Are We Being Replaced?

Below is an overview of the Great Replacement by H. Numan from a Dutch perspective.

Are we being replaced?

by H. Numan

At this moment an old debate is being stirred up in The Netherlands. Conservative parties (PVV, FvD) openly question ‘omvolking’, or replacement by muslims. This is very much a taboo subject, proving to left-wing parties that the PVV and FvD really are definitely fascist. Otherwise they wouldn’t dare break the taboo. I’m describing the situation in The Netherlands, but it is roughly the same in other Western European countries, with local variations.

Let’s start with the camel in the room. Are we being replaced by muslims? De jure, no. The Dutch government never formulated such a policy. Neither has any other government in Europe. That means the Replacement Theory is, strictly speaking, a false one. However, the facts speak for themselves. De facto we are being replaced. We’re just not allowed to acknowledge the fact.

The next question is: Why are we being replaced? Greed. Pure unmitigated selfish greed. Nothing else. From day 1, some people made a lot of money out of it, or built their careers on it. I know quite a few people who did exactly that. Privately, they vent their hatred of the subjects that provide their income. But not from 9 to 5. I’m talking about social workers here. You have no idea how they think privately about muslim migrants. Until it’s time to go to work, of course. From 9 to 5 they are more social than Mother Theresa and Lenin combined. Once they clock out, they put on their white sheets and give any Grand Kleagle a run for his money.

However, you have to dance to the tune. If you don’t, doors close. Usually very quietly: people avoid you, don’t want to do business with you or promote someone else. Sometimes it’s quite open. They publicly say you are a neo-Nazi. Yes, I’m talking about enlightened well-educated socialists who are open to all opinions and love a debate. Except when it doesn’t correspond with their viewpoints. Sound familiar?

The problems began right after World War Two. There was a huge labor shortage. Understandable, as a lot of men had died during the war. It was even worse; the Dutch army was mobilized and send to the Dutch East Indies to prevent it becoming Indonesia. That’s also an economic problem, because it inevitably caused wages to rise. Something our Christian Democrat and Conservative VVD politicians didn’t like. They were paragons of free market enterprise — except when it came to wages.

The solution was an easy one. Hire scabs. People who are worse off than our poorest. The government recruited first Walloons, followed by Galicians in Spain, Italians and Greeks as ‘gastarbeiders’ or guest laborers. Those guys worked in steel mills and mines for a couple of years, then returned home. Usually because by then there was better-paying and less dangerous work available in their own countries.

The elites quickly came up with the myth of the lazy Dutchman who considered himself too good to work in the mines. The shaming worked, and still does even today. People believe that myth. A fairy tale, because it is simple a matter of making choices. Imagine you are a young man in a rural or poor environment. You can work from 9 to 5 in a factory, for a guilder a day. Or work in shifts in mines or steel mills for 2 guilders a day. You earn a lot more, but the work is very dangerous, hazardous to your health and brutally heavy. You’d be really lucky to live past 50 years. Both factories and mines were screaming for new workers. Understandably, most men opted to work in the factory for less money and a longer life. You and I would do exactly the same.

Once the flow of Greek and Spanish laborers stopped due to improved local economies, recruiters looked south of the Mediterranean and found plenty of takers. They had absolutely no idea what can of worms they were opening. Neither did the politicians.

You see, those people were very different. They came from a totally different culture and religion. Locally, they work according to the principle: anything goes, as long as the referee doesn’t see it. It’s not a problem to lie. Just make sure you are never found out. That’s among themselves. It’s a given with infidels. Here is one cultural difference most Western people refuse to understand. Another one is jizya. Muslims aren’t lying, stealing or cheating. They are merely collecting their dhimmi tax.

Where previous guest workers stayed for a couple of years, the new recruits stayed forever. The previous workers lived in ramshackle housing to make do. Those shoddy living conditions were a vast improvement over their own homes in Anatolia or the Atlas mountains for the new migrants. They had no problems living at the bottom of society. It’s what they were accustomed to. Their usual mode of operation was to work a few years, then fake some kind of illness and collect their rightfully earned jizya for the rest of their lives.

