“This Is Who We Are”

Paul Weston, standing in front of Salisbury Cathedral, talks about the origins of British culture, Western Civilization, and the collaboration of the Left with Islamic fundamentalists with the aim of destroying Britain:

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here.

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  1. What are Mr.Weston’s views on the militant homosexual agenda? He is rightly concerned about Islam and the Left, but has he anything to say about the homosexual agenda? Aggressive “gays” are also dangerous, and are engaged in a sexual revolution against Christians and Biblical morality. Has Mr. Weston any comment to make about this matter?

    • Aggressive gays are not commanded to kill you through a ‘holy’ book. Eventually, they grow older and gain wisdom contrary to islam where they simply become more aggressive as their numbers increase.

      I know quite a number of gays, none are aggressive.

      • Killing an individual is no different than killing a civilization. Gays and Islam are both united in seeking to destroy western civilization.

    • What is common to both situations is the reaction from government: To support falsity and come down hard on those who point out the truth.

  2. I agree with everything he says except one thing. He says that there is no way that the English people are going let the many millions of people that gave their lives go to waste. Unfortunately that is exactly what is going to happen.

    • You are a realist Kylie. I agree, if the outcome of our
      troubles was offered to me as a bet, I would put all my money on White Britain disappearing very painfully and
      without a whimper within about 50 years. We have been defeated by our own success in achieving a very high
      standard of living, but we have simultaneously lost our
      attachment to our land and people. There are other factors of course, but I don’t believe we will come back from all this [noxious stuff] unless another European country leads
      the way

  3. The liberal / left are fully aware of Britain’s proud cultural heritage but they seek to delegitimise it for ideological reasons. The constant attempt to deconstruct western culture is important if the liberal/ left are to achieve their goals of transforming western societies. The application of critical theory and deconstruction is ONLY applied to western society and western institutions NEVER to Third World ountries. This bias tell you all that you need to know.

    I recently taught a class of black students about the Transatlantic Slave trade. When I informed them that Africans were actively involved in the trade and that they themselves dictated the terms of the trade ie prices, types of slave available etc these black students simply refused to believe it. They had only ever heard the revisionist version of these events. I also informed them of the Arab Sub Saharan Slave trade. Again they had NEVER been taught this. I could see their cherished victim mentality disintegrating before my eyes!

    All population groups have engaged in acts of either genocide, slavery, domination and exploitation;the Aztecs for example. The point I am trying to make is that it is ONLY the west that is accused of these historical ‘crimes’ so there is no attempt by the liberal left to understand history objectively. For them historical revisionism serves their ideological purpose in the same way that modern day neo nazis revise the horrors of the holocaust to serve theirs.

    Keep up the good work Mr Weston. We must continue our struggle until we are victorious!

  4. Paul Weston is absolutely right, but he is still playing THEIR game, WHOA, don’t frighten ’em off, don’t go to heavy on Christianity. The fact is that we owe EVERYTHING to Christianity – THAT is why THEY are, and always have worked so hard to destroy it, sideline it, ridicule it, demonise it.
    Christianity and ONLY Christianity led to the concept of inalienable God given rights (and responsibilities) that led to the freedoms that we enjoy today. Without that concept we are mere vassals of the state, to be done with as our masters see fit. For the common good, for the planet, we are mere genetic material to be used, managed, experimented upon by those who see themselves as ‘enlightened’ ‘educated’. Once man has gotten rid of God he becomes God, takes upon himself the onerous responsibilities, literally plays God, decides who lives, who dies, and the more ‘difficult’ the decision, for example, as they have done in England recently, murdering pensioners in hospitals to save money, (funny how it never occurs to them to cut down on their obscene wages and criminal expense accounts to save money), the more it pumps up their ego. The people who run the world now are eugenicists who regard the rest of the human race as mere lab rats.
    Christianity is the only faith and philosophy that confers individual rights on human beings, not the least because it confers also individual RESPONSIBILITIES, an imperative to ‘do the right thing’, from the humblest peasant to the mightiest king. The story of king Canute is a good example of this.http://inspirationalstories.com/0/91.html
    The ten commandments are the most concise complete code for how to live ever known, they basically cover everything in the human condition in ten easy rules. Politicians have spent endless hours and millions of pounds coming up with citizens charters and ‘respect’ agendas that come nowhere near the effect of those ten simple rules.
    Paul is quite right Christianity, the philosophy, the creed, the code that we lived by for one and a half thousand years delivered the most decent, tolerant, happy, YES, HAPPY, prosperous, powerful, polite, innovative, educated, fair, united civilization the world has ever seen, and as we move away from it we can see all of those things unravelling. We are becoming an intolerant, miserable, impoverished, divided, callous, loutish, ignorant mess.
    The bottom line is NO CHRISTIANITY – NO US, in any meaningful way, that is why they expend so much effort on trying to destroy it. Yes, there is a Greco Roman influence on our civilization, though it is peripheral to the Christian core of our culture, and I would argue that Anglo Saxon common law is a far greater, and more important element of our culture than either.

