Vaccine Roulette, Part 3

This is the final installment of a three-part German documentary on the adverse effects of the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. Previously: Part 1, Part 2.

This excerpt summarizes the plight of patients featured in the previous installments, and introduces several additional victims of “adverse events”. It also features a medical practitioner who treats patients with severe reactions to the jab using a process known as apheresis, in which all their blood is drawn out and passed through a relevant treatment process before being returned to the body.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

19:32   And state aid for those injured by vaccination is not planned for the time being,
19:37   while for research and care for “Long Covid” patients,
19:41   €100 million will be made available.
19:45   There is no concrete timetable there, either. And what are the official numbers?
19:50   According to the safety report to the Paul Ehrlich Institute,
19:54   all in all, 333,000 suspected cases of side effects had been reported.
19:59   Around 50,800 of these are suspected serious side effects.
20:05   A proportion of around 0.03% per 1000 vaccinations.
20:09   Regardless of how high the number actually is,
20:12   these people should not be left in the lurch, says Dr. Beate Jäger.
20:16   In her practice in Mühlheim an der Ruhr, however, she herself has not yet been able to
20:20   report many cases because she simply has far too much to do.
20:24   In addition, there are patients who only later turn out to be vaccine-damaged.
20:28   I’m pretty sure these numbers are under-represented, because
20:34   the picture presented by the patients is very diverse.
20:39   I’ve had patients here who clinically had the picture…
20:43   such as a Parkinson’s patient. I’ve had patients who just had paralysis.
20:48   I have patients with atypical thrombosis,
20:51   with pulmonary embolism, with strokes.
20:54   Then, to top it all off, there is also the bureaucratic effort,
20:57   my family practitioner colleagues still have a much greater burden to bear.
21:01   They are responsible
21:04   for picking out the really serious cases, and,
21:07   when they see a hundred patients a day, and then are supposed to write a novel
21:11   for each one, then is that, to put it mildly, an impertinence.
21:14   And today, I also had a serious case in which…
21:17   In her practice, Dr. Beate Jäger treats both vaccination-damaged
21:21   and Long Covid patients. The symptoms are very similar, said the internist,
21:26   who is also doing research with an international team.
21:30   Based on the blood tests, apart from the nucleocapsid protein,
21:35   there are no means to distinguish vaccine-damaged patients from Long Covid patients.
21:42   With both we see increased blood clots,
21:45   inflammatory cells, endothelial cells in the blood,
21:50   and clinically I have rather the impression
21:53   that the vaccine-damaged patients are even more difficult to treat.
21:58   10-year-old Emma fell seriously ill after being infected with the Covid virus.
22:02   She caught Covid three times.
22:05   The Onstemk family came to Dr. Jäger from the Netherlands.
22:09   She was the only one who could really help her.
22:14   When first we came to Dr. Jäger,, last October,
22:20   my husband had to carry Emma.
22:30   Emma was very ill at that time; she could no longer walk.
22:40   Our daughter is better now.
22:43   She can walk again, goes to school twice a week.
22:48   For an hour or two she can see her friends again.
22:54   She’s got more colour in her face, she’s coming back.
23:01   For two and a half years we saw our daughter so ill.
23:04   If we hadn’t met Dr. Jäger, I don’t know what would have happened.
23:08   Dr. Jäger changed Emma’s life, and our lives.
23:14   I lay the whole time on the sofa,
23:18   I felt so bad that I didn’t want to eat anything all day.
23:21   I was very sad, because I missed my friends.
23:27   I couldn’t go to school, couldn’t play with them outside.
23:33   The best thing is that I can now walk again and sometimes even play with my friends.
23:43   Dr. Jäger treated Emma primarily with blood-thinning medication.
23:47   Why that was so important can still be seen today in her blood count.
23:51   In Emma’s blood… there are…
23:56   …sections of endothelial cells and micro-clots that don’t belong there.
24:02   To explain again, this is a 60x magnification,
24:05   and in a healthy person the picture would simply be black.
24:09   In addition, we have also marked Emma’s platelets,
24:13   and you can see here angry thrombocytes.
24:19   It could be that Emma will soon have to go to get the so-called H.E.L.P. apheresis,
24:23   a blood purification based on the anticoagulant Separin.
24:27   Dr. Jäger offers this [treatment] in her practice when medication alone does not help any longer.
24:32   As with 14-year-old Leonie.
24:35   She came to Mühlheim from Dortmund with her mother.
24:38   Leonie was infected with Corona in February of last year
24:42   and showed symptoms that many post-vaccine patients also have.
24:46   Then in May my knees began to hurt,
24:49   and after a few days I started to have less and less strength in my legs,
24:55   and then we went to different hospitals, but nothing was found,
25:00   and after a while my eye closed up completely.
25:03   And after the first apheresis, the eye opened up again.
25:07   Since then everything got better.
25:11   For Leonie, six initial treatments are planned.
25:14   Her mother Irina has often worried about her daughter in recent months.
25:20   The worst thing was that nobody could help us.
25:23   Everything was blamed on her psyche.
25:27   She was also examined a lot, but nothing was found.
25:31   Nerve fluid was also taken, but nothing was found there either.
25:35   Then we were advised to treat her psychologically,
25:38   for three months’ hospitalization.
25:41   Of course we didn’t allow that. And now we’re glad that Dr. Jäger has helped us so far.
25:48   19-year-old Louis is still doing very badly after his Covid infection.
25:52   His mother also had to take leave from her job.
25:56   Louis appears to be suffering from ME/CFS,
25:59   a poorly understood, severe neuro-immunological disorder,
