When the Vax Goes to Your Head

The following video was excerpted from a session of the Stiftung Corona Ausschuss (Corona Investigative Committee) that was first live-streamed last July. During this segment, Dietrich Klinghardt MD discusses the brain-changing effects of the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. He notes that those effects were an intended outcome, at least on the part of Pfizer.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   And now we have to do something about the monkeypox. They even describe
00:05   monkeypox as blisters that cluster and that are very painful.
00:10   Those are the classical characteristics for herpes zoster,
00:13   but if the test is positive, it’s that type.
00:16   Strange that monkeypox is suddenly now painful with localized blisters.
00:20   How dumb are our fellow doctors that participate in this theatre?
00:24   Well, we’ve seen quite a lot of stupidity in action lately and it’s so unbelievable
00:29   The number of doctors who participated in this entire story.
00:34   Yes, yes, they’re rewarded when they do.
00:39   Earlier you mentioned that there’s a total state of denial among the vaccinated.
00:45   You described it using an example, but we’re also hearing this from more and more doctors,
00:51   that this could also cause possibly be causing changes in personality. Is that correct?
00:56   Absolutely. We’re seeing it every day in those who are vaccinated.
01:01   Especially in those who were critical about the vaccination previously, but were forced to take it.
01:05   Suddenly, three or four months after vaccination, they say, “Hey, the vaccine is actually good.
01:09   I’m doing fine now and it was a good thing. It’s awesome.” There’s a sudden turnaround.
01:15   Even if these people have symptoms following the vaccination.
01:19   Even if they’re doing significantly worse than before the vaccination, there’s still
01:23   this total about-face. They view the vaccination in a positive manner. That’s crazy.
01:31   It’s as if a psychosis were injected along with it.
01:36   Perhaps I can mention that I’m acquainted with someone who works in upper management at Pfizer.
01:41   He belongs to the management cadre, and he proudly told me it’s built into the vaccine.
01:50   What? —What? —The personality changes were built in.
01:56   Is it more than just being in denial? Maybe that’s due to the awareness of having made a mistake?
02:01   What other ways does it manifest? Some people say
02:04   that they’ve noticed that people are now far more aggressive.
02:07   In general. Or do some other people get happy hormones? It doesn’t seem that way?
02:15   There are changes, but I can’t say anything more about it.
02:20   From what I understand, some mRNA in gene therapy used as vaccines has built-in components
02:28   which target the brain, in particular certain areas of the limbic system.
02:34   Targeted. So it’s not a coincidence. We’re making observations, and as a clinician I see
02:40   this as consistent. As I’ve said, my patients are for the most part unvaccinated.
02:48   We were able to free people from having to take the vaccine and still be permitted to keep working.
02:53   However, a few in my care are in the military and they couldn’t avoid it.
02:57   That’s where I’ve definitely seen this, along with friends of these vaccinated people who describe
03:03   these changes in personality. People who were critical
03:07   of the government, the pharmaceutical industry
03:10   or the vaccines, or question the Corona narrative, for example, who released it onto the world,
03:18   and in whose interest it would be, etc. Suddenly, they lost interest, and this critical thinking
03:27   that questioned and reflected on it — was gone. Now they were rather positive about it.
03:33   Saying, “Everything is fine. The world is good. The sun is shining. Everything is OK.”
03:40   We can’t change that about them.
03:44   Those who had the “natural” Covid infection, if one can call it that,
03:48   don’t have these kind of changes [of personality]. There is clearly a significant difference.
03:55   For that reason, the battle we’re fighting, if we can call it that,
04:00   has become more difficult.
04:05   Because a large portion of the population has been vaccinated,
04:09   they now belong to the other side, those who suddenly possess this positive view.
04:16   So our intact immune systems can handle coming in contact with this virus that was
04:20   entirely or partially artificially produced, but not with the vaccine.
04:28   The vaccine appears not only to damage immune systems significantly,
04:32   but change personalities as well.
04:35   To put it bluntly, it rapes our immune system.

5 thoughts on “When the Vax Goes to Your Head

  1. I have noticed a certain kind of “fearlessness” among the Covid Witnesses I meet: They would attack Russia without any regard for nuclear weapons. When I say it’s not that easy to fight a nuclear power, they shun me that I am just a coward.

    The same thing is with regards to economy. When I tell them that I think the economy will tank and that we should buy food in advance, the just call me a doomsayer and kind of have no fear about it.

    I don’t mean to say I expect them to fear the future, concern may be a better word. It’s hard to get them concerned about some important topic.

    Saying that, I don’t know if I can link my observations to the vax, though. I don’t think that “their” behavior is so far out of the ordinary that I would look for “biological” causes, but the theory about the “vax that can change minds” is out there.

    If it really exists, then they maybe vaxxed the eastern europeans with hatred for Russia?

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