Vaccine Roulette

A couple of days ago I reported about recent statistics from Germany on the adverse effects of the experimental mRNA treatments intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. There is no longer any doubt that there are significant serious side effects associated with the jab. In particular, the harm to young people has been so extensive that I referred to the situation as the “vax damage lottery”.

The following report describes the ordeal of a German high school girl who played vaccine roulette and lost. The chance that a healthy person in her age group might be made seriously ill by COVID-19 was so low that it was, for all practical purposes, zero. No responsible medical practitioner should have agreed to “vaccinate” her. And, to make matters worse, she was pushed to get the second dose because she was training to be a dental assistant. What was done to her was nothing short of criminal.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   You always liked doing that, didn’t you Selin? —Yes, that was my favorite.
00:06   Your favorite, I know that.
00:09   It’s been 2½ years since Selin became unable to do gymnastics on parallel bars in the premier league.
00:14   The 17-year-old was very successful and took part in the German Gymnastics Festival,
00:18   always supported by her mother Eileen.
00:21   This was my life. This was your life. It was our life.
00:27   Everything changed when Selin got vaccinated against Covid in 2021.
00:32   At first with hardly any problems.
00:35   Because she was training to be a dental assistant, she also needed a second dose.
00:39   Again it was the vaccine from BioNTech/Pfizer, but this time she became seriously ill
00:43   shortly afterwards. With very bad symptoms,
00:47   like, I couldn’t walk anymore, couldn’t swallow properly,
00:51   couldn’t open my eyes, saw everything double,
00:55   had trouble breathing, and only then was I really taken seriously.
01:02   Selin spent a year in the hospital,
01:05   fought several times for her life in the intensive care unit.
01:08   Because her body produced antibodies after the vaccination,
01:11   which, among other things, caused her severe vascular damage.
01:18   Because of large blood clots and too many thrombocytes in her blood,
01:22   she had to have emergency surgery several times.
01:33   Since I had so many clots in my blood,
01:36   my veins always got blocked.
01:39   The vein and artery on Selin’s arm had to be connected
01:43   so that her blood could flow properly.
01:46   This was also important for blood purification, the so-called immune absorption,
01:50   which Selin still has to do twice a week.
01:53   During the first operation here, the vein closed up,
01:58   and then they said; “OK, we’ll make a new cut two days later, open the whole thing
02:03   and make a second cut above. Let’s try it there.”
02:06   Then the artery and the vein closed up.
02:09   That’s also dangerous. Selin also has a permanent catheter here;
02:13   it’s the first one that has lasted longer than just a couple of weeks.
02:17   In the meantime, we’re so on edge… that if it doesn’t work any longer,
02:21   we don’t know what to do anymore. The carotid artery has been opened up.
02:24   There is no longer any artery or vein where we can place a catheter.
02:28   And if Selin’s catheter no longer works,
02:33   without a catheter, without absorption — danger to life.
02:38   Then I have no idea any longer of how to save our child.
02:41   And what if the catheter no longer works?
02:45   Who’s going to help us then?
02:48   Eileen Dalgüll is still very worried for her daughter’s life.
02:52   Selin has only been back home for five weeks now.
02:55   It was a year full of fear for both of them, but also full of struggle.
02:59   To get the right diagnosis, the right treatment,
03:02   to have the treatment costs covered and to have it recognized as vaccine damage.
03:07   Recently, they received “good” news in that regard.
03:12   The state of North Rhine-Westphalia has recognized that Selin’s serious illness,
03:16   her nerve muscle weakness,
03:19   was caused by the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine Comirnati.
03:27   With a damage level of 100.
03:30   Fortunately… Thank God… yes, we are grateful for that, too.
03:35   Selin therefore receives a monthly benefit
03:38   of €854.
03:41   Her mother says it’s a relief, but it’s far from enough.
03:46   I had a very fit child. She has undergone fifteen surgeries,
03:50   She is stable at the moment, she looks good. She already looked stable and good in rehab.
03:55   Started to walk, few steps at a time,
03:58   and the next moment she was back in the intensive care unit.
04:01   And therefore, the accountability lies with BioNTech/Pfizer
04:04   I would like BioNTech/Pfizer to take a good look at the kid,
04:08   and what they did to us, at what they did to our whole family.
04:13   We don’t have a normal life anymore. My daughter had dreams that were ALL shattered.
04:18   Her body has been demolished, every artery carved up.
04:23   She takes over forty pills a day.
04:26   She has to go to the clinic twice a week.
04:29   We don’t have a normal life, and I think,
04:32   not only the state of North Rhine-Westphalia… We’re grateful,
04:35   we’re pleased, but BioNTech/Pfizer did this to us.
04:40   But BioNTech/Pfizer rejects any responsibility.
04:43   After recognition of Selin’s vaccine damage by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia,
04:47   the vaccine manufacturer informed the family’s lawyer:
04:52   “There are no new medically relevant circumstances.
04:56   We consider the matter closed.
04:59   We wish your client all the best for the future.”
05:04   The letter was signed — electronically.
05:09   I think, since it is so obvious in itself, and
05:14   since it has been recognized by the country,
05:17   that it is… that it is just unbelievable what is happening right now.
