Mandatory Vaccination? Never Mind!

The German health authorities have finally realized the uselessness of the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus, and will not renew the “vaccine” mandate. Everyone else reached the same conclusion a year and a half ago, but the wheels of God grind slowly.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of the Epoch Times:

Lauterbach: Vaccination does not protect against infection — vaccination obligation no longer applies

The Minister of Health is re-evaluating the vaccines with consequences for the institution-related vaccination mandate. Critics have been complaining about this for months.

Up until now, Health Minister Karl [“Klaboosterbach”] Lauterbach (SPD) has been a vehement advocate of compulsory vaccination in the nursing professions. One of Lauterbach’s main arguments was that the Corona vaccines protect against infection and guarantee milder courses. Now, however, there are new statements from the Minister of Health: “The vaccination no longer protects against infection. If it no longer protects against infection, then there is no longer any reason for it in these facilities,” Lauterbach told ZDF.

The Minister of Health adds that the “new variants” of the coronavirus in particular “cannot be detected” by the current vaccine. “That means you can still get infected, which will probably also apply to the BQ1.1 variant.”

The BQ1.1 variant is an Omicron subvariant and is considered to be more contagious than the Omicron variant. It is currently spreading in Europe as well as in the USA. The Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) justifies the expiry of the vaccination requirement for this new variant: “We expect that variant BQ1.1 or similar variants will dominate the infection process at the turn of the year,” said a spokesman for the BMG. However, the vaccination does not protect against infection with the variant.

As recently as two weeks ago, on November 8th, Lauterbach tweeted that the current vaccines would also work well with new variants. However, our Minister of Health does not see any reason to do without the injections entirely. According to him, the vaccination would still provide “very good” protection against serious illness. He has no qualms about voluntary vaccination.

Rationale against compulsory vaccination

Critics have been complaining for months that there are not enough reasons for compulsory vaccination.

In October of 2022, the state health ministers of Saxony, Bavaria, Thuringia and the Baden-Württemberg department head wrote a letter to the Federal Health Minister against an extension of the vaccination requirement. They feared that compulsory vaccination would exacerbate the lack of staff in the healthcare system.

“The institution-related vaccination obligation brings us more harm than good,” said Bavarian State Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU). “We need every available member of the workforce in medicine, nursing and integration assistance.”

Another argument was that the Omicron variant led to severe courses less often than the previous Delta. Critics judged an extension of compulsory vaccinations in the healthcare system to be disproportionate.

In an application against compulsory vaccination, the AfD [Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany] argues: “The vaccines currently used against COVID-19 can protect the vaccinated person from severe courses, but they can no longer reliably rule out infection of the vaccinated person or the transmission of the pathogens to third parties, i.e. the patients.”

Obligation to vaccinate since Omicron

The immunologist Carsten Watzl told ZDF that the basis for compulsory vaccination had long since ceased to apply. According to the doctor, nothing has changed since the prevailing Omicron variant.

According to the CEO of the German Hospital Society, Gerald Gas, it is now known that the vaccines protect against severe courses, but no longer prevent transmission since Omicron. “This means that such a serious intervention in self-determination would no longer be justified.”

How many severe courses are actually caused by Omicron and how a detailed risk-benefit analysis takes place considering possible damage to health and side effects was not mentioned.

Afterword from the translator:

With the introduction of the globally valid digital vaccination card (was decided at the G-20 summit in Bali), compulsory vaccination is being introduced through the back door. Most people haven’t realized this yet. Traveling without a digital vaccination card will be impossible. There are also significant limitations in lifestyle when attending concerts, shopping, medical treatment, etc. The digital vaccination card and all necessary vaccinations are mandatory if you do not want to accept any restrictions on freedom of movement in public life.

When will humanity finally wake up to facts instead of dealing with donkey manure, which only serves to distract people from the real thing? The thing is, that they have been telling us, and even have been writing it down, for DECADES of what their plans and aims are. Just because most people do not want to listen or read, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. They’d rather attack you as a “conspiracy theorist” than to face the truth.

12 thoughts on “Mandatory Vaccination? Never Mind!

  1. Clever. Thus they will be able to impose another jab mandate later, on the false grounds that that future poison does “protect against infection”. A smart tactical withdrawal to save face, as a bottom line.

