Islamic “Science” and Other Nonsense

Enza Ferreri considers Muslim contributions to science and philosophy, as reflected in the recent “two-minute hate” directed at Tommy Robinson on BBC television.

Islamic “Science” and Other Nonsense
by Enza Ferreri

Above is the video of a BBC lynch mob against Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League, during the programme called — a misnomer — FreeSpeech on BBC3. It is not free speech if you verbally abuse and even incite to murder someone for exercising his right to free speech, as it happens in this “debate”.

Interestingly, the comments to the video on YouTube reveal how the audience was cherry-picked by the BBC to fit its political bent and in no way represents the British general public. That’s reassuring, because a country whose population the studio crowd faithfully represented would be a cross between the Soviet Union and Pakistan.

Horrendous ganging up against one person by clueless people — or worse — is a more apt description of the situation. A bloke in the video, apparently a “musician” I’d never heard of called Akala, who talks about Islamic culture pioneering mathematics and science, must have been listening to Barack Obama instead of going to school. Has he ever heard of Euclid, the father of geometry, and Pythagoras? Muslims did not pioneer anything. All they did was translate intellectual treasures from the original Greek into Arabic and preserve them in the library of Alexandria. The numbers we use and call “Arabic” were actually developed in India and translated from Sanskrit into Arabic, hence their name.

The Islamophile Barack Hussein Obama has been big on the subject of “Islam Has Contributed To The Character Of Our Country” in his celebration of Ramadan, recently but not for the first time. He also mentions “Muslims who helped unlock the secrets of our universe”, whose names he must have been hard pressed to find because he didn’t say them.

In reality, science and Islam are fundamentally incompatible, which is why, despite the propaganda, there are no Muslim scientists in the history of the Islamic world. The only rational thinkers of some influence that world has produced, Averroes and Avicenna, were not real Muslims, but apostates. Avicenna (980-1037) was an Aristotelian who tried to reconcile formal logic with Islam and failed. Averroes (1126-1198), also influenced by Aristotle, had his works burnt and his disciples persecuted.

The very notion of God in Islam, a being whose power is so absolute that cannot be limited by reason, logic or the laws of nature, and who can at any moment change the order of the universe at his will — if Allah arbitrarily so commands, tomorrow the sun will not rise — makes it impossible to have a Muslim science. Science, a systematic method of looking at things combining empiricism and logic, developed only in Christianity.

Even putting aside this little faux pas, that mercifully for Akala — who is a writer, artist and entrepreneur, no less — nobody disputed (another indication, if necessary, of the lacklustre intellectual standard of this audience), it was evident that Robinson’s opponents, namely the whole studio, couldn’t stand up to him.

Siara Khan never defined “racism” and how opposition to Islam could be racist. Muslims can be of all races.

The tone of the debate and the level of the participants are demonstrated to be low by the fact that, while all the “debate” — which mainly consists in hurling abuse of “racist” at Tommy Robinson — revolves around racism, you have right from the start something contradicting that premise: a white Muslim. Racism is unjust discrimination on the basis of race. If you “discriminate” against all races, whites included, you discriminate against no race, ergo you are not racist.

Enza Ferreri is an Italian-born London writer and the Press Officer for Liberty GB. She blogs at

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71 thoughts on “Islamic “Science” and Other Nonsense

  1. I saw that 1001 muslim science things exhibition in istanbul, and it was laughable rubbish from start to finish. The queue was snaking out around the block, and the kool aid was liberally drunk.

  2. What about the mathematician and natural scientist Alhazen, aka ibn al Haytham? What about Nobel Prize winning physicist Mohammad Abdus Salam? There are numerous others, with real contributions to their names. All this is easily found on Wikipedia with a rudimentary search.

    Whenever anyone says that there are “no” contributions from some population of billions, it’s wise to look and check before (re)-publishing the claim.

    The implications of the claim, if true, would be staggering. We know from the history of the card game bridge, for example, that there are highly intelligent Muslims. What could account, then, for an utter and unredeemed failure to ever, even once, contribute anything worth mention to any part of science? It would be a black mark against Islam trumping all others.

