Geert Wilders in Bonn, English Subtitles

Below is a subtitled video of Geert Wilders’ speech last Saturday in Bonn, based on the version that appeared at Politically Incorrect on February 5th, from the original video recording by Henrik Ræder Clausen. We owe a great debt of thanks to Rembrandt Clancy for his efforts in translating, subtitling, and uploading this footage.

Rembrandt Clancy includes this comment on the translation:

Although there is a great deal from my earlier translation of the prepared text which I could use for the subtitles, this translation is entirely based on the video. The video version of the speech does indeed differ from the prepared text, but there is almost no difference in substance, or even anything that is significantly new.


Speech by Geert Wilders on 02.02.2013 in Bonn

Michael Stürtzenberger: So now we look forward to the speech of the most courageous politician in Europe and probably the most well known Islam critic who defends the truth and the facts: a warm welcome to Bonn Geert Wilders.

Geert Wilders: Thank you, thank you everyone. Dear friends, I shall try today to deliver my speech in German. Perhaps a few mistakes in the course of it, but I shall try it anyway.

Dear Friends,

Allow me to simply begin with a few words of thanks. Thank you Conny Meier and the Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa for giving me the opportunity of addressing all of you here today.

Thank you Stefan Herre for awarding me the Hiltrud-Schröter Freedom Prize, named after a great German woman, who fought to free Muslim women from Islamic oppression.

Thank you Stefan, also, for the important work, also in the Netherlands, which you and your team are accomplishing with your PI website [Politically Incorrect website].

Thank you, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff. You are a very courageous woman. I thank you, and all the other fighters for freedom of speech, for speaking the truth, albeit you are prosecuted for it.

It requires much courage to disseminate the truth. We are living in a time in which expressing the truth and spreading it has become not only difficult, but also often very dangerous.

Last year, Ladies and Gentlemen, I published my book Marked for Death in the United States of America. And in it I wrote about Islam and what I think about it. And a German publisher showed an interest in a German language edition and had the book translated into German.

Unfortunately, according to the opinion of the publisher’s solicitors, whom he consulted, the book’s content would bring him criminal prosecution. And he recommended making changes to the German language text accordingly. I told them: no compromise with the truth. I insisted on a faithful translation, but according to his solicitors, that was unfortunately not possible.

So opinions and views about Islam can indeed be published in the USA and the Netherlands with impunity, yet not in Germany, according to the publisher and his German lawyers.

For example, when in the English edition I criticise Islam, and truthfully say the word “Islam,” the German addition can only read “Islamism”, “orthodox Islam” or “Sharia-Islam” and so forth. Whenever I make the case in my book that no further mosques should be built in Germany or in Holland, — no more mosques — I am only allowed to say in the book that “the construction of new mosques should be accompanied with great scepticism”. I hope you understand that this compromise-text, which was submitted to me, was unacceptable.

This German translation makes a completely different book out of it. I am convinced that there is only one Islam, and that the so called “radical Islam” is a pleonasm and is nothing other than the real, authentic Islam, since it is in complete accordance with the teaching of Mohammed and the Koran.

I reject the censorship of my views on this matter. I would have betrayed my principles, and all I stand for, had I allowed my book to be marketed with formulations which are not only untrue, but also do not correspond to my thinking.

I very much regret that it is unfortunately not possible to publish my opinion in Germany uncensored. That strengthens my assessment that the state of free speech in Europe and in Germany is in a very bad way.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope there is perhaps a new German publisher which can speak the truth. What we urgently need is something similar to the “First Amendment” of the United States which comprehensively protects freedom of speech.

Dear friends, the last time I delivered an address in Germany it was in Berlin with my friend René Stadtkewitz. René, it’s good to see you here today. Many Germans live in large cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Cologne. But most Germans live in smaller cities like Bonn. Here one can sense the heartbeat of the real Germany; and this heartbeat indicates that Germany is unfortunately in poor condition.