At the same time, the political situation had changed drastically. The old conservative establishment was being replaced by a new socialist establishment (revolution of 1968). The conservatives had political interests in business. The new socialists focused on people and managing people. At first all socialist parties were firmly against guest labor. For the common man, a guest laborer is a scab. Someone who willfully undercuts wages. That changed quickly when socialists discovered those poor muslim migrants were the goat with golden udders for them. They needed better housing (under control of socialists), education (reformed by socialists), support (by socialists) and more (also under control of socialists).

Yes, there were rumblings of discontent. The common men was not happy. First Boer Koekoek (farmer Koekoek; he used to be a farmer; it became his nickname) and later by Hans Janmaat. Those rumblings were quickly and effectively defused. Koekoek was ridiculed into oblivion, and Janmaat was immediately tarred neo-Nazi. So much so, that he had to become one. They operated for years at the fringes of politics. Both parties never got more than three seats at best.

Now the golden years of socialism began. Nothing was crazy enough. Everybody was shamed into correct behavior. The goat with the golden udders was pampered, had its every whim catered to, and milked. Of course they could stay in the country. Why on earth not? Oh, they are lonely. Well, bring your wife(s) and children over, you deserve it!

The rumblings remained, because muslims by default do not integrate. They most certainly don’t integrate into an infidel society! Well, said the socialists. That’s because they aren’t citizens. Why would they integrate, if they are considered foreigners? Just give them the vote, and it’ll be all right.

Oh no, it wasn’t. An easy-to-solve problem just got worse. When guest labor was quietly abolished in 1973, there were fewer than 50,000 muslims in The Netherlands. Give them a generous bonus to move back, and the problem could have been solved. Only that would put hard-working socialists out of business. We don’t want that! Pretty soon the floodgates were opened for wives and family. Quickly the number of muslims grew to half a million. Currently, there are more than 1.5 million muslims in the country.

Anything goes to make them — read: socialists — happy. Architects got unlimited funds to go multicultural. One designed halal housing. Marvelous! That’s deep thinking! A house designed with women’s and men’s quarters. The wives can do what they are supposed to (washing, cleaning, cooking, the kids) while the men are not disturbed while drinking tea. The only problem was that nobody wanted to live in those houses. Western families politely declined. Muslim families simply couldn’t afford it. They were busy investing (illicit) money to buy properties in Alanya or Casablanca. Who on earth wants to lose money on a silly dhimmi house? Even worse, you’d have to explain how you make your income to the IRS.

Other architects came up with brilliant plans: let’s beautify their ghettos! Yes, you read that right. Let’s put them in gilded cages. The derelict inner areas of our big cities got an expensive makeover. One designed a exotic halal bazaar in The Hague. A brilliant design of Dutch no-nonsense blah blah blah fused with Oriental bull crap. It’ll make them feel at home! No, it didn’t. The building stood empty for years. Why? The rent was way too high to make profit. Not to mention the Dutch design elements were probably blasphemous to devout muslims. But who cares? We made a ton of money out of it. As the cheaper inner cities were no longer cheap, muslims quickly took over lower class areas elsewhere in the city. Which, in the eyes of the elite, was a benefit. Makes everybody integrate and embrace multiculturalism.

White girl in a ‘black school’

Schools were another socialist focus. First they made sure Jean was educated as stupidly as Jan. Now both of them had to dumb down so muslim children would feel equal. In other words: black schools. Everybody had a school assigned to them, regardless of one’s choice. That was the plan. It didn’t work because socialists do not yet have that kind of power. But we do have lots of black schools now. Except for our socialist elites. Femke Halsema (now mayor of Amsterdam) blatantly and openly refused to send her kids to a black school, much to the chagrin of anything progressive. That caused an outcry, and basically killed the idea of making every school black.

As the problem only got bigger, the rumblings got louder. And a new man appeared. His name was Pim Fortuyn. He became hugely popular and demolished the myth that conservatives are by necessity fascists. It was a certainty he’d become the next prime minister. Now, don’t get too optimistic. He was almost certainly a man who could turn things around. But not the people he surrounded himself with. After his murder his party was elected, that cabinet only lasted weeks.

