Whale Tale

An expatriate German blogger is being hunted by the Woke Stasi for daring to describe the creature of size who co-leads the Green Party as “fat”.

I feel compelled to note that the German word for “fat” is “dick”. It always makes me think of the (now archaic) Australian colloquialism “to crack a fat”. I wonder if the deep structure of our respective languages somehow understands this congruence of meaning.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from eXXpress. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Blogger describes Green leader as “fat” — now even his account has been blocked

Appearance shouldn’t be a taboo subject — this is the opinion of the blogger Hadmut Danisch. From his point of view, it’s OK to describe the leader of the Greens, Ricarda Lang, as “fat”. In addition to numerous letters from the German public prosecutor’s office, his bank account has now been blocked. [No wonder these petty tyrants push for digital currency, because then you’re really at their mercy, which is fueled by hatred against those who criticize them in any way.]

After it is allowed to criticize “old white men”, it is also quite legitimate to call Green Party leader Ricarda Lang “fat” — with this post the German blogger Hadmut Danisch responded to a comment by Ulf Poschardt. The editor-in-chief of WeltN24 believes that appearance “should not become an issue.”

“I expressly leave open whether it is advisable and rhetorically successful to describe Ricarda Lang as fat. But it is constitutionally permissible to do it under freedom of expression,” stressed Danisch, who emigrated to Cyprus. Now, however, he is being hunted down by the German public prosecutor. The blogger insulted the politician and should be held accountable. But that’s not all — now the Deutsche Bank has suddenly blocked his account, as Die Weltwoche reported. The affected bank account is a donation account for fans of his work.

Danisch tells the whole story

Danisch has since deleted the post, but in his latest blog post “Under attack — how the Greens attack my blog” he tells the whole story again. “Actually, I wanted to let the matter boil quietly and only publish it when it’s over, because I’m currently writing a book about attacks on freedom of expression in general and my blog in particular,” it says, among other things.

Afterword from the translator:

Since I don’t have a bank account anymore, and since I don’t live in Germany and have no intentions of going back there in the near or far future, I guess I can say what I want.

I’d go even so far as to describe that thing as a “bloated beached whale”, although I’m doing a disservice to these majestic animals — for which I sincerely apologize — which cannot be said about that grossly obese green brainless winegum that is hell-bent on destroying Germany with her party’s brainless crusades against the building-blocks of life — namely CO2. Let’s face it: there’s nothing “majestic” about this thing or any of these watermelons, come to think of it. Not even their absolute hatred of Germany and is people is anything more than a bunch of spoiled toddlers throwing a temper-tantrum. They wouldn’t survive a week in the real world, and that’s why they want to destroy it, and believe that their dystopian, utopian bubble will protect them then form life and death. Think again, LIFE and DEATH do not adhere to ideological doctrines and will call them and wipe them out eventually. And good riddance it will be, and hopefully soon.

16 thoughts on “Whale Tale

  1. Specimens like that sow displacing all the water will be extremely valuable after they finally succeed in deindustrializing Germany and energy is no longer available at any price.

    Were she to be harpooned, flensed, boiled down and rendered into oil, there would be enough from her to illuminate a meeting hall full of Greens for several weeks at least.

  2. The correct german term should be: “Grüne Abrissbirne”.
    In english this would be a green wreckingball……

  3. Nazis and their fellow travellers are not ‘far right’. They are extreme left. It is a con perpetrated by them ever since WW2. They were an offshokot of one of the German communist parties and fought the other for control.
    They were the original extreme greens and is the reason Germany is so steeped in Green ideology.

  4. If you are worried about CBDC go look for the large and medium transformers in your area. Without 24/7/365 electricity there is no digital anything
    This will be hard on the city dwellers and the unprepared but . . is your comfort worth more than my freedoms? Not to me.

    • Transformers are also a source of oil that can be used in older diesels if carefully collected. YMMV

      • You can do that with the newer diesels as well, you just need to re-chip it, tear out all the pollution control crap including the catalytic converters and you have a diesel that gets over 50 mpg.

        • In TEOTWAWKI scenario, anything using chips or indeed any electronics are not likely to be of much use except as paperweights if nukes have been used. Older diesels are naturally proof against that although the starting circuit might be damaged by EMP. An old school diesel paired with a manual transmission can be push started.

          Any of this modern diesel garbage is useless because of EMP vulnerable microcircuitry in the starting system and the computers that brick them if they don’t get regular infusions of diesel exhaust fluid; a bigger scam other than Social Security never existed.

          • A very good point Moon. Perhaps they could put crank starting like the good ole days to get them running, the Germans during the war used it quite successfully.

          • We know, from US ( STARFISH ) and Soviet
            ( PROJEKT K ) high altitude testing that EMP effects are unpredictable and much less devastating that popularly supposed’ viz; ‘skyfall’.
            Electrics and electronics are not overly vulnerable as in ‘everything blows up and fries’. Short length conductors just can’t soak up enough juice. Long conductors are more vulnerable; transmission lines have jolted off insulators, and the russians lost a generating plant when the diesel back up sovieted and caught fire. However, the effects were spotty, limited, and caused light damage, and the soviets set theirs off over heavily developed and industrialized areas.
            There are no EMP bombs. The effects are produced by electron flux and particle flooding from the nuke, not by the nuke. So far, the only really tricky nukes designed, but never built or tested, were the small ‘Casaba’ nuclear shaped propulsion charges for project ORION. There are designs for conventional explosive-pumped, magnetron based EM effects weapon, these are small, short-range effect, tactical devices that are largely experiments, or very special application. Of greater concern, the particle flux from a nuke in the supposed EMP sweet spot blacks out radio and radar over a large area. This effect clears in a few minutes to and hour. Militarily significant, but not the end of every electric thing on earth.
            Worry about ducking the fall out. Nobody seems to care about real effects, only the Hollywood ones.
            Also, don’t build your super-villain lair out of C4 and petrol, which seems to be the mistake all the Bond villains make. Remember, there are but 14,500 or so nukes left, only a fraction of those are ready to launch at any one time, so they can’t nuke everything, as back in ’89. So DC, and Brussels, Ottawa, NY, SF, LA, Moscow, Peking, London, silo’d and bunkered weapons, that stuff gets emulsified with extreme intolerance. It’s not world-ending, it’s government ending.
            So relax, review your CBRN protocols, hunt down the surviving commies, and enjoy.

  5. What ever IT is, it’s morbidly obese and looks like IT was hit with the ugly stick.

    • I dunno, with that much blubber on her buoyancy might prevent being submerged deep enough to drown. If she were to be fitted with navigation lights she could probably shuttle several hundred orcs from Africa to the waiting orc ferries in one trip.

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