    Such an extraordinary claim invites strict scrutiny. The claim fails.

    • Quite. I know what the author was trying to say, but the blanket statement does not reflect reality. Hindus may be less inclined to study history as history is understood by them to be cyclical & repetitive and Muslims may be less inclined to study the universe because their God is so arbitrary & unpredictable that this affects their perception of the universe, but that should not stop us from recognising those who do excell.

    • Sam Grant – or whatever your real name is – here is what’s written about Abdus Salam:

      Sheldon Lee Glashow, Abdus Salam and Steven Weinberg

      “for their contributions to the theory of the unified weak and electromagnetic interaction between elementary particles, including, inter alia, the prediction of the weak neutral current”

      Looks like he got the prize while working with two Jews, so he wasn’t exactly a mainstream “True Believer”.

      I could find no mention of Alhazen although I did find a mention of Al Gore…

      But you did miss an important one:

      Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin

      “for their efforts to create peace in the Middle East”

      I must admit that I only went back as far as 1901.

    • The argument is not that there are (or were) no Muslim scientists, but rather that there is no Islamic science. The brilliant work of Alhazen went nowhere in the Islamic world after his death and Mohammad Abdus Salam, whose contributions however significant, was trained in western schools.

    • “Even a stopped clock is right twice a day”

      “The exception that proves the rule…”

      and Sir Winston Churchill’s reference to the threat of the Nazis introducing a new Dark Ages with the “lurid glow of perverted science…”

      These come to mind. Yes, some followers of the pedophile prophet can be quite cunning, but the statement, “In reality, science and Islam are fundamentally incompatible”, stands.

    • They failed to create sustainable universities. That’s the fundamental issue really. Who goes to Alexandria today to study Physics? Before Islam that was the place to go. After? Not much.

    • Of course, there have been and are prominent Muslim scientists.
      Of course, some very important scientific ideas were developed in Baghdad during Muslim rule (before repression set in).
      Of course, Muslims are as “intelligent” as people of any other group.
      Those things can not be seriously disputed.
      But the fact remains, culture determines, at least on a statistical level, the likelihood that a young person will actually become a good scientist.
      Also, culture determines how society as a whole is able to react to scientific findings and facts. A society with a dogmatic, religion-driven culture, will in many cases find itself unable to respond in an enlightened manner to new challenges. The ideas and assumptions embedded in fundamentalist religion are incompatible with a science-, fact- and evidence-driven rational society. For these reasons, fundamentalist religion represents the most serious threat of all to a peaceful and prosperous future for humankind.

      One fundamentalist religion is not worse than any other. However, one religion in particular keeps in subjects and the countries in which it dominates in a choke-grip of social control. That is why that one religion is more dangerous than the others.

      • Prominent Moslem scientists ? You mean the guy
        that is in charge of building a nuclear bomb in Iran or the other one who helped another failed state, Pakistan, to get a nuclear arsenal ?

    • Care to check out how many Nobels in the Sciences have gone to Jews, or for an even more fun one, how many Nobels in the Sciences have gone to those sun tanned, beer swilling, beach bum, lay about Australians?

  3. ‘science and Islam are fundamentally incompatible,’

    Science and religion are (by definition and logic) fundamentally incompatible; some religions more so than others, I suppose, but all for sure are, finally.

  4. “What about Nobel Prize winning physicist Mohammad Abdus Salam?”

    He was an Ahmadi, which is declared illegal in Pakistan. He was disowned, his grave desecrated.

