Nail Bomb in Madrid Cathedral

A nail bomb was discovered today next to the confessional in Almudena Cathedral, Madrid. The device was defused by police, and did not explode.

Below is a brief report on the incident from Expatica:

Police Defuse Bomb in Madrid Cathedral

Spanish police on Thursday defused a nail bomb found next to a confessional in the Almudena Cathedral in the historic heart of Madrid, officials said.

A priest found the bomb in a bin bag and evacuated the cathedral, a tourist attraction next to the city’s old royal palace, a spokesman for the archbishopric of Madrid told AFP.

A bomb disposal team came and defused the device, “composed of a detonator, 200 grammes (seven ounces) of gunpowder, a metal gas canister-type container full of nails, and an alarm clock,” a police spokesman added.

Many thanks to our Spanish correspondent Hermes for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this news video from Spanish TV:


00:01   The canon found the bomb at noon, here next to the confessional.
00:07   ‘We saw a suspicious package; the janitor thought it was a garbage bag and took it away,
00:13   but it was strange so we called the police.’ It was heavy: 1200g of gunpowder, 1kg of screws,
00:19   a camping gas cylinder and an alarm clock. ‘It must have been placed beside this confessional
00:25   between noon and 1 pm, because the priest found the bag with explosives only after coming out of it.
00:31   Immediately after a warning was raised, the cathedral was evacuated, and the police proceeded to
00:37   disable the device. ‘Yes, people went out; there were a lot of tourists, a huge group of visitors,
00:43   but we warned through the loudspeaker that the cathedral would be closed.’ ‘We were inside, and
00:49   suddenly the police came in saying there was an explosive device, and the cathedral had to be evacuated.’
00:55   The cathedral was cordoned off and closed for four hours, so tourists and the faithful had to turn back,
01:01   hardly believing what had happened. ‘An explosive device? Really? It seems unbelievable.’
01:07   Experts said it was not a very powerful device, and would have not done much damage, but
01:13   the happy ending was like a miracle for the priest. ‘Yes, the Virgin of Almudena did a lot of them for Madrid.’
01:19   Investigations are under way. Whoever was responsible may have been mentally disturbed or an anarchist
01:25   group. The last seems more plausible, given that one month ago a device which was inside a
01:31   package addressed to a member of the Legionnaires of Christ exploded at a post office.

Hat tip for the article: Steen.

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