The whole of Germany suffers from the same problem, The whole of Germany suffers from the same problem. And that is the phenomenon of Islamisation. One can sense it in places like Berlin; one can sense it in such places as this city of Bonn.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Islam is changing the face of Europe. In the last year, two Berlin citizens wrote a book Kampfzone Straße [lit. “Battlezone Street”]. The authors: Karlheinz Gaertner, a policeman, and Fadi Saad a former member of an Islamic street gang, describe a culture of violence in which young migrants prey on native German citizens.

And the indigenous Germans are beaten, robbed and stabbed. Certain parts of Berlin — not only in Berlin — have developed into very dangerous areas for non-Muslims.

This culture of violence has not only established itself in our large cities, but also here in such a city as Bonn. Last May Salafist thugs conducted a street battle with the police here in Bonn.

As long as five years ago, in 2008, the newspaper Die Welt reported — I quote: “In several German cities the police hardly dare to enter certain districts because they are immediately attacked”. — End of quote.

In August 2011 Chief Inspector Bernard Witthaut admitted to the Westdeutschen Allgemeinen Zeitung that no-go areas, which are beyond police control, are spreading throughout the whole of Germany.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we can observe this phenomenon not only in Germany, but everywhere in Europe, from Berlin to London, to Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and Rome.

“In every one of our cities”, wrote the well-known Italian writer Oriana Fallaci shortly before her death in 2006, “in each of our cities there is a second city….a state within a state, government within the government: a Muslim city, a city governed by the Koran.” End of quote.

Let us confront the bitter truth: In societies which are ruled by the Koran there is no more freedom. That is the truth. People are not even permitted to discuss this problem. Freedom of speech is the first freedom which a society loses when the tyranny of Islam sets in. What we once embraced as a birthright of members of the free world is no longer self-evident. Freedom of speech is no longer guaranteed.

The British writer Salman Rushdie was forced underground after the publication of his book “The Satanic Verses”. The Japanese translator of his book was murdered. The Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard and his Swedish colleague Lars Vilks were forced into hiding after the drawing of cartoons of Mohammed.

Also I have paid a high price for my thoughts on Islam. Islamic death threats force me to go into hiding. For nine years I have always had to live under police protection. I had to leave my house. I had to live with my wife in barracks and prison cells, as they were the most secure locations.

In a free society every politician, every author, every cartoonist, every citizen should be in the position to express his opinion without fear for his life. But unfortunately we no longer live in completely free societies. It is also the truth that the more our countries become Islamic, the less free they become.

In June of last year, after a Bonn Salafist published a video-message in which he called for the murder of certain politicians and journalists, the police searched Salafist establishments throughout Germany and banned one of their organisations. Since then, however, the threat has not really diminished.

In December of last year, Bonn only barely escaped a catastrophe. The police found a satchel filled with explosives in the Bonn Central Train Station. Fortunately the authorities were able to prevent an explosion which could have turned out to be as destructive as the Madrid bomb attack of 2004 and the terrorist attack in London in 2005.

According to statements in the newspaper Bild security services estimate the number of Salafists in North Rhine-Westphalia alone to be approximately one thousand; and Bonn, the beautiful city, the city of Beethoven, the former capital city, is characterised in the whole of Europe as the “Salafist capital”.

We all know that Salafism is an Islamic movement, whose members try to imitate the life of their founder Mohammad as closely as possible. Islam calls upon all believers to copy Muhammad’s way of life as much as possible. The life and behaviour of Muhammad are sufficiently well-known. Ali Sina, an ex-Muslim from Iran, calls Muhammad among other things, a liar, a paedophile, a torturer, a terrorist and a mass murderer.

An Arafat

All these descriptions are substantiated by historical Islamic sources. As for example the Sira, the biography of Muhammad from the 8th century as well as the Hadith, the accounts of Muhammad’s sayings and deeds as they or handed down by his contemporaries.

