Ascertaining the Truth in the Court of Pesaro

One of the more effective ways to fight back against Corona oppression is to sue those who mandate the vax, and then force them to do discovery when they are hauled into court. That’s the only way the contents of the mRNA “vaccine” will ever be publicly revealed, and also the only way the adverse effects of the jab will ever be forensically identified.

One such case is now being brought before a court in the Italian city of Pesaro. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The Court of Pesaro has been dealing with a case which turns out to be
00:04   particularly unique within Italy’s judicial casuistry.
00:07   The Court has granted a request submitted by a man over 50 years old
00:10   from Pesaro, who recovered from Covid.
00:13   In spite of this, when he had to go back to work, he was reluctant to get vaccinated.
00:19   That is why he submitted a complaint to the court.
00:22   The court has granted the request to provide expertise and a technical consultancy,
00:25   whose purpose is to investigate the effects of mRNA vaccines
00:29   on a patient who has recovered from the infection.
00:32   The civil lawsuit has been filed by the lawyer Nicoletta Morante, from Pesaro.
00:37   My client is a freelancer over 50 years old.
00:41   In addition, he has teaching boards,
00:44   which he hasn’t done for the last two years.
00:47   He was prevented from performing his usual work.
00:51   Hence his decision to ask the Court of Pesaro for a preemptive technical assessment.
00:59   In order to dispel the doubts cast by my client.
01:03   The first query is about ascertaining whether mandatory vaccination is suitable
01:08   for patients who have recovered from Covid.
01:12   So firstly, we need to ask expert witnesses
01:16   whether vaccinating the recovered is a suitable medical practice.
01:21   The second query is based upon my client’s researches
01:27   on non-human usage excipients contained in the vaccine.
01:34   Moreover, on the basis of a dossier that we had already prepared,
01:39   and of Dr. Ansovini’s technical consultancy,
01:44   we have asked to ascertain how mRNA vaccines work,
01:48   since we are dealing exclusively with mRNA vaccines here,
01:52   and to investigate whether mRNA vaccines,
01:57   or enzymes contained in mRNA vaccines, can be harmful to our health.
02:02   Hence the request for technical assessment.
02:05   Let’s remind ourselves that among the submitted queries,
02:08   there is also the peculiar issue concerning informed consent.
02:11   The informed consent form which the ASL [Regional Healthcare Service] of Marche
02:15   asks people to sign, even in the cases of mandatory vaccination.
02:20   Informed consent is something that usually applies to contracts.
02:24   Because it usually sets out the contract terms.
02:28   So, applying informed consent to a case of mandatory vaccination is quite a contradiction.
02:36   That is why we have submitted a request for court-appointed technical consultancy.
02:41   And since it deals with a juridical matter, we will ask the judge to ascertain that too.
02:46   We want the court to examine the informed consent form in detail,
02:50   which needs to be signed even in cases of mandatory vaccination.
02:54   The technical assessments are expected to get started at the end of September.
02:59   If the court-appointed consultant intends to expand
03:06   and deepen the scientific investigation,
03:12   we will be glad to participate, confronting ourselves with the ASL.
03:15   And I think it is great that we can join the confrontation.
03:18   Because we believe that reality and truth need to be ascertained through debate.
03:24   So what the counter-parties say matters.

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  1. Muh Corona is a construct of the white male patriarchy and must be cancelled immediately in the spirit of egalitarian equity.

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