Get ’Em While They’re Young

A member of the Green Party in Germany is alarmed because young people are turning against the progressive Narrative and increasingly supporting the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). He wants to rectify this dangerous trend by instituting more aggressive propagandizing of the young, and at an earlier age, so that their tender young minds understand early on that there is only one correct point of view on political issues.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

According to survey

AfD too strong — Green politician calls for new curricula

The political Left is in a panic: Because teenagers and young adults increasingly sympathize with the AfD, a Green politician wants to turn the curricula to the left from elementary school onwards. He makes concrete suggestions for this.


The Green Party member of the Bundestag Kai Gehring has called for a nationwide adjustment of school curricula. He justified this with the popularity of the AfD among young people, which was recently determined in a representative survey. If 22% of citizens under 30 voted for the AfD, “something would be in danger of tipping,” Gehring told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung.

“All sixteen state curricula need a check and an update on how, among other things, the failure of the Weimar Republic, Hitler’s rise to power, the Holocaust and the atrocities of the Nazi dictatorship, are taught.” The education system plays a central role in which democracy education, historical awareness and prevention come before anti-democratic extremism, the Green politician emphasized. [Now that would blow the Left’s narrative out of the water, but I guess that they plan NOT to teach the truth in that regard, now, wouldn’t you say?]

AfD is making massive gains among young people

Gehring wants to start with this in elementary schools. Educational institutions must “become places of learning to be more for democracy, against authoritarianism and for historical awareness nationwide and across the board.” He therefore calls on “the federal states and the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs to significantly strengthen teaching in general knowledge, social sciences, politics and history for all age groups.” This includes more visits to memorial sites and “modern media skills and dealing with fake news.”

The representative study to which Gehring was referring found that support for the AfD among those under 30 doubled to 22% within a year.

Afterword from the translator:

It’s not education that they want to do, it’s INDOCTRINATION, to such a degree that these kids will follow their “leaders” willingly and blindly into the abyss. Because I’m pretty sure that these people are not going to teach the truth about their own heretic Adolf who created his own Socialist Dystopia based on nationality/ethnicity, while they on the other hand want to destroy the ethnicity of Germans and create their own “Multicultural” Dystopia. Needless to say, German culture is not going to have a role to play in this “multicultural” plan, since these people want Germans to become extinct, like the rest of native European ethnicities.

Anyone who’s interested in the topic of Hitler, the Nazis, Socialists and Communists during that period should check out TIKHISTORY. that guy has done great research and has great insight. It’s worthwhile watching his videos.

One thought on “Get ’Em While They’re Young

  1. The same is happening with youth here in the US, but it’s not as well reported in the media yet, they’re hoping they can bury it, stifle it, pass laws against it, and make it go away. But they won’t.
    The kids today aren’t woke because of a lack of sufficient propaganda, it’s basic logic and mental faculty. THEY CAN TELL THEY’RE BEING LIED TO!
    But they nod and say they go along, but know damned well what’s up. They know men can’t have babies, but if some nutjob wants me to check the box that says they can, what do I care? They’ve transcended the liberals and their [bovine excrement], they don’t argue, or engage, they just say “OK”, whatever you say…. and then go and do their own thing.
    I have 3 kids in various stages of young adulthood. It’s a different time than when I grew up, but they’re not stupid, they see things for what they really are. Only my daughter, who is at University, has any kind of struggle with what’s real and what isn’t. Imagine that…

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