Railway Jihad Thwarted in Canada

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have foiled a terrorist attack planned by members of Religion of Peace for the passenger rail link connecting Toronto with New York. The case has some interesting — and ominous aspects — in addition to the usual peace ’n’ love we’ve learned to associate with Islam.

First, a compilation of various video clips about the arrests by Vlad Tepes from Canadian news reports, plus screen caps from web material:

An article from The Globe and Mail has more details:

RCMP arrest two for ‘al-Qaeda-supported’ plot to bomb Via train

Acting on a tip from the Muslim community, police have arrested two people in Canada in connection with a plot to derail a passenger train in the Canadian portion of the Toronto-New York route.

“The individuals were receiving support from al-Qaeda elements located in Iran” RCMP Assistant Commissioner James Malizia told reporters.

He said the support consisted of “directions and guidance” but added it was not supported by the state of Iran.

“This is the first known al-Qaeda plan or attack that we’ve experienced [in Canada],” RCMP Superintendent Doug Best told reporters.

The two accused are Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, of Montreal and Raed Jaser, 35, of Toronto, the RCMP said.

Neither man is a Canadian citizen. Officials would not provide more details about them. The Mounties arrested them on Monday.

According to his online biography, Mr. Esseghair was born in Tunisia and is now a PhD student at a Quebec university, the INRS (Institut national de la recherche scientifique), where he is a member of a team at a lab in Varennes, outside Montreal, developing biosensors. [emphasis added]

Remember that lab in Varennes — it’s significant.

The article continues:

A staffer at the lab said they had received an e-mail instructing them not to talk to the media. A blog about the research team was shut down after the arrest was announced.

The two are to appear in court in Toronto Tuesday to face charges that include conspiring to carry out an attack against, and conspiring to murder persons unknown for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with a terrorist group.

The CTV network captured footage of a handcuffed Mr. Esseghaier arriving at Toronto’s Buttonville Airport, disembarking from a private plane at Toronto’s Buttonville municipal airport.

RCMP Chief Superintendent Jennifer Strachan said the two suspects had scouted out their potential targets. “They watched trains and railways in the Toronto area,” she said.

She would only say that the pair was targeting a Via Rail route. A source confirmed in Ottawa confirmed that it was the Toronto-New York City train.


Asked about the timing of the arrests, Chief Supt. Strachan said there had been no impending danger for the public.

“It was in the planning stage but not imminent … We had contingency plans.”

The two suspects had been under investigation since last August, according to a person briefed by police. The police were tipped a year and a half ago by members of the Muslim community in Toronto, a source said.

While al-Qaeda’s Iranian connection is little-known, U.S. officials have in past alleged that two financiers of the terrorist organization are based in Iran.


The announcement came as the government is pushing for the passage of an anti-terrorism bill, called S-7, which would authorize police to pre-emptively detain Canadians and hold them for up to three days without charging them. The bill would also allow authorities to imprison a Canadian for up to 12 months if they refuse to answer questions posed by a judge in what are called investigative hearings.

“Our government remains unwavering in its commitment to protect Canadians and support the global fight against terrorism,” Mr. Toews said. “Canada will not tolerate terrorist activity, and we will not be used as a safe haven for terrorists or those who support terrorist activity.”

Vlad picked up a reference to an employee named “Chiheb Esseghair” — lacking only an “e” to make the name identical — on the website of a biology and nanotechnology lab. The lab has now taken down the page in question, but Vlad capped it before it disappeared. Check out the photo, and note all the hijabs and other signs of cultural enrichment.

In other words, an Al Qaeda terrorist found employment in Canada at a lab where he may well have been learning some useful techniques for biological warfare.

By the way — the Mohammed Coefficient of the people in the photo is only 6%, but the leadership of the Biosensor BioMEMS Bionanotechnology Lab has an M.C. of 100%.

Ah, the benefits of diversity!

11 thoughts on “Railway Jihad Thwarted in Canada

  1. The lack of diversity at the lab only appears strange until you consider the sad fact that there are many jobs that Canadians and Americans just won’t do. So our governments are forced to bring in those immigrants because they’re willing to work, see?