Muhammad appeared with a book — the Koran — about which he falsely maintained that it was written by Allah himself — a book, which concedes more rights to Muslims than to the Kuffar, the non-Muslims, who in fact have no rights at all and therefore ought to be slaughtered.

Muhammad established a state which is based on Islamic law, the Sharia. From Medina, the first city in which Muhammad employed Sharia law, he conquered Arabia through terror, through violence, through deception. He commanded his followers to continue his work until the entire world would be under Islamic domination: “I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah,” said Muhammad in his last address.

He did this in accordance with Sura 8:39: “Make war on them until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme” [Eng. trans. from The Koran, N.J. Dawood].

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is important to recognise that many people throughout Europe, in Germany and in Holland, harbour misconceptions about Islam. Islam is not a religion; Islam is a totalitarian ideology like Communism and Fascism. And like Communism and Fascism Islam is, as I said, totalitarian. It is not based on volition. It commands that people who leave Islam be killed. That is totalitarian.

Because Islam has global ambitions, we are all in the same boat. Bonn has the same problem as Cologne or Berlin; Germany has the same problem as France Great Britain, Italy, and the Netherlands. Europe has the same problem as the United States, as Canada or Australia, which I shall visit this month. Everywhere freedom is threatened, and everywhere people are frightened.

I am travelling around the world in order to support those who are intimidated and are silenced. I am here in order to make the truth known about Islam:

  • the truth, that because Muhammad mistreated women, some followers of Islam believe that they are justified in treating women, also here, in the same way,
  • the truth, that because Muhammad lied and deceived in order to support the spread of Islam, some followers feel justified to do the same, — Islam even has a word for this kind of lie, — it is called taqiyya;
  • the truth, that because Muhammad plundered and murdered non-Muslims; some, many of his followers feel that they have the right to do the same, — that is called jihad;
  • the truth, that because Muhammad spread Islam through terror, some of his followers do the same, — that is also called jihad;
  • the truth, that because Muhammad founded an Islamic state; some, many of his followers consider it their duty to do the same;
  • the truth, that because Muhammad murdered his critics and the critics of his Islamic state; some, many of his followers threaten all those who speak critically about Muhammad and Islam with death.

It is not a matter of chance that worldwide all Islamic states demand that criticism of Islam and its prophet be banned. But nevertheless it is our duty to speak the truth. As my friend Mark Steyn writes in the forward to my book: something is badly wrong in our society — and we have a responsibility to address it honestly, before it gets worse.

Freedom of speech is the most important political civil liberty. Without freedom of speech the other freedoms are meaningless.

Freedom of speech forces governments to justify their policies. It is in the public interest for governments to correct their mistakes. The authorisation of Islamic mass immigration to Europe was one of the greatest mistakes of the century.

Dear friends, look at what Islam has brought you here in Germany. I will give you, as a Dutchman, only a few examples of what I have seen — all from Germany, and all from the past year.

In March an Islamic mob rioted in Berlin.

In May Salafists rioted in Bonn.

Also in May, a 22-year old Turk, who grew up in Germany, was convicted of the honour-murder of his 18-year old German born sister.

Also In May, an immigrant from Pakistan, who had been living for 27 years in Germany, was convicted of the honour murder of his 20-year old German-born daughter and her boy friend.

In July four Al-Qaida members, three of them born in Germany, were brought to trial in Düsseldorf for planning a terror attack.

In August a poll revealed that for the younger generation of Turks in Germany Islam is becoming increasingly more important, and that almost half of the Turks in Germany hope that in the future there will be more Muslims than Christians in Germany.

In December there was the failed bomb attack here in Bonn.

These incidents are so serious that we must be permitted to discuss them in complete openness and without taboos; above all because we are no fringe group, but speak in the name of the large majority of decent and law abiding citizens. Never forget that.

In November a poll of the Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research, which was carried out on behalf of the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung, revealed that 64% of Germans believe that Islam is prone to violence. These people are not mistaken. They are right!