26:03   which, as with him, like many post-vax patients, also leads to physical disability.
26:09   The current status is that he has very strong bouts of fatigue,
26:13   which cause exhaustion.
26:16   Once a day he can maybe stand for five to ten seconds;
26:20   otherwise he is dependent on a wheelchair… …lies in bed a lot.
26:24   When visitors come and speak with him for half an hour,
26:28   for a day and a half… he completely crashes after that.
26:31   …and… can’t do anything anymore.
26:34   He’s not in school at the moment; unfortunately he didn’t get his Matric.
26:38   And…we hope that now, after the apheresis, things are slowly picking up again.
26:45   Both families have to bear the costs of the blood purification.
26:49   €1,300 per treatment.
26:52   Yes, it’s unbelievable; the health insurance company says NO,
26:55   this form of therapy is not recognized. We do not pay for this.
26:58   Okay, then other things will have to be economized,
27:02   and the main thing is that he’s getting better again.
27:07   Those affected by ME/CFS, which can also be a consequence of Long Covid and vaccination damage,
27:13   feel abandoned and start to join forces.
27:16   In January, with a field bed campaign in front of the Berlin Reichstag,
27:21   they drew attention to the fate of those affected.
27:24   A disease, that for years, has been therapeutically under-treated
27:28   and untreated. These patients are unable to go to the door
27:31   and open the door when the children ring the bell.
27:34   They are not able to raise their hand to a glass of water, to shower on their own,
27:38   they lie in the shower, or rather, cannot lift their heads from the pillow,
27:43   and we are talking about patients who have been lying in darkened rooms for three years…
27:48   which we know personally. —Felicia Binger and Stephanie,
27:51   from Wittersheim, have also come to Berlin.
27:54   Both became seriously ill after the Covid vaccination.
27:58   I have nerve pain; I have major cardiological problems;
28:04   I have difficulties concentrating;
28:07   I can’t work in my job at the moment and, above all, I can’t walk properly.
28:11   I used to be a half marathon runner. We need research for drugs;
28:15   we don’t want to lie on these beds our whole lives. This is also economic damage,
28:21   apart from all the personal tragedies.
28:25   It’s basically an infection of the whole body,
28:28   and most of the time I’m lying in my bed.
28:31   Well, I’m only seen outside when I’m not in my bed,
28:34   and the worst thing about post-vax is the social ostracism.
28:38   It’s a problem that goes unacknowledged, that many doctors just don’t believe in,
28:42   and that’s actually the scariest thing about it.
28:47   Felicia and Stephanie are still fighting for official recognition of their vaccination damage.
28:52   Because they have gone public, they face a lot of resentment,
28:55   especially on social media.
28:58   But many of those affected are very grateful to them,
29:01   because they also challenge the politicians.
29:04   In February there was the first so-called post-vax summit in the Bundestag.
29:14   Medical doctors were also present. A summit in the hope
29:17   that something will finally start happening.
29:23   The Covid vaccinations may certainly have helped most people, says Christian Pilz,
29:27   but he personally is hugely disappointed.
29:30   Because I NEVER expected that people who sacrifice themselves
29:35   for the good and well-being of all,
29:40   namely the protection of our entire society, our weakest,
29:44   that if they suffer damage from it,
29:48   they will be left completely alone.
29:52   If you, on the city bus that accelerates too quickly,
29:56   crack or sprain your finger,
30:01   then you will get compensation for sustained pain and suffering. When you go health-wise
30:07   through Hell, and that’s no exaggeration, it sounds crass,
30:12   but it’s actually like that…
30:17   We all go through Hell. …and we’re left completely alone.
30:21   We have to struggle and fight for everything,
30:24   even with the health-care authorities, the SO-CALLED health-care authorities.
30:29   Christian Pilz wants to continue fighting, not only for himself,
30:32   but, as a lawyer, also for many other people who have been damaged by vaccination.
30:36   He hopes his health will allow it.
30:42   Selin has spent half the life of her two-year-old brother in the hospital.
30:47   In terms of her health, he 17-year-old is currently reasonably stable.
30:51   Although the fear remains that this may rapidly change again.
30:56   Selin and her mother also want to keep fighting
30:59   until BioNTech/Pfizer finally takes responsibility.
31:03   And what do the two wish for?
31:06   What do I wish for? Preferably the return of two years and a daughter back as she was.
31:13   A normal life, without constant hospital visits and the fear
31:18   for her life’s situation.
31:21   I wish for more normality.
31:24   Just being able to go back to school
31:28   or continue a new apprenticeship.
31:31   Just getting back into my life,
31:34   because I’ve just been ripped out of everything.
31:37   I don’t have anything the way it was before,
31:40   and it would be nice to get a little bit of my life back.
31:48   Nobody can make up for what Selin and her family had to suffer from the Covid vaccination.
31:55   Now they want at least a little bit of justice.
31:59   The vaccine manufacturers and the state should finally take responsibility.

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  1. I wonder if there is any correlation between political affiliation, religious beliefs, those performing the diagnosis and the diagnosis.

  2. Part of the problem may be that it’s so difficult to watch, the vaccine damaged people, for the implications of it are truly horrific

    – it is easier to dupe people than to convince them that they’ve been duped
    – it is hard to accept responsibility for a major screw up, for the doctors, for the politicians…
    – it’s easy to overlook disabled neurologically damaged people

    What else can I say? I wish all the vaccine damaged people to get a proper hearing.

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