The Left — Mad, Bad, or Criminally Ignorant?

Our English correspondent Paul Weston has launched a new political party, Liberty GB. Regular readers of Paul’s essays will be able to guess that the new party’s platform is not… ahem… terribly congenial with mainstream political thinking in Modern Multicultural Britain.

Paul’s recent venture has led to confrontations with leftish persons on Facebook and other online discussion sites. His latest spirited exchange was with a woman who wrote an article for Searchlight, an organ associated with the free-thinkers and rock-throwers of Unite Against Fascism. His account of what happened is below.

The Left — Mad, Bad, or Criminally Ignorant?
by Paul Weston

The launch of my new party Liberty GB has been noticed by Searchlight magazine, which is linked to Hope not Hate and Unite Against Fascism. Searchlight is essentially a communist front operation disguised as an anti-fascist organisation. Its banner reads: “Fighting fascism and racism internationally for nearly fifty years”.

In the peculiar world view of communists, anyone who disagrees with them is a fascist, and anyone who recognises that far-left extremists are using mass immigration/ multiculturalism as physical and ideological pawns to fracture traditional (and capitalist) Great Britain will be smeared as a racist.

Searchlight’s Sonia Gable (wife of communist Gerry Gable) is most upset about Liberty GB. She stated the following in an article she called “Liberty It Isn’t”:

“Liberty GB’s politics are just more of the same old fascist rubbish. Claiming it is ‘working together [with whom?] to protect our British culture, heritage and freedoms’ it explains that: ‘the Liberal Democrats, Labour and Conservatives manifestly refuse to discuss the most important issues of our time, namely mass Third World immigration, the steady rise of fundamentalist Islam and the hijacking of traditional British culture and institutions by well-organised left-wing “progressives”‘. Enough said.”

This initiated a series of comments between us. Readers can decide as to whether leftists like this are insane, evil, or just criminally ignorant:

[PW = Paul Weston; SG = Sonia Gable]

PW: Sonia, as an organisation claiming to fight against racism and fascism, you would have my full support. I am viciously attacked by the real far-right, and they are deeply unpleasant people. However, you appear to have little concern about the plight of a distinct racial group which is set to become an ethnic minority (below the age of 30) in its own homeland at some point before 2050. I am unsure as to whether you are driven by overt racism of the anti-white variety here, or deeply held political views that wish to see traditional Britain smashed and re-built along Communist lines.

May I ask you some questions? Do you believe that all indigenous racial and religious groups, regardless of their skin colour, have a right to their traditional culture, heritage and homeland? If you consider for example, that some do and some do not, perhaps you would care to explain why the English/British do not?

Would you also not agree that Communism is responsible for the murder of over 100 million people, and that this sacrifice (if ends are to justify means) was in vain, when one considers that rather than the “Withering Away of the State” Communism (quite apart from allying itself with Adolf Hitler in 1939) became notable for all-powerful State controlled totalitarian dictatorships, which served only to bring about complete social, moral, economic and environmental catastrophe?

As things stand, you appear to support near genocidal racism and fascism — albeit Left-Wing Fascism — which rather goes against your claim that Searchlight is opposed to racism and fascism. Perhaps you would care to elaborate?

SG: Paul, I believe that all people have a right to their own culture, traditions, religion and homeland, but none of that should or need be to the exclusion of other people with different culture, tradition and religion. I have no problem with my neighbours having different cultures, faiths and heritage. Why should that be a problem? I go to my church, my neighbours on one side go to the mosque, my neighbours on the other side go to their Hindu temple, and other nearby neighbours go to their synagogue. That’s fine and our community is all the better for its cultural diversity. Such diversity does not prevent me in any way from practising my faith and living according to my cultural traditions. It is only the intolerance preached by the BNP and other far-right parties that causes divisions and problems.

There have been many dictatorial regimes in the world that have been responsible for murders. All are execrable but especially those such as the Nazis that carried out genocide.

PW: Sonia, thank you for replying, I must admit I was not expecting you to. However, you have not really answered my question which required only a simple yes or no regarding the moral and legal right of the native British to hold onto their culture and homeland.

I made the point that we are to be reduced to an ethnic minority in the near future. If multiculturalism and mass immigration is continued then obviously Britain will become a ghettoised country with no dominant race or culture — or possibly a dominant Muslim culture. One thing is pretty certain here — it will not be peaceful or cohesive at that point.

This is in direct contravention of UN definitions on the rights of indigenous peoples and UN definitions on genocide. You are talking of your appreciation of diversity today; I am talking of the unstoppable future consequences with regard to said diversity.

If you agree with something today that can only lead to our future displacement, then you are guilty of genocidal anti-white/British racism.

Your final point about many regimes being guilty of murder fails to talk about Communism at all, even though I assume you are a Communist? The idea that only the National Socialists (Nazis) committed genocide is also ridiculous. Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot killed many more than the Hitler.

Sonia, you use weasel words to wriggle out of my questions linking you with both racism and fascism. Any rational or non-political person reading this thread would be immediately aware that your excuses damn you even further than my initial accusations.

In other words, whilst I stand in the quite natural defence (with the full backing of morality, decency and the UN) of my country and my culture, you very unnaturally wish to see them stripped from the world, and you are still allied to the greatest killing machine known to man since National Socialism — International Socialism, aka Communism.

As to your claim that it is only the BNP and other right-wing organisations which preach intolerance both baffles and nauseates me. Mosques and radicalised imams (often funded by Wahaabist Saudi Arabia) are not just preaching “intolerance” they call for the murder of non-Muslims in Britain, with the result that young radicalised Muslims then go on to actually murder us as well!

I simply cannot understand what thought processes drive you to support the dilution and eventual extinction of a decent race of people and their culture, in favour of an emerging mono-cultural and supremacist majority which pays scant regard to the rights of women, Jews, and all those not of the Muslim faith. The parallels between Nazi ideology and fundamentalist Islamic ideology are pretty much identical.

And you support this, and attack people like me?

SG: I think you confuse issues regarding diversity in the UK.

1. I dispute that what you call the native British (a non-homogenous group anyway) will become a minority by 2050. Immigration is falling, also later generations of immigrants integrate. Many people who would define themselves as white British have immigrant ancestors.
2. Diversity does not equal genocide or extinction. Even if the proportion of non-white-British people grows, even becomes a majority, that does not kill off white British people. The UN definitions do not require a dominant culture, only that no culture or people is suppressed.

I am not a communist. I did not say that only the Nazis committed genocide and do not think that. I condemn all regimes that have carried out mass murders including the ones you mention.

I oppose Islamists who preach intolerance as much as I oppose the far right. I singled out the BNP and far right in the context of replying to you, who are of the far right not an Islamist. Supporting one extreme in order to oppose another is destructive.

PW: Thanks for replying again Sonia. We will have to agree to disagree here I think. My fears for a future Britain are based on the 1,000 year expansionist history of Islam, the current demographic growth of Islam, the radicalisation of British Muslim youth and the all too obvious Muslim violence occurring all around the world today.

I foresee civil/religious war, huge loss of life and a possible Third World War. History has not stopped just because Francis Fukayama thinks it has. The history of man is war. Most wars have been based on religion. Allowing an intolerant religion to grow in Britain (and Europe) will lead to war.

If I am right, then you are very, very wrong. If you are right, then we will not have war but we will have curry and diversity. The downsides obviously differ greatly in terms of potential death and destruction, but I don’t think the benefits of curry are off-set by even the remotest possibility of WWIII.

Let us hope you are right though, because if you are wrong the blood of potential millions will be on your hands.

SG: I think the main difference between us is that I believe in working for peace on earth and love for all humankind, whereas the sort of parties you support believe in promoting dissension and difference.
PW: I don’t believe you Sonia. You are clearly not unintelligent, but your wilful refusal to recognise the glaringly obvious threat of Islam, simply because you personally believe in peace, love and humankind is simply not good enough.

A good allegory would be your watching a woman being raped and defiled by a violent man, but refusing to do anything about it because you only believe in peace and goodwill.

Your ideology is more than suicidal, it is murderous. It is up to you if you want to commit suicide, but to force inevitable deaths upon others just to suit your peculiar views on diversity really does amount to murder.

I am unsure as to whether you are mad, bad or just criminally ignorant. Whichever it is, it typifies the Left, thus making your apparent naivety — or malignant intent — such a terrible threat to the peaceful lives of our children and grandchildren that you force me into making the left my primary enemy.

SG: You deliberately misunderstand or distort. I wish to work actively towards a state of peace where everyone loves their fellow human beings. Defending victims of violence and injustice, and the exercise of justice are part of that. I follow what Jesus taught. It’s not an easy path but it’s better than your hate and division, and what appears to be a desire to re-fight the Crusades.
PW: Thank you for this exchange Sonia. I must tell you I will be making an article out of it, which will be titled: “The Left — Mad, Bad, or Criminally Ignorant?” Please consider this exchange closed. Your genocidal racism sickens me.

Anyone with time on their hands, especially psychiatrists, may care to Fisk her comments…

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. His political Facebook page can be found here.

For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

145 thoughts on “The Left — Mad, Bad, or Criminally Ignorant?

  1. I have been impressed with Mr. West’s intelligence and TRUE classical Liberalism. But, he seems to fall into to the same old trap of “I’m not a ‘Racist’ But…”.

    If all these Nationalists really wanted to make a difference they would see past the differences that divide them.
    The BNP call the NF “racists Nazis”; The EDL call the BNP “racist Nazis”; UKIP call the EDL “racist Nazis”; and, each new party and party mouth-piece call the other Nationalists “racist Nazis”.

    It would be a dream come true for all these groups and parties to come together in some form of dialogue and/or unity to set Britain in the right direction. They all want to put a valve on the immigration flood drowning GB. They all want justice and peace for all.

    Without the extended hand and olive branch within the Nationalist community how do any of these aspiring leaders expect to achieve anything other than talking a good talk.


    • madpiltzer —

      I couldn’t agree with you more. After three years of close observation of the doings of the BritNats, I can think of two words that best describe what’s going on: “suicidal infighting”.

      It’s appalling. As far as I can see, there is no evidence of any attempt to bridge differences or work together towards the goals they hold in common. Their country is about to go down the toilet — it may be too late already — and if there is any hope, it lies in their efforts. Yet they fight with each other viciously all the time.

      “My viewpoint is the only correct one! And I must be the one in charge of any common effort! Only I am fit to be the head of a Nationalist organization! And I won’t have any dealings with that wanker Jack Sprout! He’s a right useless berk!”

      When the point of the scimitar is eventually poised to slit their throats, they can at least go to their deaths with the deep satisfaction that they never ever, not once, compromised the sanctity of their doctrinal purity.


      One might think that this must be the fate of all scattered marginalized groups that have been oppressed for decades. But it doesn’t have to be.

      Consider the tightly-focused disciplined organization that later became known as the Communist Party. Under Lenin’s leadership, the Party would work with any group whose goal was a socialist revolution. The Bolsheviks maneuvered, and tacked, and made alliances, and compromised, and let others be in charge and take the credit, all the while never losing sight of the main goal, which they attained in October of 1917.

      They waited until they were in power, and their dictatorship firmly consolidated, before they began the slaughter of their erstwhile comrades from the Anarchists and the Social Revolutionaries and the Mensheviks. They didn’t shed intramural blood when they were weak and fragmented.

      I know I shouldn’t use the murderous Bolsheviks as an example, but I can’t think of any other analogy to what is happening today among the BritNats. It’s as if Lenin were ordering his loyal operatives to murder their fellow Socialists in 1887 or 1905, rather than in 1922 — what self-destructive madness!

      • FYI, one of the primary means that the old Bolshis used against their opponents was to fracture and re-fracture them — even if this meant financing these opponents through cut-outs.

        This was how the Reds gutted the Whites — while they schemed from Paris.

        At no point did the anti-Communists ever tumble to the fact that their own fractiousness was being deliberately engineered by Moscow. ( AKA: Active Measures, not leaving chaos to chance.)

        Look to see ever more parties promoted from the right; which then, can’t ever find common ground.

        As was demonstrated eighty-years ago in Paris, Moscow’s agents will be those with tip top credibility. Moscow will even give up lesser pawns to advance the street cred of their top agents. And, no, the field agents don’t even know who the other operatives are. You’re facing multiple networks — all propped up by Central.

        And in other news, it turns out that the KGB funded both Blair and Brown — even from their college days.

        The principle is simple: place a cultural magnet (aka funding) next to the cultural steering mechanism, the social compass, if you will.

        This is how everything from Feminism to the Gay Movement have escalated to the front rank — even though they are a priority of only a minority of a minority.

        What wonders you can perform by purchasing a crack-pot’s tome — in quantity — so as to move said author up the NY Times best seller’s list.

        • your point of fracturing and re-fracturing the opposition is bang-on. It only makes sense. But, couldn’t all this division be due to the natural human condition?

          You seem to be implicating finance and intrigue in a manor that you assume to be obvious.
          It’s a bit confusing to a point with fingers pointing at Paris, Moscow, and then KGB in a scattered format.

          Forgive my ignorance. But, wasn’t Lennon closely linked with British connections before returning to Russia?
          Isn’t the KGB now defunct?
          Any operative they had in the West should have been outed and discredited soon after their demise.
          And, wouldn’t any government/controlling interest of a country have made all efforts to eliminate stooges and fronts of an alien power? Does the West not have great finances?

          Sorry to be a bit critical; but, it’s all the conspiracy, finger pointing, and cryptic nonsense that is souring my mouth.

          So, that leaves us back to the original point – the Nationalist of Britain need to get along or get off the soap box.

          • madpiltzer —

            No, Lenin was being run by the German General Staff (or so they believed).

            After the March Revolution, the Germans arranged for Lenin’s passage from Switzerland through Germany in a sealed railway carriage, to the Finland Station (see the eponymous book on the topic) in St. Petersburg.

            In doing this, the Germans hoped to foment exactly what happened — the collapse of the Russian government and Russia’s withdrawal from the war.

            But unintended consequences always reign. The disappearance of the Eastern Front came too late to save Germany, and a few years later the October Revolution brought Bolshevism and violent communist street-fighting to the heart of Berlin itself, not to mention Munich, Vienna, and numerous other European cities.

            The opponents of the Bolsheviks — which included demobilized elements of the German army — fought the Reds in the streets, and the German intelligence services monitored both the Reds and the armed nationalists (the “Freikorps”) who fought them.

