Towards a More Humane Immigration Policy in Sweden

The amazing thing about the following story is that the Swedish police were actually engaging in “racial profiling”. Can you credit it? Sweden, the most enlightened nation on the face of the earth, behaving just like those awful racist Americans!

Well, fortunately for everyone, it didn’t last long. The Young Ones Against Racism mounted a protest in Malmö against borders, profiling, xenophobia, and racism, but before they could even get started, the police had abandoned the practice.

Many thanks to The Observer for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this news video:

Here’s an article on the same topic from The Local:

Stockholm Police End ‘Racial Profiling’ Push

Swedish police announced on Friday that officers would no longer be asking public transport users for identification, after their past efforts to deport undocumented migrants were branded as racial profiling.

Centre Party MP Johan Hedin said last month that the push was “not only a crime against good taste, but also against the law and should stop immediately”.

Even though the police push was later found to be legal, officers decided to put a stop to the project on Friday.

They said that what was essentially a small part of the police’s work was being subjected to too much public scrutiny to be considered worthwhile.

The project entitled Reva, which stands for Rättssäkert och effektivt verkställighetsarbete (‘Legal and effective execution of policy’), saw officers allegedly targeting “foreign-looking” commuters on Stockholm’s underground railway lines.

Reva was blasted by politicians and immigrants’ rights activists alike who claimed officers were racially profiling.

Furthermore, nine out of ten people that police questioned turned out to have the right to live in Sweden.

Reacting to the presence of police in the Stockholm metro system, activists took to social media sites Twitter and Facebook to warn other commuters and map out where the officers were performing checks.

Video transcript:

00:00   Almost 1,000 people gathered in the city centre of Malmö to protest
00:04   against the deportations and the ID checks that the police have carried out.
00:08   We don’t want to live in a society where racial profiling
00:16   is accepted and where people are stopped because of their skin color or place of origin and are forced to show their ID.
00:22   Close to a thousand individuals had also gathered in Stockholm.
00:27   The organizers behind the event were the youth wings of Save the Children, the Red Cross and Ungdom mot Rasisme (youth against racism).
00:34   Demonstrations were also organized in other parts of the country by different organizations.
00:39   The police ID checks targeting people living illegally in Sweden was what prompted the demonstrations.
00:43   (Representative from the youth wing of the Save the Children)
00:46   The reason why there has been such a strong reaction to these ID checks is that ordinary people have started to notice them
00:50   when they use public transportation, etc. But for the paperless (euphemism for illegal immigrants) this is something they have to live with every day and wherever they go.
00:56   The fact that the police have decided to stop the ID checks at the subway in Stockholm doesn’t make the question less relevant for the organizers of the demonstrations.
01:00   (Representative from the youth wing of the Red Cross)
01:03   By organizing this demonstration against REVA we also want to make it clear that we want a more humane immigration policy.
01:10   Why do you think this is so important?
01:13   I think it’s important that people should be able to reside here in Sweden
01:17   and be allowed to stay here if they are incapable of taking care of themselves in their own nations
01:23   I also want Sweden to be a peaceful country.

Hat tip for the article: Fjordman.

14 thoughts on “Towards a More Humane Immigration Policy in Sweden

  1. From the transcript:

    I think it’s important that people should be able to reside here in Sweden be allowed to stay here if they are incapable of taking care of themselves in their own nations.
    I also want Sweden to be a peaceful country.

    You can’t have both.

    At first I thought that this political cultist expressed his or her thoughts like a little child.

    Then I watched the clip.

    It was a little child.

    • I weep at the naivety. So be it.
      Swedes deluded choice. If only they knew what they are propagating…

  2. The police in Stockholm stopped controls in the subway, but all controls will not be stopped. The decision was made because the police was fed up with leftist activist’s attacks on the streets and in the mainstream media. Leftist activists are a minority, but in media leftist journalists are a majority. Especially the pro-immigation Miljöpartiet is popular among journalists. An opinion study among journalists:

    At most about 30 000 persons are controlled each year. That’s like 10 polices in 300 days each one control 10 persons a day. Not that much. 10% controlled are illegal immigrants, so 3 000 illegal immigrants are found. I guess between 5 000 and 10 000 asylum seekers are not granted residence bit staying as illegals, so the controls may reduce that figures to half …at most. But if no controls I guess more people not granted residence would stay. Critics against the controls want free immigration. “No nation!” the mob shout, at 2:00 here:

    Also media, as well as some libertarians, says no one should be controlled. Weird utopians. 🙁

  3. Here is a simple, non violent, non racial reply to those who advocate mass immigration: Sponsorship.
    Every immigrant into Sweden must have a sponsor. The sponsor puts into escrow a
    sum of cash, or a pledge of collateral, such as the mortgage on his home which will be forfeit if the immigrant should bring any costs to the Swedish state. Unpaid medical bills, legal costs, jail time, police security costs, unemployment claims, welfare assistance, all of these will be paid for by the sponsor. Those advocating charity toward immigrants should be applauded, but reminded that charity is only of worth if those displaying charity are giving up something of their own. When they give away something that is not their own such as other peoples culture, or country or money its called stealing.