Something the elites knew all too well. They haven’t remained continuously in power since 1572 without learning a trick or two. Let the man have his moment of glory, then tear him down little by little. Repair the damage he caused after he is forced to resign. Business as usual. However, Fortuyn made one huge mistake. He was openly republican. Not only that, it caught on! He said in no uncertain words what he planned to do with the monarchy when he became PM. That cannot be tolerated.

Many years later, when the murderer of Fortuyn was released from prison and was somehow was able to afford a deluxe villa in the countryside, Princess (after her abdication) Beatrix bought a horse. She named it Volkert. Need I say more?

Killing the messenger didn’t solve the problem. Another man appeared. He was blond. Menacingly blond. As much as I admire Geert Wilders, I feel he is trying to plait soot. Simply because the situation is now irreversible. There are more than a million muslims in the country. Some for generations. You can’t send them back. No matter what. The law simply doesn’t allow it. Even if the law could be adjusted, their home countries absolutely refuse any cooperation. They’d much rather declare war. For two obvious reasons: they don’t have the infrastructure to receive so many people, and what do those #$#@ infidels think? That they can do whatever they want? The goat with golden udders is milked on both sides. Dutch socialists milk it, and so do the Moroccan and Turkish governments. Contributions from citizens overseas form a substantial part of their budgets. It also gives them a strong voice in countries they otherwise would have little say in.

Let’s be honest. Does guest labor work? Of course; it keeps prices low. But also wages. And it has to be managed carefully. Something that was equally carefully avoided. Do tell me: Why do we have to close our shoe factories and textile industry and farm the work out to Asia, while at the same time we keep unprofitable steel mills and mines running? “We do it for king and country!” sounds a bit hollow. We did it because a few people made a ton of money out of it.

The first phase was badly managed. The next phases were even worse. When socialists ran out of Moroccan and Turkish migrants, they focused on a newly-created source: asylum seekers. Right now, the situation is irreversible. Not really; it can be reversed, but not on a democratic way. They won’t go back unless forced to at gunpoint.

Which brings me to today. The world is changing fast. This time next year Putin and Xi Jinping won’t be there anymore. Both face insurmountable domestic problems. Even if Putin manages some kind of victory, it won’t be the victory he was aiming for, and it includes the economic destruction and humiliation of his country. Xi also saw his plans shattered. Zero covid doesn’t work, and he can forget invading Taiwan. The sanctions that merely hurt Russia would destroy China completely. In fact, our biggest problem with China is how to lessen sanctions, so as not to cause a mass genocide.

In Europe we had a huge debt crisis that was bought off with zero interest rates. That’s no longer the case. Instead of zero interest rates we’re heading towards hyperinflation.

The Russo-Ukrainian war will last a long time. Right now we’re heading towards a stalemate and trench warfare à la WW1. One thing is certain: the world will have difficulty feeding itself in 2023/4. Expect serious food riots from North Africa via the Middle East up to China. Those countries are the main importers of grain from Russia and Ukraine. Remember the Arab Spring? The cause was food shortages. Consider that a walk in the park compared to what will be coming. There isn’t enough fertilizer in the world for the coming crop. Besides, both Russia and Ukraine are busy with something else.

As always, socialists go on doing what they do best: ignore everything, do whatever they feel like doing. Oh, do you have a problem with that? Let’s shop for more problems to solve. Climate crisis, anyone? Build Back Better! LGBTQ+! That’s what we always do; divert attention.

It won’t work this time, because we ran out of money, out of food and out of options. Marie Antoinette is alleged to have said: If the people don’t have bread, why don’t they eat cake? I have heard elite socialists literally say: if the people can’t afford gas, why don’t they buy Teslas? They are the same people who went to the guillotine, completely oblivious of why the people didn’t get the joke.

