See the Sights of Paris and Get Gang-Raped!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from eXXpress:

Gang rape in front of the Eiffel Tower! Five men attack a tourist

“Several men” are said to have raped a Mexican tourist (27) on the Field of Mars at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Two perpetrators are in police custody, according to Parisian sources. They are being investigated for gang rape.

The 27-year-old woman was attacked by a total of five men at one o’clock in the morning, the newspaper Le Parisien reported. The woman was drunk, and treated in a hospital. In April a young German tourist was the victim of an attempted rape in the same place. A Pakistani street vendor informed the police. The perpetrator was sentenced to two years in prison in June.

Two cases in Berlin

Two gang rapes within a short period of time are also the subject of heated debates in the German capital Berlin: also because the alleged perpetrators are at large due to their young age — and because the police are once again stonewalling for “investigative tactical reasons” — eXXpress has already reported.

Afterword from the translator:

Does France have laws as rigorous as Spain when it comes to rape? I’m afraid not, so the perpetrators will be wrapped in cotton wool and pampered all over again, since the government doesn’t want another outbreak of unholy Islamic doctrine. Europe has not only been buggered sideways by their own traitorous politicians, but is also being held hostage by these hostiles, while having delivered the knife that’s been pressed against their own throat.

How demented can people get? Or is it something that has been introduced into their daily diet over the last few decades that they open up their homes to wild and dangerous animals? Just like that guy who stepped into the lion enclosure at the zoo and tried to convert them to Christianity.

11 thoughts on “See the Sights of Paris and Get Gang-Raped!

  1. There were some articles claiming that the vax alters the brain chemistry to make people more obedient (can’t find the links right now; it may well have been on this site). Don’t know if it’s true, but it would explain people’s continuing tolerance for the utterly intolerable.

  2. Paris has been a major sex industry hotspot for decades.
    All the white underage whores selling their race out and following in their mothers footsteps is nothing to be surprised about.

    Women are the only ones that want diversity, after all it was they who demonstrated, campaigned and forced it upon us all, as with it, it brings more punters for them to ply their trade with.
    And it is not called the oldest game in the book for nothing.

    She was probably recording it.
    For her OnlyFans or what not.
    And probably only crying rape as she was not paid the full amount of something.

    I have no pity for her, or her generation.
    Nor does any man I know.

    They made this whole situation possible, and when they cannot benefit from it, they expect others not too see through their perpetual victimhood status.

    I wonder how much money she got from the video.
    And how much she will make selling her story to the papers..

    And just you watch, she will be probably already back plying her trade in the area anyway.

    • That is incredibly cynical! However I do wonder if she would have been out in Mexico City at 1 in the morning, drunk.

      • Mexico City is probably safer at this point.

        I don’t see them importing the dregs of the various orcistans and paying them from the taxpayer’s wallet to do what orcs do.

        They send them onwards to the Great Satan and make a hefty profit while reducing criminal depredation in their own lands. They’re not exactly as dumb as white nationalists insinuate.

      • Cassandra, In Mexico City, that women would have had a crowd of native macho Mexican men tearing those 3rd world orcs to pieces in a matter of minutes and hanging their corpses from a bridge for they are Catholic and don’t suffer the insult of the rape of their women by 3rd worlders easily. They are after all only one step above the Aztecs.

  3. Governments do not care less, in fact these rapes just show their plan is working: the muzrats will control the population. They don’t care if there is no tourism, they get paid anyway, from other peoples taxes.
    I remember travelling a lot around Europe as a student in the 1970’s, by boat by train and by metro. An Algerian tried to steal my purse while I was in a crowded metro, the populace just stared disinterestedly as I yelled at him, or looked away. Luckily the thief had nowhere to go and replaced my purse. But I was passed off no one tried to help. Laissez faire is a French phrase after all…

  4. I just wait for the day (not that I want a woman to suffer rape) that something like that happens to the wife of a high ranking Cartel member.
    Does anybody want to know how high the body count goes?

    Why do these “enrichers” not break into the homes of the elite?
    Just imagine Madame Macron would be the victim?

    • You’d have to be pretty desperate or African to want to know Madame Macron in the biblical sense.

      And I doubt the poofter-in-chief would be too upset if she were, given his alleged proclivities.

  5. Madame Macon has many armed body guards 24/7 you the average citizen(tourist or native born French citizen)are on your own .The elite do not face the troubles of inflation ,roving bands of enrichers ,carbon footprint “reduction” as they the elite are guarded by big well train arm men, flying solo in private jets having large bullet proof cars move them from their home to the airport , as you wait for the train or public bus hoping you do not get rob ,raped or killed by a group of their imported pets! If someone raped a member of the Cartel wife or daughter or some mobster girl you would not hear about the rape. Their would be some bodies found in the local river or lake with the men having their testicals cut off and stuff in their mouths and signs of a long slow death before the castration.

    • You have to hand it to those Mexican and South American cartel chiefs when you mess with their families, they get downright Aztec on them, they use chainsaws for Pete’s sake, so give them an A for creativity. It is only a matter of time and odds that the orcs do this to the wrong female who belongs to some very nasty dangerous people and the bodies pile up to the point that the government can’t cover it up and all hell breaks loose as a result.

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