My Kingdom for Horse-Paste!

It seems that Germany is struggling with a shortage of medicines.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Boris Reitschuster’s website. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Drug emergency: Medical director wants drug flea markets

Expired preparations should still be used

There are new items where the headline says it all, and then you could just leave it alone. The fact that in 2022 Germany, with a government that constantly boasts of its successes, is struggling with a massive drug emergency, and that the president of the German Medical Association, Klaus Reinhardt, is therefore calling for drug flea markets makes you speechless per se, even stunned. But the madness has a sequel.

In view of the lack of medicines and the wave of infections, the doctor literally said to the Berlin Tagesspiegel: “We need something like flea markets for medicines in the neighborhood.” And: “Now only solidarity helps. Anyone who is healthy must give medicines that they have in stock to the sick.”

But Reinhardt goes even further: He is also toying with the idea of offering drugs at the drug bazaar that are several months past their expiry date. Many of them can be safely reused, says Reinhardt.

That sounds more like the Third World than “the best Germany of all time”.

The Bild comments on the suggestions of the chief physician as follows — even including the capital letters: “Barter deals like in the GDR, the land of empty shelves? HOW SICK IS THAT? WHERE DID WE GO IN GERMANY?” [Over the edge of the ideologically retarded abyss.]

In my opinion, such a comment is also part of the diagnosis. I mean — the diagnosis for Germany. Because insane is not (only) the suggestion by the boss of the medical profession: Insane (r) is that those responsible, above all the Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD), have let it come this far that a medical doctor should make such a desperate suggestion.

It is also significant the way the federal government commented on Reinhardt’s proposals, according to Bild: “They were dubious.”

Might be.

But I find it much more dubious that this government, or more precisely the Ministry of Health, has allowed it to go so far that vital medicines have become scarce in Germany.

Afterword from the translator:

How much lower can Germany sink as a country? After flea markets, black markets follow, only the hamster trips like in the post-war period are still missing. Swap cooking pots for butter and bread or headache pills and fever syrup?

The German government constantly claims: “We live in the best Germany of all time”! The only question, at least for me, remains: Who is meant by “WE”?

5 thoughts on “My Kingdom for Horse-Paste!

  1. Big Pharma should be careful, or people might find out that many of the expensive drugs are useless, and can be dropped for healthy excercise, lemons, and garlic 🙂

    But how much lower can Germany go? The ultimate low point would be winter blackouts without food, gas, and with millions of hungry immigrants roaming the streets. That would be pretty low – drugs shortage is just a walk in a park compared to what’s possible.

    • The immigrants won’t be roaming the streets. These military aged fit young men will smash their way into German homes and boot the rightful occupants out into the street – if those occupants are lucky. If not, their dead bodies will be booted into the street. The immigrants will then make themselves at home, eat whatever food they can find, still collect their state handouts and still complain about their difficult lives in a hostile country.

  2. Likely by this time next year Germans will be trading sex and valuables for a tin of Spam, pain relievers, or a heated room for the night.

    The orcs won’t bother with the trading part of the transaction though…

  3. A few hours ago I joked on Facebook that I had 5 Ibu 800 (pills against pain) and would trade them cheap for 1 kg of gold.

    I got thumbs up and laughing Faces emojs.

    I now have the sneaking suspicion that I should prepare more.
    Not throwing away paper, because you can burn it to get warm, etc.

  4. Same here in Austria. There is a public list with 425 (!!!) medicines currently unavailable. This is unacceptable for a first-world country. But then again, nowadays, the list is long when it comes to unacceptable things in a first-world country.

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