            One such army intelligence operative was sent to monitor a new, unknown group called the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers’ Party, NSDAP, later Nazi). His name was Adolf Hitler, and he was so enamored of the ideology he found in NSDAP that he eventually quit his day job and took up National Socialism full time, assuming the leadership of the young party.

            Such are the ironies of history.

        • I agree that the well oiled machine of the left is responsible for the fragmentation of all spectrums of conservatism including the now hopeless Conservative (socialist) party.

          I am already a (Jewish) refugee from UK, my children got razzled by anti-Semitism both at schools and university, and not by the ‘right’ either.

          It seems that now there is no ‘right’, there is only ‘extreme right’. If you go to the BNP website, you will find that they are not far from the ‘searchlight’ ilk, but they are just more honest.

          Jews are the canaries in society, we are the first to drop dead when the environment gets poisonous. Israel is now credited with controlling the USA for example, even though the US is the country most trying to further carve up the ‘Jewish Homeland’ as set up in 1922, Sinai gone, Gaza gone and the missiles are still coming in…. The Arabs already have over 90% of the land allocated to Jews by the League of Nations in 1922.

          The left (both Fascist and Communist left), discovered very early on that real people care about ‘life, the Universe and everything’ and that if these are manipulated (twisted) then confusion ensues.

          The right cannot unify until their perceptions of ‘life’ ‘Universe’ etc. are untwisted, when each has a confidence in his/her own world view so as to be able to cope with similar but different world views.

          The left has sown such confusion that this is a difficult task because it entails TRUST, and trust is in short supply when the left is in the house.

          Because, to the left (and to Islam), the end justifies the means, they can lie, cheat and steal with no conscience issues. The Right by definition has different values.

          Pinochet (and maybe Franco) was the only guy who has successfully taken down the left in recent times, and he did not stop to listen to the rhetoric. It is significant that he handed power back just as soon as he was able (Franco did not).

          The left bleats ‘love’, ‘peace’, ‘justice’, ‘freedom’ whilst making hate, war, bias and tyranny.

          Anybody espousing that the ‘end justifies the means’ needs to be locked up or worse, for being criminally psychotic.

      • But as you say Baron, there was a force behind much of the division and strife in the context you mention – and in the UK today the same applies.

        In fact this is an interesting point – what about the States, look what happened to the Tea Party. Look what happened to Sarah Palin.

        Did the Republican party stand up for either?

        What would have happened if they did?

        Interesting …

        • Nick, this is somewhat OT, but you’re right about the Right in the US.

          The shameful use and abuse of Sarah Palin was a dismal display of Republicans’ clumsy cupidity. John McCain has certainly proved over & over his callous use of others and his mean-spirited attacks on anyone he perceives to be an obstacle.

          Part of the reason Romney lost *his* election was the cynical shoving aside of Tea Party groups who were ready and willing to do the grunt work necessary to win.. Some groups were so anxious to unseat Obama that they went ahead anyway, w/o the GOP’s blessing and while being ignored by Romney.

          Romney & Co. deserved to lose on moral grounds, not to mention the tactical stupidity of refusing to use the troops that would have been his had he and his advisors not been blinded by their own hubris.

          That election was Romney’s to lose, and he proceeded to do exactly that. He and the beltway GOP are increasingly irrelevant if not downright disgusting to the average conservative American.

          Meanwhile, the infighting amongst Tea Party groups themselves is weakening their effort, blunting the message and moving them permanently into the shadows of irrelevance. It’s hard to return to the land of the living once you’ve been shoved into the cave by those in charge.

          Look at the Founders’ work to establish this country. The factions were deeply divided. It was only because they were able to bridge, however briefly, those chasms in order to present a united front against the King’s troops that the U.S.A. ever came into being at all. The older ones -e.g., Franklin – doubted the Federation of states could withstand for very long those forces of chaos that drive us to division and bickering.

          The decision to let slavery stand for future generations to solve may turn out in the long run to be the fatal flaw of our dissolution. The mils of history grind slowly, etc. OTOH, had they not papered things over, likely the federation would have fractured by the end of the 18th century.

          Instead, we spent 700,000 lives to bring that mistake to a halt. And the deaths continue. Was the original decision a Faustian bargain?

          Another forking path: could 13 sovereign states have ever lived in peaceful coexistence or known real prosperity had they not papered over the differences? Or would it have shortly devolved into wars of all against all with no hope of coming together at all?

  2. Searchlight is oh-so-civilised when it comes to replying to comments, but colluding to get EDL supporters such as Alan Lake and Chris Knowles sacked from their jobs. And the end justification – as for so many of these (ironically non-religious) leftards – “Jesus”… Funny how after 2000 years these atheists/agnostics are rediscovering Jesus as some sort of a self-hating hippie who would hang out with anyone and protect anyone but His own… maybe Searchlight should pass the message about such a Jesus on to Weyman Bennett and the UAF? They clearly don’t seem to be in the business of “turning the other cheek”.

    • International Socialism and Liberation theology (Latin American origin) has been more or less the same thing for years, with the slight difference of opinion whether the most important prophet is named Jesus or Marx . I expect that this Socialist/Catholic combo theology is the main inspiration for Sonia Gable mentioned in the article.

  3. “Paul, I believe that all people have a right to their own culture, traditions, religion and homeland, but none of that should or need be to the exclusion of other people with different culture, tradition and religion. I have no problem with my neighbours having different cultures, faiths and heritage. Why should that be a problem?”

    So I take it there would be no problem for Sonia if all her neighbours had different cultures, faiths and heritage? And when one of those neighbours has 10 children, those children and their numerous cousins, in 20 years’ time, standing there giving Sonia a menacing look outside her home, which they desire to buy (ideally at a knock-down price) to accomodate their rapidly-increasing offspring? No problem if her neighbours attack the small minority of Sonia’s “group” remaining alive, in a series of South Africa-style farm attacks, or Pakistan-style attacks on Christians, while the police force now dominated by those neighbours refuses to lift a finger to help?

    As Sonia (probably) does not identify with her culture, faith or identity, let’s modify the above setting a little: let’s say neighbours supporting the BNP moved in. Then all her neighbours belonged to the BNP, meaning in 20 years’ time it’s many BNP members against one Sonia and her husband… would she still be so enthusiastic about the idea of “many cultures coexisting”?

    Nation states were created, many painfully and with great loss of blood, precisely to give ethnic groups a homeland. Often because those ethnic groups were at risk of persecution in their original homeland. When a new nation state was created, this was usually followed by mass population transfers of people to the state where their group was in the majority. See the creation of Eastern European states after 1918, India (then Pakistan) in 1947, or numerous other cases. True – those new states probably needed some foreigners present: diplomats, businessmen, traders… but were they ever designed to cope with anything like the percentages now? Back in the 1800s, Britain contained communities of blacks, Muslims and other immigrants. Yet they were too few to make their presence felt, hence there was not a problem.

    Does that same scenario work with different proportions of the majority/minority ethnic groups? See Bosnia, Lebanon or any number of other multi-kulti paradise states for the answer to that question. And when unemployment increases, with large numbers of young men out on the streets with not much to do, things can get very interesting…

    Bosnia in particular was a state where “former neighbours” turned against each other in ethnically-charged bloodbaths. The sort of neighbours which years ago may have got on perfectly well, in the manner Sonia describes.

    For her to advocate a repeat of that scenario, and silencing of anyone who dares to raise it, merely to render the nation she likely hates (Britain) impotent borders on the insane, or criminal – or both.

    • I think you sir hit the nail on the head, lefties like Sonia would not know common sense if it came along and hit them between the eyes.

  4. Bravo Paul Weston. The Liberty GB party is off to a promising start, if only because you have mastered the art of dealing with the Left. You make short work of Comrade Sonia by using the fundamental contradictions of the Diversity ploy against her. Once exposed as logically incoherent and historically ignorant, all thats left is a psychopathic child who is driven to feel good about herself as “caring” no matter how many people have to die in the process. It is criminal for a fully grown woman to willfully substitute the feel-good fantasies of a teenage girl for reality, especially when she runs to such a world to escape the chaos and destruction she is creating in the world of adults. We should notice that it is this inability to deal with basic reality that can be our super-weapon in dealing with the Left. Do not allow them any moral high ground. Cut them short in their lies. and postures. Exploit their mental rigidity by using their vocabulary against them, make the adult world an un-fun place of unpleasant hard facts, and they will run away every time.

  5. Bravo, Paul Weston! You are bringing the rhetorical fight to the enemy. This needs to be done.

  6. I have been watching the infighting among patriots here with some interest for the last couple of years. Various splinter groups of the EDL tend to be more about “direct action” ie, illegal actions, or setting up networks of future extremist fighters (CxF, the various Infidel groups, EVF, NF, C18 and so on. I have come to the conclusion that street demos are a complete waste of time, they achive little but bad press and scaring the sheeple(the majority of whom only care about x factor, paying the bills and so on).
    The patriots of the UK need to take a left out of common purposes book. Sponser future leaders of politics, education, media and set up an alternative to the commie unions which do little to help the workers but the union workers and bosses are doing very nicely thankyou because of the idiots who pay the dues.
    Having met Paul socialy a couple of times I applaud his setting up liberty GB along with others who I have worked with in the now defunct British Freedom party. I count them as fellow travellers and friends. But, and it is a big but mind you, the 2015 elections are just around the corner and Liberty GB has no realistic chance of coming to power in the time frame. What every patriot in the UK MUST do at the next general election is to vote for the least objectinable party with a real chance of getting into power outright or being the major player in a future coallition government. We must vote for UKIP, infiltrate it, send in our sponsered or groomed candidates and take over the party from within, much as the islamists have done with the labour party (Who long ago abandoned the indiginous working classes in favour of the mass importation of third worlder goat herders to vote labour thus keeping them in power inperpetuity).
    I’m sorry Paul mate, I know UKIP will now have sweet FA to do with you after you left them to lead the BF,but this is the only way that I can see at present in which we have a chance of taking back our once great land and that is all there is to it mate.
    In closing I will say this, Rust never sleeps and neither should we as time is getting shorter by the day so put aside petty squabbles man up and do the right thing England, your unborn desendants are counting on you today.

    • “I have come to the conclusion that street demos are a complete waste of time, they achive little but bad press and scaring the sheeple”

      I don’t agree. As I’ve argued here before, the EDL has achieved amazing results — considering that it is unfunded, anarchic, untrained, treading in a political minefield, and made up of people who would rather be doing something else!

      EDL has had less support from the politicians, the middle class, and the media than the IRA had in the 1970s. Even the Paedophile Information Exchange in the 1980s was being supported by the civil rights organisations (the same civil rights organisations have remained silent in the last 3 years as the government has imposed 3 month bans on political demonstrations, imprisoned people for “religious hatred” for carrying the Israeli flag, and given people 10 year banning orders stopping them from going to demonstrations).

      Against a backdrop where EDL has been reviled by both the nazis of the BNP & Combat 18, and the rape-cult of the SWP; by the so-called “Conservative” party and the Labour Party (self-styled defenders of the workers!); by the Church of England and British jews; by all the media… You would think EDL could not possibly achieve anything.

      Au contraire.

      The whole grooming gang scandal would have continued to be brushed under the carpet if not for EDL/Casuals United. Zakir Naik would not have been banned from entering Britain (I’m not in favour of him being banned, but it was almost certainly as a result of EDL threatening to protest outside the stadia where he was to speak). There are many other minor changes to muslim behaviour in Britain which have occurred since EDL was invented. One of these appears to be a drop in the number of white Britons murdered by gangs of racist muslims. . HNH would not have split from Searchlight. The black leftists feminists of the Centre for Secular Space would not be standing up against islamic-fascism. Cameron would never have said that multiculturalism had failed (3 years before that he was advocating that non-muslims in Britain start to learn from islam).

      EDL and casuals should not be aligned to any political party. They are doing two very different things. Political parties do not gain ground by being feared and by being disreputable (well, not outside of civil breakdown). EDL’s power (and the effects it has had) are based in the fact that it is feared, fearless and disreputable. God help our enemies if EDL ever got organised into the “street army” that the neo-fascist Left claim it is.

      I don’t expect LibertyGB to be in government in the next 10 years. But by the time the civil war is evident to most non-muslims in Britain, a party will be needed who can take control and be trusted. By then, LibLabCon will have been even more thoroughly infiltrated. Labour’s Lord Ahmed is a self-confessed islamist. The Tories’ Baroness Warsi lives with an ex-recruiter for Hizb ut Tahrir. The LibDems Fiyaz Mughal spends all his time on “conflict resolution” by manufacturing reports that claim EDL are white supremacists, and that violent muslims are actually victims.

      UKIP has shown itself to not be a serious party. If they end up in government it will be by accident rather than design.

      LibertyGB needs to be spending the next 10 years as Churchill did in the 1930s.

      • Agreed Joe, we are looking at the 2020 election. Not quite 10 years, but if we cannot do it by then, democracy will never achieve what we want to achieve.

  7. And she claims to be a Christian? One seems to recall Jesus saying ”render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s?” That actually means obeying the laws of the State one lives in……Not trying to undermine them by promoting revolution and genocide in cosy phrases, like ”peace and love” and some fantasy world they wish to impose on all Britons. I am married to a black South American but I don’t like or want multiculturalism thankyou. Do this ”Christian couple” read the state of affairs in North Korea? This nasty little Socialist is threatening to kill millions in a thermal nuclear war. If is is victorious, then the survivors like the existing North Koreans will live under a monocultural ideological nightmare. The country is one huge gulag.

    Perhaps the unnecessary deaths and enslavement of millions is what they mean by peace and love- the death never say much do they? Or do they mean ”love and peace” of The Great Leader?

    For a medical opinion I am not qualified to give one but I would surmise they ”unbalanced” and ”deluded” to say the least but most certainly amoral……

  8. p.s. In my opinion, Romney lost the last election in the U.S. because he and his campaign team refused to bring the rhetorical attack to the enemy. They allowed themselves to be slandered and maligned by the Obama’s minions without immediate and adequate responses. So, for example, some elderly people who would have voted for Romney were frightened by the deliberately-spread rumors that they would lose their medicare coverages under Romney. There were many other rumors deliberately spread by the Obama team.

    Now granted the media were almost all on Obama’s side. Nevertheless the media love a good fight and would have published good, fighting, rhetorical counters from the Romney camp. But those good counters were few.

