To Hell With Excessive Moral Sensitivity!

The following article is so creepy that it’s hard to find words to describe it. It has been translated from a German-language site that monitors and translates Russian-language material.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Anti-Spiegel:

Western values?

Professor recommends using women’s corpses to carry children

In a scientific article, a Norwegian professor recommends using women’s corpses to carry children. Russian television broadcast a very clear comment on this.

It’s no joke: a Norwegian professor has in all seriousness recommended using women’s corpses to carry babies. It is clear that this does not go down well in Russia, where conservative values prevail and transhumanism is massively criticized. Russian TV aired a stark comment on this in its weekly news review on Sunday, which I translated.

Start of translation:

Norwegian professor suggests using cadavers as incubators

There’s a new word in Western bioethics. Anna Smajdor, a philosophy professor at the University of Oslo in Norway, suggests implanting dead women with embryos to develop them until childbirth.

“We cannot yet completely abandon the womb for our species to reproduce, but we can transfer the risks of childbirth to those who are no longer harmed by it,” says the professor.

Anna Smajdor’s work was published in the journal Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics. The point is that a body is considered dead anywhere in the world once brain death has been determined. This may happen suddenly — as a result of a heart attack, a stroke or a life-threatening head injury. However, if acted upon quickly, medical life support systems can keep the body circulating and breathing for as long as one wants.

And if so, a dead woman is formally ready to be a surrogate. She can be artificially inseminated on the right days, or her eggs can be used for artificial insemination. And one can implant a live embryo in the uterus of the surrogate and feed the body of the dead surrogate via tubes, monitor the blood values and the normal development of the fetus and, when the time comes, perform a cesarean section. The baby is alive and the surrogate goes to a better place. Or, if the technique of vegetative life support allows and the body is sufficiently intact, there is a new pregnancy.

Anna Smajdor anticipates the objections of feminists, who already object to seeing woman merely as a container for children, but here is a mere container, with no superfluous functions. The Oslo professor, who advocates for gender equality, also says that dead men can give birth to children — men who no longer have a brain but still have a liver. A liver, it turns out, can also function as a uterus.

“Men can also take part in the ‘whole body donation for pregnancy’. Pregnancy can also occur outside the uterus. The liver is a promising implantation site due to its excellent blood supply. This can be risky, even fatal, for the human carrying the fetus, but for brain-dead donors the term ‘lethal’ is meaningless,” writes Smajdor.

In general, according to the Norwegian professor, “pregnancy itself, in the strict sense, should be medically contraindicated for women.” According to this logic, if it is unhealthy to live, one should give part of one’s vital functions to the dead. Admittedly, this is not yet allowed in any country in the world, but the initiative is there and so is the expertise. For this reason, Professor Smajdor opposes what she calls “excessive moral sensitivity.”

In 2019, Portugal’s talented, internationally successful athlete and professional canoeist Catarina Sequeira gave birth to a son, three months after she was diagnosed with brain death after a sudden asthma attack. The boy was born healthy. The life-sustaining measures were discontinued for the mother that day.

The current initiative from Norway has understandably caused a stir. The gay community is for it, because a path to procreation without women is emerging. Without living women. After all, surrogates are very expensive these days: the price is in the $100,000 range, a dead woman comes cheaper. And she doesn’t bitch, either.

But there are also skeptics. Manchester native Tom Farr wrote on Twitter that he “can’t think of anything more horrible, dystopian, and a better sign of society’s total moral decay than to ‘harvest’ the bodies of dead women and keep them ‘alive’ as surrogate mothers.”

And Ashlyn O’Mara of Toronto, Canada, compared Professor Smajdor’s article to Huxley’s dystopia Brave New World, in which babies are born in artificial wombs produced on an assembly line.

However, Smajdor, a philosophy professor at the University of Oslo, is not discouraged. She relies on her clear beliefs that compassion is “not a necessary part” of healthcare. Point. Well, that’s what we’re dealing with, the peculiarities of Western thought. And in a wide variety of situations. This includes, for example, the attitude towards Ukraine; you have to understand that.

End of translation

Afterword from the German translator:

I don’t know about you, but this sends shivers down my spine. As far as I can remember, I was told by my great-grandmother, who was a wise woman and a healer, the unborn experience the world already in their mother’s womb, and all good or negative experiences of the mother are the same for the unborn child. Although we have forgotten this after we’re born, even though sometimes memories surface of which we cannot make head or tail because we hadn’t been born yet and saw this only through the eyes of our mother. And these good or bad “memories” shape us. So what type of “monsters” will they create in this way?

21 thoughts on “To Hell With Excessive Moral Sensitivity!

  1. Why stop with making brain-dead women only be incubators for pregnancies? Since they don’t feel anything (allegedly), their bodies can be used for all kinds of other purposes once that moral Rubicon has already been crossed.

    How about brothels staffed by the brain-dead? No need for the islamists to go through the motions of sham marriages and post-coital divorces. And since they already are in the habit of copulating with donkeys and other beasts as well as raping anything that can’t outrun them, this would be a boon to livestock and women in culturally diverse cities.

