Storming the Border at Melilla

Last month I reported on a mass assault by culture-enrichers on the border fence between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Melilla in North Africa. It’s not certain how many migrants died during the attempt to breach the fence, but the total was greater than twenty.

Now thirty-three of the invaders have been given prison sentences for their part in the assault on the border. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Storming the Border at Melilla

Harsh penalties for African migrants


That happened quickly: three weeks after the mass rush of African migrants to the border of the Spanish enclave of Melilla, the Moroccan judiciary sentenced 33 people to prison terms. The attack on the fortifications killed 23 people.

The 33 accused are being jailed for eleven months each for illegal entry and violence against Moroccan border guards. This was confirmed by the lawyer Khalid Ameza. Those convicted were members of a group of about 2,000 mostly Sudanese immigrants who stormed the border between Morocco and Melilla on June 24. According to Moroccan information, 23 people died. Refugee organizations even spoke of 37 dead and dozens injured.

Further trial of 29 migrants soon

The incident caused an international sensation. A Moroccan investigative report ruled out that misconduct on the part of the security forces had led to the many victims. Migrant organizations and the UN, on the other hand, accused the border guards of both countries of using excessive force.

The attorney Khalid Ameza spoke of “a very harsh verdict”. He announced an appeal against the verdicts. Another group of 29 migrants is to be tried at the end of July. They are also accused of belonging to a gang of people-smugglers.

Afterword from the translator:

That is the right answer to the violent assault on the border and the just punishment for these invaders, but unfortunately I haven’t read anything about a subsequent deportation.

Also, when you look at that fence… it’s not a fence, it’s a jungle gym for a monkey zoo.

If Spain doesn’t want to do without its enclaves, then they should get some new ideas for a protective wall.

9 thoughts on “Storming the Border at Melilla

  1. The (lack of) height isn’t so much the problem as the fact there’s no system to deal with orcs while they are occupied with crossing what little barrier the fences represent.

    There are any number of systems which are non-lethal that could be used if the Spanish did not want to permanently harm the orcs. Green lasers which temporarily blind the target, microwave emitters that cause excruciating pain through subdermal heating, and oldies but goodies such as water cannons, tear gas, bean bag rounds, and flash bangs are all options.

    Personally I would use more lethal methods, since used once or twice would ensure there were no more future attempts. Land mines within the fences would be my first choice as a passive defense, and flamethrowers mounted on a quick reaction force vehicle would be an absolutely terrifying deterrent were it to be used even once.

    Of course a barrier no matter how lethal won’t work unless there’s a political will to make it work.

    • When we were a proper country and not a footstool for Germany, and having also an PM like Trudeau we had land mines in our borders extending from Albania to Turkey.
      Now we have a fence,but they come through the Triethnes with the help of the Bulgarians,and from Turkey to the islands with the help of NGOs.
      What i most dread is when the people will say,enough is enough and at the same time being in a war with the barbarians.

      Triethnes is the point where the borders of three countries meet.

      • This Bulgarians are traitors than to Europe and Europeans, I remember it was a time ( 2015) where there was help from this bloody Bulgarians catching this parasites and bringing them back to the borders, not anymore, , what bunch of east European traitors..

      • It is always someone elses fault, isn’t it?
        Bulgarians, Germans(is there a common border?)
        Turks, Albanians….
        Instead of being crybabies, maybe the Greeks should try to install an efficient internal revenue service which would get them rid of many problems.But my guess is that they are not much inclined to contribute to a commonwealth(sic)

        • Is this the way to solve the problem of illegal immigration?
          Unless you have not understand what we are talking about.

  2. Eliminate a few hundred of these savages on that fence and let the buzzards feed would stop this invasion in it’s tracks, the methods used to make that happen can be let to the guards imagination. Dealing with uncivilized savages with civilized means is always a losing proposition.

  3. Welp, the good news is that there are 23 fewer invaders now. Apt here’s that.
    Great response above about deterrent options to be used.
    Personally, I like the mine + flame thrower combo, myself!

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