    I realize that responding to many of the charges would be analogous to responding to the proverbial charge that you beat your wife. Nevertheless there are ways of responding as Paul Weston has just demonstrated. The leftists’ rhetorical attacks need to turned back upon them. Many of these leftists are suffering from the psychological defense mechanism known as reaction formation and are projecting their own racism out onto to others.

    Even ‘though Paul Weston’s response may not influence people like Sonia Gable, he will influence others who are not knowledgeable about the matter and who are not bound up in an ideological straight jacket as is Ms. Gable.

    We face a toxic mix of psychological denial (“denial is not a river in Egypt as we used to say), naivete, ignorance, cowardice, venality and leftist-ideology-as-a-secular-religion.

    Thank god for the internet.

  9. The left often give precedence to their ‘ feelings ‘ over reality and a belief that they have the mental power to control the world merely by their thinking, which is very often emotion. My ex was of this type and often burnt pans and left the iron on – I realised that she thought she had power over events and could control merely by wishing, opposed to dealing with ‘ the nuts and bolts ‘ – watching the pans etc and acting when needed.
    i recently had a chat with someone and it went like this –
    i see ukip did well.
    (reply )oh i don’t like that farage. i have a ….eh….coloured…half-cas….friend of mixed background and that farage hates foreigners.
    his wife is german and i bet he loves her – i said
    are you a racist too, angus ?

  10. p.p.s. In the 4th paragraph of the comment above, I meant “straitjacket.” Or psychological shackles.

  11. Sonia Gable says: “I have no problem with my neighbours having different cultures, faiths and heritage. Why should that be a problem? I go to my church, my neighbours on one side go to the mosque, my neighbours on the other side go to their Hindu temple, and other nearby neighbours go to their synagogue. That’s fine and our community is all the better for its cultural diversity … It is only the intolerance preached by the BNP and other far-right parties that causes divisions and problems”.

    If a community is all the better for cultural diversity, let members of all of these various cultures pray to their god(s) to make heaven inclusive as well. Up to now, people who get to paradise find their paradises segregated by religion. It is not just the BNP and other far-right parties who cause divisions and problems. The gods do it as well and their worshippers encourage them.

  12. “I oppose Islamists who preach intolerance as much as I oppose the far right.”

    A blatant lie. There is no record whatsoever of Sonia Gable or Searchlight ever having opposed any kind of islamo-fascist. It’s not like she is the woman on the Clapham omnibus, who uses the word “oppose” to mean “express opposition when asked my opinion”. She has been actively involved in a disruptive/exposing political organisation for 40 years. (As far as I can tell, it has been her career). When someone that actively engaged in politics claims to be “opposed” to something, there will be historical data in the public domain. No such data exists. Therefore it is a lie.

    Where was Sonia Gable’s opposition to the 2002 Hizb ut Tahrir conference, which attracted 10,000 islamo-nazis? Hizb ut Tahrir is a totalitarian islamic party who seek the genocidal destruction of homosexuals, to destroy jews, to create a pan-national fascist state, to gear the entire pan-national fascist state around permanent war, to institute gender apartheid making women 2nd class citizens, to institute religious apartheid making non-muslims 3rd class citizens. I do not believe the BNP have ever had 1,000 people at a conference, yet here was a confernce 10x that size, and Sonia Gable and Searchlight do not even mention Hizb ut Tahrir on the entire Searchlight website. I do not believe even the BNP had policies as extreme as those of Hizb ut Tahrir.

    Hope Not Hate was an arm of Searchlight. They split off from Searchlight a year or two ago. The pivotal event seemed to occur on November 11th 2010, when a principle HNH “reporter”/activist heard a bunch of muslims publicly proclaiming their support for Hitler and the Muslim Waffen SS (and seeking the return of both).

    Even then, Searchlight did not start to oppose these most-clearly-identifiable-Nazis-in-Britain. For HNH to make even a gesture of opposition to such islamo-Nazis, HNH had to split off from Searchlight. Searchlight has been around for 50 years, Hizb ut Tahrir has been around for 30 years; yet the only mention of Hizb ut Tahrir on the searchlight website is one that refers to the EDL, and is by the man from HNH who left Searchlight over their refusal to oppose islamic fascism. Clearly, Sonia Gable & Searchlight do not permit any opposition to of islamo-Nazism.

    The refusal of her and her organisation to oppose islamo-Nazis shows that she must be a racist: prima facie, it is the fact that most muslims are not white that leads her to not oppose them. She discriminates against fascists depending on the colour of their skin!

    We need a new McCarthy to root out these lying communists.

  13. The sinister, supreme paradox of Sonia Gable and of the Left generally: she wants to make war against those who want to make war not love.

    This distills the real meaning of the Left’s suicidal attempt to make “tolerance” into their highest arbiter of justice or truth.

    People who “want to make war not love” are, broadly speaking, conservatives. They are particularistic — they proceed from the particularity of their political community, in contrast to those who proceed from universalism, as does the Left (and much of the Right today, incidentally). Humanism is nihilism.

    Gable fails to grasp the primordial, indeed one might consider it an indemonstrable, self-evident (not obvious) truth that establishes the very grounds for any thinking.

    And it is this: her world without war would be a world without desire.

    A world of ultimate peace — a world without politics; a world without sovereign nation states; the oblivion of fundamental distinctions because all notions of good and bad, right and wrong are in principle equivalent — is a world in which the most vehement intolerance hardly fails to get exemption from such imperatives to equality. Because there are no rational grounds for preferring one “value” over another hardly means a decision won’t be made. Why not annihilate any other culture or people one so wishes?

    All desires seek to get what they think are good for themselves. Political people, which includes all of us in one sense or another, think they know what they presume to know, particularly regarding what is good for themselves. (People who hold the idea that political positions are just beliefs tend to think that they know this idea, not just believe it). So long as human beings have desires, they’ll disagree about the good. As long as they disagree about the good, they’ll form separate political communities centered around certain shared notions of good. Perpetuation of the political community presupposes defenders of the received form of rule — the shaping of individual souls to the received form of rule.

    Which means there will always be rulers and ruled. Man always finds himself in a political context. And here’s the pith: rulers need not accede to the wishes of the ruled if those wishes are merely predicated on idiosyncratic preference, will, or belief. Might would then make right.

    Objects of desire are never the product of desire. There is always the desire to get around desire: An ultimate peace is always a matter of will, not desire. Hence the willfulness — will to power — of the Left. The desire to put an end to politics is the essence of the Last Man. Spin that out enough, also of Nazism.

  14. If this lady believes in “diversity”, aka cultural relativism, then on what basis does she condemn people like Paul who wish to stand for traditional British values?

    If she is truly a believer in Christianity then she stands for Christian values, which even David Cameron has acknowledged form part of British culture (see Dave’s KJV Bible speech.) In which case she aligns herself with Paul, who is standing up for those traditional British values.

    On the other hand, if she really believes that she is merely making a “local” claim based on her own cultural values, which in accordance with the doctrines of cultural relativism have no more weight than the cultural values of anyone else, then she has no grounds for condemning anyone for doing anything, and that would include both the Communists and the Nazis, because they too were merely acting according to their own cultural values.

    So there are the horns of her dilemma – either she has no grounds to condemn anyone, or she aligns herself with Paul Weston.

    Which is it?

  15. One correction: Searchlight is not linked to Hope Not Hate and Unite Against Fascism. Since September 2011 there is no cooperation between Searchlight and HNH. We have worked with UAF on specific issues but have no organisational link.

    May I suggest to readers that to understand fully what I wrote, they should read my initial article Liberty It Isn’t, to which Paul Weston has linked above.

    Green Infidel suggests that I don’t identify with my faith, culture and identity. I do. It may be his problem that he does not know what my faith, culture and identity are.

    • Sonia, firstly, thank-you for coming on onto the site, it is brave of you.

      Secondly, I think those with whom you associate, and maybe yourself, have a tendancy to divide people into ‘victim’ groups and ‘oppressor’ groups. In doing so, you then feel justified in ‘loving’ one group whilst ‘hating’ another.

      This dictat always appears to come from ‘on high’ and becomes the ‘fashion’ of the moment. Of course to deviate from the current fashion is politically suicidal.

      Here in Sderot the guys next door shoot missiles at our children going to school. Many here are refugees from Tunisia, Morrocco, Egypt and Iraq. My wife’s family were dispossessed and thrown out of Bahgdad in the 50’s, for the crime of being Jewish.

      I would rather be here in Sderot than in the socialist utopia that your Christian ‘love’ espouses, for me, that ‘Christian’ love, morphing through anti-Zionism into out and out anti-Semitism has made me a refugee. Jews are once more targets in UK, and your organisation has done NOTHING!

      When I see searchlight and Unite stop acting like ‘die sturmer’ and the SA respectively, then I might find some respect.

      Actions have consequences, and the left has great difficulty coping with the unintended consequences of their actions. Note well that Nazism is just another form of the same ‘socialism’ that you espouse, and victims of ‘The Doctors Plot’ when Stalin started exterminating Jews, died just as horribly as my relatives left behind in Eastern Europe.

    • “One correction: Searchlight is not linked to Hope Not Hate ”

      Another lie. Or is it casuistry? Searchlight is as closely linked to HNH as the National Socialists were to the German Workers Party.

      Hope Not Hate is NO LONGER a part of Searchlight. But the only mention of Hizb ut Tahrir on Searchlight Magazine’s website, was by Nick Lowles of Hope Not Hate. How is it that your website has an article by him if you are not linked to Hope Not Hate? Searchlight is far more intimately linked to HNH than Brevik was ever linked to Gates of Vienna, Fjordman or Robert Spencer. I know you Leftists think that there is no such thing as truth, but come on. We weren’t born yesterday.

      HNH may no longer be a part of Searchlight, but you still have many years of historical links. But for 7 years the editor of your magazine had his own organisation, which used your magazine to tout his party line. Why do articles written by you appear on the HNH website?

      Most people have got better things to do than to interest themselves in the squabbling of you leftist neo-fascists. But here is the timeline of the recent split between Searchlight and HNH:

      Here is another, which explains why HNH and Searchlight split (for years HNH were aware of the truth of many of the things that EDL have campaigned about): Incredible that it took your two organisations another 5 years or so to split. No doubt if EDL had not come into existence, Nick Lowles would still be the editor of your magazine.

      The rift between HNH and Searchlight was brought about because HNH does recognise (in principle) that islam is fascistic (as Mawdudi, the greatest islamic thinker of the 20th century admitted). Searchlight is not opposed to fascism at all. Searchlight approves of fascism, provided that the victims of the fascists are white and non-muslim. Sadly, HNH haven’t put their knowledge into action, because they realise there is more money to be made by working with muslim organisations and talking up the threat of “white racists”.

      Meanwhile Searchlight has thrown its lot in with the communist rape-cult behind the UAF. Your organisation is happy to enable the jihadi-loving leaders of the UAF. Your organisation sees no problem with the UAF being funded by islamo-fascist organisations (including those whose leaders are wanted for genocide). Your organisation has no problem with the UAF supporting murderous homophobes and jew-haters.

      You and Gerry Gable will go down in British history as two of the most despised traitors of modern times.

      • It is correct that Searchlight and HNH were linked, but we are no longer. The Notes from the Borderland timeline is accurate. The split had nothing to do with the existence of the EDL. If you read the full Notes from the Borderland article in the printed magazine, the explanation is there.

        Searchlight wrote about Islamofascism and links between Nazis and Arab states many years ago, before Nick Lowles got interested in Islamist extremism. We oppose Islamist extremism, and any aspects of Islam that conflict with human rights and democracy, such as inequality (often amounting to oppression) for women in many Islamic states. However unlike Nick Lowles we are very careful about whom we enter into alliances with and try not to write about subjects outside our knowledge.

        We have not thrown in our lot with UAF but have cooperated on a limited basis. We do not support everything about UAF and its connections.

        • “Searchlight wrote about Islamofascism and links between Nazis and Arab states many years ago, before Nick Lowles got interested in Islamist extremism. ”

          Well, if that’s the case, I will readily apologise. I will be delighted if I have been misinformed these past 4 years. Can you please provide URLs showing evidence that Searchlight has done what you say. For instance, Peter Tatchell was protesting about and exposing Hizb ut Tahrir throughout the 1990s, and the evidence of that is up on his website.

          By any stretch of the imagination, Hizb ut Tahrir is an islamic fascist party (they are banned in many countries because of their anti-semitism). Can you show us where Searchlight have hounded this organisation and exposed them. I regard them as a far greater threat than the BNP or the National Front. If the BNP was getting 10,000 members to attend a conference in Wembley I’d be giving money to organisations like Searchlight or HNH to oppose them. I have been to seminars by well-to-do, educated people from mainstream parties, people interested in islamic extremism, and they were under the mistaken impression that Hizb ut Tahrir had been banned years ago, whereas Hizb ut Tahrir is still active.

          Also, are there Searchlight publications highlighting which of the muslim organisations in Britain are Muslim Brotherhood fronts (since according to texts from the 1950s by Muslim Brotherhood acolytes, the Brotherhood was modelled on the Nazi Party).

    • @ Sonia Gable – “Green Infidel suggests that I don’t identify with my faith, culture and identity. I do. It may be his problem that he does not know what my faith, culture and identity are.”

      Ok, so you identify with them. And assuming that this faith is in the Jesus you mentioned earlier – what do Searchlight (and the rest of the “anti-fascists”) have to say about converts from Islam to believing in this same Jesus being harassed and abused in Britain itself, by Muslims? Any statements from Searchlight on the blatantly racialy-motivated grooming of underage white English girls by “Asian” youths (mostly of Pakistani heritage)? Finally – any word on those carrying “Islam will dominate” placards alongside “anti-fascists” in marches against the EDL? For a group prizing itself on being “anti-fascist”, and for someone supposedly “identifying” with her faith, you seem strangely quiet when it comes to speaking out against abusive (or even “fascist”?) behaviour directed against this same faith and heritage.

      • Channel 4 made a documentary showing muslims in Bradford who converted to christianity. They were subject to violent abuse, arson, etc. They had to travel to their church with their heads covered in the back of a car. The church had to be surrounded by a ring of police.

        When I tell this to people who have not seen the documentary, they are incredulous.

  16. Sonia is the one that possess the supremacy as she imposes her mono worldveiw on her neighbours, negating the possibility that the neighbours may have sociopolitical appetites and aversions that are violently opposed to her own existence.

    Ultimately when the neighbour’s reality kicks in her front door Sonia will have two choices submit or use force to defend her supremacy.