        • I’m sorry, the link above was to an article in Canada free press, which has now disappeared. The columnist describes getting an email from a website called Human Weeds which talks about an upcoming PBS documentary with regards to ‘culling’ the surplus population. If you go to the website there is a short clip of a guy saying how bad it was that Hitler, although he was a genius, was such a bad guy, because he got the cause of eugenics such a bad name (the irony is lost on him). He goes on to say that mankind should be viewed in an unemotional, utilitarian way, in terms of the whole universe and man becoming the best that he can be, with the implication that man can never achieve what he can unless, like a gardener, we prune back the useless sideshoots and cut away the deadwood.
          NO prizes for guessing who’s the gardener, and who’s the deadwood.
          The thing is, politics always attracts people with a serious bee in their bonnet, and the biggest bee in the UN bonnet is environmentalism, which suits a lot of agenda’s, mainly because it damages wealth for the industrialised nations, hog ties industries, weakens the west, transfers (more) wealth to ‘the poor’, so it holds sway in the united nations, which is gradually gaining a stranglehold on world government, which ‘THEY’ love, because, rather like the european commission, it is a house of appointees, and circumvents the democratic process, and it’s edicts increasingly supersede national sovereignty, the decisions are taken and implemented in virtual secrecy, although they are discussed quite openly, and decisions put into UN reports, they know full well that no one really takes any notice, except for ‘truthers’ and ‘kooks’ – and NO ONE listens to those nutters. So you get UN agenda 21 implemented as ‘sustainable development in virtual secrecy, whilst being hidden in plain view.
          Anyway, I digress, the people who are slowly getting their grip around the widpipe of this planet are a rag tag of atheistic environmentalists, control freaks, eugenicists, power brokers, greedy bastards and general all round nutters, who have one thing in common – a rabid hatred of (the rest of) the human race. They view the human race in totally materialistic and utilitarian terms. They have no spiritual dimension to their character, no respect for the sanctity of human life. They have variously described the human race as a virus on the planet, surplus genetic material, the biggest threat to the planet. Don’t let the stupidity of their reasoning fool you, THEY ARE SERIOUS, committed and VERY dangerous, they make it quite clear that they think that a cull of ‘useless eaters’ would be of immense benefit to the planet, and they would have no compunction in carrying it out.
          And my point is ? Once you stop believing that human beings are something special, endowed by a greater God with certain inalienable rights, once you start viewing the rest of the human race variously as ‘genetic material’ ‘vermin’, mere objects then ANY evil is possible, AND probable.
          In short, without a spiritual side to us, a belief in the sanctity of human life, with no moral imperative, then we are as NOTHING, but capable of ANYTHING.

    • Respectfully I suggest to you that the renaissance and enlightenment occurred in spite of Christianity rather than because of it. The highest state of personal liberty and individual responsibility can only be achieved through the embrace of humanism and reason. Religious superstitions are badges of ignorance, and have never promoted creative free thought.
      Nevertheless Paul Weston is to be admired for his stand, and supported in his (rather late) efforts to save Britain.

