Jihad against Moms with Baby Carriages in Denmark?

Kitman has compiled a report about the latest trend in Modern Multicultural Denmark: attacks on women with babies in baby carriages by culturally enriched “youths”.

Jihad against Moms with Baby Carriages in Denmark?
by Kitman

In Denmark, two assaults on Danish moms quietly strolling along with their little ones took place within a single week. And it appears that Muslim invaders have begun using this very innovative strategy in their ongoing quest to “strike terror” into the hearts of the infidels.

Whereas latest incident was granted a short article in Jyllands-Posten, the earlier, much more cruel attack, did not make it into the MSM at all. And this in spite of pleas to help find the perpetrators from friends, relatives and some 34.000 concerned Danes, who shared the story on Facebook.

Such reports involving dying toddlers do tend to lower popular support for further Arab mass-immigration into Denmark, and apparently ALL Danish television- and newspaper-editors find this prospect is so terrifying that they’d rather not help the poor mother catch the perpetrators.

From Flemming Riismøller’s initial Facebook status update.

Dear FB friends, I have a plea to you.

Saturday afternoon the daughter of a friend of mine was attacked near the small pedestrian paths around Jersie Station. She was walking along with her 6-week-old son in the buggy. 2 youths of a different ethnic background come by and tip the buggy over, throwing the little one out.

He is not breathing anymore and she has to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. When the ambulance arrives, they insist the baby be examined on the spot by an emergency doctor and approval given before moving him to the hospital.

Mom and child are still at the hospital for medical observation.

Two weeks ago she was approached by the same two people. They grabbed her shoulder and said it “would be fun to steal a baby”. She turned around and resolutely kicked one of them before running off.

This is so terrible I just cannot even begin to describe it.

I do not care if it is Danes or people of another ethnic background doing this or similar things. You just don’t do something like that. How brave is it to throw over a baby carriage and then run away? If this is some kind of way to test their manhood, then they will never become men in my eyes.

What is going on here?????????????

How can anyone bring themselves to do this?

It’s absolutely monstrous and sick.

I hope the people who did this are caught and punished severely.

I therefore ask you dear FB friend to share this, in the hope that someone who knows the people who did this, will enable the authorities to catch the perpetrators and lock them up for a very long time.

The latest story from Jyllands-Posten:

Assault on Woman with baby carriage.

Three young girls cut off her hair and her clothes.

Friday evening on the 14th of June at 18.30 a 34 year-old woman with a buggy was assaulted on Bredkilde Street by Risskov.

“Three Arab-looking girls between 14 and 17 assaulted the Danish woman of 34 entirely without motivation — first with verbal insults,” says Klaus Hvegholm Møller, officer at East-Jutland Police, to Jyllands-Posten. He continues, “Thereafter the 34 year-old woman had parts of her hair and jacket cut off, apparently with scissors.”

“F***ing Danish Bitch”

The 34 year old woman was taking a walk with her child in the buggy and when she first heard the girls yelling, she did not think it was directed towards her.

“At first they yelled cuss-words at her, “f***ing Danish bitch” among other things. Suddenly they approach and grabbed her and while laughing, began to tear at her hair. She then started to run away with the child in her buggy. As they grabbed her they cut off parts of her hair and clothing, but due to the shock she first noticed this at home,” Klaus Hvegholm Møller explains.

The police still have no clue as to the reason for the attack.

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives.

47 thoughts on “Jihad against Moms with Baby Carriages in Denmark?

    • “If this is some kind of way to test their manhood, then they will never become men in my eyes.”

      No, son. It is a test of YOUR manhood.And they have proven that you have no manhood since you ineffectually go to Facebook and beg for help.

      Your women and children learn from this that that you will not protect them and they will seek out a strong man (possibly Muslim) that will.

      • I suggest you check black-on-white crime rates in the US before you start banging your manly chest.

      • “It is a test of YOUR manhood.And they have proven that you have no manhood since you ineffectually go to Facebook and beg for help.”

        Agreed, that’s probably part of the reason for the new “baby pram Jihad”… but let’s remember that the fathers are not there where this happens. Could the purpose of these attacs be to make Danish mothers scared to venture outdoors, possibly also to send the signal that Danish babies are unwelcome? It seems like a sign that Muslims are not only thinking about the here-and-now, but about the state of affairs 20 years down the line. And what could the effect be of less young Danes at that time to fight back against the Peaceful Ones??

    • Ofcourse WE should take a stand for modern/normal people? In my case all terrorist of islam, can go to hell…

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  2. The Dutch are receiving what they have sown. They allowed the Muslim into their nation. Gave them more rights and privileges than the native Dutch could have and now they are taking over the nation.