    • Unlike you, I don’t want to impose my world view on anyone. Live and let live. I advocate Christian principles but do not try to impose them. Do you understand the difference?

      Violent extremists are a minority in any culture and should be dealt with through the usual channels: police, courts, prisons, deportation where relevant. Those of your world view in the EDL are very familiar with how the British criminal justice system deals with their sort.

      • Propagandists for Islam call people who tell the truth about Islam, bigots and racists. Islam is NOT a race! It is a totalitarian, POLITICAL system dressed up in religious clothing!

        Quran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

        Mosques (military command centers) OBEY Quran commands and preach VIOLENT jihad against intensely hated non-Muslims: At Least 80% U.S. Mosques Promote Violent Jihad

        ….Allah’s order to “kill the unbelievers wherever you find them” is an
        injunction, not a suggestion. “When we destroy a population,” Allah
        says, “then we destroy them utterly” (17:16-17)…..”fight those who do
        not profess the true faith till they pay the jiziya (poll tax) with the
        hand of humility.”

        Muhammad invented jihad in his lifetime; Islam was spread by jihad in its first century, and it has been defined by jihad ever since. Islam had developed a doctrine, legal system, and historical practice of
        mandatory violence against nonbelievers…

        Muhammad’s early followers adopted bloodshed and terrorism as a divinely ordained method….

        At Least 80% U.S. Mosques Promote Violent Jihad

        Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Quran 8:39)

      • Unlike you, I don’t want to impose my world view on anyone.

        Your political journey suggests otherwise, given your words can only then assume that all your imposing political activism is merely 9 to 5 mischievous making to pay the mortgage.

      • “Unlike you, I don’t want to impose my world view on anyone. Live and let live.”

        Tell that to Alan Lake. It’s “live and let live” – unless you try to exercise your democratic right to peacefully protest and support the political group of your choice, in which case “live and let live” becomes “expose” and “hound out of their job”. And maybe, in the ideal world of many “anti-fascists”, “Send off to Gulag for re-education”.

        • “Unlike you, I don’t want to impose my world view on anyone.”

          In the article to which Comrade Sonya refers us to, she describes “LibertyGB” as a fascist party. So very christian of her. She and her organisation give a free pass to muslims who describe themselves openly as fascist, muslims who want to exterminate jews and gays, muslims who call other muslims to become mass-murderers.

          Yet be so bold as to suggest you want to prevent genocide and civil war (without converting to islam) and Comrade Sonya describes will describe you as “fascist”.

  17. As for her saying that her debating opponent is “confusing issues” – that is just lefty speak for “You’re talking about something I don’t want to talk about because it undermines my fabulous utopia and I have no answer to it! – Don’t talk about reality to me, I want to keep dreaming!”

  18. I grew up in an England full of anti-British ideological brainwashing by the left. Teachers, the mass media, music, films all made sure I grew up knowing the bad history of Empire and slavery etc.

    But then I began to think for myself.

    Why are we taught about one slave trade only? We, in that story, is the role of Islamic slave traders and African slave markets missed out? Why do I know that black African slaves were shipped to America, but not white slaves captured and taken from the British Isles to Africa?

    The figures tell it all.

    Around 645,000 black Africans ended up in north America. Up to 1,250,000 white slaves were captured from the coasts of Europe including 100,000’s from Britain. Perhaps 20,000 black slaves were taken to the America’s by Europeans but 160,000,000+ taken by Islamic slavers to Arabia.

    But are there ever films/TV programs about this?

    Recently a drunken old Kiwi woman abused and threatened me when I pointed to a poster featuring Lord Kitchener (British people know the image) in a bar and said perhaps his positive contribution to history had been forgotten. Because what leftists refuse to acknowledge, it was at the ‘Battle of Omdurman’ in 1898 and the ‘Battle of Umm Diwaykarat’ the year after, that the viscous, centuries old Islamic slave trade was ended.

    The battles were brutal and the British forces showed no mercy. Even Churchill was horrified. But it ended Islamic brutality and led to the end of the cruel Ottoman Empire.

    Which brings me to my second point.

    Said Kiwi, during her tantrum, was ranting about Galipoli. There is no doubt that this was a terrible occasion and blame partly rests with bad decisions by the British command. But she also ranted about “we were attacking their country. Like the Germans in France in WW2” .

    And there you have it! It was not the Ottoman Empire which was to blame because this was a good Empire. It was the British Empire which was to blame.

    Now I am not as pro British Empire as I may sound. Not least because our cities are now full of people who have only moved here because of this link. (Though why they would want to come to live in a brutal Imperialist and racist country I don’t know.)

    But I am able to understand that the Ottoman Empire was no pure beauty full of the love of human kind which the [person I believe to be unintelligent] Sonia Gable seems to believe would flourish, if only nasty white Europeans would let it.

    It was their guns which cut down the Kiwi’s and Aussi’s after all.

    (Non the less I do think the job of the left was made easier by groups like the NF and BNP. It was easy to draw an organizational line from actual fascists and horrific anti-Semites, to them today. The argument was handed to them on a plate. We desperately need a clean leadership, such as Geert Wilders as they can’t then draw these links.)

    • “the job of the left was made easier by groups like the NF and BNP. It was easy to draw an organizational line from actual fascists and horrific anti-Semites, to them today. The argument was handed to them on a plate. ”

      I completely agree. The BNP has served its purpose very well.

      The BNP is controlled by MI5. MI5 and its allies have a budget commensurate with that of the Metropolitan Police. 7 million residents of London, plus millions of commuters and tourists are managed by that budget. The Met even pays for political infiltrators out of their budget (The Met had 15 undercover officers working full-time as infiltrators within the Green movement; it stands to reason they have at least that number within the BNP, etc.)

      What does MI5 do with their £billions? Bat Yeor adequately demonstrates that islamisation of Europe is part of the EU project. The way to enable that is to ensure that nationalism is associated with National Socialism. Amazingly, socialism comes out of this unscathed (even when British socialists of the 1930s were just as keen on eugenics as the Nazis; the Fabian socialists still control the British Labour Party).

      Only a fool would think that the people of Britain have chosen to be part of a United States of Europe. We are being eased into it by those who think they know better, or who think it is to the advantage of their class. And in easing us into it, one of the best ways is to make sure that the party contesting membership of the EU should be associated with racism and nazism.

    • Small corrections:

      Why, in that story, is the role of Islamic slave traders and African slave markets missed out?

      “perhaps 20,000,000 black slaves were taken to the America’s (mostly to Brazil btw – 15,000,000).”

      @Joe, agreed. Definite infiltration by the spooks. It destroyed the white working class for one thing. The cockneys have been cleansed out of London, never to return. A tragedy.

  19. I would urge against using the language of the enemy, i.e. such ideological coinages as “racist”, “sexist”, “homophobic”, etc., whose built-in assumptions skew the outcome of any debate before it has even got under way. (Quite apart from this, such language is ugly and illiterate.) Even to turn such language against its votaries is to concede its assumptions, and thus to conduct the debate on their terms.

    Sonia Gable gives herself away by her use of the word “homogenous”, a leftist shibboleth (since the word is properly “homogeneous”). And why she should believe that it is necessary to hold the indigenous population of a long-established nation to preposterously high levels of racial “purity” (a criterion whose goalposts can be tactically shifted almost indefinitely) in order to prove their entitlement to call the country their own?

  20. “Defending victims of violence and injustice, and the exercise of justice are part of that. I follow what Jesus taught. ”

    Jesus taught to turn the other cheek when someone slaps you, he never mentioned being stabbed in the back.

  21. I was disappointed in Westons argument with Sonia. I wouldn’t last five minutes with her but i expect something more from our defenders wanting support. Not sure what, but i will recognize it when I see it.

    Sonia said; “I condemn all regimes that have carried out mass murders including the ones you mention.”

    That answer avoids the issue of mass murders and tyranny of Communism. The ‘regime’ uses a political idealogy to guide and justify it’s actions. Communism and fascism are both extreme left on the scale of power. The extreme right would be an anarchist.

    • Why wouldn’t you last five minutes with Sonia Gable? She doesn’t strike me as any kind of argumentative powerhouse.

      The main difficulty in arguing with people like her (i.e. the multiculturalist, post-Gramscian left) isn’t their towering intellects, or the irresistible force of their reasoning, but the fact that they start from a presumption of error and/or wickedness on the part of their adversaries.

      In other words, their minds are closed to counter-arguments, and their sole concern to defend beliefs that they regard as non-negotiable by the use of rhetoric, slander and ridicule.

  22. Interesting exchange.

    I’ve noticed the Left’s tendency to deny what they are. In this case, Gable is a Communist but denies it (since the 100 million deaths part might make her case a tad weak). Similarly, when pressed, they will agree with some main points: Intolerant Muslims kill people and they are ‘opposed’ to this. However, this is followed by a) a claim that only ‘radical’ Muslims are like this (and the implication is that this is a fraction of a fraction of ‘peaceful’ Muslims) and b) Christians are violent too (with an appeal to the 700 year old Crusades – which were initially a defensive war anyway).

    One point that Weston makes is wrong: the majority of wars have not been fought over or about religion. Only 7% of wars (1,763 documented wars – see ‘Encyclopedia of Wars’ by Charles Phillips and Alan Axelrod – 123 are classified as ‘religious’ – note that 66 of these ‘religious’ wars involved Islam – 54% of ALL religious wars). So, Weston should modify his position to state that ‘of the wars that have been fought over religion, throughout human history, over HALF involved Islam’.

    Otherwise, well done.

  23. “I go to my church, my neighbours on one side go to the mosque, my neighbours on the other side go to their Hindu temple, and other nearby neighbours go to their synagogue. That’s fine and our community is all the better for its cultural diversity.”

    There are NO neighborhoods like this. Not for long anyway. There are no diverse neighnorhoods, only ones going from all of one thing to all of another. Soon this idealistic neighborhood of hers will sort itself out into ghettos. She is blind if she doesn’t see it.

    • In our towns and cities there are white pensioners who are basically in sit-in occupation of their community centre, because they know from neighbouring areas that once muslims get to occupy the community centre it will be taken over and the white people will not be allowed in.

      When I go near my enriched “community centre” muslims come out to stop me and say “what are you doing here”. The council (who own the building) complain that they cannot even have community-related meetings in the building. I spoke to old people who live in the area who say they were forced out by muslim gangs years ago.

      Here’s the truth about life for non-muslims in muslim ghettoes around Britain. Watch these videos and see how it is both elderly white and black residents being the victims of violent abuse from muslim gangs.

      I used to be one of those deluded leftists. Until I lived in a muslim ghetto for 10 years and heard them bragging about their gangs of violent racists, heard about them sealing off public parks and making them “muslim only”, heard the old ladies talk about being beaten and spat at to force them out of their community centres, saw the muslims push me into the gutter as they came out of their mosques after Friday prayers.

      None of this is “exposed” by Searchlight. But you can be sure, those racists at Searchlight would “expose” it if it was white people treating muslims this way.

      • yes, it is remarkable that the left/feminists have spent years ‘campaigning’ against sexism yet as soon as there was viable evidence that dozens (hundreds?) of white girls had been pimped, raped, abused (and probably chopped up and eaten) by an endless stream of Pakistani men (and assorted other Muslims) the ‘left’ was either silent or, in the case of the UAF creators the SWP, defended the men in actuality and in print.

        In Pakistan up to 100 Shia’s (plus Christians) a day are being blown up/chopped up by Sunni’s but all the left demonstrates against is US ‘Imperialism’.

        The Lebanon is riven by blood thirsty Muslim civil warriors taking pot shots at each other (nothing says I hate you like a Shia vs an Alawite vs a Sunni) but left wing journalists such as Robert Fisk endlessly bleat about western racism.

        The civil war in Europe may begin with Muslims attacking white people, but if they win it will end with Muslims blowing each other up.

      • “I used to be one of those deluded leftists. Until I lived in a muslim ghetto for 10 years and heard them bragging about their gangs of violent racists…”

        There may be hope yet for Searchlight members!

        • “There may be hope yet for Searchlight members!”

          Despite what Comrade Sonya the neo-fascist says, HNH did split from Searchlight because of the existence of EDL. It is clear that the chasm existed between HNH & Searchlight/UAF from 2005.

          At the end of 2011, when HNH attended an EDL demonstration on Armistice Day, and heard a group of 20 observant muslims shouting their support for Hitler & the muslim Waffen SS, the split between HNH and Searchlight + UAF + Genocidal Muslims followed.

          Without the EDL protesting against these islamic nazis, the neo-fascist Left could pretend that their mascots were not nazis. That is what the Left had been doing for 20 to 30 years.

          They could ignore Hizb ut Tahrir having a conference in Wembley attended by 10,000 nazis (if no-one is there to protest about it and bring 100s of police and photographers onto the streets, the leftist friends of Searchlight in the media don’t bother to report it, and there is nothing for the neo-fascist Left to explain: they are “the good guys”, defending jews and blacks and muslims from “white neo-nazis” — that story makes them feel like they are righteous and earns them dosh).

          As the above article from shows, Comrade Sonya and her organisation knew that there were 100s of vulnerable white girls being groomed, seduced and raped by gangs of muslim men. And Comrade Sonya decided that it was better to let that continue than to risk stepping away from the party line, which was to support genocidal islamic nazis at all costs. I’m sure the sacrifice of some poorly-educated, abandoned children was insignificant, once you’ve spent years supporting people dedicated to the extermination of jews, gays, christians and buddhists.

          The work of EDL & Casuals United in making the authorities apply the law equally to muslim paedophiles & rapists drained the UAF of support. The UAF chose to actually demonstrate for the paedophiles & rapists of young working-class girls! As we now know, the SWP is a rape-cult, so we shouldn’t have been surprised.

          From the end of 2010 and through 2011, support drained away from UAF. Individual students and trade unionists realised they had more in common with the causes of the EDL than they did with the UAF/Searchlight and their child-rapits/genocidal nazis. As this report from another deluded leftist supporter of UAF notes, by 2012 the UAF conference was half the size it had been in previous years.

          Like Searchlight, UAF has no concept of truth. So they will not admit that their numbers have plummetted. They will not admit that they now rely on muslims for their body count, and for genocidal islamic organisations for financial support. But look at at this report from their 2013 conference: no photos. They claim 400 attendees, but they claimed that at the 2012 conference, when the hall (which holds 400) was shown in photos to be half-empty. Just as the UAF played a numbers game with demos (which they lost), they play the same game with their conferences. (I’m going to go to the next one and take my own photos to show how they have fallen). Because they know they have no principles which are not severely compromised, they have to pretend they are right just because of the relative number of people who support them. It is one of the essential features of fascism: “never mind the cause, look how many support it!”