56% believe that Islam strives for political influence in Germany. These people are not mistaken. They are right! More than 80% of Germans believe that Islam robs women of their rights and 70% state that Islam is fanatical.

There is truly a growing chasm between normal Germans and Dutch, who are worried about the consequences of mass immigration from Islamic lands, and the intellectuals, politicians and the cultural and media elite who maintain the people are intolerant. Ladies and Gentlemen, Germans are not intolerant. Islam is intolerant!

Dear friends, I always distinguish between Islam and Muslims. I always make a clear distinction between the people and the ideology. Naturally there are many moderate Muslims, but there is no moderate Islam. The political ideology of Islam is not moderate. Islam is not moderate because it intends to force Islamic law, the Sharia, on the entire world. And as I have already said, this is to be achieved by jihad.

The good news is, that millions of Muslims in the world — among them many in Germany and in the Netherlands — do not follow the prescriptions of the Sharia, much less do they engage in jihad.

But the bad news is, that those ready to [follow Sharia], and unfortunately there are more and more, are ready to employ all available means to implement their barbaric ideology and revolutionary goals.

Most Muslims are moderate, but the ideology of Islam is dangerous. Ladies and Gentlemen, the moderates are the prisoners of the barbaric system of Islamofascism.

Despite the many moderate Muslims, the growing Islamisation is causing huge problems in our countries. Europe’s Islam-lobby is increasingly more assertive. It has successfully managed to push European politicians to implement pro-Islamic policy, as well as to limit freedom of speech. And all this is under the pretext that the expression of truthful statements about Islam is a form of hate speech and is therefore criminal.

Once more I will give you some examples from Germany in the past year. In January, German authorities confirmed that they are monitoring every German language website which deals critically with Islamic immigration and the Islamisation of Germany, — your own government.

In February, Jochen Hartloff, the social democratic Justice Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, declared to the Süddeutschen Zeitung that he supports the introduction in Germany of Islamic Sharia law for questions of family law, because — I quote: “This can have a pacifying effect”.

In June Defence Minister Thomas de Maizière declared in the Turkish capital of Ankara that he would like to have more immigrants in the Germany army because the Bundeswehr, according to his conception, — I quote: “should be a representative cross section of the population”.

In November, again in Germany, the city of Hamburg agreed an “international treaty” [Staatsvertrag] with the Islamic communities, which affords them rights and privileges, while the city is obligated to support Islamic religious instruction in public schools. In the same month the government of Bremen followed the example of Hamburg.

Instead of pushing ahead assimilation of immigrants into our countries, our governments, our own governments support the creation of an Islamic parallel society — a Trojan horse inside our borders.

I say to you, we should not ever accept any of that.

Since there is no such thing at all as a moderate Islam, the Islamisation of our society is a dangerous threat. This Islamisation is mainly propelled by the immigration from Islamic countries. Muhammad himself conquered Medina with the help of immigration, or Hijra, as it is termed in Islam. On this basis we must stop immigration from Islamic countries.

We must — and this is not easy — but we must look the bitter and disagreeable truth in the face: the bitter truth is that Islam today is the greatest threat to freedom, and the uncongenial truth is that Islam is already present everywhere around us.

Throughout the whole of Europe mosques are spreading, as are Islamic centres and halal shops. In every larger West European city you meet women with headscarves and burqas. Open the pages of our newspapers you will read horrific stories of mistreated women, of female genital mutilation and of honour killings in our own backyards. We must no longer accept that! Enough is enough.

Please do not allow anyone to tell you that Islam respects freedom. Freedom and Islam are incompatible — incompatible. Please do not allow anyone to tell you that Islam is a religion of peace. Islam is an ideology of violence, and nothing otherwise. Please do not allow anyone to tell you that the intolerant must be tolerated, for we want no more of it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have to show our colours. We have to draw a red line. We have to call for the following: Firstly, no more mosques in our countries; secondly, no more Islamic schools in our countries; and thirdly, all criminal immigrants with double citizenship must be deported!

