300 Salafists Arrested in Moscow

Below is a Russian TV news report about the recent police raid on an informal mosque in Moscow, which netted the arrest of 300 suspected Salafists.

Many thanks to N.I. for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Today one of the capital’s prayer rooms was ambushed by police.
00:05   As police suspect, some citizens were radical Islamists and participated in preparations or terrorist acts.
00:12   A few hundred people were detained. More to come from Dmitri Kuzev.
00:15   This industrial zone is at Moscow’s South.
00:17   There are no residential buildings — just high fences which can hide anything.
00:21   A SWAT team and spetsnaz blocked off part of the street
00:24   Those who got cordoned off and don’t have Slavic features, are politely yet persistently taken to ID checkpoint.
00:34   Park your car, sir. Right here.
00:38   Away from the street, behind a reinforced concrete fence — a two-storey building with no signs.
00:41   Inside — a Muslim prayer room.
00:43   Based on Federal Security Service’s inside info, this place has been often visited by those who were enlisted by radical Islam formation units.
00:50   That’s why the prayer room’s members are taken out in small groups and then driven in police buses to inspection sites.
00:58   Do you know what Salafiti is?
01:00   Salafiti is a radical Islam movement.
01:02   Who says that? I had no idea. I didn’t know they were radicals.
01:08   Salafiti is an alternative name for Wahhabi movement.
01:12   Whilst a mosque would be able to restrict radical moods, an uncontrolled place like this is the other way around.
01:22   That’s how the prayer room looks on the inside, a lot of space, books along the walls.
01:28   There’s no crime here. We’re not extremists.
01:32   Experts examined the books and found some that are forbidden by law in Russia.
01:38   Now the space is almost empty — unlike prior to the ambush.
01:42   There was nowhere to stand.
01:45   Around 300 people when police showed up.
01:48   We wouldn’t hurt a fly or an ant.
01:52   When I go to church, I leave my gun at home.
01:55   No one goes to church with a gun.
01:59   I keep it at home and in my car to be safe.
02:02   Nearly half the suspects are citizens of foreign countries whose stay in Russia is legally questionable.
02:08   The government is finding out if the building’s placement is legal, too.
02:12   According to documents it’s much bigger than mapped out to be.
02:16   If suspicions are confirmed, the excess of the structure must be demolished.

4 thoughts on “300 Salafists Arrested in Moscow

  1. During the soviet era, soviet Russia used to motivate its occasional foreign military inventions with ‘requests for assistance’ received from there. I sometimes wished today’s capitalist Russia would come to our aid if we kindly asked them, as we at this stage probably cannot rely on our former ally outre-Atlantique?

    But this time, we would have to obligate ourselves to learn what they (russians? americans?) can do and we apparently can’t, because otherwise we would continue to end up in a mess, after a few decades on our own. The only possibly valid excuse for this phenomenon I can think of is that ‘Europe’ in that sense doesn’t exist: Every country needs to learn this lesson in its own way, so how can this be done at all?!

  2. Moscow vis-a-vis Madrid.Two approaches on how to handle killer moors or chechens (= moors Russian style).
    Putin (man) vs Zapatero (slug).
    Madrid (Spain) 2004 metro bombing (191 killed 1800 wounded), former Spanish PM Zapatero offers Erdogan his backing for Turkey´s full integration in the EU and founding of the Alliance of Civilizations.
    Beslan (Russia) 2004 School hostages (334 killed, including 186 children), Putin sends Spetsnaz to do the cleaning. God bless Russia.

  3. Blimey. When scenes for the film Shadowlands were to be filmed in Oxford, the producer wanted to recruit people as extras who had typically English faces. This was because in the 1950s in Oxford there would be hardly any inhabitants who were not ethnically English, unlike most of today’s taxi drivers there and most inhabitants of the hitherto English working class district known as Cowley or East Oxford.

    The reporter on this clip said that those arrested did not have typically Slavic features i.e. they were not ethnic Russians so they must be suspect. This reminds me of a line in a Wallander crime novel when somebody did not look Swedish because they did not have light brown or blond hair. I think the days are long gone in England when anybody could get away with saying that people must be suspect because they do not look like the extras in Shadowlands. After all, the time is only a few decades away when those typically English faces will be in the minority and probably will then be held to be suspect. A shame that speech from Putin was a hoax as this one comment seems to reinforce what he was meant to have said and probably what most Russians think. What a load of old Russian racists!!

  4. Well, well, well……

    we have suffered the vexatious and injurious excesses of these vermin for far too long…..stood quietly by as bearded madmen, amusing combinations of low intelligence, bad dentalwork, sexual deviance and inimitable depths of lunacy, worked their magic across the globe…..we remained mute as they whispered the blackest of lies in the ears of children, the dull-witted, the lonely, the unloved and the easily led……..we turned away as these monsters wrapped their charges in explosives…..we plugged our ears as these innocents were set alight in our marketplaces where, in a blinding flash of light and a sweetly agonizing shower of razor sharp glass and shrapnel, the bystanders, innocent and unsuspecting, every single one, were and are, borne away to their final reward on a river of blood………..and still we dither…….still we linger at the crossroads……still we excuse……still we mitigate…………and still we turn our toes in the dirt, looking for answers…..terrified to look our tormentors directly in the eye and snatch from their bodies that which they stole from the multitude of our now rotting loved ones….from our now rotting neighbors…..from our now rotting countrymen………oh how wretched we are……and how the howls of Salafist and Wahhabi laughter must ring in mocking peels off the rafters of every mosque from Moscow to Madrid to Montreal to Miami to Montserrat………………to Median and Mecca……….

    And now we turn our faces toward the Heavens and seek answers and solace…….and beg His alliance and indulgence………….

    How bloody wretched we are………..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown, Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

    “I need a drink…………………”

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