The Importance of Being Sawsan

Sawsan Chebli is the daughter of Palestinian asylum seekers, and was raised in Berlin. Since her middle name is Mohammed, she has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%, despite being a girl.

Ms. Chebli apparently has great expectations for her political career. In particular, she is reportedly aiming to become Minister of the Interior for the Bundesrepublik.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Chebli: First States Secretary Then Interior Minister?


In the Federal Ministry of the Interior led by Nancy Faeser (SPD), the job of State Secretary for Migration and Civil Protection is up for grabs. The SPD politician Sawsan Chebli, who is currently unemployed, is considered a hot candidate to succeed Helmut Teichmann. The job is endowed with almost €15,000 a month.

According to Bild , Chebli is even said to have “greater ambitions” to become Federal Minister of the Interior when the incumbent moves to Hesse. Faeser wants to become prime minister there. [Those poor Hessians, a “trans” Trudeau.]

Controversial, overwhelmed, embarrassing

Sawsan Chebli is controversial due to numerous statements. Most recently, the native Palestinian said: “Anti-Semitism threatens us all, it also threatens Muslims in particular.” This caused outrage on social media networks. Again and again, the 43-year-old has criticized the media when they report hatred or violence by Muslims and migrants: “The right-wing groups use this to stir up anti-Islam sentiment.” [I rather doubt that. Muslims are more than capable of doing that amicably themselves.]

Even as press spokeswoman for the then Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, she was considered overwhelmed. Many of her embarrassing statements became YouTube hits at the time. Chebli applied for a Bundestag mandate before the federal elections last September, but was defeated by the former Governing Mayor Michael Müller in an internal SPD vote. After the House of Representatives elections in September 2021, she lost her position as State Secretary in the Berlin Senate. Now she could make a spectacular comeback.

Berlin’s police chief is also being traded

Another candidate may prevent Chebli’s possible steep rise. Because even the Berlin police chief Barbara Slowik has been given a chances of getting the post of state secretary in the Federal Ministry of the Interior. [God help Germany if that “thing” gets into that position. They must really HATE the people who pay their lavish salaries.] The decision should come quickly. Since Teichmann’s departure, State Secretary Hans-Georg Engelke, who has remained in office, has been overburdened with the additional work. Before the summer break, Faeser wants to get the personnel under wraps. [I wouldn’t be surprised if by that she means the burka.]

Afterword from the translator:

That would be a godsend for Tim Kellner if the most delicate flower of the Orient were to become Germany’s Minister of the Interior. Good Tim would not be able to keep up with his videos to process the headlines and the court-cases against him by his nemesis.

Should the nightmare actually come true, Germany would more than go from bad to worse. Since the “sensitive” Berlin SPD politician Sawsan Chebli always feels persecuted, attacked and insulted by hate messages — in most cases these are more due to personal sensitivities — the limits of freedom of expression might shift significantly towards the gas chamber.

After all, the Twitter queen meets the qualifications for the ministerial post: female, immigrant background, Muslim and the right party book. What could possibly go more wrong for Germany and Europe? Ave Cesare morituri te salutant.

5 thoughts on “The Importance of Being Sawsan

  1. If the 3 rd worlder gets the interior ministry, it will cause complete havoc for none there likes the fakestinian nor any 3rd worlder considered such a security risk, which could bring in the military to put a stop to it.

  2. The comments with brackets (as well as the intro and conclusion) added context with humor. Otherwise the translated article itself would have been less interesting and a reader not already familiar with the players like mua at least would not have understood the implications.
    15K Euro a month for a bureaucratic job? That is lavish, I don’t care how important they claim that post is.

  3. It would be even much worse than her “personal sensitivities” could carry all this. As a person, she is as vain as it gets. But as always, such people are a tool. The Interior Minister is the equivalent to US Homeland Security Dpt. The top dog that determines if certain groups pose a danger or not, second only to the Constitutional Court (which already has been subordinated by the power structures it was created to control.) This is the wet dream of her brothers and sisters in faith.

  4. Interesting family, the Cheblis! Dad had been extradited 3 times and always came back. Made 13 children, never worked a day in his life – praying and impregnating his wife(s?) did not leave him the time to learn a word of german, though living here for 35 years. The top notch salary for the daughter is no big deal compared to the welfare this family cashed the hole way long.

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