        • Thanks GI, couldn’t have put it better myself. So, the lefts lies win out again, the ‘dark ages’ were called so because they were dark and grim, and nowt much happened anyway, er WRONG, there is a very strong, vibrant and interesting history of the ‘dark’ and early middle ages, and some of the most important in English, european and world history. The monasteries laid the foundations of what was to become the agricultural revolution. They also led the way to what was eventually become public education. ALL of the universities were founded as religious institutions – and were so, right through the ‘enlightenment’, and well into the twentieth century. Hospitals too, had their origins in the infirmaries of monasteries established during the dark ages.
          In the field of human rights too, the emancipation of humanity that we see today had its roots in Christianity – as G.I. says – didn’t happen anywhere else – STILL hasn’t happened in the majority of it. ! The Magna Carta, universally recognised as probably THE greateast document in the field of human rights was essentially a Christian document from the middle ages WELL before your beloved ‘enlightenment’, and what inspired the ‘renaissance’, the great out pouring of art and literature ? In whom did all of the great sculptors, musicians poets, find their inspiration ? The great, monumental architecture, what was the inspiration for that ? LOOK IT UP. And with what have we replaced the divine beauty of music by, say Vialdi, the brilliance, skill and inspiration of say, Michaelangelo, or the beautiful cathedral inspired public buildings, the inspirational, uplifting simplicity of the great hymns. ?
          I can only speak for my country, but our music is largely black youths chanting obscenities and preaching misogyny and violence, or women who strive to put on the most obscene display in dress and dance to sell their rather banal rythmic chants.
          Art ? piles of bricks, horse[manure], unmade beds, animals cut in half.
          Architecture ? monstrosities of steel, glass and concrete, designed by robots for robots, or should I say by cretins for cretins ?, completely utilitarian, devoid of any character, beauty, inspiration.
          Getting the picture ? See what an ugly Godless, barren mess we are making.
          And so to the ‘enlightenment’. Ever wondered who was doing the enlightening ? and why ? Why it only happened in ‘Christendom’ ?
          As I’ve already stated ALL of the universities were Christian institutions, in fact until well into the nineteenth century EVERYONE who taught at a university was an ordained priest, as was Sir Isaac Newton, probably THE greatest name in the foundation of modern science ?
          Kinda scotches the Idea that the enlightenment came about in spite of the church doesn’t it.
          SO, I suggest that you stop watching the history channel, in fact chuck your remote in the bin, in fact chuck the telly in with it, it only exists to brainwash and misinform you, and do a bit of reading. WAIT – NOT the internet – thats nearly as big a shakedown merchant as the telly.
          I suggest Bedes ecclesiastical history , the history of the English people by William of Malmsbury, and the History of the English speaking people by W.S. Churchill-Yes, THAT Churchill
          YES, yes, I know, its all about the English and the church, but that IS the history of the modern world and you can’t understand where it came from unless you trace it through from its very beginnings, which lie in Christianity in dark ages England.
          OR – you can just carry on assuming that white people are intrinsically good and superior, and sit there watching newsweek as it all crashes about our ears.

          • [Disparaging remarks about Christians and Christianity redacted]

            This is all a silly argument anyway; we face an implacable enemy who seeks to enslave all of us. In the fight against Islam all of us who believe in liberty are the target.

          • If (and that is a huge if!) There is an Islamist reformation, in a thousand years or so apologists for Islam, (as you are an apologist for Christianity), will be crying out: But Islam was responsible, weren’t all the universities Islamic, weren’t all the educated men Islam priests!
            Read history however you will, but you cannot create a rational society on superstitious mumbo-jumbo.

          • “you cannot create a rational society on superstitious mumbo-jumbo”

            – is there anything so rational about “doing unto others what you’d have done unto yourself”, and studying until late at night, then working 9-5 to earn an average salary, while seeing aggressive slackers get all the girls, deal drugs, and get more money for little/no “work”?

            Well, hip-hop artists and “baby fathers” the length and breadth of the US and UK have found the answer to that question…

        • But not all Christian countries, so the linkage you seek is really not there. South America and the Philippines, and I would argue, Spain and Portugal themselves contributed very little. The history suggests that Northern Italy was the fount of the renaissance, perhaps partly because of the development of worldwide trade and the modern financial industry in that region. The population was very varied with many Jews, but we European Caucasians call all claim a heritage of intellectual curiosity.
          I must say that it is highly insulting, and inaccurate, to state that atheists cannot be moral, we believe in law and common representation where issues between persons are resolved on the basis of common human rights and reason. If you will; the law courts are our churches and Parliament is our cathedral. Any review of history will show that some of the worst tyrants claimed to be Christians.