    • That’s the way immigration used to work here. A prospective American (and it was presumed that those who came wanted to assimilate and seek citizenship) had to have an America citizen willing to sponsor him, letters of character reference, a clean bill of health, and certifiably enough money or letters of credit to assure that he or she could make their way while seeking employment.

      How that has changed. Now the govt, in league with so-called religious ‘helpers’ like the Lutheran and Catholic groups, bring in large number of, say, Somalis or Burmese, NONE OF WHOM THEY KNOW PERSONALLY, and plunk them down in some town in collusion with Big Farma slaughterhouses nearby. There they will work as slaves with little support from these ‘religious’ human traffickers, who move on to ‘settle’ new groups elsewhere.

      Uncle Sam permits them to stay in business for their other works of mercy – which one trusts are more truly merciful than what they do with what are modern-day slaves. Just because they remove them from one hell in a refugee camp doesn’t mean they’re doing them any favors by delivering them to a new hell on American soil.

      Just scroll thru the archives of Refugee Resetttlement Watch. As in “read ’em and weep, y’all.” BTW, some of the ‘workers’ have TB before they get here. Sometimes, they drop where they work on the assembly line. If compassion doesn’t move us, surely the prospect of TB workers processing the foods we eat ought to move us to act in our own self-interest.

      Oh, here’s one from several days ago in which a particular meme seems to have caught on:

      RRW has a search function. It is an education to enter “tuberculosis” in the box at the upper left corner of the page and see what comes up. You might seriously consider buying locally grown food if you can find it and can afford it. Maybe sharing with concerned neighbors and friends.

      Why? Because in addition to these sick slaves, there are CAFOs. See here, and scroll down for govt complicity:

      We are used to paying cheap prices for what ought to be an expensive foodstuff: meat. I am by no means a vegetarian (massive grain production is a whole ‘nother mess), but I recognize the current situation, whose beginnings can be traced back to the 1950s, is hazardous both to the workers and to those of us who buy the end products they pack up and move out under harrowing conditions. Last time I looked, the functioning work life in a CAFO slaughterhouse was about six months. After that, your body gives out – hands become twisted and numbed out due to the sheer speed at which they’re expected to work.

      Hurricane Sandy wrought terrible damage to the northeast. What you won’t hear much about is the immoral building habits of Carolina pork factories. They’re actually erected on FLOOD PLAINS, which is the height (or depth) of hubris & cupidity considering the numbers of hurricanes that sweep through the area regularly.

      Here are a few pictures to bring you up to speed on the poor pigs:

      I’d have forgiven Obama and his corrupt crew of legislators if any of them had done *anything* to address this situation – the health of the immigrants coming in, the conditions under which the slaves live, the conditions under which animals are raised, or the billions the owners/producers pour into their campaign coffers. That last is probably most to the point.
      No, not entirely OT: the subject *was* immigrants. They are a lucrative industry in the US now – revenue for the government and lucrative contracts for those charitable groups, and especially lotsa dough for Big Farma thru its massive processing of cheap meat. And let’s not forget the crony politicians whose states stand to gain a great deal from this whole deal.

      Manure is not the only thing that smells and pollutes this issue.

    • “Leftist activists are a minority, but in media leftist journalists are a majority.” Well put. My guess is that that’s the same in every Western nation – Israel too.

    • That is the way it used to be in Canada. You had to PROVE that you would be a benefit to Canada. As it should be. And as for that protest and that very stupid young girl, I would like to find a money tree in my back yard. And it would give me all the money and sprinkle fairy dust on the very people who hate her and refuse to be part of Sweden. I was happy to see only 1000 kids turned out. I wonder what her parents and grandparents thought.

    • You can be damned sure the “immigrants” and their fellow travelers both inside and outside Sweden’s borders will be profiling the indigenous and asserting a lot less enlightened control over time.

  4. This ‘racial profiling’ stunt seems to be a commonplace now amongst the malcontents and malingerers also in the UK and here in Australia.
    There’s an inquiry going on as I write, in Melbourne, where a bunch of Somalian and Sudanese youths are being given too much publicity in my view, with their complaints about ‘racial profiling’ in areas with a high migrant population where street assaults are common, usually carried out by discontented African youths.
    They set themselves up initially as recognisable troublemakers and then complain when the police act on their reputation as street thugs! The mind boggles!
    Why does the film ‘Harry Brown’ always spring to mind when we’re discussing street thugs???

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  6. This is so stupid, they are looking for illegal immigrants, aint it a good idea to check the ID of people who dosnt look swedish? I fail to see what the [redacted] ‘heck’ everyone complains about here.

  7. A note regarding Sweden’s issue on illegal immigrants. I am from Asia and my country has hugh influx of illegals. Very unfortunate but maybe a common trend that these illegals congregate in communities of their own kind. They bring their unhygienic habits into the community and some how they display a lack of interest to educate their children or train for work. As they receive ‘dole’ or social financial support, they are contented to live within this budget, do not adopt the culture or aspirations of their host country and at any rate street crime has increased in my neighbourhood. So I hope the Swedes can avoid this calamity in my country which is hard to reverse since thereare 2+ million illegals here now. Better put a stop to illegals who have NO INTENTION to change but expect the host country to change instead. TQ

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