The Sexual Rights of Children

Irene Montero is a Spanish psychologist and an MP for the left-wing Podemos party. She serves as the Minister of Equality in the current Spanish government.

In the following video Ms. Montero discusses the sexual rights of children. According to her, children have the right to have sexual relations with anybody, provided that they give consent. Once upon a time it was a commonly accepted legal principle in Western countries that minors, by definition, could not give consent. The age of consent varied from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but the principle of “statutory rape” remained the same everywhere.

Nowadays, under the “anything goes” ethos driven by the woke imperative, new rules are in the process of being formulated concerning sexual activity between adults and children. Pedophiles have already been de-stigmatized by being labeled “minor-attracted persons”. If children are seen as capable of consent, then pedos may finally realize their dream of being able to have kiddie sex without the risk of a long prison term — provided they can establish plausible “consent” on the part of their child paramours.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Speaking of sex education, for instance, it’s a right
00:04   for boys and girls, regardless of their own families.
00:09   Because all children, all the boys and girls of this country
00:13   have the right to learn about their own bodies.
00:16   They need to know that no adult is allowed to touch their body, unless they want them to.
00:20   Unless they want them to. Which is a form of violence.
00:23   They have the right to know that they have the right to love or have sexual relations
00:27   with whomever they want. Which is based upon consent, of course.
00:31   And these are their rights, which have been recognized.

11 thoughts on “The Sexual Rights of Children

  1. I wonder if this woman has any children herself. If she has, she is barking mad. If she hasn’t she is still not quite right in the head.

    Really, the recent pandemic and the current war, economic troubles, mega-drought and all similar things we are going to experience should be understood as a call from God to wake up and throw away all this woke madness which is lethal to our children, to ourselves, to our survival.

    If we do not come to our senses all this orgy of unleashed passions will end in a disaster like no one that has ever happened before.

    • She has three children. Twins born at 27 weeks who miraculously survived ( amazingly she is very pro-abortion) and another one born 2 years later. She is a despicable hard left feminist, whose husband has left her and politics for a more lucrative career in the communications industry.

  2. I concur, but not the ones they used for the “Auto da Fe”, the one Vlad “Tepes” Dracul used to great success.
    Takes so much longer for them to reflect on their crimes.

  3. She “studied” psychology as it was the easiest way to get into university. Was a checkout girl in a shop when she met (and seduced) the leader of the party who, through electoral circumstances, made her a minister. She is the most hated member of the government. As a declared communist, living in a large gated private property with a guest house and enormous swimming pool and having a portfolio of 6 other properties, doesn’t help. Nor did recently flying to New York with 3 friends in a private jet go down well either.

  4. Not quite the best location for this but I offer for you reuse the following statement:
    Gender (sex) is not assigned at birth, it is made manifest.

    I have tired of hearing it is assigned.

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