We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Children

The Great Replacement in Europe obviously requires the importation of millions of third-world immigrants to supplant the natives. However, another crucial aspect of the program is the relentless propaganda discouraging Europeans from having children, as well as the incentives offered to people who remain childless.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Boris Reitschuster’s website. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

ARD and ZDF propagate sterilization in one’s early twenties

“Not everyone is made for having children”

What one has to co-finance with one’s compulsory fees for public broadcasting. “Funk” is a youth channel from ARD and ZDF for young people aged 14 and over with an annual budget of around €45 million. Critics see it as a joint project between the two stations for the red-green re-education of young viewers. Among other things, Funk is known for having a post celebrating old people dying and awarding points for crushing children in a video game. Now Funk has published a post entitled “Sterilization at 22: The Dream of Childless Life”.

[Video link]

It was created by “Y-Kollektiv” — a so-called content network from Funk, which is also a content network. The operator of Y-Kollektiv is “Sendefähig GmbH” on behalf of Radio Bremen for Funk.

You are not only wondering about the content, but also about the form? Which is more reminiscent of corporate nesting by oligarchs than of public law institutions? It’s amazing what you have to co-finance with your fees. Y-Kollektiv, which also propagates sex orgies with anal sex and hard drugs, writes about itself on the Funk website: “That’s what it’s all about: The reporters from Y-Kollektiv show the world as they see it and experience it — anywhere and at any time. Once a week, journalists cast their very own view of the world in web documentaries and reports on YouTube and Facebook. Real, close, human and subjective. The Y-Kollektiv accompanies a radical animal rights activist into the pigsty in his work against factory farming, learns how Pakistan’s first female rickshaw driver is broadsided by her male colleagues every day and experiences the dramatic rescue of refugees on the Mediterranean.

The political direction is already set: hard red-green. The series of awards mentioned on the site also clearly shows where the journey is headed. An excerpt:

  • Data journalist Marvin Milatz won the ARD 2021 Kurt Magnus Prize with the Y-Kollektiv reportage “Infokrieger — The new right-wing media makers”.
  • In November 2018, the video “Women on the sidelines — sexism in football” by Gülseren Ölcüm won first place in the Juliane Bartel Media Prize. The prize is awarded to contributions that “address gender equality in a serious or entertaining way and make grievances visible.”

In the post on sterilization, a young mother theatrically declares how much she regrets her decision to become a mother. Then there are complaints that such confessions are “taboo” in society; anyone who publicly states that they regret being a mother is pilloried, says the spokeswoman from the word go in the tone of a prosecutor: “Anyone who makes the decision as a young woman not to want children is often not taken seriously, like Celine, who wants to be sterilized at the age of 22, but is met with resistance by many doctors”. Then Celine is outraged by these doctors: “Who are they to decide about my body or tell me when I can do something with my body!” [Wanna bet that she didn’t say anything about the jab?]

Contradiction not recognized

This satire is almost real: The same public broadcasters that vehemently advocated compulsory vaccination, i.e. that those who pay the fee should not be allowed to decide for themselves what they do with their bodies, now take exactly the opposite attitude on the subject of the sterilization of young women. Because of all that ideology, they don’t seem to notice the contradiction anymore.

Celine laments how much work and effort a child means. And then says: “I think a person must really be made for it to raise a child or a person.” The author replies, “Okay.” When Celine continues that not everyone is made for it, the author replies, “Yes.” The author does not seem to notice the absurdity of the statement. Because if people weren’t generally made to have children, there would have long since been no people around.

The next example is a young man who was sterilized at 22. “He has to justify it to himself again and again,” complains the voice from the get-go: “He thinks that not everyone is made to have children.” [Then why don’t they keep their britches and panties up or use condoms?]

The fact that the health insurance companies do not pay for the sterilization is also mentioned in a regretful tone.

Regretting Motherhood

The description of the video states: “‘I don’t want children!’ Anyone who says something like this is often met with a lack of understanding, is attacked and insulted as an egoist. Y-Kollektiv author Katja Döhne wants to understand why people consciously decide against having children.

Celine is in her early 20s and is already certain that she doesn’t want to have children in her life. So she wants to be sterilized. However, sterilization “of one’s own free will” is often made difficult for young, previously childless women in Germany.

Dominik has already had his vasectomy, is very satisfied with his child-free life and has no regrets. The 36-year-old warehouse worker had himself sterilized at the age of 22 — and hasn’t regretted it to this day. [I bet when he’s old and all alone he’ll change his tune. But by then it’s to late for that selfish p****.]