05:23   We wanted to talk to BioNTech/Pfizer about it,
05:26   but the vaccine manufacturer declined an interview. We have been informed in writing:
05:31   “BioNTech would have liked to have had clarifying, comprehensive talks with the client
05:34   and with her mandated law firm
05:37   and would have looked through all the available information
05:41   if these had been submitted.”
05:44   This did not happen, writes BioNTech/Pfizer.
05:47   but the lawyer for Selin and her family proves to us with this letter
05:51   that this is not true. All the information that the state of North Rhine-Westphalia received
05:56   and that prompted it to provide benefits
05:59   was also sent to BioNTech’s lawyer.
06:02   Selin and her family are suing the vaccine manufacturer.
06:05   They needed a lot of strength and patience
06:08   to get Selin’s vaccination damage confirmed by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia,
06:11   although it was quickly clear from a medical point of view.
06:14   The family had support from Josef Neumann, MP of the Düsseldorfer Landtag [state parliament].
06:18   It’s not just about the cash benefit; it’s about the treatment costs,
06:23   it’s about the medical costs, it’s about transport, it’s about REHABILITATION.
06:27   Because of that, so to speak, the running from pillar to post
06:31   is at least largely ended.
06:34   And it is therefore a very important step that this recognition has now taken place.
06:39   A recognition of Covid vaccination damage by the federal state
06:42   has rarely happened in Germany.
06:45   However, no Covid vaccine manufacturer has ever taken responsibility
06:49   for vaccine damage. From a purely legal point of view, BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca & Co.
06:54   were placed in an exceptionally good position.
06:57   In the contract with the EU Commission of 2020,
07:00   which, legally, the member states have signed,
07:03   they were exempt from any liability. It states verbatim:
07:07   “The Commission declares, on behalf of the participating Member States,
07:10   that the use of the vaccines produced
07:13   takes place under the epidemic conditions, and that the administration
07:16   is therefore under the sole responsibility
07:19   of the participating Member States.
07:22   Therefore, each Participating Member State shall compensate
07:25   and indemnify the Contractor from any liabilities incurred.”
07:33   This even applies to intentional and grossly negligent actions by the vaccine manufacturer.
07:38   Should they be faced to pay damages, compensation for pain and suffering or legal costs,
07:42   the costs would still be taken over. Basically by the taxpayer.
07:46   The contract is scandalous, says Joachim Caesar Prell from Wiesbaden.
07:50   It (the contract) actually speaks of nothing other than the worry of the manufacturers
07:53   that they will end up, because of the feared side effects,
07:58   paying claims for damages.
08:01   And the European Commission, the member states, then took this into account
08:05   and renounced everything that wasn’t nailed down.
08:08   And as I said, the whole contract actually breathes the fear
08:12   of vaccine damages.
08:15   What is explosive is that the EU treaty refers
08:18   to the high risks of the Covid vaccination.
08:21   It says verbatim: “Notwithstanding the best efforts… the parties acknowledge
08:25   that the vaccine, at the time of signing,
08:28   …is in Phase 3 of clinical trials
08:31   and that despite the contractor’s diligent efforts…
08:35   the vaccine may not be approved or cannot be delivered.”
08:41   This means that at the time the manufacturer did not know
08:44   whether there would be conditional approval,
08:47   and above all they also pointed out
08:51   that there cannot be a result on the question of effectiveness, and,
08:55   in particular, on the risks involved, because conditional approval means
09:00   that the manufacturer will only need to prove the harmlessness of the vaccine in the future.
09:05   And straightaway the Federal Republic of Germany plunged ahead
09:08   and declared it “effective and safe”, without having had any actual basis
09:13   for this statement.
09:16   This is just misleading according to paragraph 8 of the Medicines Act,
09:20   there it is forbidden to spread any false reports in relation to medicines
09:24   in the market, in order to mislead those
09:29   who have been vaccinated in this regard.

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  1. At some point those who had their health ruined by these “vaccines” need to take responsibility for their complicity in allowing this to be done to them.

    Many individuals chose not to be vaxxed under extreme duress and paid for this with the consequences of lost employment, lost friendships, banishment from public spaces, professional harassment and loss of licenses and certifications. It was no secret that the vaxx peddlers had managed to indemnify themselves against any kinds of claims for injuries from their defective products. That should have been a flashing neon sign going off in the mind of anyone with more than two brain cells that, maybe, sticking this poison in your arm is a terrible idea regardless of the duress one is under.

    Anyway, these cases should be pursued just to bleed these evil companies to death, as well as these evil governments and businesses who forced this on those whom they should have been looking out for. But it doesn’t really ensure that this kind of thing will not happen again, or that those who bear responsibility are punished. For that to happen will require kinetic solutions, hunting licenses with no bag limits on those who gave these shots, ordered them to be given, fired employees for not getting them, approved these injections with the authority of their offices, and created them and lastly profited from them to include board members and major investors.

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