    I suggest that either the Dutch remove all Muslims from their land or go to enclaves where Muslims will never be allowed in. There is no way to live together.

    • Katie, I suggest you read more closely. This report is not about the Netherlands and the Dutch. It refers to Denmark, and the Danes.

      • Typical American stuff…insert Eurotrash put down…reap what yes sow…like the same thing hasn’t happened in the US? Top it off Katie thinks it’s about Holland!

      • Katie —

        For some reason, your comments keep ending up in our spam folder. I usually rescue them, but I missed the one immediately prior to this one, and deleted it.

        You may want to resubmit it. I’ll watch for it.

      • YES. NOT a war in 200 years, Swedes are lazy..AND WILL MEET the Europeans fihgtning for our countrys with horror

      • Indeed it has, and it’s only a matter of time before some vikings rise and start the coldblooded cleaning up of our countries.

        • You must mean in the rest of Europe, because that’s where the Vikings went.

        • One has already arisen his name is Anders now it is your turn internet superhero

    • Somewhere in the mid 60’s deballing started in earnest. It’s definately beyond time to reball and maybe as some say, start kicking ass.

    • They have been politically corrected into submission by the feminazis and their commie cohorts.

    • No Muslim coward worth his salt would attack a mother if the husband was with her. They need a ratio of 5 to 1 if they take on an individual male.

      • I’m afraid your right. White working class young males need to form their own easily assembled to any situation gangs asap, or we’re all , forked.

      • In Denmark at the moment. The only people you see for the most part in Copenhagen are blonde women riding bikes or pushing buggies. Or Muslim men on the prowl. I assume the Danes are actually at work in Telcom, Engineering and Biotech. That’s what Europeans are–Tax slaves.

    • The Danish men are at work being productive citizens to pay for the glorious socialist welfare state.

  3. Its happening in England too…

    Moslems have been invading political meetings in pairs-local elections usually or even social club meetings and telling people to go home as, it is a ‘Moslem area’….A chap was sacked by Reed Employment for asking a job recruiter who had just obtained a job for him if she would like a bacon sandwich as a ‘thankyou’, This was deemed ‘racist’. Daily Mail.

    So we helots cannot win it seems….Damned if we try to acommodate then , even in normal conversation…..

    God help us all…..

    It is not just Moslems either but ‘liberals’ as well. I was sacked from a museum teaching about the Roman Army… A job I had done for 3 years…. The subject ‘The Roman Army’….

    My crime? Teaching an ‘inapropriate’ military subject…The Roman Army…I even showed the museum’s own leaflet advertising the events, saying ‘Learn about the Roman Army from one of UK’s leading experts’….

    Did no good.. I got the sack…..

    I hold two degrees in the subject, a Doctorate and have appeared on TV and film as a scholar and commentator…. Even that did not protect me….

    I also got into trouble becuse when asked by a Moslem school pupil, ‘Why were Moslems not in the Roman Army?’… I replied ‘because Islam came into existence 500 years after the period’ I was talking about. My Archaeological Society received a letter stating I had made a racist comment. These events rook place some years ago but now it is all too commonplace…And people simply put up with it.

    A few weeks ago, at an exhibition of Roman cooking, using food ingredients from the day, a Moslem family complained about the use of pork and ‘wine vineger’ in their presence…..

    In that case the organisers had the guts to ask them then, ‘Why do you visit the site, when you should know that such ancient methods will be used? Do you expect us to change 2,000 years old methods, just to suit you out of the thousads of visitors we get?’
    Thankfully, we never had a letter of complaint… But I think this bodes ill for the future, where we will have to change even the past to suit Moslem sensitivities….

    Mad! Absolutely mad…

    • You do realize that some Muslims have their own version of religious history, where Judaism and Christianity sprung from Islam, and not the other way around? According to that dogma, Islam has existed since the dawn of time. Jews and Christians were, unknowingly, Muslims at some point, but have since then strayed from the true path. Such people can get very offended if you tell them that there were no Muslims in ancient Rome.

      I’d hate to be the one to write the future history books that need to accommodate all such beliefs in the name of multiculturalism.

  4. There’s really no point talking about it. This sort of horror demands blood in turn.

  5. I had a classic war movie marathon the other night. I watched “A Bridge too far”, “Zulu” and “Bridge on the River Kwai”. Besides realising that all good war films involve bridges, I also realised that the calibre of men portrayed in those films doesn’t exist anymore. Lt. Bromhead and Lt. Chard were real men, Colonel Nicolson in the River Kwai was from memory based on the British national character and all the men and events in “A Bridge too Far” were very real. Where did they all go? Even the actors and film crew guys in these films were men who wouldn’t take things lying down. Does anyone see Michael Caine or Sean Connery watching a mother and child get attacked in the street, let alone the historical Lt. Chard? It is a subject that has been touched upon many times here but once again I see the fault not resting with the Muslims. Instead with those who sit and watch for the third time in 100 years the youth of Europe be butchered pointlessly.