          • I do apologise for being a bit flip, and I do not mean to be insulting to anyone, and yes, you are quite right, the explosion in the arts that we call the renaissance WAS led by the Mediterranean countries. I didn’t mean to imply otherwise, I was merely pointing out the divine inspiration behind it. In the sciences too, who could fail to acknowledge the genius of Copernicus, Galileo, Da Vinci, Curie, Roentgen, Pasteur, and countless others ? although one has to concede that Great Britain was and still is at the cutting edge of modern science and of course one has to give at least a nod to classical scientists and mathematicians such as Ptolemy , Archemedes, Pythagerous, Though I maintain that the great advances in modern science were centred on university’s which were church institutions.
            No, where I was saying that the roots of the modern world lie in Christianity, and Anglo Saxon England is CULTURALLY, in the way the modern world interacts and does business (until recently anyway) and especially in ‘western’ society, and very much so in the field of human rights, universal suffrage and emancipation. In the institutions that the world has adopted : universal education, public hospitals, modern democracy, all have their roots almost exclusively in that source, and I’m sorry to have been sarcastic, but the point that I was clumsily making was that the concepts of freedom and human rights that we have enjoyed for so long had an origin, they WEREN’T as the result of some natural progression. They sprung from a very specific culture, philosophy, world view, and they will only be sustained by only CAN be maintained by that specific culture philosophy, and the evidence for that is all around us. The more we abandon that culture, that FAITH, then the more we are losing those freedoms, those rights. Moreover, because we have no overarching culture, no common set of values, because our culture has been BUTCHERED from within, we have NOTHING that unites us, we have NOTHING that we believe in that is greater than ourselves, NOTHING that the majority would unite, fight, die for, as such we are easy prey for any determined enemy, especially when that attack comes from within. and you only have to look at how nationalist groups continually splinter and form smaller groups for evidence of that, they have NO common set of values and beliefs that they can all agree are worth uniting and fighting to the bitter end for.
            Our columnist has hit the nail very firmly and squarely on the head. If we have no idea who or what we are, if we are resolutely determined to continue denying (to ourselves) who and what we are then we are truly doomed.
            Those who set out to destroy us all those years ago have done a very good job. Whether they achieve the ultimate victory is entirely up to us. The threat is obvious. The answer is obvious. The choice is ours.

          • Yet in the modern era, Spain, Portugal and the South American countries are mostly all liberal democracies, where human rights are respected, there is widespread sympathy for the plight of the poor and, in many of those countries, even gay marriage is on the cards… something that you could imagine happening in China, Japan, India or any other non-Christian-based culture?

            As for tyrants, any review of history will show that in the short, 200-year history of atheism, some of the worst tyrants were atheists and persecuted those who had a religion.

    • Much, but not “everything.” It was first the Jews who began developing the ethical foundations of our society. The Greeks and Romans added an exceptional development of reason and an inquisitive spirit without which Western civilization is inconceivable. Their contribution was by no means “peripheral to the Christian core of our culture.” For starters, some of their philosophical ideas were baked into the earliest formal Christian theology, as well as the foundational curricula of medieval schools.

      For some centuries, on the other hand, the most revered Christians were those who closed themselves off in hermitages or monasteries to focus on their own salvation, and also to pray for those in the outside world. It’s true that monasteries cultivated some practical skills to sustain themselves, but the ideal of withdrawing from the world to focus inward and on the afterlife, and regarding physical existence as rather sordid, was not the most promising basis for building a vibrant civilization.

      The Greeks and Romans were distinguished by their curiosity and their openness to new and foreign ideas, and their willingness to tolerate different beliefs in their midst — which is how Christianity was able to develop at all.

      By contrast, Christianity for centuries cultivated an exclusionary outlook, complete with thought crimes, a.k.a. “heresy,” and it wasn’t very hospitable to Jews (except insofar as rulers needed their talents). It was only after Christian culture was releavened with classical philosophy and learning that a more universal humanitarianism and tolerant ethic began to flourish. Eventually, being unpersuaded by a particular theology ceased to be treated officially as the worst of all sins (although some people today still seem to view it as such).

      Rediscovering lost parts of classical antiquity was also key to the brilliant development of science and technology, and a general engagement with the world rather than preoccupation with the afterlife.

      But it is true that the Germanic roots of Western civ are quite important and too often overlooked in the debate between classicists and Christian apologists (and I’m not using that word in a disparaging sense).

  5. Nice one Paul. I have found through personal experience that it is difficult to declare what you stand for while it is much easier to do what the commies, islamists and all purpose loonies do and just run off a litany of those things you oppose.