          Comrade Sonya is on here protesting her christianity, whilst on her own website she continues to call Paul Weston a fascist. Comrade Sonya (like the French Communist Party) knows that the population of Europe are turning on people like her. That’s why she’s claiming to be a christian. She and her organisation hold out people like Paul Weston and Alan Lake to be assassinated, just as the Dutch Left did with Pim Fortuyn.

          They will go down in history as traitors. Within a decade there will be journalists and academics who will examine the evidence and conclude that Sonya Gable was one of those who enabled islamic nazis to take over 20 major muslim organisations in Britain and who stood by for years whilst vulnerable white girls were raped and turned into drug addicts and prostitutes.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if Searchlight wasn’t run by the same MI5 handlers as the BNP.

          • “At the end of 2011, when HNH attended an EDL demonstration on Armistice Day, and heard a group of 20 observant muslims shouting their support for Hitler & the muslim Waffen SS, the split between HNH and Searchlight + UAF + Genocidal Muslims followed.”

            Among Hope Not Hate’s other actions was “mapping the counter-jihad”, and placing the historian Lars Hedegaard near the top of the list alongside Anders Breivik. The only redeeming fact for that organisation seems to be that Searchlight are even worse – which goes to show how extreme the “anti-fascists” really are…

          • There is not much point replying to you and your comrades as you just repeat the same old lies, so I will just deal with one of your accusations: grooming. Searchlight worked with Ann Cryer ten years ago to expose this problem and do something about it, so just take your baseless accusations and stick them where the sun don’t shine.

          • “I will just deal with one of your accusations: grooming. Searchlight worked with Ann Cryer ten years ago to expose this problem and do something about it, so just take your baseless accusations and stick them where the sun don’t shine.”

            Well, if that’s true, then again I will offer to apologise to you. But where is the evidence?

            You have already claimed that you and Searchlight have publicly exposed the islamic nazi party Hizb ut Tahir. I told you that if you provided URLs I would apologise to you over that allegation. Yet you’ve ignored my request. Surely, you don’t expect us to take your word on this, do you? You don’t take Paul Weston’s word on his motives (you accuse him of being a fascist, when his party is explicitly named to be concerned with freedom). My google search for any document on your website referring to Hizb ut Tahrir, returned 1 document, and that by someone whom you know claim has no links with your organisation. Your organisation is all about collecting evidence, and yet you can’t provide a shred of evidence that you opposed an islamic nazi party who have existed longer than the BNP and who were capable of getting 10,000 people to their conference.

            When I first started to study this subject 5 years ago, I was in disbelief that a fascist party as big as Hizb ut Tahrir existed. “How come organisations like Searchlight have not publicised this”, I asked myself. The only progressive person I could find who had spent time exposing them, was little old Peter Tatchell, and he apparently gave up, getting no support from any leftwing group.

            I ask you the same thing about Ann Cryer. Since you claim to have worked with Anne Cryer over this matter, where are the links to your website? I would be interested to see what angle you used to relate these grooming gangs to islam. On the face of it, these predatory grooming/raping gangs have nothing to do with islam (the fascist connection is far more obvious with Hizb ut Tahrir, yet there is no evidence you have ever exposed them!) Only those who know about the hatred that muslims are taught for the kafir or who know that under islamic law muslims can take slaves, would make the connection between islam and these grooming gangs. That is the only way in which Searchlight could have connected these grooming gangs to fascism. Or are you claiming that you exposed these gangs as a form of systematic racist abuse? That would be another way to view it. But until you provide some evidence, we’ll never know if what you are saying is true or false.

            The article from to which I referred earlier insists that UAF, HNH & Searchlight were embroiled in legal action over these grooming gangs back in 2005. So, where is the evidence that you and your organisation did anything to help these girls?

            This whole exchange on Gates of Vienna has come about because you had the time to write an article calling Paul Weston and his new party “fascists” (a word which for you appears to have lost any connection with Mussolini, militarism or corporatism, and is just used to smear those with whom you disagree). So, if you’ve got the time to write articles about this “hopeless grouplet” called LibertyGB, surely you had the time to write some articles about these 100s of vulnerable working-class girls, betrayed by the system, and led into lives of addiction, rape, and prostitution by misogynistic men from a culture imbued with religious fascism?

            I would love you to prove me wrong. I feel so ashamed for having supported leftwing organisations for decades, only to find out that they were prepared to sacrifice vulnerable young girls like they have for decades. After struggling with my own political identiy over the last 4 years, I can no longer describe myself as “leftwing”, because I cannot bring myself to identify or associate with those who did nothing to stop Hizb ut Tahrir, did nothing to help these poor girls. I can’t bring myself to vote Tory, because I my hatred for them goes too deep. But I’ll bet there are several million people like me who feel betrayed by those we thought were honourable people, fighting the good fight.

            Please, provide me with the URLs that show you did speak out about this and about Hizb ut Tahrir. I want to stop hating Searchlight for their betrayal of these girls, their betrayal of muslim women, their betrayal of gay people, their betrayal of apostates, their betrayal of democracy, their betrayal of equality under the law.

            Trust me, if you provide those URLs I will say that Searchlight showed moral leadership and integrity whilst others shirked their responsibilities.

  24. Quote:
    There have been many dictatorial regimes in the world that have been responsible for murders. All are execrable but especially those such as the Nazis that carried out genocide.

    What about the Turkish genocides against Armenian and Greek Christians of 1900-1923, Sonia?
    Any facile judgment there?
    How does “Hope Against Hate” approach non-Western atrocities against Westerners precipitating the takeover of the Byzantine Empire and much later in River War, Sonia?
    How about those 813 men, brutalized for their Western culture and Christian faith in 1480 at Otranto, the same ones so recently canonized by the Pope Emeritus Benedict?
    Any word there? Is your sense of injustice activated for your own people, the girls who have been so recently raped and passed from hand to hand?
    Do you know the difference between the conduct of an enemy and the conduct of a friend?
    If you think history begins at 1649, you are worse than ignorant– you are willfully stupid.

    • All genocides are wrong, all rape is wrong, whoever the victims. That’s what you don’t understand. Your concern is limited to people who match certain criteria that you determine. God loves all people regardless of ethnicity or culture. Jesus came on earth for everyone. The three Magi, or kings, who journeyed to bring gifts for the baby Jesus came from the far corners of the world. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI wrote: “In the kingdom of Jesus Christ there are no distinctions of race and origin. In and through the black king humanity is united, yet without losing any of the richness of variety.”

      • For me Islam is a political religious ideology, your reply here is designed to call the people here as racists, but for you to have made that distinction, you must link in your own mind Islam with the Arab people. I think madam that you are the racist!

      • Hello Sonia, nice to see you over here!

        You are fortunate in finding so much to love in so many cultures. It must be a great blessing.

        In order of merit, what would be the five things you love the most about traditional Britian, in terms of its culture and people?

        • Not sure about traditional Britain, which is not really my culture, but what I like best about this country is its values such as (in no particular 0rder) justice, democracy, fairness, freedom, charity and its traditional welcome to refugees. These values are not always upheld of course, but I think still underlie British culture.

          • Your five examples could be about about any liberal democracy, not necessarily England/Britain. There are so many things to genuinely love about this country, yet you reel off a socio/political screed with no sense of any deeper feeling about the unique characteristics that make us what we are. I also note you make NO reference to the traditional people at all…….Your hateful attitude to the European race sends cold shivers down my spine.

            Prior to the extermination of a race they must first be de-legitimised. Is this your intention Sonia? You are no different to your genocidal, ideological 20th century Comrades.

            Are they ALL like you in Hope not Hate, and Unite Against Fascism? I rather suspect so.

          • Paul, what is the “European race”? You refer to the “traditional people” of England/Britain, but Europe encompasses very diverse countries and peoples. Do you love them all, including Poles and Romanians? I doubt it.

            I am a central European. There are things I love about all the countries of Europe I have visited. I think the values I listed are important and the fact that they are shared by other countries does not make them any less valid. Why should it?

            I note you don’t say what you love about England/Britain. All you are interested in is attacking me. Whatever I say you will twist and attack it. It proves you are not interested in reducing conflict in British society and following a moral path, but only in increasing hate and community tension. In demonstrating that, this exchange has been useful.

          • Sonia – & do you think all the cultural groups emigrating en-masse into Britain will also put the same value on the “justice, democracy, fairness, freedom, charity and traditional welcome to refugees” that you believe distinguish the modern Britain?

            If not – what effects could the presence in Britain of large numbers of people not sharing these values have – especially if they possess higher birth rates than everyone else?

          • Sonia, you have been now been pretty much shredded and exposed as the racist and fascist you so clearly are. I’m not surprised Searchlight advocates a “no platform for the right policy” when you are completely unable to mount a coherent, logical, moral argument.

            Extreme left-wingers who once supported the murder of over 100 million people as a necessary casualty in their march toward a socialist utopia are now siding with a political/religious ideology that is an exact mirror of Nazism.

            Your claims of peace, love and goodwill cut no ice. We are all aware of the long term plans of the 1930’s Comintern, and I see you pushing that today with your support of the most anti-Western ideology on the planet.

            You and your fellow travellers at HnH and UAF are a sordid, murderous, racist stain on the moral fabric of Western civilisation.

      • “All genocides are wrong, all rape is wrong, ”

        More insincere cant from Ms. Gable. You happily work with the UAF. The UAF is run by the SWP rape-cult. The UAF is financed by the islamic Forum for Europe, MCB, and East London Mosque (three of the largest muslim organisations in Britain contolled by Jamaat-e-Islami).

        Jamaat-e-Islami is a genocidal islamo-fascist party.

        Mawdudi, the “greatest islamic thinker of the 20th century”, the man who admitted that islam was fascistic, the man who inspired Ayatollah Khomeini and the Muslim Brotherhood (a jew-hating nazi party), was the FOUNDER of that genocidal party.

        Please drop the I-am-a-christian-{redacted & edited] “manure”. Given the history of Searchlight exposing neo-nazis, you have NO EXCUSE for not knowing all of this.

        Actions speak louder than words. Searchlight is a racist, neo-fascist organisation.

      • Funny, Sonia, that you haven’t spoken out and haven’t opposed–in any substantial way– the hatred of non-believers and the violent jihad preached in most (if not all) of the mosques–at least in all those which recite and teach from the Koran and the Hadith and Sira.

        If I were to employ the tactics you and your group use, I would say that you are a “sanctimonious hypocrite.” But of course I wouldn’t say that–so I’ll leave it for others to judge.

        • Baron, If you prefer that I re-word my comment to say that I think that Sonia Gable is guilty of sanctimonious hypocrisy. That way I could not be considered guilty of an ad homenum attack.

        • re:

          “…the hatred of non-believers and the violent jihad preached in most (if not all) of the mosques…”-Independent

          Independent – it’s not “most” but “ALL” mosques and involved every Muslim who recites the most common prayer in Islam. . .

          The Fatiha (Opening) is the first sura (chapter) of the Qur’an and most common prayer of Islam. If you’re a pious Muslim who prays the five requisite daily prayers of Islam, you will recite the Fatiha seventeen times in the course of those prayers.

          From Wafa Sultan’s book“A God Who Hates” pg. 168:

          “A Muslim prays five times a day, and on each occasion he recites the Fatiha, the first verse of the Koran, a number of times. This verse describes Christians as “those who have gone astray” and Jews as “those who have incurred Your wrath.” We see from this that Muslims ‘execrate’ Christians and Jews a number of times in the course of a single prayer, which they repeat five times a day.

          ‘execrate’ – an enlightening term . . .let’s explore, shall we?

          execrate –verb
          1. to detest utterly; abhor; abominate.
          2. to curse; imprecate evil upon; damn; denounce:
          He execrated all who opposed him.

          No mosque – anywhere, in which the call to prayer takes place, and in which congregants chant the fatiha – is interested in building bridges or extending tolerance. They are however fully intent on gaining exceptional degrees of tolerance from all non-believers. When it comes to Islam, tolerance is a one way street. Believe it or else.

      • You’re assuming that I think certain things I did not, in fact, assert. Your error in reading and in judgment is a common one in political discourse in the Anglo-American world and elsewhere.
        You assume opinions not in evidence.
        And therein, your case for the presence of open-mindedness, tolerance and forbearance in your own thought is weak.
        Ever read about Famagusta, 1570, Lepanto, 1571?
        Does the West have any future as the West in Europe?
        I doubt it.
        And where the West finds itself foreign, which will be in the entire globe soon, it will be forgotten.
        The story of Joan of Arc is a good example.
        Not much of a multiculturalist there. No. She fought for the integrity of France.
        The admiration and veneration of her are things that would offend certain peoples, and probably does offend them sorely.
        And under the banner of multiculturalism, this “Maid of Orleans” will easily be forgotten, because her case was not yours, madam.
        You defend nothing.
        Retain nothing.
        What is the point of your citizenship?
        What is even the point of your life?

      • What race is Islam, Sonia?
        “Racism” is a magic word in the West, and the Muslims use it in that way.
        They know that all they have to do is claim “racism” and Westerners will cringe. You cringe. Just as desired.
        How obedient you are!
        How well you have submitted!
        How Sharia compliant you are!
        How . . . not English you are.

      • “God loves all people regardless of ethnicity or culture. Jesus came on earth for everyone. The three Magi, or kings, who journeyed to bring gifts for the baby Jesus came from the far corners of the world…”

        Sonia- you’re well intentioned. I freely grant you this. Your comments, however, sum up your entire problem. What they betray is the belief that all borders — all privileging of political communities to perpetuate themselves according their own traditions and received forms of rule — are arbitrary. And if arbitrary, then all cultures are equal. No discrimination.

        But if all are equal, there’s no rational ground for preferring one particular culture or political community to another. Why not then anathematize (as you do) those who wish to protect and perpetuate the particularity of your own country? But more telling: how faithful is that to your otherwise vaunted demands for equality and non-discrimination? Your grounds for non-discrimination are groundless.