  5. I doubt if anyone I know, myself included, has heard of the two names you mentioned Sam. I only heard of Avicenna relatively recently. He just copied
    what the Greeks had already worked out in great detail 2000 years before
    Islam came along. I see what Moslems do, they are constantly ‘ bigging up ‘
    very minor ‘ scientists ‘ who existed at the time of Islamic conquest, claiming them for their own, who always
    belong to the originally Non-Moslem communities. The plain fact is right there for everyone to see, Islam has produced nobody who has contributed to
    scientific or technological or political or societal or any other advancement of
    humanity, in its entire history. All it has done is destroy, rape, murder, pillage,
    dumb down, and is responsible for the backwardisation of civilisation,
    wherever it exists.
    Tommy Robinson is really wasting his time attending these kinds of
    gang-banger ‘discussions’ about the Death Cult they call Islam. The audience
    was clearly cherry-picked by the ABBC (Anti-British Broadcasting Corporation), and were far too immature to understand the deep and
    unalterable problems (for us) with Islam. But I would have liked to hear him
    ask the morons who were screaming ‘racist’ at him, ‘ What race is Islam ?’.

  6. i think that the accumulated contribution of muslim world is very small in relation to its size. muslim are not stupid but islam is in no way a fertile ground for advance and free thinking.
    i am sure that in just few years , the same way they re-writing history, they will “re-discover” science.

  7. (1)According to said Wikipedia article the government of Pakistan implicitly declared Mohammad Abdus Salam to not be a Muslim.

    (2)The article reads “Muslims did not pioneer anything. All they did was translate intellectual treasures from the original Greek into Arabic and preserve them in the library of Alexandria.” Clearly the period referred to is not current times and the example adduced does not falsify the claim. Interestingly the article only confirms what Islamic science, to the degree it exists, is focused on, i.e. what Islamic culture is focused on, to wit destruction.

    (3)Likewise the article reads “there are no Muslim scientists in the history of the Islamic world” and from the example and the reference to Akala speaking about “Islamic culture *pioneering* mathematics and science”. The Wikipedia article about the case of Mohammad Abdus Salam which was used used to rebut the article seems to only reinforce the article. The history quoted therein is not Islamic history but western history showing that Mr Salam realised his capacities in western culture and was recognized by western culture, not Islamic culture.

  8. When I was in Central Asia, I came across the works of Muslim astronomer Ulug Begg and, of course, Al Khrezme who, I believe, first formulated algebra. But that only adds another two to those identified above. The way things are at present, it will be along time before a Nobel prize is presented to a muslim for genuine achievement.

    • this guy did not invent algebra, he simply cribbed earlier Greek and Indian work and wrote it in a book

  9. I can’t find a consensus on the origins of the card game “bridge”.

    The story I heard was that people in Istanbul living either side of a bridge used to play a card game similar to whist and took it in turns to play host. Depending on who hosted, the others would be required to cross the bridge to play the game.

    The players not hosting were told that it was their turn “to bridge” – i.e. to cross the bridge. Hence the name of the game.

    Here is a link backing up this story.

    In the story I heard the players were British ex-pats.

    • Omar Sharif is probably the name ‘Sam’ had in mind. However he was not from an Arab or Muslim background but was from a Coptic and Christian one. (He had to convert to Islam so as to marry a Muslim actress).

      Next one Sam?

      • Sharrif was actually a World-class bridge player
        and an incurable gambler. That’s why he has ended up without any money. I’ve encountered
        quite a few Moslem Egyptians and some have
        said that they are ‘ both Christian and Moslem,
        it is the same god ‘.

  10. How do the Muslims feel about Boko Haram in Africa? Do they claim them as real Muslims?

    • The Boko Bonobos are just groups of insane Moslems who get a fantastic buzz out of mass-murder. Some of them also take drugs which have been traded through
      the Chad Basin for some time now. A couple of weeks ago
      a group of these followers of ‘The Religion of Peace’
      invaded a boarding school in the dead of night. There is no electricity grid in North-East Nigeria, so they did their murders and trotted off peacefully. They entered the boarding school, which was possibly all girls, and after shooting dead two teachers, proceedd to line up about 40
      of the girls. They were made to strip naked and lie flat on their backs on the ground. The girls who possessed pubic
      hair were shot dead or had their heads cut off while fully
      conscious. The younger girls , without pubic hair, were not harmed. These people are not proper human beings,
      let alone proper Moslems.

