Bah! Humbug!

In order to stop Russian aggression and save the planet, German citizens are being asked to make major sacrifices, including doing without their Christmas lights.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from JournalistenWatch. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

So much hate! Deutsche Umwelthilfe [German Environmental Aid Agency] calls for no Christmas lights


The home-made energy crisis is THE opportunity for all leftists to finally abolish German traditions. And this organization is of course at the forefront: In view of the energy crisis, the German Environmental Aid Agency is calling for Christmas lights to be dispensed with.

“This winter it should be a matter of course that both the Christmas lights in cities and those in houses and apartments will be dispensed with,” said Federal Managing Director Jürgen Resch to the “Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland”. In view of the war in Ukraine, the energy shortage, but also for reasons of climate protection, one should “pause for a moment”.

Resch pointed out the power consumption. “The private lighting orgies alone cause a power consumption of over 600 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year — as much as a medium-sized city with 400,000 inhabitants uses in a year,” warned the environmental lobbyist. “In addition, there is the possible saving by doing without the Christmas lights in our cities and communities.”

He proposed a lighting limit of one tree per city and municipality. “Consciously doing without here, saving and showing solidarity could even make this Christmas season a very special one.”

What a nasty cynic. Next it will be claimed that the felled Christmas trees are driving the deaths of rainforests, that Santa Claus should undergo a sex change and that Christmas sales increase hunger in Africa and, for reasons of solidarity, these gifts should be shipped across the Mediterranean.

The only thing you could wish for for Christmas this year — if you had something like environmental awareness, would be the ban on the “Deutsche Umwelthilfe”. Resch could then get a new job as Santa Claus.

Afterword from the translator:

Our municipality here in South Africa stopped the Christmas decorations several years ago to “save” electricity. How much electricity do these LED lights take? Not much, in my experience, since I’ve been using them for years already and noticed a massive drop in my electricity consumption in comparison to the old light bulbs.

Needless to say, the village looks like an abandoned graveyard during the Christmas season. No more Christmas Market under the festive lights now either; it has been abandoned, since part of the “spirit” has been spirited away in good old Marxist tradition.

6 thoughts on “Bah! Humbug!

  1. For decades, Europe was self-sufficient in power production… And even recently, none of its power came from Russia (and hardly any, of the coal used). So, is this really the result of the Russia situation?

    Or having its energy policies influenced by an obsessed Swedish teenager with Asperger’s, and letting its energy market be dominated by speculators massively buying or selling power, based on the slightest bad or good news?

  2. Well, Christmas has been a thorn in the eyes of the radicals now for a long time. Maybe this is just another excuse for targeting Christmas?

    • Will the mosques have to quiet the 5 times a day calls to prayer from every mosque? I believe that “sound” is projected using electric power?

      • They will get enough power.
        Muslims know how to fight and kill.
        But the average german does not.
        So, if I would give you three tries who will get enough food, water and power till the end: germans or muslims – I think your first answer (muslims) will be 100% correct.

  3. BTW, Jesus was born around Rosh Hashanah and NOT in the dead of winter in December. December 25th is the “birthday” of the Roman god of manliness, but do gods have birthdays??
    The weather in SoCal is similar to that of Israel. Early autumns are pleasant but frosts and high winds are common during the winter. You do not leave sheep out in that kind of weather nor do you expect people to travel up to 200 miles to be registered for taxation.
    So…guess what, it’s Christ-masse time right now for our Lord who also is our Passover, which is when the veil separating the Holy of Holies was ripped apart, from TOP to bottom.
    So…Merrie Christmasse y’all

  4. And the name of the Roman god whose birthday is December 25th is Mithras. So let’s celebrate December 25th with dogs and cats and their santa claws.
    Oh, and the coming down the chimney was taken from Nicolas, Bishop of Antioch, who supported and fed the poor out of his own pocket. Hanging dirty socks to dry over a fireplace where a pot full of bones were boiled for the soup that was the day’s meal. No one knew about his ministry until after Domitian put him out of Domitian’s ministry because people worshipped Nicolas instead of Caesar Domitian.

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