        If you understood your presuppositions correctly, you would see as I explained above, that you do in fact wish to make “war” against those who want to make war (or are prepared to make war) not love. Your claim not to impose your will on society is dishonest. You wish to educate everyone else in a certain teaching, whereby all must cease to believe that any particular way of life is right, true, or better than some other way of life — exemption, of course, for that way of life that disbelieves any are better, right or true. This is the real meaning of your “God of love” — your hyper apolitical politics. One must have a given way of life that is already taken to be authoritative before one can even be remotely sure that your transcending of political obligation is at all legitimate.

        And as I already said, love always implies war. Objects of desire are never a product of desire itself. The objects are susceptible to random change.

    • I must say I had not noticed the canonisation of the 813 Blessed Martyrs of Otranto; it was not widely reported in the mainstream media I think. I welcome Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s act, it was right.

      • But the EDL is not populated by whites alone. The fact is that the historical culture and identity of England are important to people in other racial/ethnic and religious groups living in England, particularly those which have been oppressed by the Ummah in the past. The most notable of these are the Hindus and Sikhs, who have had genocidal conditions imposed on them from the late Middle Ages by none other than the Ummah! There are people of African descent who have not forgotten the Muslim slave trades across the Sahara and along the Indian Ocean littoral, which existed long before and several decades after the Atlantic slave trade. Do you think they’ll tolerate Muslim power? Not if they have an ounce of confidence in their integrity as human beings.
        The charge of racism is worse than bogus. For the magic of the “racism” charge, I would answer Otranto, Famagusta, Lepanto and Vienna. The will to destroy other cultures is the very heart of the Ummah– this is the message of history, it cannot be denied.

      • Aren’t terrorists defined by the use of terror against helpless populations?
        The Muslim population of Britain is far, far from HELPLESS.
        Violence defines all the relationships within and beyond the Ummah.

    • Baroness Warsi shares a flat with an ex-member of Hizb ut Tahrir. The Conservative Party has been infiltratred by islamic fascists from top to bottom.

      • Conservatives, generally, don’t see themselves as being ‘played.’

        The average person presumes that all others are speaking from the heart in matters, political.

        Should anyone proffer the notion that this or that activist is an agent, a fake, the general tendency is to presume that such allegations are from a kook.

        Yet, history shows that Communists are infatuated with penetrating ‘enemy ranks’ — particularly while voting is honest.

        Films like Triple Cross, Dark Journey, … too many to list catalog a stream of history and fiction wherein the players are all flying false colors.

        It’s now universally acknowledged that the Americans and Russians fought for votes in post war Europe.

        Yet, somehow there’s the presumption that such gambits didn’t extend back into America. Certainly Voice of America was aimed at the Soviet polity. Russia’s style was Active Measures — launched by ‘Central’ aka The First Directorate of the NKVD — later The First Directorate of the KGB — still later The First Directorate of the SVR.

        The term ‘Central’ did not originate in spy novels — it came from enemy spy slang. In the CIA, HQ became known as the ‘Company.’

        FYI: Putin, himself, was a First Directorate man. Long after ‘leaving’ the KGB, Putin gave speaches to the (KGB/SVR) troops — pledging his undying loyalty to his old comrades in arms. (deceits; lies are an agents fighting weapons)

        FYI: the KGB/SVR has many Directorates. The First Directorate is by f a r the most prestigious — and gets absolutely the first call on brains and talent. It out ‘draws’ A L L other state organs, every last one. What this means in practice is that all such agents have a minimum IQ past 135. It’s a big country — and the First Directorate doesn’t have all that many slots to fill. Putin, himself, has a genius IQ, of course. ( Based upon his CV I estimate 150+)

        It’s interesting to see that Putin is S T I L L focused upon the West — when his real threat is Red China. This apparent focus, itself, is likely to be a dodge. By now Putin has deduced the deep game — but is constrained. His shift against Red China has to be presented as an anti-American gambit.

        And so it is: Putin is sending strategic bombers to Guam — shaking out the ‘rust’ — sending crossed signals to Red China, Japan, Korea and America — all at the same time. That’s the beauty of over-water flights: they prep the crews — while not triggering WWV.

        In the meantime, the SVR has so corrupted our polity that the West stands paralyzed — very much like the Sitzkrieg/ Phoney War. That time is best remembered as the last time that Hitler could’ve been undone ‘on the cheap.’

        • “Conservatives, generally, don’t see themselves as being ‘played.’ The average person presumes that all others are speaking from the heart in matters, political. Should anyone proffer the notion that this or that activist is an agent, a fake, the general tendency is to presume that such allegations are from a kook. ”

          I know that is the general tendency. But if you spend time with radical Leftists you will find they ooze an aura of paranoia and suspicion. It is most unbecoming (but then they are so factional and judgemental, they are like the most restrictive religion though with no catechism, which makes them even more determined to police the thoughts of others and themselves). I have recognised Leftists who have infiltrated meetings I have been to, and I’m sure there have been others who in retrospect must have been infiltrators at subsequent meetings.

          On a more formal level, the British establishment certainly was infiltrated by Russian spies. And no doubt Britain had its own spies in the USSR. There are certainly police agents working within “protest groups” in Britain (one was exposed a couple of years back, and in court he said there were 15 agents who were infiltrators/provocateurs in that one group). I understand that the reputation of McCarthy is now being re-habilitated in the US, and that it turns out that almost all those accused of being communists were indeed communists.

          My concern is that islam does not need any kind of special organisation to do the infiltration. It is built into islam. Muslims are taught to emulate Mohammed, and that is exactly what he did. He infiltrated himself into Medina, and took it over from within. He used gangsterist tactics to recruit the disaffected and gave them the spoils of war. Slaves could get their freedom by converting to islam; captives who did not convert before capture were punished by death or slavery. Having dominated the jews, he moved onto the pagans. Having dominated the pagans he moved onto the Christians. Following his death, muslims repeated the same pattern on hindus and buddhists and on christians and jews further afield.

          I do not think that all muslims in the west even know what they are doing. It is like they are programmed (well, they are, they are indoctrinated into emulating Mohammed). There are no doubt some prominent muslims in Britain who think they are fair and unbiased and are working against “islamic extremism”, but they seem to be unable to stop themselves from always trying to further islamisation. Even if they do nothing, the very fact that they are not permitted to criticise islam (or fellow muslims to the kuffar), means that they rob us of information and insight. By their silence they advance islamisation, whilst all around them are jews and christians who are criticising each other and their society.

          And then this pattern of indoctrination and infiltration is repeated all over again with their own children.

          I have gotten to know muslims who are perfectly happy to cry “racist” and reap some reward, and then knowingly be violent racists themselves. And these are muslims who go to the mosque every week. The koran teaches muslims to be supremacists and simultaneously to complain about their victim status.

  25. PS

    On several occasions now I have witnessed in shopping centres muslim boys maybe aged around 6 to 10 years old in the company of their parents (the mothers veiled) targeting and violently barging into young white girls, then seeking the acknowledgement and protection of their parents.

    Would James Brokenshire denounce this behaviour as a form of extremism?

  26. I wonder if Ms. Gable thinks that Native Americans had the right to defend their homes and hunting grounds from the encroaching Europeans, or if she thinks that they should have stepped aside, kept their mouths shut, and let the Europeans push them aside and take the lands that they had lived on for thousands of years.
    Every human being now alive is living on land that was taken by force from someone else. The first law of ALL life is survival.
    Perhaps the first question of morality is-or should be-how to survive without denying the life or liberty of everyone else.
    Survival comes first.

  27. Calm down dear, you have won. By the end of the century England and the English will just be a footnote in the history books, if anybody living in this country then has the wit to print any. Your international socialists had several aims, one of which was to “smash” – you fascists of the left love that word – national identity. This is only in white countries of course. Another was to empty the churches and another to sexualise children. Well, you are winning there as well. Will you miss your local church, you good Christian woman, when it is shut down due to lack of support and replaced by a mosque or a Sikh or Hindu temple? You would be horrified to learn that my local minister is worried about the muslim threat. You are winning in Catholic France as well, soon to be a muslim country. And soon the Norwegians, Swedes, Danes and Dutch and Belgians will be fighting for survival as well. Only Eastern Europe which threw off your ghastly socialist yoke and has returned to the faith of their forefathers and is swimming against the tide. Post-Marxist Holy Russia is fighting to defeat the likes of you for us. How you must hate programmes like Downton Abbey and Call the midwife, all those ghastly white English people. What a horrible country England was when it was cohesive, Christian and homogeneous. Well done Sonia for smashing it. Let me tell you a story. A gentleman returned to Birmingham after not having been there since the 1950s for a funeral. He wept all the way on the journey into the city and all the way out again. What a silly old man. Doesn’t he realise what a much better city it is as it becomes Afro-Asian. White Christian was so terrible. Enoch Powell, who had ten times your intelligence, will soon have been defeated. His native city will no longer be English, hurray!! His best quote was “we must be mad to be heaping up our own funeral pyre”. How deluded he was not to realise that we would achieve a new freedom through self-immolation. You, lady, are totally insane. I would like to lock you in a room with a ressurected Winston Churchill. With his towering intellect he would wipe the floor with you and your infantile English middle class do-gooder woolly headed nonsense. You might say he was drunk. He would reply that you are mad but that in the morning he would be sober.

    Having done such a good job and ensured that the whole of England will look like London or Birmingham and the English reduced to a fearful and terrorised minority in a country inhabited by my ancestors since the dawn of time, it is now time to turn you attention to the rest of the world and multiculturalise India, Black Africa, China and Japan. You cannot rest Sonia until you have taken the revolution to those other parts of the world and we are all mixed up like a box of dolly mixtures. Then you will truly have achieved international peace and harmony. Get to it, Sonia, chop chop!! I will notify the British Embassy in Delhi that you are on your way so that they can arrange for the repatriation of your remains. By the way, I can see travel firms going bust all over Britain. What point going abroad when India, Pakistan, Somalia, the West Indies, China and the whole of Eastern Europe are living just down the street. The optimum population of this country is 30m and we could have achieved it since the War by having no immigration and through birth control. It is now over double that and rising exponentially. Please do grow up.

    • Thank you, Anonymous. Please come back and write some more; and please write comments at the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Guardian, and wherever else you can. The more you do, the better the odds that your statement about England disappearing will not come true, or at least not come true as fully as it otherwise would.

      • I would love to save my native people from genocide and my native soil from expropriation but Sonia Gable has much more power than me I am afraid, despite the fact that she denies it being so. I am an ordinary Englishman and as such am now totally emasculated by Sonia’s Marxist students. They would ensure I lost my job, was hounded by them, villified etc. just as any other European country where people stand up to their screaming masses. She would have me chucked into a gulag along with poor Emma West, who told all the non-English, who are now rapidly outnumbering us as they did her her on her Croydon tram, to go home. She is the anti-Marxist witch whom they would gladly burn at the stake if they could. I would happily sit there and hold her hand like the passengers on the Titanic as England sinks beneath the waves. You have all the British establishment behind you Sonia. She has nobody.

        I have another question for Sonia. Could she please explain when the indigenous English ever voted for her and her New Labour Marxists and Labour governments going back decades to multiculturalise my country? This was never in any manifesto and the 1960s Labour governments rapidly introduced race relations legislation which effectively gagged any dissent. I referred to Winston Churchill because he was openly opposed to mass non-European immigration. He must have had good reasons for thinking that way. He was not opposed to the British Empire but just did not think that any good would be served by bringing it into the mother country. The thousands of unnecessary deaths of indigenous British and immigrants that have occured since, including Stephen Lawrence, PC Blakelock, the gentleman killed in the London riots, the girl on the Birmingham bus, the 7/7 victims, have proved he was right. It was the post-war Labour government that gave British passports to all our colonies or former colonies. Churchill fought Nazi Germany when Chamberlain would have given in. He did this because he saw it as evil and opposed totalitarian socialism. He did it to protect the Jews whom you are quite happy to see hounded out and murdered by islamic totalitarians. Could we have your view on the suspension of Lord Ahmed from the Labour Party for anti-semitism? He saw communism as just another form of that totalitarian socialism and would be aghast that his mother’s country is now ruled by a president whom Pravda described as a communist. He undoubtedly saw those who wanted mass non-European immigration as another branch off the same tree. He knew that it would weaken and ultimately destroy England. Britain’s empire did not last for a thousand years and neither will Britain if you have your way. Sadly your Marxist one world empire just might as the Third Reich was meant to. This must leave you in a bit of a quandry, Sonia. Here is the man who led the defeat of your hated Nazism wanting the defeat of your beloved multicultural Marxism also. Was Churchill a Nazi in your eyes? Plus, even though Islam is as anti-semitic as Nazism is it ok because it is – as Vladimir Bukovsky has said – the enemy of your hated European Christian Civilisation. All cultures are equally valid and all races according to your Marxist thinking, despite the fact that this is obviously not true, except for Europeans and the European Christian Culture, a race, a culture and even a religion which you would happily see obliterated in the name of Marxist one world peace. Presumably the end of Christianity in Europe as in the Middle East and Pakistan is something you would welcome even if you had to find something else to do on a Sunday morning. You could always become a muslim.

        • Thank you, Anonymous,

          I have the clear impression that anyone speaking out in Britain risks a great deal. As such, I greatly admire those who do so, and often wonder at their courage or recklessness.

          Please know, then, that I am not trying to dispute your answer or pressure you. I need to understand better the parameters of life in the UK, and hence what is required of British citizens who seek to change things.

          Could you write to the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Guardian, or other papers anonymously or using a false name? I am so keen on letter-writing to newspapers because in the last year or two I have seen a shift in the balance of our side versus the PC/Multi-Culti side in newspaper reader comments, and I think the more of this the better.

          Recently I saw an exchange among commenters in a rather large online UK city newpaper in which, to my surprise, our side completely overwhelmed the opposition with, for the most part, well-written debate. Within a few days the newspaper removed the article which had prompted the exchange– disappointing, in a way, but no surprise. It was an exhilarating experience. The newspaper seemed to have expected a victory in the comment section, and instead their side got pounded.

          I think such exchanges have an effect on public opinion, not only by exposing people to convincing statements by our side, but also by making them feel that our side is actually winning the battle for public support even though the news media try to hide it. People tend to join perceived winners.

          A tactical comment to other readers:
          Local UK papers may be more important than we have recognized in this new Battle of Britain. I as an American have been able to comment on articles in local British papers and speak for our side without the level of risk that British people face. For any non-British people reading this, please consider that you may be able to be a voice for your British brothers and sisters who cannot speak freely without potentially terrible consequences. It is free and rather easy to do. Just Google any number of English cities or towns, e.g. when an EDL demo is in or near them, and see if there is a chance to make a polite, intelligent comment which may help tip the balance in our side’s favor. I read many brilliant comments on this web site which I wish could be shared with the general British public. Well, perhaps they can be shared with the general British public.