Franziska, in her mid-30s, often regrets having a child. In the spirit of #RegrettingMotherhoodmovement (“Motherhood Repentance”), she questions her own role as a mother. The single mother from Weimar was often overwhelmed with her child and now speaks openly about her doubts.

What will your child think about it in the future?

On her journey through Germany, Katja Döhne meets a wide variety of people who do not want children and encounters many questions that are sometimes difficult to answer. “So which is actually more selfish — having a child and potentially regretting it, or remaining child-free? And why is it so difficult for the rest of society to accept people who don’t want to have children?”

The author of the film is 37 years old herself and has no children — because it turned out that way, she says in the film, and because she was too busy. That journalists take up such a topic is completely legitimate. However, the fact that the film then comes across as propaganda — that is, as the dissemination of a certain worldview — is not legitimate. Especially for a fee-financed broadcaster that is committed to balance.

Throughout the film not a single voice is heard that is really critical of sterilization at a young age. Not a single happy mother. No gynecologist to explain why he doesn’t want to sterilize young women. To put it bluntly, the film seems like an advertisement for sterilization at a young age. Funded by a compulsory licence fee.

Afterword from the translator:

Is it just me, or does it seem that at the ARD and ZDF only brain-sterilized people, who have had wood shavings implanted, are allowed to work there? The ideological retardation in Germany is moving forward in seven-league boots by the looks of it. No wonder they are genocided by being out-bred by orcs.

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  1. “This satire is almost real: The same public broadcasters that vehemently advocated compulsory vaccination, i.e. that those who pay the fee should not be allowed to decide for themselves what they do with their bodies, now take exactly the opposite attitude on the subject of the sterilization of young women.”

    It is not a “satire”, but “double think”.

    It’s like when they let millions of undocumented migrants cross the border, but then refuse #1 world tennis player. Or when they close Churches, but let mostly peaceful BLM protests happen. Or when those, who threaten with violence if you don’t pay them, call those who “have not payed taxes” thieves.

    I don’t think Orwell was joking on this one. They are purposefully making a “contradictory world”, and the people are taught to switch between two opposing views without even noticing it.

    • @ Barn Swallow

      Re: “They are purposefully making a “contradictory world”, and the people are taught to switch between two opposing views without even noticing it.”

      An astute observation on your part. The late Sam Francis coined the term “anarcho-tyranny” to describe such societies in which the law is applied only to some people but never to others. The elites and the privileged have one set of rules, usually enforced leniently if at all, and the ones on the outside looking in feel the full weight of the law upon them.

      The “switching back and forth” between contradictory states or ideas may not be accidental, but mental conditioning to train the ‘proles and accustom them to living in a world where the elites live according to different rules than those over whom they rule.

      After all, isn’t that one of the features of the “new feudalism” they are creating? They, the aristocracy of the 21st century, are not subject to the same laws as the serfs below them.

      Regular people ought to call mendacious and cruel games of this sort what they are: Psychological warfare; psychic terrorism. A rape of the mind.

      • Maybe evil can profit only when it breaks the rules others follow, so the ultimate goal is to make others follow some rules “they” themselves don’t abide by – and get used to it.

        Like the stupid party gates, which swept every major newspaper in EU during the lockdowns. Even Obama threw a party.

        Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi

  2. Perhaps sterilization should be encouraged for such types. The future belongs to those who show up, and encouraging and enabling leftists, socialists, and stupid women to not have children just means that there will be fewer and fewer of them to vote for whatever happens to be the current flavor of idiocy.

  3. “a young mother theatrically declares how much she regrets her decision to become a mother.”

    Her child would be so delighted to hear that…

  4. Obviously media freedom is a false right, and needs to be aggressively curtailed. Media freedom is a Trojan horse. It is not a natural right.

    • Media is merely the messenger. A dog cannot discern the difference between Mozart and Gangsta Rap. It’s the audience that must be capable of hearing the difference. All the censorship in the world will not remedy that failure. If you raise “dogs” don’t blame either Mozart or Snoop Dog when they pee on the furniture.

      • The problem is that media in its modern form has never existed before. It’s completely new in its scale and its form. I can’t blame a dog for reacting poorly to an onslaught that he was not prepared for. Cars, planes, and mass media are all new inventions, but no one lets cars or planes travel any way they want. Only mass media is allowed to do anything it wants, and its even held up as a supposed pillar of our current world.

      • The problem is that mass media has never existed before. I can’t blame any dog for reacting poorly to something he wasn’t designed or prepared to endure. Cars, planes, and modern media are all brand new inventions. No one lets cars or planes travel any way they want, only mass media is allowed to do whatever, and is even held up as a pillar of our world. It’s not the dog that’s the problem.

      • Putin has been right about a lot of things, Publicly saying so will get you in trouble regardless of evidence. Truth is no defense.