  2. The FBI was working closely with the RCMP on this. I can’t help but think the FBI told the RCMP “roll this one up. We need a win right about now.”

  3. The story runs that Pierre Trudeau brought in multiculturalism to Canada to break the British Canadian domination of French Canada. The way things are going both British and French Canadians will be vastly outnumbered as will their kith and kin back home. So this incident is in a way the result of the Normans and latterly the French (Angevins) fighting the kingdom of France from their new power base in London. Strange how a rivalry in mediaeval Europe resulted in the attempted bombing of a railway in the New World in the 21st century. Of course the English and the French still don’t like one another. I haven’t included the Scots, even though the majority of British Canadians are of Scottish descent, because there was always the auld alliance and if the Scots vote for independence next year then the Scots and the French might gang up on the English again. If Trudeau hadn’t acted in that way and Canada was still largely a British and French business this would never have happened. We were made aware that many “Canadians” were found fighting in Mali against the French, there’s another twist to the story. Still next stops Australia and New Zealand.

    • anon-

      Your evocation of Trudeau and the unintended consequences that flowed from his very French xenophobic hubris is a reminder, once more, of the many echoes and back-tracks of history.

      Go back even further than the various colonial wars: the original conflicts played out under other skies. One ends up wondering, “what if so-and-so hadn’t happened”…or what if this or that event had turned out differently or had had better people in charge during crises? We’d need a Churchill on every corner, but we’ll have to make do with our barren streets instead. (No, don’t tell me his flaws. Of course he had them; we need leaders who can call forth our best selves despite whoever *they* are).

      I often think on the bloody break-up of the monolithic Catholic Church as it played out in various European principalities. I don’t think the definitive work has been written on that phenomenon yet. Maybe because it’s still playing out?

      For each place, you can see what transpired eventually as the Church’s power and influence was destroyed – it was too big NOT to fail. Understanding the ways in which Pax Ecclesia fell in each principality demonstrates the enduring and ineffable nature of “national” propensities. Complicating the picture is the methods employed by whomever was nominally in charge. IOW, the national character juxtaposed against the peculiar characterological flaws or strengths of the king.

      Thus, the bloody browbeating of the English people by Henry VIII and in turn, Mary and Elizabeth, had in it the seeds of the final irrelevance of an emasculated Anglican Church. As a puppet of the monarchy the ‘new, improved’ national church allowed the horrific destruction and decay of a vibrant aspect of English culture and learning – the genius of the English Benedictine monastery system. Large, beautiful buildings were simply allowed to fall to ruins as men of learning were killed or scattered. It was a horrific waste of national treasures as those who could steal took from those who could no longer protect. What could have continued in a more vibrant form was ordered to fall into ruin instead.

      I have never understood the attraction of monastic ruins. It’s akin to visiting empty ghost towns where once human endeavor and genius flourished.

      Not that the monasteries didn’t need reform; they certainly did. But that didn’t happen. Instead, the “new” Catholicism was more corrupt than what it replaced, and it lost the respect of the people it cowed so thoroughly.

      Some new form of revolution is due in the West. It won’t be Islam, but don’t tell the Caliphate. Islam is simply too fragile and rigid not to break eventually. The most it can do is the kind of thing we saw in Boston or Beslan. Even Iran will be hemmed in eventually by those who have the most to lose from its insane acting-out.

      Islam is the precursor; what eventually takes root and flowers will be unconnected to the Koran, which is a dead letter – linguists are now saying it was never a “real” epistle to begin with. As with much of Islam, the Koran is about making stuff up.

      Whatever happens, you can be sure that those in power will fight tooth and nail to hold onto their crowns and dispensations. Too bad they don’t read more history.

      • … as those who could steal took from those who could no longer protect.

        That line will be reverberating around my mind on the next visit to such monuments of dereliction.

