic and the Orthodox Churches were still awash in the lore and practices related to “the Jews” being Christ-killers, torturers of the Host, kidnappers of small Christian Children for matzoh blood and so on.

    Neither the Catholic nor the Orthodox churches have come clean on this, though the RCC did go a long way under John-Paul II. The Orthodox denomination being the healthiest of them all, it’s too complex to opine in this space on its antisemitic vestiges easily observable to the traveler in Russia, Armenia, Greece etc. But I wish that a group of Cardinals sat down in one palace and high Protestant bishops in another to revisit the history of their respective institutions and make clean breast of it. This, followed by a simple admission of error, might serve as a fulcrum with which to turn around the current monstrous error intended, consciously or not, to make up for the former unacknowledged error.

    The multiculti-socialist creed and practice of all major denomination Western churches constitute this current monstrous error that begun in earnest almost 200 years ago. Religious palaver about “bringing salvation to mankind” notwithstanding, lurching from an error 90 degrees West to one 90 degrees East is hardly a way to bring salvation to the host population that built and still supports all those churches: us.

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