We have to cease giving in to every Islamic demand. It was Winston Churchill, who said once when he was confronted with Nazi tyranny: “never, never give in, in nothing, great or small, large or petty; never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense”. Instead of following Churchill’s example, western politicians allow themselves to be intimidated by Islamic sensitivities.

A Germany full of mosques and veiled women is no longer the Germany of Goethe, Schiller, Heine, Bach and Beethoven.

And even though not all Allah- and Muhammad-believers become violent, the truth is that some of them will. And they will become violent because Islam incites it. Islam extols Islamic supremacy. We should not close our eyes to this reality out of political correctness. If we do so, we do it at our own peril.

Everywhere, where Islam has had a foothold, it has brought enormous human suffering; for its own followers and their families — and especially for women, and naturally also for all the non-Muslims.

In December of last year, in my homeland the Netherlands, a linesman was kicked to death by a group of young players after a football game. The media, politically correct as always, and the political establishment emphasised that we had a so called “football problem” in the Holland. But the youths, who kicked the Dutch Linesman to death were however not domestic Netherlanders, rather all were Moroccans.

Almost every week there are incidents with Moroccan youths in Holland. In the Netherlands 65 percent of all Moroccan youths between 12 and 23 years have already been arrested at least once by the police — 65 percent. This is the reason why I stress that we do not have a “football problem” but a “Moroccan problem”.

The list of violent incidents in which Moroccans are involved, whether in our streets, our schools, our shopping centres or in our sports fields is endless. Moroccans are the largest Islamic group in my country. But the victims are almost never Moroccans or Muslims.

Two years ago the German Federal Minister for Families, Kristina Schröder encouraged, — I quote: “an open debate about racist Muslims”. She spoke very wise words about freedom of speech and explained — I quote: “Such a culture of discussion must in the end also include the debate on integration. Then together we shall take major steps forward”. End quote. And yes, we should have a discussion about it.

Minister Schröder was correct. To guarantee freedom of speech is a moral duty of all politicians. If we wish to end the increase of violence in our streets, we have to be allowed to report the truth about Islam. If we wish to stop the Islamisation of our countries, we must end cultural relativism.

The cultural relativists are the greatest friends, the henchmen, of Islam. They parrot the Islamic taqiyya-language. They call us xenophobic and accuse us of hate speech. They drag us before the courts, because we are practising our freedom of speech.

People like myself, people like Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in Austria, like Lars Hedegaard in Denmark, like Mark Steyn in Canada and innumerable others have had to spend a great deal of time, energy and money for court proceedings; only, — only because they told the truth. I had the luck to have been acquitted, but some of the others, such as Elizabeth, unfortunately not yet.

Cultural relativism prescribes that all cultures are morally equal and valuable. If all cultures are the same, it follows that the state must not prefer any specific cultural values. Cultural relativists conclude from this that the state cannot stipulate any dominant culture which immigrants have to accept if they wish to live in our midst. In Western countries this dominant culture, our culture, is based principally on Judeo-Christian and humanistic values.

The dogma that all lifestyles, opinions and convictions have the same value signifies the destruction of western culture. It heralds the return to barbarism. Everywhere in the West we are now confronted with Islamic men who treat their own daughters, sisters and wives as inferior beings, while Western politicians turn a blind eye. Everywhere we are also confronted with Islamic racism, while the elites refuse an open discourse about it.

Dear friends, there is no place for the Sharia in our countries. The hypothesis of cultural relativism is false. Cultures are not equal. Our culture, — and I am proud to say to you openly — our culture is vastly better than Islamic culture. We should be proud of our culture and of our Western identity. But we should also be proud of our nation states. Forced conformity is a characteristic of Islam, but not of Europe.

Islam attempted to conquer Europe, but it has so far not succeeded. That is essentially also the reason why we Europeans were able to develop our distinct identities as nation states. If we wish to maintain these things, we must stand together against the powers which strive to destroy our identities.

