Outreach from the Western Counterjihad to Arab Christians

Last night we posted a subtitled video of two Arab converts to Christianity discussing the importance of re-Christianizing the West. Our Russian correspondent Russkiy, whose fluency in Arabic made the subtitling possible, left a comment on the post explaining his purpose in translating the video. It is reproduced below.

(Note from Russkiy)

I translated this video for a special purpose. I personally believe that Counterjihad movement needs to unite and operate together. This video illustrates that there is a great effort undertaken by the Arab Christian and Christian convert communities in the West in combating Islam. If the European Nationalist movements can unite with these groups the charge of xenophobia and fascism will be difficult to apply.

The most fertile communities to recruit people to our cause are Coptic churches everywhere. The Iraqi Christians are also a fertile ground although they were kind of angry with America for overthrowing the regime that protected them to some extent.

Syrian and Palestinian Christians I expect to be anti-Israel for understood reasons. Syrian Christians overwhelmingly support the Assad regime which is at least rhetorically anti-Israel.

Lebanese Christians are a mixed bag. Some actually aligned with Hezbollah, some with Sunnis and some are actually pro-Israel.

But as I said, Copts are the best recruitment area. I go to a Coptic church sometimes, but as a non-believer I feel wrong to pretend to be a Christian to gain access to them.

I strongly encourage Christians of the Counter Jihad movement to find the nearest Coptic Church and give them a visit. They will be only too happy to speak English or whatever local language with you. The church I went to had bilingual services there.

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  1. I wish all the good luck to any effort of this kind , but as an israeli I have to remind you of what happened in 1982 when Israel tried to forge a partnership with lebanese christians . I was there . We offered them control of a big part of Lebanon on a silver plate , and the possibility of building their own state . From their point of wiev this should have been recognised as an incredible piece of good luck , their LAST chance of saving themselves . They were not able to contibute ANYTHING constructive to the offered partnership . The only thing they actualy DID was to massacre some palaestinians in a ”refugee camp” , which was then of course blamed on Israel .
    In short , as a comunity they behaved a lot more like Arabs than Christians

  2. I can see the sense in this statement and i’m inclined to enquire further.

    If these people have come to Britain, for example, to escape persecution, then they could be useful to the cause of public education as to why things are as they are and what follows next.

    Perhaps if a two way exchange of experience and explanations were started, mutual support could follow.

  3. As a British Methodist I can tell you that on a weekly basis we pray for Christians being subjected to persecusion, not only in Arab Muslim countries but in China where more people are converting to Christianity each day than there are babies born on the same day.

    The sickening thing is the utter silence from governments in Western Europe condemning what is taking place in lands that were from the first to the seventh century at least 100% Christian. I can only attribute this to the fact that most Western governments are culturally Marxist and anti-Christian. I would be interested to hear what is happening in Poland and other Eastern European countries in this regard. They are also, of course, terrifying of offending the muslims in their midst or of being shown to seem anti-muslim by supporting Christianity. Slippery Dave Cameron read the lesson at the service commemorating the Queen’s coronation last week. He is a real Vicar of Bray, pretending to be pro-Christian when he is really culturally Marxist and wholeheartedly pro-multifaithism – not mentioned so much by your average vicar any more since islamic terrorism struck in Britain. By the way, I don’t think you will find much interfaith Muslim/Christian dialogue taking place in Russia.

    Not only do we pray for help for the persecuted Christians referrred to above but some also pray for help on the day when Marxist marginalisation of Christianity becomes Marxist persecution of Christians even in its European heartlands, aided and abetted no doubt by their muslim allies.

    • Abraham sure did pray …. but he built not on praying alone thus he would have been hypocrite, he used his arms and hands …… his brains his hearts power , so he immediately set out to help Lot and his Family.

  4. With more support, financial, economic and institutional, from Western Christians and governments going to the Christian minorities. This will make it more attractive to become Christians in those lands as well.

    As it is, more support is pledged and forthcoming for Israel and Israeli Jews than Christian minorities in the MENA and South Asia. Even if it is just lip service often. MENA Christians dont even get lip service.

