Culture-Enrichers Ruin Another Town

The following video features an interview with a woman who owns a café in the Spanish town of Donosti. She recounts the effect that violent criminal migrants have had on her business, and on the town in general.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   This area of Buen Pastor, Calle Fuenterrabia, Plaza Bilbao…
00:04   Every day we have something. Among themselves, they fight a lot.
00:08   And then, for example, at the Plaza de Bilbao, there are many muggers.
00:12   The benches were removed from that street so that they wouldn’t sit.
00:16   They have frightened many of my customers. All the mothers from the school,
00:20   with the children who came here, stopped coming in the afternoons.
00:24   At first we served them, as usual, until they started to do drug deals on my terrace,
00:28   so that we had to call the police and say “they are crossing the line on my terrace.”
00:32   One day a customer said “Sandra, the cistern is leaking.”
00:35   “What do you mean it’s leaking? I went to see. We opened the lid, two wallets.
00:39   They send police officers to us, they arrive, and the police can’t do anything.
00:43   They take them away and after a half an hour, they [the muggers] are back.
00:47   I wish the police could do something, too, because they say their hands are tied. Where is safety?
00:52   I swear, they come here and they do this to me. Or they shout at me, “You racist.”
00:57   It’s not racism. What we don’t like is having twenty people on the benches,
01:01   from 9 in the morning until 9 at night, doing nothing,
01:04   taking drugs, dealing, and scaring all the children who used to play here in the square.
01:10   I don’t know — it’s worrying, it’s scary, because Donosti didn’t use to be like that.

8 thoughts on “Culture-Enrichers Ruin Another Town

  1. How can this be accelerated across Europe?

    The criminality, rapes, fights, and drug dealing need to rise to unimaginable levels before it penetrates the consciousness of the average European who mindlessly votes for this feces-show to continue.

    Not that it will be fixed through voting either.

    By the time it has become so destructive that overwhelming electoral majorities are possible, the numbers of orcs and the damage they cause will be too much to reverse by anything other than violent and coercive means.

    And as I have often said, its not enough to remove the orcs, but the elite class that has caused this to occur need to also be put to the sword (or bullet) so that this doesn’t occur again after the orcs take up their new role as finely chipped fertilizer.

    Never has the observation that “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure” been more prescient and more necessary.

  2. Women’s rights was always about destroying the Patriarchy.

    Now they have the multi cultural, multi sexual, multi religious utopia they marched, fought, and basically went to war for. They now expect the patriarchy to protect them, not only from themselves, but for those they sought to replace us with.

    Women have become soulless, emotional, irrational, delusional burdens and liabilities the world over.

    They were given enough rope, to bang themselves with.
    And that they did with glee.

    They have no mercy for their own children, let alone the traditions of their ancestors.

    Always spiting their own kind.
    Like the grass is always greener on the side.
    So much so, I genuinely winder if they are stuck on repeat sometimes.

    They have relished in destroying their own fathers, brothers, sons, nations and traditions, and openly boasting of such too.

    They wanted equality, is what they said, but really they wanted dominance.
    Now they have it, they better be prepared to fight for it.
    As who needs emeries when you have allies like them?

    • I once read at a men`s right site that the women used feminism as a [solid waste] test (sorry Baron).
      They wanted to know if the men would accept everything or if they would put down their foot and say NO!.

      We failed. Thats why we go down the drain.

      In muslim lands the men said NO! (and mutilated and killed to make sure the women understand that this is a line that will not be crossed. PERIOD!)

  3. It’s really hard to fathom that these elites, at Bilderberg gatherings or WEF meetings or elsewhere, calmly sit around planning this instigation of civil war. All this purposeful destruction of civilized life–just for what? The aggrandizement of power for their short, miserable lives.

  4. Karma doesn’t have a menu, you get served what you deserve….and vote for.


    …I was just getting groceries, and I live in San Francisco, and I never really feel fully safe. If you live in San Francisco, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. I just got groceries and I’m walking out of the store. And this guy is walking past me and says move you stupid bitch. And he spits in my face. It’s all over my face. And I say excuse me, Did you just spit in my face? And he says move or I’ll rape you. There are also people everywhere and everyone’s just walking by because they’re like, I can’t handle something else in San Francisco. It’s always something else. I don’t even know why I’m pausing this. If you live in San Francisco, do you feel this way all the time? I don’t feel safe ever. Literally. Never feel safe. It’s better when it’s daylight but nighttime? No, not leaving my house.”

  5. When all the taxpayers leave San Francisco the zombies, drug addicted mental ill can cannibalize each other for all care. Every blue city is now circling the drain midwest ,East coast,west coast now the elite will load up millions of third word wonders who have no first world skills. You voted for it now you got it !

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