          • It is very difficult to get any letter published denouncing multiculturalism as a barmy Marxist concept which is destructive of all cutlures and races, especially of Europeans who now constitute only 8% of the world’s population compared with 33% just a hundred years ago. You would never get away with using words such as colonisation or genocide although these might be allowed in the online comments following articles in online versions of newspapers.

            Individual commentators can get away with it. I remember Charles Moore saying that England will soon be gone and he will tell his grandchildren that it lasted for a thousand years and what it was like, a wonderful country. Also the Daily Express once spoke of our country being stolen from us and individual columnists have been able to say more. Mostly on mass immigration you have to stick to the impact on the infrastructure, health and education systems, housing shortage, even a looming water shortage and energy crisis.

            However, I have noticed that our local paper will publish letters about the EU which, according to Vladimir Bukovsky is the new Marxist Soviet Union, the start of one world government, all gleaned from the Kremlin’s archives. Plus he says we now have our gulags where those who criticise multiculturalism, like those who criticised communism, can be thrown.

            Our local paper published one letter stating that behind the EU were the Bilderbergers. Those who had never heard of the Bilderbergers might learn something by looking them up on the internet – but not in the sanitised version put out by Wikipedia. Also another lady said that the Maastricht Treaty bound signatories to implement Agenda 21 which planned to allow millions of New Europeans into Europe. There again they might wish to look up Agenda 21. All this was in connection with plans to build thousands of new homes in our countryside which would never have been needed if mass immigration had never taken place and we had begun reducing our population to its optimum level. But one thing that is certain in post-War Britain, Churchill and Powell apart, is that anybody with a a high iq, logic and common sense -including those opposed to mass immigration on environmental grounds – are either not allowed to speak or listened to politely (as they are normally gentlemanly and softly spoken) and then ignored.

  28. The UKIP wants to get Britain out of the EU. That is good; but what most people are unaware of is that the UKIP is an EXTREMELY VINDICTIVE party!

    Look at UKIP requirements for joining the UKIP! British Freedom Party and the English Defence League are intensely HATED by the UKIP! Apparently, being deeply patriotic and wanting to protect the British people and deal with the terrifying problems of totalitarian, MURDEROUS Islam makes you UNACCEPTABLE to the UKIP and bars you from becoming a member of UKIP:
    Membership is not available to anyone who is or has previously been a member of the British National Party, National Front, British Freedom Party, British People’s Party, English Defence League, Britain First or the UK First Party. Any applications made from people who are or have been members of these organisations will be refused, and any subscriptions collected will be refunded.

    By applying for membership you certify that you are not and have never been a member of either of these parties.

    There is no doubt that as soon as the UKIP find out about Paul Weston’s new party, Liberty GB will be added to the list that bars people who joined Liberty GB from ever joining the UKIP.

    Quran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    We are in a desperate fight for our freedom, safety and survival and UKIP believes we should meekly submit to cruel Muslim conquest?

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Quran 8:39)

    • I take your point. But aren’t UKIP guarding against the MSM claim about them being ‘closet racists’?

      • I can assure you that I know UKIP members who are virulently opposed to the islamification of Europe and the United States but obviously would not say so in public and the leadership would deny their existence. Yes, they are fighting slippery Dave Cameron’s, the cultural Marxist conservative’s charge of closet racism. He prefers to put Baroness Warsi, who shares a flat with islamic terrorists, in charge of the indigenous English and their religion, Christianity. Cameron is as much an anti-ethnic English racist as the rest of them. But then he makes great play of his Scottish blood and would never dare treat the Scots the way he treats the English.

  29. I find it vomit inducing when the Left pretend to be Christian and try to portray Jesus as some pseudo-commie hippy. This is the “Christian” version of J Street or “Queers for Palestine”.

    There is no choice between Good and Evil. You only choose between 2 evils; to take the side of Evil vs G

  30. (continued) ood is criminal and suicidal. Still, Mr Weston has shown tremendous temperament and restraint to indulge this… person… It is a remarkable example on why it is pointless to debate the Left. They talk about the world they DON’T live in as if it was governed by angels, or winged pink unicorns, or something like that.

    Why Socialism (and its endgame Communism) fails, always and ever? Because it assumes too many wrong things about the nature of Man. Man is not perfectable and knows what freedom is even if he never tasted it; it is why even people in North Korea understand why they live in a prison State and risk their lives to cross over the border into China(of all places!).
    It is why people like this sad [epithet redacted] Stalinist that circumvented around Mr Weston’s questions know deep down that they are wrong, that the so-called diversity they pimp means they will still be sending their kids to elite private all-white schools, why they don’t live in the ghettos with their favorite diversity enrichers, why they watch their every word lest they contain the seeds of doubt in the PC orthodoxy.

  31. Sonia Gable, you and your kind may think you have gotten away with your apologia for mass murderers like Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Shining Path, and Che, but you haven’t. The Wall has only been down for 20-odd years, and the memoirs of the survivors of the 20th Century Commiecaust are only just starting to be published.

    Rest assured, 10 or 15 years hence, after the Gulag or Ukrainian Holocaust equivalent of “Schindler’s List” is made and released, it will be no more “respectable” to be a Marxist than it is to be a neo-Nazi. And your kind won’t be able to hide or lie or laugh it off either like you’ve done in the past: in the age of the Internet and other forms of mass communication, you can’t run and you can’t hide.

    It’s not like the days of your lot’s former hero, Pol Pot, when there was no facebook or Youtube and the mountains of corpses in faraway lands could so easily be denied.


  33. The fact is that those genuinely on the ‘far’ right cannot compromise on their extreme views.

    Many ‘nationalists’ will accept nothing less than the complete removal, or even mass murder of anyone who is not white.

    Clearly this is an unreasonable position, what unity can be made with these people who consider anyone with a view even slightly less extreme that their own to be traitors just as leftists are?

    The BNP harbours these kinds of people, that’s why they hate the EDL – it’s not white enough, not extreme enough, not reasonable enough and not up for the mass killings and deportations.

    The BNP’s ignorant misinformation, scaremongering, and general ignorance, it’s cod eyed activists who are not interested in facts or proper arguments sully the good name of all reasonable, level headed patriots in Britain. No unity can be made with them, but their continued association with our righteous cause only makes it impossible for the mainstream to do anything other that it has been taught by the left-wing mantra’s we have been subjected to for years; that is to recoil from and reject the ‘racists’ or ‘fascists’.

    This is not how I want things to be, but this is how they are, and we need to understand it if we are to have any hope of saving ourselves.

    For all the lefts bellyaching about ‘fascists’, they actually do exist, and they are the barrier to any sensible dscussion of unity.

    • “The BNP harbours these kinds of people, that’s why they hate the EDL – it’s not white enough, not extreme enough, not reasonable enough and not up for the mass killings and deportations. The BNP’s ignorant misinformation, scaremongering, and general ignorance, it’s cod eyed activists who are not interested in facts or proper arguments sully the good name of all reasonable, level headed patriots in Britain. No unity can be made with them …”

      Neo-nazis do exist – some of the most prominent neo-nazis in Britain and the US are converts to islam (including the main idealogue of Combat 18)! It’s the jew-hatred that drives them, and islam provides them with more support and respectability for their jew-hatred.

      I’ve argued with some of these neo-nazis online and they are really disturbed people. They will insist on ridiculous things, such as “no jew ever fought for Britain” or “no jew ever fought for Germany”. When you provide them with historical evidence that jews did indeed fight and die for these countries, they will not accept it. They are delusional and irrational. And in times of turmoil, exceedingly dangerous. And we are heading for such turmoil that it will be as bad as Germany in the 1930s. These lunatics have to be kept in the margins (or even in prison).

      When EDL kicked BNP people out of their meetings, the media and the left ignored it, or even tried to use it against EDL! At one EDL meeting when neo-nazis turned up and started their jew-baiting, EDL attacked them and put some of the nazis in hospital. The self-styled “anti-fascists” of UAF or Searchlight would never do that. They will just hound anyone who they can get away with accusing of fascism, even when that person is opposed to racism, is for democracy and is for the rule of law.

      People like Sonia Gable have the blood of Pim Fortuyn on their hands. They use their platform to publicly villify their opponents, attempting to make the wider world believe there is no difference between Hitler and those with whom they disagree.

      And just like with neo-nazis, there is no rational debate with neo-fascists like Sonia Gable. People like her have spent 30 years telling themselves that islamic fascism is not so bad. No amount of logic, history, or theology is going to persuade them otherwise. Mawdudi openly admits to being fascist, and he is the most influential muslim in Britain. But Searchlight would still do nothing to expose this islamic fascism as it spread throughout Britain.

      I think we should have a “No Platform” policy towards such fools.

  34. “I follow what Jesus taught. It’s not an easy path”

    So if she gets beaten up, she will turn the other cheek on pain of eternal damnation?
    As long as muslims oppose birth control that means that Christianity is morally superior to Atheism and many forms of Paganism. This creates the moral obligation to turn the other cheek as well.
    As long as muslims call their enemies “racist” that means that Communism is ethically superior to many other ideologies, after all, Communists started calling their enemies “racist”. This means the ethical obligation to consider muslim paradise to be an opiate for the people.
    Nevertheless both Paul Weston and Sonia Gable are seriously wrong. Islamization is a threat to ALL non-muslims. The core of Islamization in Great Britain is Pakistani racism. Pakistani men have Pakistani privilege, that is, they do not have to wear beards and hats in order to enter mosques. This cannot be stressed enough; Pakistani privelege is the most notable feature of 21th century Great Britain.

  35. Sonia Gable on March 15, 2013 at 7:49 pm said:

    “Not sure about traditional Britain, which is not really my culture…”
    …which of course explains why she has no concern for its survival.

    Two questions for Mrs Gable:-

    1. What then is your culture?
    2. Were you ever a member of the National Front?

    • Not sure about “traditional Britain?”
      I really thought every British citizen would know the ancient, medieval and early modern eras in British history.
      If you cannot differentiate between what you culture has been over the ages when your country was more insular and the changes that have been wrought over the past five generations, you are truly blind, deaf and otherwise insensate to cultural reality, cultural discord, and cultural conflicts in your country.
      I seem to remember a time when there were no cultural conflicts in Britain at all; when power, wealth and authority were the bones of contention.
      Nationalism is not evil.
      There are certain things only nation-states can protect.
      With the abandonment of the nation-state, you have left your historical identity vulnerable, and now it has lost its integrity almost entirely.
      Your supposed “right wing” is the only refuge the traditional or historical identity of Britain and its component countries has.

    • I see that I worded my second question ambiguously.

      What I should have asked is:-

      Is it true – as I have read elsewhere – that you were once a member of the National Front?

  36. Sonia Gable and I clearly have diametrically opposed political views, but at least Sonia is brave enough to engage in debate. Entering the lions den of well educated commenters here at Gates of Vienna takes courage, and I must admit to a certain admiration of her for doing so.

    But where were her male colleagues? The HnH and UAF crowd seem pretty brave when they’re throwing bottles at outnumbered men AND women, but not so brave when it comes to an absolute no show in defence of Ms Gable.

    Can they offer no plausible argument to support their peculiar ideology, or are they just terrible cowards?

    • I agree Paul, well done to Ms. Gable for being willing to argue her case, as best she can (which is all any of us can do.)

      What I don’t like is when anyone starts off by labelling someone as “far right” without ever bothering to argue for that. So what I would like Ms. Gable to do, ideally, is define her terms, then show that her definition applies to people like your good self. And only then employ such a loaded term.

      Let us suppose then that Ms. Gable wishes to describe Mr. John Smith as “far right”.

      Premise one of that categorical syllogism would be – to be “far right” is to be … [insert definition here].

      I would expect Ms. Gable to be able to define her own terms, since she is writing for a political magazine, and she is using the term quite frequently in her articles. So that shouldn’t pose much of a problem.

      The second premise would be: John Smith has done or is doing … [insert proof here which must correspond to the definition provided in premise one.]

      Only then would the conclusion that John Smith is therefore“far right” (whatever that means) be safely made.

      As it happens I am reading “Bloodlands” by Timothy Snyder and “Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe” by Anne Applebaum just now. Apparently the communists portrayed themselves as being anti-facism because after all, no one could be pro-facism, so that sounded good as the NKVD started doing their thing, and the reds also labelled individuals and groups as facists, & on that basis arrested & deported them etc – but in reality all they were doing was putting on a front for the uninitiated (using propaganda, as Hannah Arendt put it) and using the word “facist” to label anyone who they even thought might disagree with them.

      These labels do seem to be bandied about rather a lot nowadays, and I do have a sneaking suspicion that they are used sometimes by people as the communists used them – to label other people as “bad” so that they could then adopt the mantle of being “good” – all the better to pursue their own agenda.

      Which in the case of the reds, turned out to be just as bloody, and just as merciless, as the Third Reich. Ukranian genocide? Katyn massacre? Et cetera …

      So as I said, I’d appreciate it if instead of just throwing loaded political labels around, we could have a definition of Ms. Gable’s terms, and an argument supporting her use of those terms to your good self.

      Unfortunately using such labels tends to be a bit of a conversation-stopper, and I for one (to get back to the original point) quite enjoy the fact that Ms. Gable has shown willing by coming over here to argue her case, and would like such an interesting conversation to continue.

  37. The rape-cult that is the British Left has such a bad reputation for supporting jew-hatred, terrorism, homophobia, apartheid and slavery, that they now have to disguise themselves as “peace campaigners” in order to oppose the EDL.
    They used to use threats of violence, getting people sacked, etc. to destroy demonstrations against islamic-fascism. Now that has failed, they are trying to pretend they are something else.

    They know the UAF brand is so totally toxic (relying on financial support from muslim groups convicted of genocide!) that it is worthless.

    This explains why Sonia Gable is trying to pass herself off as a christian. She has heard of this re-branding exercise. Has anyone ever heard of her spouting christianity before? Various google searches for her name and any declaration of religious belief come up empty.

    • The Left (especially as Soviet Front Groups) have long masqueraded as Peace Campaigners, when what they really were, was for the unilateral stand down and disarmament of forces in opposition to Communists.

      The peace campaigner ploy also attracts useful idiots to the cause.

