Free Money — But It’s Never Enough

The young “Spanish” woman in this video complains about the insufficiency of her basic welfare stipend, which fails to provide an adequate living for herself and her four children, one of which is still in utero.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Xabia has three children and a fourth on the way. What about the incomes of your household?
00:04   The IMV [universal basic income]. How much is it?
00:07   What I receive right now is €869. You can’t, they won’t rent you anything.

8 thoughts on “Free Money — But It’s Never Enough

  1. The Spaniards voted for this.

    At least they don’t seem to be too vociferous in voting against it when they get the chance.

    The ultimate irony is that the Reconquista lasted for over 800 years and it was the seizing of the throne by a strong-willed female, Isabella of Castille who ultimately forced the issue to its conclusion.

    And now, little over 500 years later, foolish females not even fit to clean her privy, and feminized weak males are busy voting away the country to wannabe Moorish invaders that the actual Moors wouldn’t even bother to turn into eunuchs.

  2. Landlords won’t rent to them cos they trash the property, causing damage and leaving all their trash. Four active children at home all day can do a lot of damage;break windows, holes in walls, drawing on walls etc

  3. Just send this ungrateful invader and her brood back from where she came from.

    I’ve been AI’d – lost a sizeable chunk of my income – and since my bakery hasn’t made any liveable income any longer through to the ever rising prices and taxes – my rates and taxes just doubled this month – this woman has more disposable income than I have and is still complaining.
    In Spain. and that I know for a fact from my daughter and her fiance, food-prices are much, much lower than in South Africa.
    Every time they come to visit they are utterly shocked by the increase and what we now have to pay for simple basic food.
    They would have a nasty shock if they could come now.
    If I wouldn’t go hunting, raise chickens and rabbits, go fishing and foraging etc.etc…..
    we wouldn’t be able to eat as healthy we do, and we are not people that go overboard.

  4. I believe it.

    Here, its “people of color”; africans, native americans, african americans, and tatted and pierced white trash that destroy apartments.

    If you subsidize something you tend to get more of it. Those subhumans get paid to reproduce like rats. And they do. Its almost enough to make one pray for nuclear war if it gets rid of those infestations.

  5. Essentially, there are two types of fast breeder – nuclear reactors and people of a certain belief system. In the former case nuclear reactors have to be closed down the moment they start to exhibit nuclear decay followed by melt down and become a threat to the living organisms of both their immediate hinterland and environments far beyond. Three Mile Island and Chernobyl are recent examples as was the close shave at Windscale in October 1957.
    Consequently, at the first sign of any instability and overheating FB reactors are immediately deactivated by dropping control rods made of neutron absorbing materials into the core of the reactor. These control rods are made of materials that do not decay as a result of absorbing neutrons and thereby initiate cooling and eventual closedown.
    Moving on from nuclear physics into the world of human affairs, certain out of control fast-breeding, culturally decayed recent arrivals will likewise have to be deactivated, not by inserting any physical absorbents but by denying them reactor fuel in the first place by removing their financial free ride extracted from long heritage native taxpayers.
    This means somehow moderating the free treatment and lifelong support services for the many genetically damaged offspring resultant from their tribal consanguineous reproduction practises and also from the burden of sustaining the otherwise physically heathy offspring of multiple gender-enslaved wombs under the control of individual male impregnators for the purpose of obtaining huge amounts of child care and sundry other benefits at the expense of the now sidelined and soon to be overwhelmed and destitute indigenous net contributors.

    • Removing the money doesn’t prevent or discourage breeding for the lower classes, whether white trash or imported enrichers. Just look at the favelas of central and south american cities, the banlieues of France, or the trailer parks of America.

      Not having a pot to micturate in hasn’t stopped rampant breeding in any of those locations. Planned Parenthood’s original purpose was to prevent such rampant breeding by such undesirable elements who lacked self discipline and were promiscuous.

      Were I dictator, I would offer the inner city and trailer park inhabiting domestic lower classes who can’t be deported, a big screen tv and Xbox, or a kilo of weed or maybe even a cash payment for voluntary sterilization before spawning any get. The invaders like that “Spanish” woman would be deported along with the rest of her brats and the bum that keeps knocking her up.

  6. This is such a fraught and complicated issue. In the UK, child support is not paid after the third child, and even the Labour Party has refused to commit itself to reversing this policy if elected. But who suffers most as a result? The third child (and any subsequent siblings), and the rest of the family, all of whom, except the parents, don’t get a vote.

    Then there’s the pressure applied on mothers to have many children, common in fundamentalist faiths; Islam of course, but also Hassidic Judaism and some Christians, especially but not only Catholics. This isn’t just about discipline and self-denial, but also patriarchy.

    • All those religions including Islam (after a fashion) require some measure of personal responsibility. In their own lands muslims don’t live at the expense of the taxpayers. Here, Mormons push large families but they heavily encourage personal responsibility and being industrious. Even Catholics who are notorious for large families are supposed to take care of their families and not live at the expense of the state or others if they can help it.

      Of course in my neck of the woods it isn’t the very religious that are breeding like rats and sponging off the taxpayer. More often than not it’s the worst kinds of degenerates who have multiple brats with varying degrees of melanin and a collection of baby daddies to match, demonstrating to all and sundry how much they love diversity while disrespecting themselves. And you’re right, that the real victim in all of this is the child who didn’t get to choose the circumstances of their birth and subsequent lack of upbringing. Anything that can be done to alleviate the harm that’s done to the child in these circumstances only has the perverse effect of incentivizing (if any incentive were needed) the creature that birthed it to only have more.

      If anything, more patriarchy would be a potential solution to the problem in that if men were encouraged and allowed by custom and law to rule their families, and held responsible for allowing their children to be an expense upon the public purse with that responsibility extending until the age of majority for male children and the wedding day for female children, there would be almost none of the dysfunction that exists as a powerful corrosive, dissolving western civilization from the inside out. Patriarchy has a proven track record of working for as far back as history has been recorded, and probably back deep into prehistory when we were hunting mammoths and living in small bands of hunter-gatherers. And yes, there have been societies that were matriarchal in structure, but even so there never was a civilization patriarchal or matriarchal that allowed or encouraged or tolerated the lowest classes and least responsible to breed like rats and live at the expense of the public purse generation after generation.

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