We All Scream For Ice Cream!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Germany: Bon appétit — First ice cream parlor sells insect ice cream

If the recent approval of other insects as food-products in the EU primarily caused disgust among the citizens, there are new entrepreneurs in Germany who are trying their luck with crickets and co. in their products: an ice cream parlor in Baden-Württemberg now offers “Cricket Ice Cream”. In addition to using flour from house crickets, dried insects are used as a topping — their taste then has to be softened with extracts of honey, vanilla and cookies. [I wonder how long the business will survive? Not long, I hope, but then they might get government subsidies to carry on poisoning their customers.]

A new EU regulation recently allowed more insects to be used in food. The owner of an ice cream parlor in Baden-Württemberg has now been able to implement an idea: he has recently been offering cricket ice cream in his ice cream parlour.

The ice cream parlor in Rottenburg in the district of Tübingen is known for unusual ice cream creations. Ice cream with gorgonzola or liver sausage and even with real gold leaf has already been offered there. Now there is ice cream with cricket flour and a topping of dried brown insects. The ice cream parlor owner claims to have experimented with the cricket flour for months: he uses extremely finely ground flour for his creation. The taste of the crickets is then toned down with extracts of wild honey, vanilla and cookies, according to reports. [There’s something ROTTEN in that guy’s upper castle.]

The reactions of the customers are obviously very different — many are disgusted; others are curious. Whether insect ice cream has a future remains to be seen. In the course of the media hype created by alternative media around the controversial “edible insects”, numerous bakeries felt compelled to assure their customers that no insects were used in their products. For this they received a lot of encouragement — more than ten thousand likes are not uncommon among such contributions in social networks.

For many people, the tolerance limit has finally been reached with the insect agenda. [Especially when one sees what the selfsame hypocrites, who are “cooking” these things up for us, have on their own menu when they meet. From Wagyu to Bluefin Tuna Steaks.]

Since January 24th, house crickets — frozen, dried or as a powder — have been allowed to be processed in food according to EU law. This also applies to the grain mold beetle. Back in 2021 the EU approved migratory locusts and mealworms. It can therefore be assumed that more and more food will be mixed with insect repellent in the future. These do not have to be labeled conspicuously: you have to read the list of ingredients to see whether they contain house crickets or grain mold beetles. It just needs to be pointed out that the products can trigger allergic reactions in people with allergies to crustaceans and products made from them, as well as to house dust mites.

The reason why more and more insects are eaten is that they are considered a good source of protein. There are many unanswered questions about the possible health risks of eating insects, which people seem reluctant to pursue. After all, edible insects are supposed to alleviate an impending food crisis and lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions. In fact, the hope of more profit could well lead to the increased use of insects in food, because breeding insects is easy and cheap — the animals can easily be fed on waste (and are otherwise happy to eat each other). In order for this project promoted by the WEF to be successful and for “edible insect” breeding to really become a mass phenomenon, citizens would have to play their part: In the end, their acceptance will decide whether products like “cricket ice cream” have a chance on the market or remain a mere gag for people with a high tolerance for disgust.

Afterword from the translator:

So ice cream with a “meat” side dish… Dessert and main meal in one! Well, maybe the public order office will look the other way from now on when there are free-roaming cockroaches scuttling around in the kitchen.

Instead of free-range chickens, there is food made from free-range insects, no long transport routes — fed with the leftovers of days gone by.

On-site recycling, served straight from the grower.

Bon appétit.

I wonder if our fruit-farmers here in South Africa will from now on NOT have their entire shipment returned because of a couple of wormholes in an apple? I rather doubt it. But couldn’t they call these apples “African Small Game Apples”?

Just a thought. What do you think?

8 thoughts on “We All Scream For Ice Cream!

  1. I live in the north of the European part of Russia. We have a rather harsh climate and a very short growing season. Most of the year we live buried in snowdrifts. Where can I get insects? I understand that if I lived in the jungle, there would be no problems with this.
    But now even on Russian TV (oh yes, surprise! although we are at odds with the West, the agenda remains the same) they tell me about the coming diet of insects.

  2. As long as labelling is mandatory and clear and strictly enforced, there is no reason not to let people make their own informed decision. So far, this has been a thing in anything to do with food production and standards were largely kept up. The problem is rather, seeing the way this “democracy” is going, it happens more and more often that we’re intentionally deprived of information which could lead to rejection of the führership’s wisdom. The dam breaks when they start putting it in products surreptitiously, which might be only a matter of time. Being fed insects against our will is not the primary driver of barbarism, but an indicator that it’s already there and the time has come to turn the tables on them for all the rubbish they were shoving down our throats for too many years already, and one with high symbolism and therefore potential to spark the rage. So, bring it on. The lampposts are waiting for a breakdown of order. We’ve been through hell and back enough times to become good at it.

  3. I wonder if ground up crickets ,someone might put in cockroaches instead or some other very unclear plentiful unclean urban insect? Without testing every batch a little mix and match could help the bottom line of our ruling elites . As they eat their own high grade beef, seafood , pork and traditional normal protein that man has harvested and eaten for thousands of years. In the near future for protecting the planet we might bring back the old out house and wipe our [nether parts] with leaves, tree bark, or old used ears of corn ?

  4. If the food industry inserts insects without informing us then I would be glad to be the arsonist with a burning desire. Consider that merely a side effect of consuming that filth.

  5. Right now is a rash of chicken farms, egg farms , hog farms cattle farms and other traditional processing places that have had fires and other “accidents” in the last 13 months ?
    That have lead to their not being able to preform their intended propose of provided intended tradition protein to the American masses .I guess the non traditional – new and approved FBI is busy looking into the local school PTA trying to close down trans story hour for k thru 5 grade then the rash of accidents at these places . Where there is smoke there is fire!

  6. Thankfully, insects aren’t kosher. They’re forbidden by Jewish law. (There is a minor exception for locusts, but that is often dismissed.) I suppose the kosher food business will become popular. If I didn’t love bacon so much, I’d return to observance even now.

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