      • Dymphna. I am not sure whether England would not have become a Protestant country in spite of Henry the Eighth. The Anglo-Saxon and Viking legacy left it very much a North European state with an individualistic streak. However, Henry’s smash and grab all started with the Normans so we could blame the Vikings. Anglo-Saxon England was the richest, most well organised and successful state in Europe. The Normans eyed it greedly and thanks to that rather limp-wristed but saintly king Edward the Confessor, they were able to seize the prize. William the Conqueror then handed out the spoils to his cronies. Since then the British establishment, I always hold they were and still are Norman and not English, have continued in the same vein, latterly with David Cameron handing the country over to his Tory party donor estate agent and property developer friends, occasioned by mass immigration fuelling a housing boom and all those foreign billionaires forcing up the price of property ( did you see the Sunday Times rich list?). The Queen was top in 1989 but since New Labour and the Tories have let a load of bent billionaires into the country she does not even figure. The Duke of Westminster is number 8, the earl of Cadogan somewhere and Richard Branson no 19 and that is it. The Queen and the aristocracy here are being pushed aside by a foreign-born plutocracy all part of the plutocracy behind Marxism and mass immigration into white countries and one world. The Hindu billionaires here have bought off parliament over the banning of the caste system. I am sure the plutocrats have our mps eating out of their hands. England is no longer a cohesive, homogeneous nation with a feudal but successful hierarchy from God through the Queen down to the ordinary working man. It is becoming like Mexico with a very rich ruling class, mostly foreign, no middle class and a mass of multicultural proles. Yes we do need Churchil back but it is probably now much too late, England, once Our Lady’s dowry is now lost to the third world and its plutocratic rulers. Democracy is a joke here. Yes, it is a shame we have lost all our monasteries but so did Norway I believe. Most of our castles are in ruins thanks to Oliver Cromwell but then at least the English did rebel against an autocrat then. We are ruled by a whole bunch of them now and there is no sign of a rebellion, probably much too late now. With your Irish blood I am sure that you are not too keen on the Normans, too. Anglo-Saxon England would probably have left Ireland alone. Nor can you have very happy memories of Oliver Cromwell or the Dutch ultra-proddy – i.e. William of Orange.

  4. “Acting on a tip from the Muslim community,…” What tip? You’d have thought the MSM would blow this up (excuse the pun!) to illustrate the wonderfulness of the peaceful law abiding Muslim community.

    • It went like this: “ring ring….hello RMCP HQ, how can I direct your call?
      “Mahamet? Is that you? You forgot your detonators again! I’ll meet you at the XYZ train station, see you there, allahu Akbar”.

  5. As regards the revolution, Dymphna, according to the Zagorsk Prophecy Holy Russia, the first to be brought down by the global plutocracy who wanted no tsars, kings or princes or true democracies – I am waiting for them to try and destroy the last of the European monarchies, certainly the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee here was noticeable for its lack of support from our New Britons so that may be another way they are using them as fodder – runs that she will re-Christianise the West when Marxism is finally defeated. that spirit from hell that has nothing to do with the Russian soul.

    This is to follow the collapse of America which is now obvious. Multicultural America is going to fragment in the next few decades. However, today’s Russia seems an unlikely candidate as it seems riven by corruption. Although, perhaps the prophecy just says that Russians will bring the West back to God after that Marxism is defeated. It is difficult to believe that Marxism can no be defeated since cultural Marxism now operates at every level of society in the West and all its governments and the EU above all are culturally Marxist. Those same governments slap down any indigenous person who tries to fight multiculturalism. I had to laugh when the EU today said that hundreds of “Europeans” were fighting in Syria and being linked up to Al Qaeda there and would bring back terrorism to Europe. So who let them all into Europe in the first place against the wishes of its peoples, Europe’s governments and who supports muslims against indigenous Christians all over Europe, its governments. And who is supporting these people against the Syrian government, Europe’s governments. They can’t have it both ways. The same goes for the French and Libya. Who got rid of Ghaddafi, the French and the British. Now the French at least are getting what Ghaddafi said we would get.

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