  11. Sam grant,

    Nobody is saying there are not intelligent Muslims, so I don’t know where you got that from. But just take the nobel prize for example. Excluding the peace prize, which is a total farce/joke, how many Muslims have been awarded one? Contrast that with the number of Jews. Islam does not reward independent thought or individuality, but instead the worst kind of conformity.

    • We need not do that with Nobel prizes.

      All you need to do is look at where research is actually done. No university in the middle east attracts talent in the hard sciences. ( Israel is just an extension of the European University model)
      Any student worth their salt makes a beeline to Oxbridge, Berlin, Mass, California. The system developed in the middle ages in Europe to train
      clergymen, bright aristocrats and talented burghers set up the safe zone that Descartes, Calvin, Newton, Darwin, Faraday, Bacon, Hume, Kant etc etc required to let their genius unfold.

  12. Red herring alert. Well, that part about Islam is all hunky-dory of course, but let’s not abuse that rightful smirk to try and push through another, a false claim “under the radar”, shall we? Science did not develop in christianity. It developed despite christianity.

    • The Big Bang Theory was actually written by a Catholic Priest. Einstein throught his idea was preposterous and monsterous. Hubble has picked up the echo of
      that Bang, so the Catholic fellow was spot on. Oxford and Cambridge are to this day quasi-religious institutions. Harvard and Yale were expressions of Christianity at their foundation and remained Non conformist or Episcopal until recently. The European University, which is responsible for almost every innovation in the last 1000 years is an outgrowth of monastic life.

    • Science was pursued by very religious men who believed they could more fully know God by learning the laws of the universe that He had designed.
      They founded science on the scientific method which implicitly asserts that God is not arbitrary, something that is in direct opposition to other religions.
      The problem they soon found was that the more you know, the more you realize how little it is that you really know.
      And how much you must know to know God.
      The truth is that Science and Christianity are completely compatible with each other.
      And so is the disillusionment with finding how far away from knowing God you really are.

      • The hierarchy of Church as opposed to the anarcho-syndicalism of Islam gave Europe the sustainable infrastructure required to generate mass literacy, degrees of qualification and reward and set the field for the occassional genius who
        was bright enough to see the world as it is. The church was sophisticated enough to tuck bright men into places where they could put their ‘heresies’ to good use. The Inquisition isn’t the whole story of Christendom, it’s not even accurate. Just why did European Universities, mostly run by Clergy, become the standard model for education? This is the place the church wanted the mad bastards.

      • Apologists just don’t get it, or they do it deliberately. “Science was pursued by very religious men” wants to make it sound as if all of it came from religious men. We can go on and on this way, running through the full catalogue of fallacious arguments. Of course a lot of science has been done by religious men. But it served only to undo their shackles, even if that was not their original intention, and regardless of whether it was achieved during their lifetime or served as a mere mosaic piece in the big picture that we know now. Knowledge has no mercy for belief or believers.

        • If you want to know what I think, ask me.
          Do not ascribe my intent without knowing it.
          I am not religious.
          However, I am thankful that I am living in a Christian culture that can reconcile their beliefs with science.
          It’s also a culture that can accept something as simple and useful as Ohm’s law without believing that God can revoke it at any time or that God obliges me to cut off someone’s head for refusing to believe that He could.

        • Science? No mate, deluded Atheists would like to snuff out Christianity. Christianity is the product of the lot important document written in during the Roman Empire. It is the culmination and synthesis of
          Mediteranean thought before the Muslims barged with their Arabic fanaticism.

    • Science has achieved its most spectacular development in a culture that was steeped in Christianity for centuries, and it took big leaps forward while Christian influence was still pervasive. Many early scientists openly identified themselves as believing Christians. Some accomplished scientists today do likewise.

      The same cannot be said for the cultures that have been steeped in Islam. Far from it.

  13. Regards the 100 Inventions of Islam exhibition, I have a pdf article that debunks many of the claims made therein. I can send it one, if someone gives me an email to send it to.