  6. There are many reasons why Muslims would attack civilians with baby-buggy’s:

    1. They want to do whatever they can to prevent civilized people from having children, causing fear and terror might cause someone to reconsider having a child.

    2. The way civilized people take care of there children, by talking to them and showing them love is an affront to there way of life.

    3. The child of a civilized person is usually very beautiful, most civilized children have blond hair, this is an affront to there way of life, that only allows darkness.

    4. The whole existence of civilized life makes them sick, the idea that people who are happy, tolerant, peace-loving and educated exist, is an affront to there way of life.

  7. I lived in Copenhagen between 1992 and 2002. The tendencys were already there in this period, but now the muslim violence seem to have accelerated. The Danes are tougher than the Swedes – I don’t think they’ll take it much longer.

    • That is so true. Our brothers in Denmark is still far more open about islam and even the mainstream media there is still much better campared to Swedens MSM.

      It getting worse by the day here in Scandinavia…

  8. It al all so mind-bogglingly (a word?) SIMPLE.
    Very, very, simple indeed.

    What’s going on in Denmark (other countries soon) is called T E R R O R I S M.

    Intended to induce terror (inaction and subserviance) in the population.

    See? that’s no so hard, now–IS IT?

  9. Once you pay the Danegeld, you never get rid of the Dane! You would have thought at actual Dane’s would know and understand that – guess not. Denmark, it was good knowing you.

  10. Hey there!

    Well, as a polish citizen (but my family were Austrians and Highlanders, actually) I can tell you that Poles can become an invaluable asset… when the time comes and muslim immigrants start their fight.
    It will be, my friends, it will be a time, unfortunately. Please, do not have any delusions, and don’t call me ‘racist’ etc. Sooner or later (guess it will be in about 10-20 years) they will rise and fight for Shariah state, a new, United Emirates of EUrabia (I just borrowed this name from one polish writer, Andrzej Pilipiuk – his post-apocalyptic vision of muslim Europe was quite horrific, yet probable).
    It’s quite simple – we work hard, but still have have quite a disfunctional country, and we do not trust politicians at all. It’s not only connected with comunism – actually, some people say that we still are russian satelite, because offspring of ol’commies dominated mass-media and politics. We had difficult history, too. And nowadays no one cares about young people – but that’s another story.
    But those hardships actually created a new type of man – someone who remains reluctand to any mass-media propaganda (like multiculuralism). A someone who thinks, values and calculates on himself. A someone who can fight to defend what he/she considers an an important and valuable – it’s not only a workplace or higer salary, but it CAN be Europe, for example.

    When the time comes, just refer to still-living memory of our king Jan the 3rd Sobieski. Refer to No. 303 RAF Polish Fighter Squadron. And watch thousands of Poles backing up your cause – no matter what will happen, it will end in the same way it ended 1683.

    And then we will celebrate our victory together.

    • Hey There von Blum!
      It’s good to know the Poles are joining the fight. I wanted to add a couple more points in their favor. It was the Polish secret service that stole a German encryption machine…and somehow managed to conceal the act from German intelligence(If you want to call it that. The Brits and Americans were several moves ahead of them for the entire war.)
      And don’t forget that Poland was the first eastern-bloc nation to openly break away from the Russians. (Unfortunately, the durability of that break is still in question. One of the blessings of America is to have the Canadians and the Mexicans as neighbors. The Tragedy of Poland is to be the football between Russia and Germany.)
      I find the behavior of Muslim “youths” both disgusting and cowardly. Gangs of Muslim males attacking European women and babies in strollers! I can’t believe anyone is afraid of these people! (But then, the Germans rarely attacked at less than battalion strength and they caused plenty of trouble.)
      I’m glad you’re on our side!
      Johann von Judenlieber

    • von Blum!

      Dobrze ze jestes! I share your thoughts about Poland… if there is to be any fightback, it starts HERE… If there is one thing people here agree on – be they left, right, Catholic, atheist – it’s that the “Religion of Peace” is a problem. A big one… and they will all say it in a way that would make an average English Guardian reader cringe and shout “fascist”! A pity that they eat so many kebabs made by Turks though…

    • Not only Poles, every post-commie country in Europe is like that. I’m from Czechia and it’s the same, we don’t trust the media, we don’t trust foreign ideologies. Seriously if socialism and communist did us any good, it was exactly this – seeding into us that people should be aware of everything that is not theirs and to doublecheck their information, especially when it comes from the media. And not to trust foreigners and/or people you don’t know well too easily. Our politians might be trying to be politicaly correct as much as the ones in France, Germany or the UK, but the people have never believed this nonsense. Slovakia is becoming more and more nationalistic and Hungary isn’t taking [nonsense] from anyone, to name a few more.