  6. I posted a comment earlier but am not sure if it was submitted correctly, so I’ll comment again. May I ask this question of Mr.Weston. Does he not see that the homosexual lobby pose a serious threat to Christianity in Britain, and elsewhere? He talks much about the threats from Islam and the Left, and rightly so. Has he anything to say about the militant homosexual agenda, which is like a juggernaut, seeking to crush all opposition to it?

    • That’s something I’ve also been pondering… at first, I dismissed any concerns about homosexuality being promoted, usually with “if it doesn’t concern you, then what are you worried about?”, etc. But then, coming to think of it, has the large-scale promotion of homosexual issues (and specifically, gay marriage) not been occurring in a very similar timeframe (late 1990s onwards) to the mass immigration into Britain, and other Western countries? (Sure, immigrants were there before – but in my part of London, I had never seen a burqa before 2000) In fact – does this timeframe also not coincide with the coining of the word “Islamophobia” by the Runnymede Trust, and the start of the large-scale building of mosques by Saudi Arabia, even in far-flung places such as Gibraltar? To fund a lobby group of 20-50 people may only cost a few million dollars a year… yet Arab Gulf states have since the boom of oil, had billions of dollars of cash. Not only cash, but SPARE cash, not going into any mortgage repayments, healthcare bills or other day-to-day expenses… what’s to stop them throwing a few million dollars in the direction of a few lobby groups which would, in one way or another, help their cause?

      Such “conspiracy theories” may seem far-fetched – but subversion from within has happened before – including through use of different “movements”… former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov explains how the Soviet Union did this in Western countries here. The KGB threw 85% of their resources into such methods, in order to undermine Western society from within and make it weak, with the intention of leading to a takeover. At the 10:30 mark of the video, there is a chart marking the different areas of “the subversion process”… in my view, the “militant homosexual agenda” may come in the “family, society” section… after all, if you’re faced with a choice of straight marriage, gay marriage, or (possibly in the future) 100 different types of marriage, with divorce likely after marriage, and loss of some of that wonderful social life due to marital obligations, then why get married? And why form a stable family unit, with full trust between the wife, husband and children?

      With full-blown promotion of such “alternative lifestyles”, is it a surprise that maternity wards in London are full of Somali, Pakistani and Arab mothers, with white mothers representing around one out of 30 – as 2 of my friends reported seeing while visiting their wives?

      And is it a surprise that children of Western families, often with much weaker bonds between them and their parents due to divorce, lack of time, nuclear families etc, are so much more likely to “rebel” and turn against the very civilisation that nurtured them??

      Homosexuals themselves have always existed, and always will do. Often they are amazing people who have made great contributions to their countries. But a militant homosexual lobby aiming to replace the “mainstream” definition of a family, that has been at the centre of Western civilisation for over 2000 years, can serve to potentially destroy our society, leading to it being vulnerable to a takeover by certain other, more virulent cultures. It is like an AIDS virus, destroying the immune system to enable total destruction of the body by the cancer of Islam.

      • The idea is to further destroy the traditional nuclear family, the bedrock insitution of European Christendom and also to destroy the Church(es) via lawfare.

        That is the Homosexual Agenda, which was developed by Marxists.

        • Hmm. The standard way to explain homophobia is to point to insecurity around the homophobes sexuality. Personally I’m convinced that homophobia is an unconscious wish to rid men of femininity and contact with their feelings so that they’ll be strong protectors and warriors. Incidentally, the most homophobe cultures in the world are also the most inferior and primitive ones, while homosexuality is accepted in the Far East, the west, and Jewish culture. Also the gays are generally negative towards islam. The disappearance of the nuclear family is more a result of technological advancement and economic prosperity. I might sound like a leftist but I’m not. I enjoy the western decadence very much, think that the world populations should go down in numbers to keep our standard of living high and avoid conflicts, not too interested in starting a family, interested in art and philosophy, like the message of Jesus – and now the invasion is here to poop on everything I like.

