Rewriting the Past

Our long-time British commenter Guy Leven-Torres left some remarks on last night’s post about Danish cultural enrichment that are worth reproducing here in their entirety (slightly edited for punctuation):

It’s happening in England too…

Moslems have been invading political meetings in pairs-local elections usually or even social club meetings and telling people to go home as, it is a ‘Moslem area’. A chap was sacked by Reed Employment for asking a job recruiter who had just obtained a job for him if she would like a bacon sandwich as a ‘thank-you’, This was deemed ‘racist’. Daily Mail.

So we helots cannot win it seems. Damned if we try to accommodate then , even in normal conversation…

God help us all.

It is not just Moslems either but ‘liberals’ as well. I was sacked from a museum teaching about the Roman Army, a job I had done for 3 years. The subject: ‘The Roman Army’…

My crime? Teaching an ‘inappropriate’ military subject, the Roman Army. I even showed the museum’s own leaflet advertising the events, saying ‘Learn about the Roman Army from one of UK’s leading experts’.

Did no good. I got the sack.

I hold two degrees in the subject, a doctorate, and have appeared on TV and film as a scholar and commentator. Even that did not protect me.

I also got into trouble because when asked by a Moslem school pupil, ‘Why were Moslems not in the Roman Army?’ I replied ‘because Islam came into existence 500 years after the period’ I was talking about. My Archaeological Society received a letter stating I had made a racist comment. These events rook place some years ago but now it is all too commonplace. And people simply put up with it.

A few weeks ago, at an exhibition of Roman cooking, using food ingredients from the day, a Moslem family complained about the use of pork and ‘wine vinegar’ in their presence.

In that case the organisers had the guts to ask them then, ‘Why do you visit the site, when you should know that such ancient methods will be used? Do you expect us to change 2,000-year-old methods, just to suit you out of the thousands of visitors we get?’

Thankfully, we never had a letter of complaint. But I think this bodes ill for the future, where we will have to change even the past to suit Moslem sensitivities.

Mad! Absolutely mad…

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  1. Muslims want use to take over, they want use to tell them how to life there lives, they want use to come to the Middle East and govern those countries, that is why they refuse to life with use. They don’t want to be treated as equals and so, we should give the Muslims what they want, we should tell them what to do, what to think and how to act, because they want use to do that too them. Some people are naturally submissive and a Muslim is one such person.

  2. People ask “who is the enemy, where can they be found”.

    The enemy is the first person who opens their mouth to lecture you in PC terms.

    PC speech fascism is nothing less than left/liberal imposed cultural terrorism intended to outlaw private even Christian morality and thought that challenges the dictat of the state.

    The only way i can get over to people long cowed into language thought and behavioural subjugation believing that they have to conform to this new dictat in defiance of natural justice and logic , is to regard those who use such methods to surpress freedom of deed and expression as equivelant to Nazi brown shirts spouting the party line. This makes it quite clear that pushing back and refusing to take it anymore is akin to showing that justified resistance to this neo-nazi revival is as moral as our fathers actions were 80 years ago.

    We all are guilty of cowerdice over this issue, but it’s never too late to reclaim our self confidence and respect.

  3. You stand aghast in your own house. Just when you think you can’t be any more appalled, something more appalling happens. Soon, you will run out of adjectives to describe the state of unreality swirling around you.
    The insanity is a plague and will be written as such.

    • Medical metaphors are apt.

      A virus?
      An opportunistic infection in the already-weakened immune system of our sickly Western body politic?
      A tumor?
      A slow-acting bacteria deliberately introduced into the brains of the political class?

      One of our donors sent this quote from Mencken, one of my favorite curmudgeons:

      “As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.” – H. L. Mencken, The Baltimore Evening Sun, July 26, 1920

      But not even one of the most misanthropic of our 20th century journalists (before they turned into ‘jornolists’ & came to resemble politicians in their mendacity) could have foreseen this White House occupant level of spite – i.e., locking the White House doors behind him, granting access only to those who could pay him enough.

      But had he known, I’m sure Mencken would have predicted the apathy of the “plain folks”… he lived through the 20th century’s most hellish wars and opined:

      The only good bureaucrat is one with a pistol at his head. Put it in his hand and it’s good-bye to the Bill of Rights.

  4. Sorry about punctuation…..My eyesight is not so good these days and I didn’t check it before I posted it in a bit of a hurry on my way to site…These incidents are quite common in Academic Land….

    I do wonder almost daily why I still bother?

    However, Romans and Archaeology are my passion as is philosophy. I wonder when the Thought Police will come to kick my door down for thinking such thoughts. My old Regiment PWRR motto…’Think no ill thoughts’ from the arms of the Prince of Wales….seems almost prophetical.

    Kindest Regards


    • The standard issue kicking in your door, the right to exist and other bizarre moments.

      Andrew Neil on the Sunday Politics confronting Tommy Robinson with the details of his birth certificate and alleged criminality, as a Scottish working class chappy Neil should ken the working class proclivity for the nom de plume and that part of the progressivism project has been to criminalise the indigenous working class with misdemeanours and public order offences thus debarring them from the workplace and condeming them to a life on the dole.

      Bizarre moments when Vlad impales David Cameron on the cannibalistic reality check of jihad, that alone should have mortally wounded Cameron and his puerile SFA game of shadows.

      The muffeled blows of the UKCJ and the EDL are making the political establishment morally punch drunk in that lapse of political credibility and orientation will they slur the orders for the standard issues to kick in all our doors?

      • What do SFA and UKCJ stand for, please? I’ve searched on Google and found nothing that would seem to apply.