    Yet the real reason why the jab mandates are inacceptable, inhuman and illegal is that they violate bodily integrity and autonomy — and they have just empowered themselves to keep on commiting the crime of ignoring and annihilating it.

  2. everything that we ever wanted in 1989, at the fall of the Iron Curtain: Freedom of movement, freedom of speech, freedom to private enterprise, “Real Money”, etc…

    Maybe we should split the World again, and send all these control freaks over to the next Soviet Union?

    • Why concede even a small part of the World to them?

      The only part I would be willing to concede would be their shallow graves.

      • I am quite forgiving person, I honor the rule – “everyone to his own”. If they want communism, let them have it. We – the free people – could then watch them like animals in the zoo, until they starve to death, that is, and “they” are no more…

        Parasites cannot live without a provider, and slave owners can’t live without slaves.

        • I am not quite so forgiving.

          They wanted us dead for the sole reason that we just wanted to be left alone. And they tried to kill us by forcing a “vaccine” upon us under duress with threats of being economically unpersonned. And the only reason they stopped was because the vast majority of the mob that was cheering them on became bored with the spectacle and wandered off to play with their Ukrainian toy instead.

          At a minimum there needs to be accountability and justice; the ringleaders brought to trial, sentenced to death, and executed. The followers, which in my opinion includes everyone who went along with it and just put their heads down and got the fake vaxx, have various degrees of culpability and deserve various degrees of justice.

          The worst of them, the ones who threatened their employees with being fired or actually fired them, or posted their support on social media of coercive measures against the purebloods, deserve to lose all their assets and be flogged publicly so that they are marked with scars of their evilness for the rest of their lives. The rest of them, who just went along to get along and didn’t have the guts to stand and fight, quit their jobs, or defend those who refused to submit, deserve to be marked for their cowardice. Branding the hand so their collusion can’t be hidden would in my opinion satisfy justice.

          In every historical atrocity, the vast majority of common people shoulder a significant portion of the blame either through their active or lukewarm support of evil actions, or their lack of opposition to them for various reasons which generally boil down to personal cowardice. And while occasionally the ringleaders face justice for their evil, the common person who is just as culpable almost never does. To live in a world where there exists live and let live, there needs to be the sure knowledge that if a group tries to coerce another group for whatever reason there’s going to be consequences for everyone and not just the leaders once they are beaten back.

          • I agree with you Moon.
            There must be accountability and punishment.

            Some gibbets outside the parliament would be nice.

            Of course the Yakuza method would be also nice.

          • Yea well, to be honest, I stick to the “Christian Position” that we should leave punishments to the LORD. My life experience is such, that I see how people get what they deserve, but my view is hardly translatable to other people who have no faith in God, so I won’t even try.

            However, I – being a competent and well payed proffessional who has to decline job offers on regular basis – I can see all too well where all those incompetent “keyboard warriors” who “fight” for “global government” – I can see all too well how utterly useless they are, and all I want from them is that they leave me alone, and go whrever their Utopia is, or so they think. I am quite confident that they would not survive a week in the woods on their own, much less being able to “run civilisation”.

            So, I personally would not chase after them, but I can see your point and believe it is valid as well. After all – the LORD works in mysterious ways, and uses people to punish people, so – there will be “just retribution” – The Ruler of this World – aka. “The Devil” – thrives on “righteous punishments”, I am sure.

            It’s just that I am sticking to the “forgiving” side of things. I demand only two things from the guilty: Either “repentance”, or – separation from them.

        • Barn, It is God’s job to forgive, I have never had a problem with arranging the meeting with my compliments and a smile.

          • G – If it’s God’s job to forgive, then I tend to help him out 😉

            Remember the LORD’s Prayer, as instructed by Jesus Christ himself?

            Chapter 6

            “For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:

            But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”

  3. Whenever I see Lauterbach and notice, that COVID 19 didnt kill him I remember a joke:

    Why do sharks not eat lawyers?
    Even sharks have pride.

    The counterpart would be:

    Why does COVID 19 not kill Lauterbach?
    Even COVID 19 has pride. (or would taste be better?)

  4. When the Great Purge of these useful idiots and elites begins, let us not forget this marxist collaborator Lauterbach and arrange his demise with imagination, vigor and enthusiasm.

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