Vaccine Roulette, Part 2

This is the second part of a German documentary on the adverse effects of the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. Part 1 is here.

This excerpt focuses on the plight of a lawyer who received the AstraZeneca “vaccine” and was subsequently afflicted with an autoimmune reaction that caused thromboses and a severe cerebral hemorrhage, leaving him with brain damage and permanent disabilities. The state of Bavaria recognized that his illness was caused by the vax, but AstraZeneca is exempt from any liability. Nevertheless, the lawyer has filed a quixotic lawsuit against the vaccine manufacturer.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

09:33   Christian Pilz from Augsburg is a lawyer himself and feels deceived.
09:38   He emphasizes that the politicians have always touted the Covid vaccination as safe,
09:43   that at the same time they recorded the risks in the EU treaty is unbelievable.
09:48   In June of 2021 the 48-year-old
09:52   had been vaccinated with AstraZeneca’s Vaxzevria vaccine
09:55   and shortly afterwards suffered what is known as bridging vein thrombosis
09:59   and a life-threatening cerebral hemorrhage.
10:02   I had an autoimmune reaction triggered by the vaccine.
10:06   So, the causality, medically, is undisputed. Six days after the vaccination,
10:13   when he had already been in the ICU of the University Hospital in Augsburg several times,
10:18   his state of health became increasingly dramatic.
10:21   I went to the toilet, there I threw up, according to all the rules of the art,
10:26   and then,… I can’t remember anything any further. Then late at night
10:32   I felt good, and that was the case,
10:35   I woke up in another room.
10:38   This was a recovery room. And then a nurse bent over my face
10:44   and said to me: “You had cranial surgery.”
10:47   Shortly before that, the doctors
10:50   — the great team at the UKA —
10:53   had actually fought for my life for hours,
10:56   because they had to mill open my skull
11:04   — um — to get the bleeding under control, to treat the thrombosis…
11:14   Sorry, I need a break please…
11:18   Unfortunately I haven’t processed all this yet.
11:21   I haven’t processed that yet, therapeutic…
11:24   I haven’t…
11:27   This is what Christian’s head looked like after the operation,
11:30   Milled open because of a massive cerebral hemorrhage.
11:33   Of course, the pressure in the brain increased massively,
11:36   my brain had no more space inside my skull,
11:39   and that’s why I got a shunt, that’s why I have a hole here…
11:44   And then it had to be milled open here,
11:49   as I said; loss of memory…
11:52   He himself didn’t notice much at the time.
11:55   It was worse for his wife.
11:58   Yes, I was operated on again and again, my wife was always torn from her sleep
12:02   and rung by the team of doctors, who looked after me so well.
12:08   “Sorry, your husband has been
12:12   back and forth, having surgery again, back in intensive care,
12:16   back in the RN.” And then she was told:
12:20   “Yeah…, we are fighting for your husband’s life,
12:23   and we will most likely lose him.
12:26   And if he ever comes back home to you,
12:30   then please reconcile yourself to the fact that you might have a serious nursing case at home.”
12:37   Christian Pilz has fought his way back to life.
12:40   Through many strenuous months he had to learn to walk and speak again.
12:45   But his old life is over.
12:49   The 48-year-old was a successful lawyer
12:52   and an enthusiastic mountain bike rider.
12:55   Always goal-oriented, sporty, top fit.
12:59   Shortly before the vaccination, Christian had done a health check
13:02   with consistently excellent results.
13:05   Today he lives with an implant in his head.
13:10   Up to here, because you can feel the implant,
13:13   — um — you can feel everything, it comes down there,
13:18   that means, here up to the temple, everything is very sensitive,
13:22   then here behind the ear it is also very sensitive, there is the ridge.
13:27   They had to mill so far that they couldn’t save my cranial vault.
13:32   It disintegrated, and could not be re-implanted.
13:37   I always feel it, ALWAYS, now, especially at night,
13:41   and especially when the weather changes. It feels like wearing a steel helmet that is too small.
13:47   It’s pressing insanely, especially on the sensitive areas, like,
13:51   the temple, then behind the ear,
13:56   these are hard, torn-off edges. Nope, it’s not nice,
14:01   life really isn’t that great anymore,
14:05   I have to say. On the contrary, because I feel it all the time.
14:11   Although Christian’s vaccination damage was quickly medically clear,
14:14   he had to fight for a long time for it to be recognized by the state of Bavaria.
14:17   And he’s suing AstraZeneca.
14:20   Since he does not have legal expense insurance, it is also a very expensive undertaking.
14:24   But at last, after a year, the state of Bavaria has now officially recognized his vaccine damage,
14:29   Triggered by the AstraZeneca vaccination,
14:34   and granted him a monthly benefit
14:37   of €526.
14:40   A MOCKERY for Christian Pilz. The eternal souvenir of my little jab
14:46   — it’s only a little jab — is a cranial implant,
14:52   half of my skull is covered.
14:56   I was paralyzed on one side, which means that my motor skills are permanently very limited.
15:01   I have hemianopia, which means I’m partially blind,
15:05   to the side I can’t see anything.
15:08   If a truck or a tram appears next to me, or whatever,
15:12   and I look ahead, I don’t notice it either, because I also have a so-called left-side neglect.
15:19   The brain no longer recognizes “LEFT” as such.
15:23   The neglect is of course the absolute horror.
15:26   I have fortunately been able
15:30   to fight my way back to life with the help of very good doctors,
15:36   but of course I owe a lot, and the main ones,
15:40   to my physical fitness and health,
15:43   and to my fighting spirit,
15:46   so that I will never be put down.
15:49   Not through AstraZeneca.
15:52   Not by the politicians who,
15:58   in my opinion, have not sufficiently informed us
16:02   about what we …
16:06   we are risking. ALL of us.
16:10   And something else Christian Pilz is dealing with:
16:13   He was vaccinated with the vaccine from AstraZeneca in June 2021,
16:17   at a time when Denmark,
16:20   due to increased cases of dangerous cerebral vein thrombosis,
16:23   had withdrawn the vaccine from the market for two months already.
16:26   In Germany, they hesitated for a long time. Vaxzevria was withdrawn from the market
16:29   only in November of 2021. How is that justifiable?
16:36   We wanted to learn that from the then-Health Minister Jens Spahn, but he declined an interview.
16:42   Our questions are not answered in writing, either.
16:45   Despite several requests.
16:49   We wanted to know from Jens Spahn, for example,
16:52   why in May 2020, with the so-called “Spahn Edict”,
16:56   only for Covid vaccines, regulations were set aside,
16:59   that apply to other medicines?
17:02   In this regard, it was regulated that NO leaflet was to be enclosed,
17:06   that no declaration of content had to be made,
17:09   that no reserve samples were kept from the vaccines,
17:13   so that it was not possible to check if someone had been harmed,
17:16   what was actually in the batch and the vaccine dose
17:20   that caused the vaccine damage. It is particularly perfidious that for
17:25   regularly approved medicines, i.e. those that have also gone through a long approval process,
17:31   exactly these regulations all apply,
17:34   and that where nothing has been tested and the risks have remained unknown,
17:38   including all possibilities for checking and data collection
17:42   have been suspended. Worse still, the doctors and vaccinating staff
17:46   were not informed. Just ask the doctors
17:49   what they saw when they received the vaccination batches. Blank inserts.
17:55   And the current Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach,
17:58   has extended this regulation until the end of 2023.
18:01   He is also unwilling to be interviewed.
18:04   Tells us about vaccination damage in writing:
18:07   “In very rare cases, corresponding side effects can also occur after the vaccination…
18:13   All in all, these side effects are very rare,
18:16   especially the severe side effects…
18:19   and… There have never been vaccinations
18:22   where the effects and side effects were recorded more precisely.”
18:27   The federal government deliberately downplays
18:30   the serious side effects of the Covid vaccination in public,
18:33   says the lawyer Tobias Ulbrich from Düsseldorf.
18:36   He refers to the EU treaty, which the member state Germany has also legally signed,
18:41   where risks are admitted. In reality, we have a situation here,
18:46   which is unbearable for the injured,
18:49   in which the Federal Republic of Germany and the pharmaceutical manufacturers
18:53   are standing on the same side. Because the Federal Republic of Germany
18:57   has undertaken to pay the court costs, to pay the lawyer’s fees,
19:00   and, if necessary, to subsequently compensate for the damages
19:03   and to compensate for pain and suffering, so that the Federal Republic of Germany
19:07   is the economic opponent of those injured by the vaccination,
19:10   and that is exactly how the Federal Government has been behaving throughout.
19:14   They largely deny the vaccine damages for a long time,
19:17   and those who are actually affected
19:20   have run the gauntlet of an unparalleled experience with doctors,
19:24   because there, too, the narrative is being used all the time
19:28   that this vaccine damage simply couldn’t and shouldn’t exist.

