Italian Constitutional Court Upholds the Vax Mandate

Back in October the new Italian government under Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni pledged to overturn the “vaccine” mandate introduced by the previous government under Mario Draghi. However, the country’s Constitutional Court has just ruled that the vax mandate is constitutional, and must remain in place.

The following Italian video features commentary about the Constitutional Court’s action, which the commentator sees as a purely political decision.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

For an English-language report on the Constitutional Court’s decision, see The Local.

Video transcript:

00:01   Here we are, good morning. I couldn’t have refrained, of course, from commenting on
00:07   the press statement about mandatory vaccination, released by the Constitutional Court last night.
00:13   While waiting for the explanatory statements to be released, we can look at it with interest,
00:17   because it draws some guidelines which can be interpreted in a certain way.
00:25   It seems to me that this ruling deliberately means to help the government out,
00:30   because they are politicized; they are not jurists, of course.
00:34   In order to help the government out, they used an expedient.
00:38   Also not to renege on the precedents from the nineties,
00:41   on the basis of which, mandatory vaccination would have obviously been considered illegitimate.
00:46   That’s why the Court expressly refers to the pandemic period only.
00:51   As I assumed, they have probably focused on the temporary nature
00:57   of mandatory vaccination, as a ploy to get through this.
01:03   And a temporary mandatory vaccination is not an obligation, basically.
01:06   Because the right to choose still stands.
01:09   As you recall, all the suspended medical personnel have retained their jobs.
01:15   And today they have been reinstated, thanks to the government’s decision.
01:18   From the very first, the law 44/2021 has made mandatory vaccination a temporary measure,
01:24   also to enable the Constitutional Court, afterwards, to make this ruling.
01:29   In order to link it with something extraordinary and temporary,
01:32   unrelated to the jurisprudence of Article 32 of the Constitution.
01:35   That’s the interpretation we can give to this press statement.
01:38   Which leaves the door open to future lawsuits,
01:43   and which limits the effects of this ruling on lawsuits of the same sort.
01:48   We will be waiting for the explanatory statements about this topic.
05:03   International Law provisions still forbid to discriminate
05:06   against those who refuse to undergo a medical treatment.
05:09   The Charter of Nice establishes the freedom of giving one’s consent to medical treatments.
05:13   A consent given under blackmail is not free, by definition.
05:17   The game’s not over yet because ordinary courts can un-apply the internal provision,
05:20   without forwarding the case to the Constitutional Court.
05:23   So you can still win the case. This is an absolutely interesting aspect.
06:42   And one more thing: The jurists who are for mandatory vaccination,
06:46   those who think that people should live without a salary
06:50   for not yielding to an imposition of a medical nature,
06:54   and so therefore are willing to put individuals on a death list,
06:57   should change profession.
07:00   Even if they are members of the Constitutional Court.
07:03   In fact that is an aggravating aspect: because they know what they are doing. It means theirs
07:06   is an exclusively political choice. Goodbye, everyone.

5 thoughts on “Italian Constitutional Court Upholds the Vax Mandate

  1. Those judges need to be injected to death ‘pour encourager les autres’ for their crime of conspiring with the globalist elite depopulationists.

    Whether by thousands of vials of their own vaxx poison or by lead at several hundred meters per second the method matters not. When it’s impossible to vote them out, fire them, force them to retire, or compel them to serve the interests of the Italian population instead of their globalist owners, the only options remaining to deal with such traitorous creatures are not nearly as peaceful.

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

  2. Judges need to realize that no one, not even they, are above the law. Nothing short of a revolution is evidently needed, when the judiciary itself is so utterly corrupted. Only a revolutionary regime, it seems, will be able to make the criminals responsible for this horror pay for their crimes.

    There was of course no “pandemic” prior to the vaxx rollout. The “excess deaths” reported in some lockdown countries, such as the US and UK during 2020 were people killed by the lockdowns and by being euthanized in hospitals – via remdisivir and midazolam. In countries with no lockdowns and no policy of murdering elderly people, such as Belarus, there were NEGATIVE excess deaths in 2020. After the rollout of the vaxx a certain kind of “pandemic” was created, which consisted of the vaccinated dying of the spike protein, plus the vaccinated shedding the spike protein onto the non-vaxxed, which killed a few of the latter.

    All in all, a fake “pandemic” and a carefully-planned mass murder on a scale never seen before in history.

  3. Klaus expects some ROI for all the governments he bought.
    Shh…don’t tell the enlightened Ubermesnch minions of the state that their thimble full of credibility is evaporating fast.

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