Nothing But the Best for the New Germans!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Stuttgarter Nachrichten:


€80 million for new apartments for refugees

The state government of Baden-Württemberg wants to make more apartments available for refugees. That’s why they announced a new funding program.

The governing coalition in the southwest wants to set up a funding program worth €80 million to create housing for refugees.

Housing Minister Nicole Razavi (CDU) said on Wednesday in Stuttgart: “We must ensure that the arrival of many refugees on the already very tense housing market does not lead to cut-throat competition, especially among the weakest in society.”

According to a ministry statement, around 112,600 people from Ukraine have been registered in the southwest alone since the start of the Ukraine war in February. That is more people than in the whole of 2015. In addition, there were 8,662 asylum seekers from other countries just in the first half of the current year. Don’t let communities down in the difficult task of housing these people, Razavi said.

Community welcomes the support

The President of the Municipal Council of Baden-Württemberg, Steffen Jäger, welcomed the planned programme. “It was an important concern for the cities and communities from an early stage to relaunch the successful program from 2015-2017 in the current situation.” The lack of living space makes every new apartment necessary. The targeted financial support for the creation and acquisition of living space for refugees is certainly an important instrument to stabilize social peace when there is a need for housing.

The chief executive of the district council, Alexis von Komorowski, also said that the program helps to ensure that refugees can be accommodated in cities and communities. “At the same time, this strengthens the three-stage admission system consisting of initial admission, temporary accommodation and subsequent accommodation.”

The funds for the program should come from the risk reserve for corona precautions. Municipalities can access the grants. The prerequisite is that the living space has been earmarked for a specific purpose for more than ten years. In addition, according to Razavi, the subsidized property must remain the property of the municipality for two decades. The €80 million is available for this year and next.

After more than six hours of negotiations, the leaders of the green-black coalition had agreed on the planned additional spending in the 2023/2024 double budget.

Afterword from the translator:

What happened to Chancellor Scholz’s election promise to build 400,000 apartments a year, 100,000 of them social housing? Anyone who believes in campaign slogans is pretty naive.

Also apartments for asylum seekers. Are they those whose asylum applications have not yet been decided and who have traveled through dozens of safe third countries, and are there also Afghans who were flown to Germany as “local workers”?

The best Germany ever, but certainly not for the native Germans. Yes, now comes what was planned for a long time, that the newly built apartments and social housing would be for the migrants. This applies not only to Baden-Württemberg, but to all of Germany. That will provide more fuel that’s been thrown on to the smoldering embers of discontent by politicians who act in lockstep. It won’t be long before there will be massive unrest that will lead to a civil war. Maybe next winter. The Federal Government is already preparing for massive unrest. This government is plunging all of Germany into the abyss. Even a new government will not be able to change anything any longer, since this government is making it a fait accompli.

3 thoughts on “Nothing But the Best for the New Germans!

  1. As the German government sides more with the 3rd worlders against their own native Germans, the hate and resentment will build to a point of no return, just wait until you see the dead Germans put out on the side of the street because they either froze to death or starved and the 3rd worlders all fat and happy this winter, this will be seen by Germans in every city and town near them, causing a ripple effect that no feminaxi, green gaia worshipper, rainbow alphabet thing or NWO type will be able to fix or shame us to compliance, then the Military steps in and then the fun and retribution begins. Let it rain, for the wolves are about to come out and play, for this will be the land of wolves and nobody is going to give a damn about the opinions of the sheep.

  2. At this point, I don’t even see how they can maintain the fictional designation “refugees.” They can’t even pretend there’s a war on anywhere except Ukraine (and of course African countries, where there’s never a dull moment.)

  3. I hope that the sensible German population rises up against the orcs and the orc worshippers and retake their land. I hope that they won’t flinch at whatever buzzword that the lunatic left throws at them and just purge these problems away.

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