Jihad Thwarted in Murcia and Zaragoza

According to the latest news from Spain, two Al Qaeda operatives were detained by the authorities in Murcia (to the east of Andalucía) and Zaragoza (part of Aragón). The young culturally enriched mischief-makers from Algeria and Morocco were apprehended before they could carry out an attack like the one in Boston, which they said they admired.

Notice that these two fellows are very much like the self-radicalized “lone wolves” who keep carrying out (or attempting) terror attacks in the United States. Yet in this country our political leaders take great pains to assure us that each incident has “no connection with organized terror groups” and “is not part of a larger conspiracy”. When will they acknowledge that a single conspiratorial ideology — Islam — is responsible for all of them?

Many thanks to our Spanish correspondent Hermes for translating this article from today’s La Verdad:

Two alleged Islamist terrorists have been detained in Murcia and Zaragoza

The National Police searched the flat where the one detained in Murcia was dwelling, in the district of Barriomar.

The Interior Minister, Jorge Fernández Díaz, assured today that one of the two alleged members of the radical cell related to the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb who has been detained, had justified the Boston attack.

The minister said this about the detention of two presumed members of a radical cell linked to the terrorist organization AQMI (Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) which was carried out in Murcia and Zaragoza.

“According to the police, the profile of the detainees is that of the lone wolf,” just like the two terrorists who carried out the terrorist attack in Boston, the Minister declared.

The detainee from Zaragoza praised the Boston attacks, calling them an answer to “the death of innocents and imperialism.”

Police have been working for more than a year in this operation, which remains open, in collaboration with police forces in France and Morocco, the Minister said. He pointed out that the detentions took place because there were “well-founded indications”, and the investigation was ripe.

The homes of both detainees were searched in Zaragoza and Murcia: Nou Mediouni (Algerian national), and Hassan El Jaaouani (Moroccan national).

In Murcia the national police searched the third-floor flat of the Romiron building in Barriomar, the living quarters of Hassan El Jaaouni, a Moroccan national. This search was ordered by Santiago Pedraz, judge of the National High Court.

A vehicle from the Protection and Reaction Unit (UPR), a van from the TEDAX (experts on disabling of explosive devices), another vehicle from the K9 unit and three more from the judicial police arrived at the building, which was guarded by two agents, and into which only neighbors are allowed.

According to what the neighbors reported, the alleged terrorist may have thrown some packages out of the window when the police came for him. The packages fell into a schoolyard at a nearby school located at no. 38 Ciudad de Murcia Avenue in Murcia.

The judge ordered the detention of this person, together with that in Zaragoza, after having determined that they allegedly had recently radicalized themselves, and that they had visited jihadi webpages.

The detainee from Murcia may have made contact with members of the organization AQMI in Mali and also with people in charge of recruiting radicals in Spain, sources from the Interior Ministry informed

One of his associates from Mali with whom he established contact was directly involved in the kidnap and subsequent assassination of two French nationals in Niger in January of 2011, the sources added.

The detainees:

  • Nou Mediouni: from Algeria, and detained in Zaragoza. He was a regular guest on a known radical Islamist internet platform, through which members of AQMI in Mali recruited those candidates who had the most radical profiles, driving them gradually to even more private forums with strong security measures.

    Nou Mediouni was recruited through this forum due to his high level of radicalization. He received detailed instructions for his travel to a jihadi training camp managed by AQMI in the north of Mali.

    Strong international police pressure on the field hindered them in offering a secure contact route to the detainee, so he had to return to Spain, expressing great frustration at not having been able to “die like a martyr”, as was his wish.

  • Hassan El Jaaouani: from Morocco, and detained in Murcia. The detainee had allegedly been in contact with the same AQMI personnel in Mali and with people in charge of recruiting radicals in Spain. One of the associates in Mali whom he contacted is directly involved in the kidnapping and subsequent assassination of two French nationals in Niger in January of 2011.

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  1. Today is St George’s Day, England’s national day, except the anti-English British establishment won’t give us a holiday to celebrate it. Muslims in England have suggested that St George could form a bridge between them and the ethnic English as he was a Palistinian. For a start he was apparently a Hellenistic Greek, orginally from Asia Minor, not Turkey as the Turks arrived from Central Asia much later, became muslim and wiped out Christianity there, finally seizing Constantinople in the 15th century.

    They must be pretty dim. The English these days are a pretty poorly educated lot but a large number know that St George arrived as the Roman Empire became Christian and with it the Middle East and North Africa. That was until the muslims in England’s co-religionists wiped out Christianity in the whole area and forced Christians to convert at the point of the sword and be killed. Sorry, but our national saint is hardly somebody who would enamour us to the muslims living amongst us without our consent.

      • Correct – but the muslim intent IS becoming clearer as they repeatedly trumpet and enact their supremacist agenda in advance of the numbers required to deliver. In the west there have been many popular revolutions based on rather less evidence. The Boston bombers simply cannot be “exceptions”.

        I detect a final “awakening” which may lead to revolution. I would rather not experience a muslim “holocaust”. I would much prefer that polticians woke up and took action in advance of mob rule. I would much prefer that muslims voluntarily returned to their “homeland”. NONE of that will happen so bloody revolution is the most likely outcome – IF that is that western populations still value self preservation -in time . I’m a little doubtful.

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