— H. Numan

Key to Dutch parties:

FvD   Forum for Democracy
    Forum voor Democratie
    Conservative, populist, Euroskeptic
VVD   People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy
    Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie
PvdA   Labour Party
    Partij van de Arbeid
    Social democrats
PVV   Party for Freedom
    Partij voor de Vrijheid
    Classical liberal, Islam-critical
SP   Socialist Party
    Socialistische Partij
    Left-wing populists, former Maoists, to the left of communists
CDA   Christian Democratic Appeal
    Christen-Democratisch Appèl
    Christian democrats, center-right
D66   Democrats 66
    Politieke Partij Democraten 66
    Centrist social liberals
CU   ChristianUnion
    Christian Democrats, left-wing, only “conservative” in being ostensibly religious
GL   GreenLeft
    Environmentalism plus hard left
SGP   Reformed Political Party
    Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij
    Christian right, advocates a Christian theocracy
PvdD   Party for Animals
    Partij voor de Dieren
    Animal rights
Denk   Denk
50+   50PLUS
    Pensioners’ party
VNL   VoorNederland
    For The Netherlands
    Classical liberal party
PPNL   Pirate Party of the Netherlands
    Piratenpartij Nederland
    Anti-copyright, transparent governance
JA21   Right Answer 21
    Juiste Antwoord 21

22 thoughts on “Are We Being Replaced?

  1. I like your article but disagree with your assessment of the war in Ukraine. Russia is winning and the stupidity of the West will end up with their sanctions being the death knell of the West and US hegemony. But thats not what I wanted to comment upon.

    If there’s truly no way out of this mess peacefully in the Netherlands and by extension all of Western Europe which is up to their eyeballs in the Great Replacement, would it not be better to agitate for and prepare for a non-peaceful solution to this problem (and the greater problem of elites selling out their countrymen)? Obviously voting harder isn’t working, and the demographics are not on the side of native Europeans.

    Why should there not be an open unashamed support of ethnically European populations and a removal by intimidation, burning of homes, cars, businesses, and beatings of foreigners and those native Europeans (especially elites) who support and enable them to remain?

    This would require something on the order of the Brownshirts in each affected country; an organized militia for the purpose of street fighting and intimidation of opponents and specifically taking over and dominating the electoral machinery to put candidates into office who will change the laws and create hostile conditions for those who are not integrated. If this truly cannot be fixed by voting according to the game board and the rules completely captured by the elites then it is necessary to refuse to play the game and force the elites to play a new game on one’s own board and by one’s own rules. The alternative is complete surrender or rivers of blood when ethnic Europeans are minorities in every one of the countries which their ancestors once controlled.

    Convince me that I am not right and that this problem is possible to be resolved peacefully.

    • I believe it will end in Rivers of Blood, whichever path they take.
      Whatever Europeans will do, surrender or fight for their Homelands, they’ve been marked for extinction by the Globalists and their henchmen.
      If they surrender they might be allowed to live a little bit longer, in shackles and on their knees as Slaves.
      If they fight, they might die on their own two feet, but as FREE people and there’s no telling the outcome.
      Personally, I’d choose the latter.
      Rather an unpredictable outcome than a certain one in this type of scenario.

    • Moon, overall, I concur with your assessment except the Russians winning, for one, If Putin lasts, which is highly doubtful at this point, he is sick and the long knives are circling as we speak, two, Putin is running out of bodies, so conscription is going to cause one hell of a problem as the average Russian does not want to be cannon fodder and will flee, the border to Finland is proving this now as young Russian men are fleeing to escape this nightmare, three, the generals realize, too late I might add, they just can’t do the Russian solution to a problem with this war and throw as many bodies at the problem as it takes like they did in the past, for they won’t fight and they are sabotaging the war effort now by making their tanks/equipment to break down at every turn and in some instances actually shooting their officers and going home. Finally, the Europeans are sending troops including the US to Ukraine as advisors/trainers and their some of their latest fun toys to play with to see how they work in real time. Oh and let us not forget the thousands of security contractors and vets that are in this to their eyeballs because there is a ton of money to be made, and yeah, I am guilty of profiting with this war because war is business and business in war is good.