      I remember watching a “peace rally” in opposition to military action by Israel recently, in which the chants turned into “No Justice, No Peace,” led by Pro-Palestinian Hamas supporters. How is that for a “peace rally?” Heh? A bunch of White Post Christian Britons cheering for war against the Jews of Israel. Certainly many were clueless rubes, but there were no doubt many that were committed Marxist Leftists.

  38. I would say that Ms. Gable is a Christian in the sense that she subscribes to the words and deeds of Jesus only. For the Church is not a historical or doctrinal entity. And I’m pretty sure that she is not a Trinitarian, for if she was, she would have very little time for the accommodation of Islam.
    She would tolerate it, but never would she say that the God of Christianity is the same as the “Allah” of Islam. A close reading of both sets of scriptures, history and doctrine would make short work of invalidating any assertions by Muslims that they worship God.
    Most of the people who call themselves “Christians” and yet accommodate Islam and multiculturalism and political correctness are peculiarly Arian in their views.
    Of course, Ms. Gable probably does not have the courage to admit outright that she is an Arian.
    I have yet to see any of these present-day Arians call their beliefs the correct historical name.

  39. That Mrs Gable fails to undestand what amde us what we are. Like many lefties they pretended that we did not have a constitution or rights, but we did and it dates back to the Magna Carta. Needless to say we were free before the state and laws were made to only stop harm being done to others. Our laws were also based on precedence derived out of common sense, and the basic meaning of words. We were free before the state and that means something.

    The European model was created from the French revolutionary system, the collective comes first, such as La France and La France gives you rights, also laws are created to tell you what you can do, not what you can’t.

    Does that help you Sonia?

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  41. I think that we have all noticed that Sonia only responds to comments where she feels that she might have an edge or can proclaim, sanctimoniously, her PC MC credentials. She ignores most of the comments and questions. This is typical of the dishonesty of the political left and the sanctimonious PC MC crowd.

  42. “All you are interested in is attacking me. Whatever I say you will twist and attack it. It proves you are not interested in reducing conflict in British society and following a moral path, but only in increasing hate and community tension. In demonstrating that, this exchange has been useful.” – SG

    Apologies for putting the above quote into a new comment, but the “reply” button was no longer available at your original comment (after two or three “replies” the comments would be so thin they’d be unreadable.)

    Can I ask if you are familiar with the work of John Loeffler, host of the “Steel on Steel” radio show? He has talked at some length how some people put relationships before principles in the course of a debate – that is to say they hold the idea of everyone getting along above all else – rather than stand for something and argue for it, and accept that other people may not agree with them.

    And when people do disagree with them, as a matter of principle, they accuse them of promoting division, even “hatred” etc. In short, as Loeffler has argued, they put relationships above principles. And expect others to do the same, rather than stand for what they believe in.

    I take the other view myself, I am happy to discuss almost anything with anyone, and I like to think I’m capable of changing my view on almost any subject (and the story of my life bears this out) but I will always put my own principles and beliefs first – as the Prime Minister said recently, during his KJV Bible speech:

    “… the Bible has helped to give Britain a set of values and morals which make Britain what it is today.

    Values and morals we should actively stand up and defend.

    The alternative of moral neutrality should not be an option.

    You can’t fight something with nothing.

    Because if we don’t stand for something, we can’t stand against anything.”

    • @SG,
      And I am interested in your assertion that Mr. Weston wishes to promote “hate” and “community tension”.

      It’s not at all clear to me how anything Mr. Weston says here could possibly cause me (for example) to experience any emotions whatsoever, let alone “hate”.

      His assertions are either true or false.

      His arguments are convincing, or they are not.

      Basic logic. Truth or falsity. These are the yardstick by which I measure anything that Mr. Weston might say here on this thread. Emotion simply doesn’t come into it.

      So how on earth could anything Mr. Weston writes here cause anyone to experience the specific emotion “hate”? Please explain why you think this is even possible.

      And “community tension”? What exactly do you mean by this?

      Which community? What tension? What do you even mean by “tension”?

      This sort of vague, wishy-washy language is far from convincing. In fact it’s so vague it’s practically meaningless.

  43. Sonia Cable’s comments reveal the protean ideology of the multiculturalists. Like Proteus, they cannot be pinned down. It will be the multiculturalists that will bring about the downfall of the West, as Marx intended by simply importing a new proletariat.

    • If the people will not make revolution, replace the people. After the collapse of communism it was obvious that Europeans would never again fall for it. So the Left is now engaged in race replacement by peoples who lack the Europeans’ levels of iq or individualism. The British working classes possessed a great deal of logic and common sense, something lacking in their leaders and were extremely conservative. So successive Labour governments have used their votes to gradually push them aside until the have enough New Britons to vote for them that they can dispense with them altogether. Those New Britons are probably more likely to go along with their revolutionary ideas.

      • “Those New Britons are probably more likely to go along with their revolutionary ideas.”

        That might be the intent of the leftists who enabled them to settle… but the practical effects are another matter. So far, we have hordes of homophobic, racist & sexist Afro-Carribean gangs, and hordes of fascist, homophobic, racist & sexist Muslim gangs, as well as a handful of tolerant “progressives” from both communities. Does this sound like the makings of a new revolutionary “proletariat”? Or merely an even more conservative proletariat coming in to take the place of the existing one?

        • The issue is never the issue. The Marxist Left doesnt give two figs about women, homos, or racism….those merely ploys to achieve power (wedges to divide an conquer, weaken European Christendom). What they want is a population that is subservient to the State…..and third worlders are just the ticket, as that is what they are used to. The chief provides for them, and they serve the chief.

          • ” The chief provides for them, and they serve the chief.”

            You might be onto something there… many of the cultures entering do centre around “a chief”, who leads the community. Not only that – Alinsky’s “Rules for radicals” mention that the “community organiser” plays a crucial role…. And even now, in Britain, the government or various bodies will often liaise with the “heads” of the “British Muslim community”, or the equivalents in other groups – rather than treat everyone as individuals, independent of colour, with their own opinions… surely a bit of a “racist” attitude in itself?!

          • “The issue is never the issue. The Marxist Left doesnt give two figs about women, homos, or racism….those merely ploys to achieve power ”

            I completely agree. I’m like one of those muslims who was brought up inside islam, and could never see the world from the outside. In my late 40s, after an entire life surrounded by socialists and socialism, the daylight started to seep into my world. I realised that they were not committed to gay rights, women’s rights, the working class, anti-racism, anti-slavery, etc. Nothing. They were committed to nothing but power. The various mascots were just a means to an end: power.

            The incontrovertible proof of this is the case of slavery. There are 600,000 black african slaves in muslim Mauritania. And the Left could not care less about this. They spend their time whining about the “horrific” islamophobia in Britain (a muslim child had cigarette smoke blown in his direction). They are silent, utterly silent, about the 600,000 black slaves in Mauritania! The Left’s interest in fighting slavery was an interest in fighting white people.The same point could be made about slavery in Sudan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia.

            The same point could be made about the gender and religious apartheid found all over the muslim world. Those who were rightly vociferous about apartheid in South Africa, shut up shop as soon as white people were not instituting apartheid! The Left’s interest was not in fighting apartheid, it was in fighting white people. Apartheid across the muslim world is allowed to continue without a murmur.

            When I have pointed out these hypocrisies on leftist websites, they don’t argue with them, they don’t try to explain their hypocrisy, they don’t agree they must change. When I re-visit the discussions some weeks later, my comments have all been deleted. They will re-write history rather than face their hypocrisy.

            Whatever issue can be used by the Left (and most particularly, their leaders) to get more power will be exploited. As soon as it is no longer useful it will be abandoned. Just as the white working-class girls in Bradford, Oldham, etc. were abandoned to become the sex-slaves of muslim men, pimped out as chattels, treated like animals. Worse than silence from the Left — they abetted these misogynistic monsters.

          • There are many example Joe. One of my favorites is the near deafening silence with regards to Castro’s Marxist Cuba and the lobotomizing of homosexuals. This was most definitely in play as late as the 80s. Whilst the tolerance but not promotion of homosexual behavior in the US and other Classically Liberal European Christian nation states was denounced as oppression that could not be tolerated by decent human beings.

          • @Joe – “The various mascots were just a means to an end: power.”

            The Left will argue that they are merely “sticking up for the rights of minorities”… and what votes could possibly be gained by that? However, when you add up all the minorities that they claim to “protect” – ethnic minorities, Muslims, gays, women etc. – is the sum of all these still a minority, or various committed interest groups with a feeling of victimhood, together forming a majority of society fighting to stop the “oppressors” getting into power? (conveniently, by voting for leftists)

            “When I have pointed out these hypocrisies on leftist websites, they don’t argue with them, they don’t try to explain their hypocrisy, they don’t agree they must change. When I re-visit the discussions some weeks later, my comments have all been deleted.”

            I also had such experiences posting on the Guardian. Three examples of their censorship of mine and others’ posts (seemingly within the rules) I documented here, here and here. Now my posts there are “pre-moderated”, and any time they touch on the subject of Islam, they’re not posted. I was also banned from posting at Harry’s Place, supposedly a bastion of “free speech”. No reason was given – although it happened after I wrote a comment defending the EDL.

          • @GreenInfidel

            I don’t even bother commenting at sites like The Guardian, etc. any more. Any site that operate such a censorious policy should just go on a list of websites that are never, EVER visited. These sites rely on serving us humans up to advertisers. We are their true product. If we all stop visiting censorious sites, it hits them were it hurts: in their running costs. The neo-fascist left can talk in their echo chamber until the end of time. We can move our informed discussions to better sites, and they can benefit from having us as customers. Searchlight and HNH are both in the business of selling “anti-fascist chic” to would-be radicals.

            The people who comment on The Guardian, Liberal Conspiracy, Harry’s Place etc. are numerically insignificant (The Telegraph online and in print has far more readers, yet when I was a young man The Telegraph looked like it was going the way of the dinosaur). And most of those people are sheep. Society is going to shift to the right (as it is in Spain, Sweden, France, Holland) and most of those “radicals” will just follow the crowd. We have to make sure that we help form this move to the right, in all the best ways.

            By living in their censorious echo chambers, the Left are stunting their own knowledge, intellect, rhetoric and debating skills. That is why Sonia Gable has not been able to respond here (I couldn’t even be bothered to go and read any “debate” on the Searchlight website).

            It’s got to the point now where I routinely see them bested in arguments. The old leftie in me is really ashamed and saddened to see how people like Sonia Gable have destroyed the Left. But it has led me to widen my politics and vision. I come from the gutter and will always care about the poorest people in society (as I child I got free school meals and free clothes, because my family was so poor). But I no longer believe that the Left (particularly the leaders) ever really cared about anyone but themselves. I’ve been re-reading Orwell recently, and he made that observation in 1946.

          • I also was banned by Harry’s Place, Green Infidel. They allow posters that advocate street thuggery “no platform” violence against the EDL “fascists,” by the name of Waterloo Sunset, Anti-Free Speech Anti Democratic scum, enemy of a free and open society. Sarah AB likes to rub shoulders with this character over at BobFromBrockley’s blogspot.

          • @Joe

            Joe, Classically Liberal Christians have long cared about the poor. The Churches were and are bastions of this care. That doesnt mean there was never an injustice.

            As to the Guardian, I believe it is funded by a foundation set up by a rich Leftwinger, in perpetuity.

            Ive commented at CIF, but also was quickly banned, it isnt worth it. Ive also commented at Ummah dot com…into the belly of the beast.

          • @Joe,

            I started commenting at the Guardian many years ago- probably because I enjoyed getting into discussions with people on the “opposite side”. To begin with, there were a lot of useful exchanges at Guardian Talk but then the moderators started to come down unusually harshly on discussions about Islam. Since my comments were “pre-moderated” there however, I have hardly posted and not for a few months. You’re absolutely right that advertising is what keeps them going – some Guardian commenters have even talked of “troll articles” written precisely to attract angry comments, so maybe better to stay clear of that site as you say. Still, it was good to see those examples of censorship first-hand which showed the Guardian to be something like an online version of North Korea.

            I was born and spent my first years in Poland behind the Iron Curtain and still remember the lack of food, queues, controls by the police etc. After coming to England and spending half my life there, I was amazed to discover people using very similar rhetoric – perhaps for that reason I never considered myself left-wing. Nonetheless, I have come across many good people on the Left, like you having the welfare of the poor in mind. For that reason although never being left-wing myself, I always had respect for many left-wingers. Some of them have, since then, taken a similar journey across the political spectrum and are now very critical of the Guardian (although still read it).

        • Guys, the older I get the more I tend to agree with you. It does appear that these people are doing what the Soviets did in Eastern Europe – they announce that they are fighting “facism” but in reality just use the term to label anyone who might possibly disagree with them.

          By saying that they’re fighting “facism” they don a cloak of righteousness and make themselves out to be “good” as they pursue their actual agenda.

          Ms. Gable seems to be obsessed with using far left “buzz words” which are so vague they don’t actually mean anything – at any rate she can’t define her own terms, and she even contradicts herself when she’s using them.

          I took a leaf out of John Loeffler’s book and just kept reminding her of what she had already said, pointing out the contradictions in what she said, and asking her to define her terms. She also let slip that the left did not address issues relating to Islam – this is a “trend” on the left apparently. I asked her to explain that too – what is this “trend”, what is is based on and would happen if someone on the left went against that “trend” and addressed issues relating to Islamic doctrines and history?

          At which point she decided to stop talking to anyone. It seems that John Loeffler is quite right, just keep asking these people to explain their beliefs, provide proof for the assertions they’re making, and to explain the terms they choose to employ.

          Ms. Gable couldn’t cope with that – I suspect a lot of her comrades on the left would be in the same boat.

          And the double standards they employ are quite shocking – you do eventually begin to suspect that they don’t actually believe a word they’re saying and it’s all just mumbo-jumbo that they use to weasel their way into the minds of susceptible people, including, and perhaps especially, the very people they claim to be standing up for.

          If I ever got to the point where I needed someone like Sonia Gable to come and talk a heap of meaningless jibber-jabber to me as part of an “outreach” programme,, I think I’d cancel that appointment and go and jump off the end of the pier!


  45. Ms Gable appears to have thrown in the towel in the comments at her original article. How disappointing!


  47. And when she started to say that she was all for standing up for women who were ill-used in Islamic cultures, I gave her a link to the documentary “Saving Face” and asked what she thought of it.

    Her response: silence.

    How can anyone watch this video and not have anything to say about it?

    Unless, despite what they might say, they just don’t care.

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