  5. On Radio 3 news this morning I discovered that four men had been stabbed at a mosque in Birmingham, England, including a police officer. After that there seems to have been total silence so I had to turn to Russia Today for an update. Sadly for the Leftist Liberal Elite the attacker was not a nasty indigenous white English racist but a machete and then big knife wielding Somali. Presuably, therefore, he was a fellow muslim.

    I expect that the police officer felt a trifle annoyed. I assume that he had been posted there to defend the mosque from the EDL and other nasty English elements. After recent cuts we have not enough police officers and yet the British taxpayer is paying for one to be stationed outside every mosque.

    My methodist preacher has been referrring to the persecution of Christians abroad and predicting the persecution of Christians in Britain again. I told him that for the moment it was just marginalisation and ridicule but who knows what is going to happen in the future. Do you think the British taxpayers will then be required to pay for a police officer to be stationed outside every church and chapel. I doubt it, it will be a case of good riddance to bad rubbish.

  6. After reading this, the only thing that comes to mind is the line from Jethro Tull, “Bring me my broadsword….”

  7. The murderer of the British soldier, Lee Rigby, said:

    ‘We swear by almighty Allah that we will not stop fighting them. The only reason why we do this is because Muslims die every day.”

    This appears to be identical to the view of political Leftists who say that the reason we are attacked is that we are in “their” countries , killing them.

    We really need to attack this meme.

  8. So now we have to give credit to Muslims for stuff they had nothing to do with, which happened hundreds of years before Mohammad? Has our planet suddenly become Bizarro World? This reminds me of their belief that the Holocaust never happened, and the Jews had it coming to them.
    Good grief.

    • re: “…give credit to Muslims for stuff they had nothing to do with, which happened hundreds of years before Mohammad?”-Ted

      As long as the invented narrative “3 Abrahamic faiths” (implying Judaism, Christianity, Islam) persists, these inconsistencies will remain consistently annoying.
      This, despite the fact that all things prior to invention of Islam are considered ‘jahiliyyah’ (ignorance prior to Muhammed revelation of Islam) …last month, Syrian rebels destroyed the Shrine of Abraham in Ayn al-Arous, Syria.

      One would surmise such actions undermine the invented narrative that Islam is an Abrahamic faith via Abraham’s son Ishmael by Hagar. But, Islam is a dualistic doctrine in which followers insist on maintaining opposing sides to their doctrine because it has proven useful to use the verse or interpretation/application which suited their goals for each circumstance.

  9. This reminds me of the time Steven Spielberg was called a racist for accurately portraying the Normandy landing, and not having any black soldiers there. Even though that was historically accurate, it didn’t prevent malcontents from saying that it didn’t matter, he should have put them in the film anyway. I’m beginning to believe the conspiracy theorists who way back when said that fluoridating water was, after a few generations, going to render us all senseless.

  10. I watched this discussion with Douglas Murray from March 2008.
    It saddens me to say that the situation has deteriorated in the 5 years since.
    This has probably been exacerbated due to the current POTUS being essentially a sunni muslim. The taking of sides in the Syria crisis with the sunni/wahabbi rebels being a prime example. Dark days are coming, that’s for sure.
    Click on the link to watch the 23 minute video. Well worth the time. Poor quality video but the sound is perfectly clear.

  11. So. Mozzies have been attending local meetings in pairs and ordering people to go home because “this is a moslem area.” Has anyone thought of giving these people a good kicking? Always worked when I was younger.

    • Assuming the ‘pair’ come alone is not wise considering these two ‘believe’ the area kafir free and have shock troops at the ready – requiring nothing more than a cell phone to call up a hoard of rioting alahu akbars at a moments notice. This ‘pair’ and it’s hoard of believers also understands that local LE has either been significantly dhimmified or infiltrated by their ‘brothers’ – as the local population too, has been physically and socially disarmed by decades of PC/MC doctrine – enough to convince this ‘pair’ that no matter if the entire audience used their cell phones to alert their contacts of imminent riot, a similar quick response team was not likely to show up and risk arrest, given the current Islamophilic political climate.

    • Hmmm, back in the old days there used to be a green van with nice men in white coats who would take mad people who shouted at others away to a nice lunatic asylum

  12. Hello all

    As a student of history, and museum worker as well, I would like to express my sorrow for someone, who spent his life pursuing and sharing knowledge with others, and was laid off because of some leftist propaganda. My subject of studies and research is also related with military – it’s not about Roman Army, but about pre-christian indoeuropean military traditions. It’s not well known part of our heritage, but i would like to change it by publishing and giving lectures, and (probably) becoming academic teacher somewhere in Poland or English-speaking world.
    But I fear that under given circumstances I fear it will be a very difficult thing for me to do it.

    Take Care
    Michal Mazur von Blum

  13. @Michal Mazur von Blum. I would appreciate it if you could provide me with some links to the subject of pre-Christian Indo-European military traditions. TQ

    • Aye, I can do that:

      M. P. Speidel
      Berserks: A History of Indo-European “Mad” Warriors
      Ancient Germanic Warriors, 2004
      Check also works of G. Dumézil & M. Eliade.

      Moreover – investigate sth known as Monosandalism. I know how weird this name sounds, but it was really important for indoeuropean people – connected with phenomenon of “holy warrior”, rites of passage etc.
      Even my holy patron, St Michael Archangel was depicted as monosandaloi (on Byzantine frescoes)

      Some of those phenomenons were presumably connected with altered states of consciousness (ASC) – in order to understand them better, try to investigate “shamanism” as well

      Those archaic military patterns were connected with pre-christian heritage and beliefs, but oddly – later on they were christienized – in times before arrival of the culture of knighthood. But sadly, no one has dropped even a line on that. Maybe I’ll be the first to do so.

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