      I, too, believe, that in the end it’s going to be the so called East-European countries that are going to save Europe, because we have already learned our lesson and aren’t nowhere near as naive as the so called West.

      I only wish it wouldn’t have had come this far. It’s past my understanding how any country anywhere can protect and give more rights to foreigners, than to their own kin…

      • Yes, it seems Eastern Europeans as a whole go straight to the point about Islam. Perhaps it’s because we a) value freedom, b) know what it’s like to be in a totalitarian dictatorship and c) know that sometimes we need to protest on the streets in great numbers?

        I recall there was a while back a TV programme from the Czech republic where a man went into a “moderate, peaceful” mosque and secretly filmed the imam saying that suicide bombers were heroes and martyrs. Very eye-opening…

        The big risk though, at least here in Poland, is the divisions caused by other issues – and a large section of the population which believes everything the media says. We need to put everything else behind us and be united on this one issue – even if it means leftists taking to the stage with “fascists” to condemn Islam, etc.

        • I agree, it’s just like I said the “East” has more experience on this topic than the “West” (I’m using “” because I consider it’s about time we go back to West, Middle and East Europe and I consider both Poland and Czechia, together with other neighboring countries, to be Middle Europe, as opposed to how the World worked for mere 40-50 years compared to centuries before), and that’s why we aren’t as afraid to point fingers. Sadly we have to listen to Brussel to a degree and that makes things harder.

          I don’t remember that, but I remember there was a cause where young muslim took pictures with AK-47’s and other weaponry in a mosque. Aparently they left islam by now though. During the last people counting the result was something like 2000 muslim in my country, if you ask me that’s still too many… Not to sound racist, but I just don’t think this religion has a place in Europe, bar diplomats etc. from muslim countries…

          Yes, that’s similar in Czechia as well, I guess for us this threat isn’t yet (and I hope it won’t be) important enough to join forces against it (but for example the similar issues with Gypsies are making more and more people join forces, though the people are yet to actually start riots or anything, there was demonstrations though, usually discarded as extremist though).

          • E.K. – the video I had in mind is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=r10GAogXhQo. And it looks like the Muslim professional whiners in your country already tried to have it censored: http://www.praguepost.com/archivescontent/1256-268-tv-documentary-angers-muslims.html.

            Yes, there are lots of other problems including with gypsies, but we should also be careful: if the multi-kulti far-leftists can portray us as “racists” or “fascists”, they’ll try to do that, to turn the “middle 80%” against us. Even in our part of Europe this can have effects… Yes, luckily Islam is not such a big issue in our countries now – but then again I still remember when Munich was largely German. Only 13 years ago. Go there now and you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’ve landed in Afghanistan. Things can change – very quickly.

          • Thanks for the links 🙂

            I agree, everyone has to be careful to talk “politicaly correct” nowadays…

            Oh dear, is it that bad now? Munich is one of my favourite German cities, though I last visited it something like 8 years ago and even then you didn’t see many, if any, foreigners in the streets…

  11. “when you pay the danegeld, you never get rid of the dane! I would have thought that actual Danes would understand the concept – but they’ve paid the mulla-geld and now they’re up to the necks in it. Denmark, we hardly knew yee.

  12. Attacking women with children sets dangerous precedents. Who is it who relies on the power of womb? Should Christians give up their moral scruples about abortion in Muslim countries?

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  14. …..the hate ideology finally makes it hard to stick to any true emotions.

  15. Few days ago, while travelling by bus I heard a story told by polish bus driver, who was formerly employed in Germany. He was beaten by 10 turks in a bar without any reason and lost his consciousness. He was only with his friend, also a Pole – but the latter had run away, leaving him alone. Fortunately, he got some money from Versicherung and went back to Poland on reconvalescence. But the perpetrators weren’t caught.

    He was about 30 – so still relatively young, but said he’s not intending to go back to Germany anyway – not to mention he got married here, in Poland. But now he earns approx. 3 times less :/

    It can’t be like that in the future. It’s a high time to make people in Poland even more aware about possible disadvantages of not being “radical” towards muslim fanatics.

    I was just wondering, what if if it was me instead of that second Pole – well, i’m not a real Pole, just a bit of Austrian, and a bit of Highlander. I don’t give a [expletive] nor pardon – my ancestors never did. Well, I was in sone “treshold situations” in the pas, and I guess that I would grab a stool (for example) and fight to the last turk standing. No matter wounds, pain or fear (well, some people are prone to take them as a stimuli factor). No matter of other consequences.

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