  5. So far-leftists want to sterilize themselves out of existence.
    They’re actually way crazier than Islamists, come to think of it.

  6. A dissonance, sort of how this new way of thinking, where some demand a disparate conversation, to produce a Discourse Consensus.

    Aldous Huxley wrote “Brave New World” written 1931 published 1932

    For me a bit too futuristic sci-fi, nor a style of writing I really enjoy, so wondered why it is was sort often mentioned.
    First time read of it in the past month, 2022, and so many things like this, vaxx, gender transition, barrenness, hedonistic life styles (not graphic), removal of history books, & old books, and even the style of writing all seems to fit and come together in a bland pattern of where that future life went to.

    One does have to follow the story line, as it also drip feeds the many reasons why & how they evolved to where a few raised questions, and some doubts.
    To the last two chapters where there becomes more a debate, comparison, & what the people want.

    Wiki gives much more background, responses, and of other comparable writers of that time.

    Noting the ‘voluntary’ “freemartins” definition.

    Some of the reviews 1* – 5* give a bit more information.

    • It is an oversimplification, but the dystopian futures of Orwell and Huxley sort of boil down to the tyranny of those things we fear and loathe, versus of tyranny based upon hedonism and pleasure.

      They make good bookends to the subject, because man – the human being, male or female alike – can be enslaved based upon pain or upon pleasure alike.

  7. In principle, this is a self-correcting problem. If people with certain mindsets don’t want to imprint their toxicity on future generations, I can’t find a good argument against letting them go. I’m more worried about the real brutes filling up all empty space, who in all their primitivity are still smarter than those above. That’s where real harm is coming from.

  8. Celine thinks that doctors should be forced to do surgeries they don’t want to do? What a brat. It’s probably good that she does get sterilized. She’d probably be a crappy mother.

  9. The future is for those that show up.

    Lack of children is cultural surrender and cohort suicide.

    It is Darwinian.

  10. The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, said in a speech some time ago that “a society which cannot protect its children has no future…” – comments made in reference to the grooming scandals in the U.K. if memory serves, but an observation equally applicable to those societies who do not trouble to sire children at all.

    Whether one loves or hates the man, or somewhere in between, the veracity of his observation cannot be denied. In a very real sense, what we call civilization was created and exists for the overarching purpose of perpetuating the species, the bearing and raising of children.

    Unlike the very young of many mammalian species, human beings are not born mature or nearly-mature; they have a long post-gestation developmental period – we call it childhood – when they are not fully-capable of existing independently in the world. This is of course a restatement of the obvious, but in times like these it sometimes helps to remind people of what were once called “the eternal verities”…

    Marrying and bearing children is – in a sense – a vote of confidence or lack of the same – regarding one’s prospects and those of society. What does it say about the West that so many people cannot or will not marry, bear children and raise a family? Nothing good, I’ll tell you that!

    • Well said !

      God said “Go forth and multiply,”

      … but the U.N., E.U., Planned Parenthood, Democrats, Liberals, leftists of all varieties, all say “NO !

      This is very much what Pope John Paul II called the ‘Culture of Death’.

  11. “The single mother from Weimar was often overwhelmed with her child and now speaks openly about her doubts.”

    So the problem is an incomplete family? With half of the equation missing there can be no satisfactory summation.

    State schools have been, if anything, too successful. No one remembers how, or has gumption enough, to set children down and explain that families, and only families, are the total purpose of sex. It is not recreation except for the terminally bovine.

    Society no longer expects, much less encourages, children to strive for moral and intellectual adulthood, i.e. wisdom, rather than credentials and juvenile self-gratification. It is amazing to me the percentage of people I know/encounter/observe in their 30’s – 60’s that have not, and have no desire to, advance a day beyond their 15th birthday. Some say we live in an Idiocracy, alluding to a movie of the same title, I contend we live in a Juviocracy. The world is run by teenagers for whom the key takeaway from “The Lord of the Flies” in eighth grade was how cool it would be to run an island with no grownups.

    • I’m pleased to say that I must be “terminally bovine”; since my partner and I are in our seventies, children are unlikely.

    • “Single mother” – exactly !

      Thank you, Simone de Beauvoir, Germaine Greer, et al.

      The Marxist-Feminists got what they clamoured for : No-fault divorce, contraception, abortion … and now are shocked at the results.

      But of course, someone else is to blame. I once read that liberals are constitutionally incapable of accepting responsibility for the failures of their own policies – it’s always someone else’s fault.

      It’s not that our anti-poverty programs were mistaken, they failed because you greedy Republicans failed to fund them adequately ! ”

      Typical response of the adolescent and the immature.

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