    Why even wait for a woman to become brain-dead? At least brain-dead in the medical definition… Particularly comely and nubile young women could be drafted and induced into a coma for a year or two of service to the WEF brothels and creches. They wouldn’t remember any of it anyway. After all, if 16 yr olds in Ukraine can be forced into becoming cannon fodder for war profiteers in the USA, women can also do their patriotic duty to reduce sexual emergencies amongst the New Europeans and incubate the genetically pure blueblooded heirs of the uber-elites.

    O brave new world, that has such people in ‘t!

    • Well you could also use those who are self euthanizing like in Canada. Maybe even induce some poverty for people to be sold into it. And there is no parent to care where the children go. My imagination isn’t darker than that.

      “This can be risky, even fatal, for the human carrying the fetus, but for brain-dead donors the term ‘lethal’ is meaningless,” writes Smajdor. Who has done the research on using the liver to implant a fetus. It sounds like they know.

      • “…but for brain-dead donors the term ‘lethal’ is meaningless” — this is the point where she fails dramatically as a philosopher who purports to work in a scientific context. The classic mind-body-problem and what happens upon death is only beginning to be researched in earnest, with both the spiritual woo-woo and the staunch deniers’ factions muddying the waters. We simply don’t know enough yet to make any such assertion, and especially a studied philosopher should know that.

        To anyone interested, reports of NDEs that refrain from simply descending into religion give fascinating clues. Two good examples I know of are Ingo Swann and Joseph McMoneagle, both known for their role in the development of Remote Viewing.

  2. I wonder why the craziest ideas – using corpses to bear children, necessity of eating human flesh, removing crosses from churches so as not to offend Muslims, Greta Tunberg’s mad ravings – come from Scandinavia, which has been for generations extolled as a humanist paradise on earth?

      • I know this is just a cheap shot one is hard pressed to pass up for the effect, but for the benefit of erudiction I can relate the following, since I chose to live among the above so described, and right there in the upper part of the map where it gets only more darker:

        The sum total of light and dark hours over the year is equal. Only the seasons are more pronounced, the higher the latitude. In summer it doesn’t get dark during the night at all. The transition to this phenomenon is not sharp at crossing the polar circle, but very smooth. Bright summer nights are noticed from about the 60th degree onward. St. Petersburg in Russia famously holds festive events during this time, named “White Nights”.

        The people native to these regions have grown up through the generations to achieve a highly cooperative culture, which is crucial to survival in a climate marked by extreme differences throughout the year. Crimes of opportunism occur at a much lower rate than elsewhere. They are quite alienated by the folly of their own leadership rooted in more urbanized areas further south. As democracy goes, their voting power is sadly outnumbered. But when something akin to a Zombie Apocalypse starts, we’ll cut off the road 50 km south from here and continue our lives with just a few amenities less, that depended on distant resources. The forests are deep and gun ownership far higher than European average. The region produces enough food and energy to be self-sufficient, in fact we are exporters of many basic things.

        There will be rough times ahead, one way or another. The current sunspot cycle is highly unusual, nobody knows what may come out of that. If nature doesn’t get a major hiccup, human nature is sure to save us from boredom. Good luck wherever you are.

    • Because , other than the Finns, they haven’t been tested by war for a long time, thus have gotten very soft. Don’t bother me with the Nords of WW2, they had it easy.

  3. “Hellstrom’s Hive” by Frank Herbert. Science Fiction, or more aptly Social Fiction, has carried all these extreme fantasies before, but it was meant as a warning not to go there. One doesn’t even need to feel very conservative to find such ideas utterly abhorrent.

      • Just what would give you the impression that Heinlein was a socialist? Orwell fought in the Spanish civil war with the communist and was lucky he got out with his life. Thank God! That Franco won, otherwise we would have a Soviet style government in Spain that would have destroyed it.

        Yet here you are Mark, still voting communist labor expecting a different result.

        • Hi, G. The could-be-better wording “that great socia[l]ist (unlike Heinlein!) writer, Orwell,” says that Orwell is a great socialist writer, and that Heinlein is not a socialist (or at least not a great socialist).

    • They have all kinds of social diseases. And tattoos, piercings, and unnaturally dyed hair are counter-productive for inducing and maintaining arousal.

  4. Brain dead patients’ circulatory systems often collapse with in days of becoming brain dead for a host of reasons and require IV pressors which augment blood pressure, hormone replacement as the pituitary is also kaput, and antibiotics for ventilator associated pneumonias. Not to mention low dose anticoagulation to help prevent DVTs in the legs. And guess what, a lot of these meds can cross the placenta and poison the baby!!! This “professor” is an idiot whose tenure cannot be revoked fast enough!!!! She sounds like SHE is brain dead and has no kids but a discrete collection of sex toys!!!

  5. What if the Elite already use this method to grow their soldiers?

    A normal baby feels its mother, is touched, feels emotions like happiness etc, but a dead woman feels nothing. What effect would it have on a baby?
    Would the baby be emotionally cold, perfect material for a stone-cold killer?

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