          • The thing is Jack, homosexuality has been weaponised against ‘mainstream’ society, as has blackness, femenism, islam, disabilty etc.
            How it works is you take a group thats ‘different’ from the target group, the dominant, leading group in society, the group(s) who DO make that society strong, stable and successful. In our case white hetrosexual men, families, those with a strong faith (a society that loses it’s moral values falls into corruption and falls apart).
            SO, most of the above for various reasons either can’t ever join those groups, or have to go against their nature to fit in. SO what you do is you give them all a sense of grievance because they can’t join that group, then you convince them that the dominant group(s) are only successful because they are discriminating against the less successful.
            At this point may I say that we did not, in the case of different cultures, we did not have a problem until we imported it, and that was done DELIBERATELY to destabilise our society, there were immigrants before, but in small numbers, they were generally welcomed and settle in quite happily. The problems have only come with large numbers who have had seriously negative effects on the host population. Homosexuals were NOT greatly discriminated against before, I can remember plenty of homosexuals who were quite happily accepted, even celebrated, they just weren’t expected to be so overt as they are now, and yes Homosexual sex WAS against the law, but it was only used generally when that group were going beyond the bounds of public decency (I suspect that this is the reason the law came about, because homosexuals DO have a proclivity for open air sex and procuring people in public places)
            Anyway, I digress, so what you do is you give all of these people a sense of grievance and reinforce it. Just about every day theres a discrimination story on the news. So there you have a nation permanently at war with itself, homosexuals, generally speaking can’t turn straight, non whites can’t change colour, bring in laws that are only applied one way and you have the general population on the run. Make the demands even more outrageous, and you start harming the moral fabric of that society. Force employers to employ totally useless people because they are black;femail disabled, and you finish up with ridiculous things like receptionists who can’t speak English, deaf people employed to answer phones, but in the main just employing people who are inept and having to promote them usually does quite enough damage. I could write much much more but basically that is what is being done and why.

          • “I enjoy the western decadence very much, think that the world populations should go down in numbers to keep our standard of living high and avoid conflicts… …and now the invasion is here to poop on everything I like.”

            And therein lies the dilemna… the reason for the Western decadence, is that we’ve managed to fight off various greedy nations wanting a bite of our wealth, and prepared to invade us for it. This in turn was due to strong and powerful armies, and large, strong, “patriotic” populations to provide those armies. Yet now, we wish to enjoy our decadence and “decrease the populations”. All very well – but how long can we keep on having our cake, and eating it?? The plight of the later Roman Empire may provide some clues as to the answer of that question.

          • Enjoy the Nihilistic Hedonism as the civilization that gave you that ability goes down the tubes. Your posterity will despise you for the ruin you left them.

  7. Please, please, will someone address the point I was trying to make in my comment(s) i.e that the homosexual agenda is out to destroy Christianity and is as serious a threat as Islam and the Left. Has Mr.Weston addressed the “gay” agenda, or is he tolerant of those whose goal is sexual anarchy?

    • The gay agenda is one of the many prongs of the attacks on the Christian church, and western culture and morality in general. There is on youtube a lecture by the Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZnkULuWFDg
      Recorded around late seventies / early eighties, in which he lays out exactly how they set out to subvert the west, a blueprint which has been followed to the letter. Interestingly he tells us the worst thing we can do is abandon our religion.The Soviet Union knew full well that destroying Christianity would destroy us. THAT is why their heirs are still trying to do it to this day.
      Even more interesting the Russians are have embraced Christianity to the extent that it plays a central part of the government of that country

        • Yes. it’s an excellent video. The trouble is you try to show it to anyone and they’re fidgeting and looking out of the window after five minutes. If anyone does stay the course their attitude seems to be ‘yawn’, mm yeah (so what).
          Considering that it appears to have been made around late 70s, and you can see how this plan has been implemented over the last 4/5 decades (it was already well underway at the time of the video), you would think that the scales would fall from peoples eyes, they’d be outraged at what has been done to them. NOT a bit, barely seems to register !
          This seems to be a trait of the American and the British people now. They can’t get hot under the collar without a cue from the idiot box. Every time O’bama commits another act of sedition against the American people I think ‘This has GOT to finish him’ – NOTHING.
          Yet look at all the furore about some senator looks a bit shifty taking a drink of water !
          It seems our people are totally mesmerised by that thing. They seem to have the concentration span of a gnat, and unless something is either slickly presented with dramatic music and effects, or in five second soundbites it doesn’t register.
          I mean, O’bama’s election slogans : CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN, I never once heard him expound on what that change would be, he just came out with his second slogan YES WE CAN, and the crowd went wild and took up the chant like a Nuremberg rally. I mean, is it me ? am I missing something ? Or are they missing something. Give ’em a slogan and they’ll chant it till their throats get sore. Tell ’em that theres a plot to destroy their country, their prosperity, their happiness, eventually THEM. Show ’em the evidence, how it’s been carried out, explain to them what dire peril they are in – and they just shrug their shoulders !
          Beats the crap out of me !

