“In 23 Years the Fifth Republic Will Become Muslim”

The following news report about the Islamization of France appeared originally on Russian TV. It was subsequently subtitled in French, and has now been translated into English from the French.

Many thanks to SimonXML for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   And now in Europe, the capital of the old world is changing its cultural appearance before our eyes.
00:04   What if the kings of France who are buried in the Basilica of Saint-Denis near Paris
00:07   had known in what surroundings they would come to rest?
00:12   Report on an unrecognizable France by Olga Skabaeva, our special correspondent.
00:20   Here twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, we only speak Arabic
00:23   because the French language is prohibited. In the Muslim school,
00:26   registrations are already closed a year in advance.
00:32   Each day, the first lesson on the timetable is the Koran as a true Muslim
00:35   must learn by heart 114 suras of the Holy Book.
00:44   Aisha’s drawing is on the wall, but it isn’t either her mother or her father or even her friends,
00:47   but Allah because he must be in first place in her life.
00:52   For two years this little girl from Morocco and her eight sisters have been
00:55   wearing the chador, and in Aisha’s family, nobody is trying to learn the French language.
01:04   Even though he lives in France, a good Muslim should say the bismillah (in the name of God
01:07   the most beneficent and merciful) before eating, before sleeping, and before praying.
01:17   French law prohibits the wearing of a jilbab in a school, a long garment covering the entire body except the face and hands …
01:25   … but in this school, secular law does not apply. Moreover, the word ‘secular’ translates into Arabic as anti-religious.
01:33   I respect my religion and that is why I wear the chador, if France is against it, then
01:37   it’s banned for the French but not to me. Only Allah can forbid me anything.
01:41   Last year in Paris, three clandestine Islamic schools were closed, so today their addresses are no longer available …
01:45   … on the internet, or in the city directory because these schools have taken measures. Officially this school does not exist.
01:53   We teach our students that they are Muslims, and first and foremost they must live
01:56   according to the laws of Allah because only Allah is true.
02:01   Do not stop and do nothing to be afraid of Allah, this is what is written in the Koran.
02:09   Couronnes is the largest Muslim ghetto in Paris, and indeed, here they are afraid of nothing.
02:13   The Muslims in the ghettos live according to their own laws.
02:21   In the 11th, 18th and 20th arrondissements only halal meat is sold at the market,
02:24   and articles for believers at a discount reduction.
02:27   Here, one woman in two wears a burqa.
02:33   And five times a day the call of the muezzin. Here in Belleville there are almost only Muslims left.
02:42   I do not know whether they are Muslims or not, but me and my children have already been
02:45   the target of attacks by teenagers, it is dangerous to live here.
02:54   Nobody knows exactly how many there are, but at least 10% of the French population is Muslim.
02:57   In fact, 6 to 8 million, and this is the record in Europe.
03:02   Each year 200,000 people come here legally, plus 200,000 others who cross the border without papers.
03:10   But think a little, we compress the French. We give out passports left and right,
03:13   not even thinking if the individual wants to be French, or is capable of doing so.
03:22   If you do not want France to cover her face with a veil, we must stop the flow of immigrants, it is absolutely necessary
03:25   to prohibit their entry because at such a pace, we will become an Islamic country.
03:34   In fact, 43% of people who came to France have never tried to find work, 19% of them live below
03:37   the poverty line in cardboard boxes by the side of the street.
03:42   We have nothing, no home, no job, and the city of Paris gives us nothing, does not give us work.
03:50   And here is an improvised city of homeless people, right next door to the Basilica of Saint-Denis,
03:53   which contains 25 queens, 10 kings and 84 princes.
04:03   Today, 9 km from the Elysée Palace it’s no longer necessary to speak French. Approximately 1,500 refugees
04:07   and beggars live here, the stove is on 24/24, this suburb of Paris is the poorest but also the most criminal.
04:23   And here, too, one in five is Muslim. In this current population, Islam has long since conquered Europe.
04:26   In general, the ethnic French have one child per family, while Muslims have five.
04:35   If this situation continues in this direction, sociologists have estimated that in 23 years the Fifth Republic will become Muslim.
04:38   It will no longer be forbidden to pray in the streets and the French will just have to resign themselves to it.
04:51   In France there are 2,200 mosques that occupy an area of 300,000 square meters. According to the evaluation
04:54   of the Muslim Council of France, every Muslim needs a minimum of one square meter …
05:03   … for performing religious rites, which means the number of mosques will have to double.

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8 thoughts on ““In 23 Years the Fifth Republic Will Become Muslim”

  1. All I can say is for once in your lives, France, please take the lead and show the rest of us how to rid ourselves of the islamic menace.

  2. It looks like the “City of Light,” will soon be dark. We’ve saved your sorry @$$3$ a couple of times, and you helped us get started, but this time I don’t think we care about what happens to France. There’s only a handful of you fighting your invaders. The rest of you have your heads in the sand or up your @$$3$.

    Oh, we’ll clean up the mess in Europe and the middle east when WWIII begins, but if you don’t get rid of your invaders first, you’re going to be right in the line of fire. WWIII is going to happen, it’s just around the corner…so what are you going to do, France?

    • Mr. Henry, I’m afraid that with our country having a “leader” who wears a ring that says There is no God but Allah, and his muslim brotherhood friends all through our government, with one possible candidate for 2016 living in a love relationship with a muslim woman and our country running guns to every country that wants sharia. I think we must worry about our own “sorry$$ses” right now.

  3. Perhaps it’s a good thing. When the Muslims begin taking over, the feminized men will be cleansed from the gene pool, leaving only the masculine males alive. Of course, given that 90% of Europeans fall into the feminine category, they may well be wiped out.

    It may be a ‘wake-up call’ to North America (and Australia). When we see the effeminate European being dominated, the remnants of the masculine spirit of the former British colonies may awaken, before it’s too late.

    Goodbye Europe

    • The ferocious Muslim “super race” did not hold up very well against the tolerant Buddhists of Burma. No they took off like washed out rats for Kufar Oz of all places.

  4. Quote:
    The Muslims in the ghettos live according to their own laws.

    Expel, expel and expel them from the West.
    If you cannot live under secular law, and if you seek consciously to undermine the indigenous culture, the word should be “good-bye.”
    Saudi has the wherewithal to absorb these people.
    Let them go to a place they deem holy and leave the rest of us alone.

  5. The majority of “feminine” European men will soon find their balls soon enough after the first few cuts. I suspect the the hairy Islamist reprobates will then become quite hysterical.

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