3 thoughts on “Accommodating Islamic Misogyny

  1. Pat is absolutely wonderful, as always—a breath of fresh air in a murky smog of half-baked ideas. One can encounter a seemingly staunch “feminist” who declares that she “just loves multiculturalism.” However, unless that multiculturalism is restricted to ethnic food, dress, and dance, and other benign trappings of a culture, the term “multicultural feminist” is an oxymoron. A true feminist must take a stand for the Western value of the absolute equality of the sexes. There can be no compromise here with “ancient” or “tribal” cultures, or with local practices, old traditions, and so on. Equal is equal; there is no other way.

  2. The problem with expecting any “Progressive” movement to be actually concerned with that it claims is that all such movements are based on Fabian Socialism. Feminism is not and never has been remotely concerned with actually ensuring the freedom, equality, or well-being of women. It is and always has been a front for advancing socialism. The exemption Islam receives from criticism over its horrific misogyny is identical to the stifling silence clamped down on women that experience sexual harassment or assault (and the odd murder) at the hands of politicians firmly committed to “progressive” causes.

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