          • It’s a 10 minute video. I believe that’s around the usual time between commercial breaks on US television? And it’s not 10 minutes of American football, baseball or cheerleaders – it’s 10 minutes of heavy theory, and intellectual analysis… will the “average Joe”, perhaps used to watching a “funny” clip on Youtube of someone falling over or a car drifting, even be able to concentrate??

            Which provokes another question – a democracy is only as good as the citizens who participate in it… if they fall for quick soundbites such as “Yes We Can”, or vote out of a sense of guilt, arising from perceived racism towards one candidate (the reason that one white factory worker with a pickup truck gave for voting for Obama, when we spoke while I visited the US in 2008), can we expect such a democracy to perform better than a one-party state ruled by a competent dictator? As with a previous comment I just wrote on this post, the Roman Empire may provide some hints as to the answer to that question… And yes, “Nuremberg” also came to my mind when seeing recordings of Obama rallies. Just like the Führer, President Hussein Obama has a talent for connecting with people. And just like with the Führer, people will prefer to be enchanted by his charisma, rather than tolerating any criticism of the “Dear Leader”. “At least he means well” was one English friend’s attempt to justify Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize…

          • ok, it’s not quite a 10-minute video. The original Polish-language version that I watched was a series of 10-minute segments that made up the whole video. Nonetheless, the point stands – if viewers can only concentrate for 10 minutes of baseball, how will they stand for an hour of something vastly more intellectualy demanding?

          • There’s no reply box under your comment GI, so I hope you get this reply.
            The one I watched was over an hour long, but there are abridged versions, and the full version broken into chunks.
            Yes, I know what you mean about democracy, some politician once said something like ‘one only has
            to spend five minutes talking to the average voter to realise what a waste of time democracy is’.
            I’m with you I’d sooner have a ruling monarch. He/She would be made more accountable than politicians are, and he/she wouldn’t have to think up new bribes for the electorate every four years, AND, the country being his/her property, they probably wouldn’t be so keen on giving it away, letting it go bankrupt or surrendering their powers and sovereignty to europe. Wouldn’t feel the need to lie so much either.AND the potential loyalty of their subjects would be of far more importance.

  8. I agree but there are some points I would raise: 1) Moses was given the 10 commandments, God (Jehovah not allah) made them. 2) There is no ‘year dot’, 1BC is followed by AD1. 3) Slavery was abolished twice in Europe, first after the Roman Empire and then later as described. 4) Our culture includes our science, technology and medicine, where would the world be without it? 5) The Age of Enlightenment, so-called, set faith against human rationales not reason, and that is part of our current problem.

    • #5 is spot on. There’s pretty much a straight line from “Age of Enlightenment” to modern leftism.

      Who coined the phrase “age of enlightenment”, anyway? Does anybody know?

  9. Great discussion on Christianity. I also sensed the hesitance by Paul Weston “not to dwell on Christianity” to speak in it’s defense as if he was committing a faux pas.

    And for those who have been misled that Christianity has been on the whole hostile to science or rationality, here is something to get you started on your enlightenment. Christendom hasnt been perfect, but no culture or person is, it doesnt have to be.

    How The Catholic Church Built Western Civilization


  10. Disparaging remarks about Christianity are reason to be censored?
    Roll on the Islamists, they are no worse than you lot.

    • Cool your jets, Roger.

      Look at our guidelines, as summarized here in the comment window and detailed in this post. You are not allowed to insult your fellow commenters at Gates of Vienna. Saying nasty (and I mean nasty, not merely critical) things about Christians insults any number of your fellow commenters.

      As for “censorship” — don’t make me laugh! This is not a public space; this is a private forum, and I am not the government. I can’t possibly censor you: only the law and the government can do that by limiting your public expression. You are free to insult Christians all you like, which is why God gave you your own blog.

      This blog is the functional equivalent of Dymphna’s and my living room. I won’t let anyone insult our guests in our living room, and the same is true here.

      I advise you to practice the skills of adult interaction. You’ll find that they grease the social skids for you and greatly facilitate the effectiveness of your attempts to communicate with others.

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