    In reality, all of the Islamic ‘inventions’ were actually pre-Islamic. In addition, many of the ‘Islamic scholars’ who ‘maintained Greek wisdom during the Dark Ages’ were not Muslims at all, but Syriac Christians. Please remember that 80% of the population of the Near East was still Jewish and Christian in the Dark and Middle Ages, and Muslims were merely a controlling aristocracy and army that kept the kuffers as dhimmi serfs. But because Muhummad was uneducated, as were all his followers, they were forced to employ Syriac Christians for their administration and education establishments. It was these Syriacs, who maintained Greek wisdom, not the Muslims.


    • Send the pdf file to me, unspiek (at) chromatism (dot) net, and I’ll upload it and give people a link.

      If it’s not too long, I’ll convert it to HTML and post it that way.

    • The whole thing about the golden age of Spanish universities is also a travesty. They were most likely all Spanish who put up with [deranged] Moors parading around on ponies when they sallied forth from their barracks to collect the tax.

      Look at Columbus and his patronage from Isabella. As soon as the Muslims were kicked out the Spanish proved the world was a globe and proceeded to create a new epoch. In turn the Portuguese
      Proved that Africa had a cape you could sail around. Arabs had all the same technology and resources yet they cared not a bit about what lay over the horizon. They could have very easily sent ships from Dhaka to Brazil but failed to. Scientists my pale English [fundament]! Pah!

      • Dan,

        “the Spanish proved the world was a globe”

        That’s a myth, the Europeans were well aware, from ancient times that the earth was a sphere, Eratosthenes, an Alexandrian Greek calculated the size of the earth in the 3rd century BC. They also knew that Africa could be circumnavigated.

        Columbus was lucky the Americas were in the way.

      • Agreed Dan, it has always surprised me how we were never taught at school WHY 1492 was so relevant to so many things which preceded and followed that date.

        • Yes, the only significant contribution that Islam made to the West was to force Europeans to explore the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

  14. Allow me to make a slight digression. While the exact origins of most inventions and ideas remains obscure, most innovations in recent history are well documented.
    The are several websites that list Nobel Prizes won by Muslims(or Arabs) versus those won by Jews since 1900. The figures vary slightly from site to site, but the gist of the matter is that Jews have been awarded the Nobel Prize 180-195(estimates vary, perhaps because many Jews were undercover) times since the award began in, while Arabs/Muslims have won the award roughly…9 times. Roughly half of the prizes given to Arabs/Muslims were for the “Peace” Prize. And one of the winners was Yassar Arafat who is even less worthy of the Prize than Barrack Obama.
    On the other hand Anwar Sadat actually DID deserve the award, so they got it right at least once.
    Of course this doesn’t say much about the inventiveness of Muslims in the 1,280 years before the Prize was created, but I’m sure there were a few. One of their best known inventions was the Scimitar. This was a very important invention for the Arabs for both military and legal purposes. In fact the flag of Saudi Arabia bears a picture of a scimitar, where it is said to signify “Justice”.
    Islam also had a little known but important role in the discovery of America. Columbus sailed west not only because he thought it was a shorter route to the Indies, but because he thought he could avoid the Muslims that way. Thank goodness he was right!
    I should also point out that there are roughly 100 Muslims for every Jew on this planet, so the Nobel discrepancy is truly astonishing. I have heard the Muslims defended on the grounds that they are afflicted by poverty, but I have to wonder which is the cause and which is the effect? Seventy years ago the land we now know as Israel was a desert.

  15. “Of course, Muslims are as ‘intelligent’ as people of any other group.”

    “Muslim[s] are not stupid but…”


    These assertions are false. Or the first one is, anyway, since “stupid” is a relative term, and not well-defined.

    However, the genetic groups that comprise the vast majority of Muslim populations are not as intelligent as any other group, as measured by IQ. Their mean IQ is 10-15 below that of white Europeans, and 15-20 points below that of the Chinese. See this map.

    As has been discussed in this space several times in the past, intelligence is obviously not all it’s cracked up to be, since Muslims are currently trouncing the West, both demographically and in the information war.