  5. I woul like to differentiate here between Arab islamochristians who have been brainwashed with pan arabist ideology (often they are more likely to be communists than Christians) as many amongst the “Palestinians” and who are only too likely to criticise and bad mouth the west and promote the Islam agenda and genuane Christians who believe in all the comandments of Christ including the non – Violence part of it. As I said the bes ground for recruitment are the Coptic community who dont see themselfs as arabs and in general are very observant christians with a long history of prosecution by the muslim majority.

    Muslim converts to christianity like this Brother Rashid or Walid Shoebat and others like them are Conter Jihad movement’s best assets. Being former muslims they cant be accused of Islamophobia by the liberal elits in the west.

    The fact that the Syrian regime was unique in that it provided unpresedented level of religious freedom and state protection to the Christian community makes Christians of Syria in general aligned with the regime and its rhetoric about the West and Israel. The latest developments in Syria are likely to palarise Christians there against Islam however at the same time continous reference to the West and Israel supporting Syrian uprising is likely not to improve their opinion about the West and Israel.

    Christians of Iraq who have now largely been displaced from Iraq by Islam and who at large are spread out thought the West, have nothing to gain now by hanging on to their Arabness and therefore very likely to pick the Counter Jihad side of debate and fight it out against further Islamisation. The only problem with them is that there are still so many of them stuck in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon who are seeking to migrate to the west will make an abrupt cut to imigration from the Muslim countries as proposed Geert Wilders unatractive to them. Whilst chating to many Iraqi Christians on line I hear about their complaints about Sweedens preferential treatment of Muslims who are actually are more likely to gain asylum in Sweeden and potentially in other European countries.

  6. My twopence.

    While I am genuinely sad about the disappearance of Christianity from the mentioned parts of the Middle East, I do not feel it is wise to throw our energies towards people who are not actively helping themselves. You cannot force anyone into becoming their own master. It’s like helping a drug addict. Only when their are ready and try to recruit your help, will your effort do any good. I am afraid that even the long surviving Coptic Christians have grown too used and too fond of their chains.

  7. As a citizen of the only middle Eastern country with a Naturally growing Christian population, Israel, i feel that before the Christians of the area can provide support for the counter jihad effort they will first need to help themselves as communities. For as long as some churches still flirt with pro-pal rethoric, deep theological anti- judaism and a “sitting on the fence” attitude even in the only society where their collective rights and individual freedoms are being daily protected, well, it doesn’t look too good.

  8. Vinny said: “Only when their are ready and try to recruit your help, will your effort do any good. I am afraid that even the long surviving Coptic Christians have grown too used and too fond of their chains.”

    You didn’t fully understand the point of my post. They are not asking for our help. They are doing better than “Us” in the counter Jihad space. They have number of setelite channels with considerable budget, generated, mind you, with the donations from their communities, which are dedicated to exposing Islam to the Muslims in the Middle East.

    The Western counter Jihad movement is limited to blogs and website with Wilders and EDL being exception.

    To show how we can benefit I would like to give an example the Aramaic Broadcasting Network which used to be mainly for the Arabic speaking audience, however Jihad Watch and Robert Spencer came on board and started to broadcast Jihad Watch programs in English on that channel. The al Hayat channel also started to produce English language programs such as Islamic Dilemma hosted by Saudi convert to Christianity Abd al Fadi and Bill Warner

  9. The Economist has an interesting article showing that Arab Christians can work with Israel while Arab Muslims remain the problem:

    Arab Christians have to make the effort to change sides. While there will undoubtedly be false starts and failures, ultimately they should come to the realization that the Islamic Awakening spells an end to their role in Arab affairs. It’s time to bury their antisemitism and face the real threat.

  10. OK, I have no argument against adding regional voices. In fact Ayaan Hirsi Ali is one of the spearheads for this movement. I would think that Nigeria could be an important area.

    • Indeed, if Nigeria was to fall to Islam it would spell the end for the Dark Continent. Nigeria also has much oil,
      surely not a good idea for more oil land to be controlled
      by Moslems.

  11. @Gilgoul: As an American Christian, I hear you.

    One disconcerting thing that happened to me was meeting a Syrian Christian in the Far East who passed me some papers on “Gnosticism, or Primitive Christianity”. These reeked of rejection of the Old Testament for everything that the post-enlightenment West hated about it, only adding that the Tanakh is “racist and imperialist” as well. It rankles on my “fundamentalist” ears when someone disparages 4/5 of my Bible.

  12. Another set of potential allies, that are often overlooked, is the Kabylian people.

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