Pakistani Culture-Enricher Abuses Ukrainian Refugee Children

What happens when you put Ukrainian children in the same refugee center with a 41-year-old Pakistani?

“C’mon, Baron,” you say, “is that a trick question?”

The following Portuguese article about the sexual abuse of Ukrainian children was translated by Gary Fouse. The translator includes this note: “Most of the Portuguese papers saying nothing about Pakistani nationality.”

The translated article from the cable channel SIC Notícias:

Guarda: Suspect in sexual abuse of Ukrainian child will get out of preventative custody

Suspect was living with minor victim in center in Guarda that held refugees coming from Ukraine

June 10, 2022

A 41-year-old man was arrested by the Judicial Police of Guarda and charged with the crime of sexual abuse of a 6-year-old child, a refugee from Ukraine.

The victim is living with her mother and grandmother in the Apostolic Center of Guarda, which receives refugees coming from Ukraine who are referred by the High Commission for Migration.

The 41-year-old suspect, of Pakistani nationality, also was living in the center and allegedly lured two children, one 6 and the other 7 years of age, to his room with chocolates and games. He allegedly ended up showing them a video with pornographic content and explicit sex scenes.

The man has been placed in preventive custody in the Castel Branco prison establishment while conditions are being created to await trial under house arrest with an electronic bracelet. According to the Judicial Police, no other situations implicating the suspect were referenced.

3 thoughts on “Pakistani Culture-Enricher Abuses Ukrainian Refugee Children

  1. A friend’s cousin went from Ukraine to Germany, ended up in a refugee centre full of “Syrians”. For some reason, tried to kill herself a few times, and is now in a psychiatric institution.

    Her family try to get her out to stay with them in Poland, but the German hospital doesn’t let her out now.

    No idea why they put Ukrainians and “Syrians” in the same accomodation, when it’s inevitable that “issues” will arise.

    • I just heard yesterday that in Sweden a bunch of juvenile Muslims attacked a bunch of Ukrainian children playing soccer.
      Quite a few of those kids ended up with broken bones.
      Also they were shouted at by the Muslims that this is their country and they should go back where they came from.

    • Every culture is equal and everybody wants the same things, didn’t you know that?

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