Dear friends, I am always happy whenever I have the possibility to speak in Germany. Whenever I am here, always ask you, always, always and always: stop being ashamed of your nation. Be proud of Germany. Be proud to be German patriots. You must stand by Germany, just as I stand by the Netherlands. We must all assume responsibility for the survival of our nation states.

Patriotism is often branded as fascism. But patriotism IS not fascism. On the contrary, on the contrary, every democrat and defender of freedom must by definition be a patriot. A soul requires a body. The spirit of political freedom can not thrive outside the body of the nation state. The nation state is the political body in which we live. And therefore we must maintain and nourish the nation state so we can also pass down to our children the freedom and democracy which we enjoy.

Do not allow German identity to be swept away by Islam.

Do not allow German identity to be swept away by the EU.

The European unification process serves the goals of Islam because it undermines our national identities and robs us of the most important instruments for halting Islamisation, — and that is our national identity.

The European Union does not solve any problems; the European Union IS the problem. The European Union is the largest attempt since the collapse of Communism to rob people of their sovereignty, their democracy, their identity and their dignity. The Eurocrats do not wish to hear this message, but it is the truth. Without the nation states there can be no complete, national, political freedom. Therefore we must be good patriots.

My dear ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, it is now time to act. Just as the great American patriot Ronald Reagan, the man who freed Germany and Europe from Communism, once said — I quote: “We must act today, in order to preserve tomorrow” — end of quotation.

I am no defeatist. I am an optimist. Here is a short synopsis of the things which I believe we have to do. First of all, as I have already said, we have to defend freedom of speech. As I have already said, it is the most important of all our freedoms. Today the erosion of our freedom of speech is emerging as the price we have to pay in order to satisfy Islam. And that is not acceptable. Something is completely wrong when those who deny that Islam is a problem take from us the right to discuss it.

Europe is in urgent need of something equivalent to the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, which guarantees freedom of speech. We must never be reduced to silence. If we permit Islam to intimidate us, we also permit it to rob us of our dignity and freedom, — and that must never happen.

Secondly, we must end cultural relativism. In my own land I have suggested that a clause in our constitution be accepted according to which the prevailing culture in the Netherlands rest on Judeo-Christian and humanistic principles.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, we must stop Islamisation of our countries. More Islam means less freedom. Ladies and Gentlemen, there is already enough Islam in Europe. Immigrants ought to assimilate and accept our values.

Fourthly, we must restore the precedence and the sovereignty of the nation state. As Germans you must appreciate the culture and identity of the German nation. You must demand that immigrants in Germany assume your values, and not the reverse. You must demand to be governed from Berlin and not from Brussels.

The last time I cautioned you to stop being ashamed of Germany. It is unfair, to reduce patriotism to National Socialism, just as it is unfair to reduce Russia to Stalinism. Be proud of your land. Only if Germans are proud of Germany will they be in the position to stand for Germany and to defend Germany.

We must all stand for the survival of our nation states, because our nation states embody the democratic freedoms which we enjoy.

Like other peoples also, Germans have the right to remain who they are. Germans should not have to become Frenchmen, nor Netherlanders, nor Americans, nor Turks. Germans should remain Germans.

Finally, and last but not least as the Americans say, it is also our duty to help Israel, the national state of the Jewish people. Israel is the front line in the jihad. Israel is a navigational light surrounded by utter darkness. Israel is fighting our fight. Insofar as we help Israel to survive, we help ourselves.

Friends, we must stick together, shoulder to shoulder with Israel and with the other Western countries. We have to be able to rely on each other and help each other mutually in the fight against a common foe. If we wish to preserve our peoples, and if we would like to pass our Judeo-Christian heritage down to our children, then we have to stand together. Otherwise we will soon be swept away by Brussels and Islam.

Dear friends, simply fulfill your duty! Please do not be afraid. Express the truth! Defend our freedom!. Together, — together we can preserve freedom; — together we should preserve freedom, and, my friends, — together we shall preserve freedom!

Thank you very much!