      As for the European countries and the forming of the brownshirt type scenario? It is already coming to pass, for the brownshirts were formed to fight the communists, so of course people see the writing on the wall and saying eff it, my tribe is more important than their tribe so it is inevitable that conflict at some point is coming, and let us not forget the militaries of Europe have their own plans, for once things go south, and I think they will, the militaries will conduct their own Night of the Long Knives and eliminate the politicians and their families, the WEF/Bilderberg folks really have no idea they won’t survive the coming Great Purge. The bloody 3rd worlders are tugging the tail of the Dragon and that Dragon is going to turn at some point and burn them all. As for the US? Welcome to the new Balkans, when that explodes also is a matter of time and like Europe, we ain’t voting out way out of this mess, we are going to get bloody anyway you look at it. So, overall, you are not wrong.

      • You are wrong, Putin is winning easily, using only 10% of his forces, primarily younger inexperienced soldiers, because this is the best way to get combat experience.

        • 1) Winning easily would be within a week or a less than month a best. We’re in month four now. Poutine is not winning easily, at least.

          2) He’s using whatever is available, from the furthest corners of Russia. Manpower is one of Poutine’s biggest problems.

          3) Conscripts are used in Ukraine, but they are a minority. Poutine said many times conscripts would not be sent to Ukraine.

          4) It is a way to get combat experience, but only when they remain alive. They’re a bit weak in that department.

          • You should stop suckling from the DeepState’s udder! I have seen numerous videos, where the Ukrainian civilians complaining how their own troops using them as shields. The Russians could make Ukraine a giant crater in 2 days, if they wanted. But instead they using a lot of lives of their own soldiers to help and spare the civilians. The street fights are dirty business and there is only one reason to wage such a war, when you have the skies.

        • Crossware, sorry mate, the Russians are not winning and they already are turning the cities of Ukraine into smoking ruins. The Ruskies are losing men and equipment at a horrible rate compared to the Ukies, where if this happened to a western leader they would be lynched. The loses the Ruskies are taking in both men and equipment is mind boggling and even with the help of Lushenko and the little muzzy from Chechnya, so no my friend, the Ruskies ain’t winning, not even by a long shot.

          • The Ukraine army in the East is being reduced one salient at a time, not quite piecemeal but close. It has not, from the beginning, been able to mount a single major counter offensive. The Russians are being methodical, focused, and successful while practicing restraint.

            Russia is clearly attaining their original stated goals. Removal of what they term “Nazi influence” in, and taking possession of, the Donbas. A solid land bridge to Crimea. Most if not all of the Black Sea coastline. Contrary to all the talking head generals on tv, none of whom ever fought an actual war against a peer adversary, they have never published a timetable for accomplishing these tasks. They keep their own counsel and leave speculation to the peanut gallery, and that is precisely what prattle concerning plans, timetables, unit strength/capacity/losses/morale, medical reports, etc. are – speculation. Their economy is far from faltering with inflation no worse than the U.S. Grain supplies are projected to be adequate through the winter with a surplus available for sale. Oil and gas revenues are on track to be 30% greater for 2022 than 2021, which was a ten year high. Winning means different things to different people. Kool-aid comes in all flavors.

            PR only goes so far on the ground. As Germany learned circa 1945 Wunderwaffe have a sell by date and must exist somewhere outside the Ministry of Propaganda.

            Nevertheless, I have every confidence that our Interagency brain trust will connive a near permanent state of war for the serf’s children, on both sides, to be fed into for the next generation or so. There will no doubt be plenty of promotions, appointments, and profit to go around. That is, if they don’t overplay their hand and just get most of the Western Hemisphere nuked outright. But they never fumble the ball do they? Unfortunately President Diem is unavailable for comment , but on the up side we all know the ChiCom’s would never cross the Yalu in force.

          • Tom, I do agree with most of your statement. The Russians are losing men and equipment at an atrocious rate, even by western standards, and frankly I don’t listen to these useless Generals we have spouting nonsense. The west is hauling all sorts of goodies on the sly while denying they are doing so. Oh, the bloody Russians are not being restrained in any way, but your point of taking objectives is true, only they are being bled to death in the process. The Ukies are now going far behind enemy lines and hitting their rear supply and transport areas with quite the effect by the way. Overall, great summation.