4 thoughts on “Vaccine Roulette, Part 2

  1. Why would someone supposedly knowledgeable of the law, likely with a far better understanding of product liability than the average individual, consent to get this poison? And on the advice of politicians who alleged it was safe? Who would ever trust a politician for advice on anything, let alone a completely untested poison that the manufacturer had secured liability exemption for? I wouldn’t even trust a politician for an explanation of how to clean my bum, given that half of them are so dumb they couldn’t find theirs with both hands and a mirror and the other half are so dishonest they would lie about the matter out of pure habit.

    Tragic as this man’s situation is, it is precisely anuses like him and innumerable others who consented with nary a thought therefore allowing the politicians and those pulling their strings to exert maximum pressure upon those who were too dumb or meek to stand up for themselves and put those with families to support in the impossible situation of choosing between likely damage to their health or the certainty of no food on the table.

    Likely this lawyer will suffer with medical conditions for the rest of his shortened life, which given the damage lawyers do to society is perhaps poetic justice. It is good stories like these are starting to percolate out into the mainstream and into the consciousness of the normies who took the poison. Perhaps they already suspect that they made a terrible mistake but this will only hasten their anxiety. Those of us who refused to be subjected to poison jabs have nothing to fear and don’t suffer from worry and anxiety for our choice not to be a lab rat for Fauci and his minions.

  2. This this pure horror what are they did to the people!!, genocide!, the worst part this stupid people believe in this , and jabbing own kids …

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