    However, they are not the equals of Europeans in intelligence. Not at all.

    • Logically, we need to look at the fact that the ‘intelligent’ people develop the tests and assign the awards that consistently label themselves as ‘intelligent’ and others as less ‘intelligent’ whereas the real intelligence test is LIFE itself with SURVIVAL and SUCCESS of race, culture, and religion at propagating. Many hundreds of years before the ‘intelligent’ Charles Darwin arrived, the illiterate Mohammed was smart enough to comprehend the ‘Darwinian’ meaning of ‘survival of the fittest’ when Mohammed ordained all Muslims with the single-minded goal to create one world under Islam.

      To my fellow Westerners: It’s rather smug to self-identify as ‘intelligent’ when real world results indicate the opposite. I betcha there are more than a few Muslims laughing their *sses off at us right about NOW….

      In any case, note that Darwin highlighted survival of the fittest rather than survival of the intelligent….

      • Muhammad (if he existed) was wily in the way he got his followers regimented and willing to fight for booty and die for the great brothel in the hereafter. But the main advantages the Muslims have had throughout history are their ruthlessness and their penchant for deceit. And wasn’t it Qaradawi who recently said that Islam could not have survived without the death penalty for apostasy?

        Maybe being ruthlessness is smart if you can win that way. But Muslims have to keep conquering and plundering because they can’t build a decent society of their own on top of their conquests, and they’re left seething in resentment and envy of the infidels.

      • Exactly damned right.

        All of the tests in the world mean nothing if you fair the test of survival.

        I.Q. means less than the Will To Power.

        Islam is naked in its pursuit of the latter.

        The West has been too busy congratulating itself on what are ultimately irrelevant trivia (“measurements of intelligence”, “political correctness”, “moral equivalency”, ad absurdum) while the Islam simply seeks dominance and has no self-doubt or eviscerating “self-examination” to divide its will.

        Nature does not care who is the most “broad-minded” but who wields the strongest broadsword.

        That is intelligent enough, whatever the putative (or scoffed at) I.Q. might be.

      • Religion is quite clearly an Group Evolutionary Strategy.

        Dawkins is a prancing fool. I only have one question for him. If we are to dispose of religion, which religion is to be eradicated first? Christianity is most likely his answer. That’s the fundamental aim of his work anyway.

        Darwin, he saw reality as it truly exists. But, most of the vociferous ideological peddlers of his insight are charlatans. Dawkins’s venomous attack on the institution of religion is rooted in his own religious impulses. He’s a real piece of work.

      • If survival alone were the measure of a successful life form, then the cyanobacteria, aka blue-green algae, would be the hands-down winner. There are fossil remains of them dating to 3 billion years and older.

        But as humans, I think the universe, just maybe, might be expecting a bit more from us.

        The really sad thing about atheists, like R. Dawkins, isn’t that they reject religion, but that they also reject the possibility that humans have any kind of higher calling at all.

        • Why would it be ‘sad’ that atheists reject
          the notion that human beings have any kind of higher calling ? Atheism equals
          REALITY to most people.

    • Neither are those from the Indian Sub-continent or Sub-saharan Africa according to the map so where is that going to leave Britain and France? Don’t tell me I think I know; up the Swanee; but nobody is allowed to voice alarm.

  16. The author is correct to state that Islam and science are fundamentally incompatible, but not to add that there are no Muslim scientists in the history of the Islamic world. There are in fact a small number of excellent scientists, such as Alhazen, to have come from the Islamic world, but they existed despite Islam not because of it.

    The real problem is that Islam does not encourage that spirit of independent inquiry which is so necessary to the development of a flourishing scientific community. Islamic theology teaches that the Koran is the direct word of Allah and not to be questioned or reinterpreted. Allah is seen as an arbitrary being whose whim controls everything and who cannot be understood by men. This results in a fatalistic attitude amongst Muslims which is inimical to scientific inquiry.