    • Start with the bankers , they want us dead and use every trick in the book to do so. Does vax ring a bell , or the world wars or pornography and drugs, LGBT , NWO , climate change etc etc .
      Since every political party of every country is signed in to this movement , it now makes every voter a traitor to his own because giving your vote means surrendering all your authority by birthright and giving it to an unknown entity who promises you whatever may please you then, but then deceives you by every possible means to enhance the elites cause of destroying us. None are transparent and none play fair. None spend your taxes correctly without fraud and none last very long. People must wake up.

    • The Elite won’t allow it. They want both sides dead in the name of population reduction to “sustainable” levels.
      BTW, 50+ years ago a movie was made of Ray Bradbury’s book, “The Illustrated Man.” The vision brought on by the last illustration was that of a man killing his children in the name of assuring the ecosystem’s continued survival. Sounds similar to what had been happening in abortion mills for the past 50 years, and just who do you think is funding their continued operation?

      • “Abortion mills”? I imagine you’re coming at this as a Christian, but neither you nor any other person of faith (especially muslims!) has the right to impose your beliefs on others. Women should have the right to control their reproduction, and contraception is not always reliable; this is irrespective of the “Elite’s” or anyone else’s agenda.

        • My “belief” tells me that I should not be a party to the murder of children by act or acquiescence. My “belief” informs me that conformity to popular conceit is insufficient reason to injure my soul irrespective of the “Elite’s” or anyone else’s agenda.

    • For this to have a chance, you would have to grab the reins of the propaganda apparatus. Look at the MSM. Full of “news” of pop or sports stars, and their “problems” and “views”.
      The MSM with their fake news and planted psyops sets the agenda.
      Someone has to inspire the sheep first.

      • That’s what the organized militia would be for. Capturing the organs that give the state legitimacy.

        If a news organization refuses to play ball then the owners (or their families if the owners are too well protected) get paid a visit and offered an offer which they cannot refuse. Same for any other impediments to expelling the foreigners. Zealous police forces, lawyers, prosecutors, bankers, rival politicians, etc will all have to be handled the same way.

        People forget or are unaware that Hitler came to power through the ballot box. Even if it takes pretty blatant methods to secure elections it will work since the security apparatus of European countries isn’t by nature or legality suited to handle parallel structures which are perfectly willing to use force and intimidation on the organs of the state. The proof of this is in how police in various European countries fail to deal with criminal clans or islamic no-go zones. When they do use violence it is in response to large peaceful protests that are against the political sensibilities of those in charge, or small protests which they can surround, outnumber, and quietly deal with. Let the security apparatus try to deal with hundreds or thousands of men with riot shields, face masks, batons, and heavy padded clothes to stop rubber bullets. Better yet, let them try to deal with such a formation as it torches homes of members of the police force; especially the upper management. The only solution would be to use lethal force, which the political leaders will refuse to authorize for fear of even worse consequences. Unfortunately, it will take methods such as these to capture or co-opt the security apparatus, the polling places and eventually the halls of government itself in order to lawfully expel the invaders.

        • ‘We’ are so politically correct now that we remain in shock at what America has become. No one has suffered enough yet to be willing to ‘go the distance’ it would take. It seems we will board the cattle cars for the concentration camps just like the Hebrews did 80+ years ago. Very sad to say.

        • yes , Moon, Hitler came to power through the ballot box, there was no fraud involved.
          But only about one third if the population voted him. Only the consent of other parties ( conservatives at that, and the President) brought him into office.
          German parliament had 23 parties in the day, some with only one lawmaker in the house. Those parties had the biggest losses to note in the last elections.

  2. The real question is “Why are we still asking such questions”? It’s patently obvious that we ARE being replaced.

    • No, it isn’t. In Dutch I would have written ‘vechten tegen de bierkaai’ which doesn’t exist in English. It translates roughly into ‘fighting against the beer quay’. Translating proverbs is always difficult. This was the closest I could find.

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