    Many people have commented on this fatalism. The Arabic term inshallah (if Allah wills it), which is so commonly heard amongst Muslims, is symbolic of this total dearth of that curiosity which has caused the West to develop so rapidly in recent centuries. I once asked a Muslim friend what she actually prayed for and she told me that she prayed for Allah to protect her from harm. I would see it as my responsibility to ensure that I came to no harm, not God’s. Perhaps that difference in outlook symbolises the true chasm between Western Christendom and Islam.

  17. I have just watched the video. What can I say? When I was born England was a homogeneous, peaceful, harmonious country where we were all linked together by common blood, history, culture and ancestry. This does not make me angry. It leaves me bewildered, bemused, disbelieving, distraught. Do they really think that England will ever be as it was 60 years ago again? Why have they done this to this country? All these people have countries of their own where they could have continued to live with their own if they had chosen to. But they have come here, knowing that the indigenous population (whom David Camerone denies existed) were never asked and never wanted it. We have been driven out of our capital and we are rapidly being driven out of all our other major towns and cities. What good has this done other than to try and prove that human nature can be overcome and the whole world can be mixed up together like a box of liquorice allsorts. I don’t understand. And obviously all those who have come here have a common agenda, to villify and dismiss as racist any member of the indigenous population who actually would have preferred the English to have a homeland of their own as they have. Is that too much to ask for for God’s sake. We have evacuated vast tracts of our country in the face of their colonisation and eventually we will have to vacate the whole country whose population has increased by one third since the War because of them. During the War with a population of 46m we could feed ourselves. Now with a population some estimate at 70m there is no way we could every do that again. We are becoming racially, culturally and in terms of population density a third world country from being one of the most civilised and peaceful of European countries. And if that is racist, what can they expect. This is, as Paul Weston has said, dispossession and genocide of a people; and for what reason.
    Cry the beloved country. The bickering and accusations of racism that are being bandied about all round are just proof that Enoch Powell was right. This is sheer lunacy. Please can I have my country back, now!!

    • It will go down in history (if people are still studying history) as a baffling mystery how the cultural and political leaders of the greatest civilization in history hated it so much that, instead of moving somewhere else (as others have moved to Western countries seeking a better life), they chose to destroy it from within — while congratulating themselves on their enlightened values. Sane people ask “why? to what end? to whose benefit?”

      • It will be some years hence before one of the greatest betrayals ever to have been executed – i.e. the elected leaders deliberately ethnically cleansing their own indigenous people – will finally be acknowledged for what it is.

        The riddle of how it could happen in multiple western countries simultaneously will be very interesting to solve.

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  19. Regardless of the claims of the Islamic apologists, the fact is, that despite some work by individual Moslems, the aggregate scientific contribution by Moslems has been negligible.

    Most small Western nations have made more contributions to science and scholarship than the entire Ummah.

  20. No poor nations produce great innovators, because they do not have the infrastructure that supports innovation. No big venture capital markets, no equipment suppliers, no topranking universities or institutes, no peer networks, no mentors, no advanced materials or instruments, no Silicon Valleys or support traditions to draw on. That is the main reason why Muslims do not feature much in the prize-rankings, and Jews, who have access to all these things, do. It is also the reason why Africans, Latin Americans, Central Asians, Indians, Vietnamese, SE Asians and many other groups are absent from the prize-rankings. It has next to nothing to do with the nature of Islam. Transplanted into western countries, with access to all these inputs above, Muslims are just as innovative as anybody else. This whole issue is one big red herring. The real issues with the religion of peace are elsewhere.

    • Sure. Explain, then, why Saudi Arabia has produced NOTHING in the way of innovation in its entire history. Hardly a poor country…

    • Muslims do not create attractive university systems.
      Indeed all they seem to do is wreck them. See what they did to Alexandria. This was the seat of leaning in the Classical era and well into late antiquity. After the Umma bedded down and trashed the place and levied taxes Alexandria never recovered as a place to educate.

      Europe was rich in part because Christianity created a positive feedback loop. This transformed into capitalism and something more secular in the 1600s but the foundation was laid by the medieval church.

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