Ukrainian Refugees Are Disappointed With Their German Hosts

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from N-TV. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

“Don’t want to stay here”

Melnyk: Ukrainians don’t feel welcome

More Ukrainian refugees are now leaving Germany than entering. For the Ukrainian ambassador, this means that the refugees do not feel comfortable here. Germany bears responsibility for many deaths.

According to Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk, many Ukrainian refugees are turning their backs on Germany because they don’t feel welcome here. “Most Ukrainians have returned, long ago,” said Melnyk on Bild TV. “There are more people leaving this country than coming to you.” In Germany, people should think about why so many Ukrainians “don’t want to stay here.”

From the Ukrainian point of view, Germany is responsible for many deaths because it has not yet delivered any heavy weapons, Melnyk said. He expects Chancellor Olaf Scholz to promise delivery of German tanks to Ukraine when he visits Kyiv. “Unfortunately, without German heavy weapons, we will not be able to break Russia’s massive military superiority and save the lives of soldiers and civilians,” said Melnyk. “The Ukrainians expect that Chancellor Olaf Scholz will announce a new aid package for German armaments during his visit to Kyiv, which should definitely include ‘Leopard 1’ main battle tanks and ‘Marder’ armored personnel carriers that can be delivered immediately.” [I wonder how much all that stuff would be worth on the black market, and what his cut is?]

According to media reports, Scholz plans to travel to Kyiv this month with French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi. [And if we’re lucky, some Ukrainians will try their newly acquired SAMs out on that plane.] Officially, the visit was neither confirmed nor denied. Melnyk said it was disappointing how slowly Germany was delivering arms to Ukraine. Six million rounds of ammunition have arrived since May 3, but no more weapons. “Therefore, we hope that the traffic light coalition will finally step on the gas pedal to massively increase both the scope and pace for Ukraine to repel Russia’s major offensive in Donbass.” [I have a brilliant idea for this: just send in the Greens.]

Two days after the Russian attack on Ukraine, the German government decided to deliver weapons to the war zone — breaking a taboo. Since then, rocket-propelled grenades, anti-aircraft missiles, fragmentation grenades and more than 20 million rounds of ammunition have arrived in Ukraine. Heavy weapons such as artillery pieces and anti-aircraft tanks have been promised but have not yet been delivered. [I guess they haven’t got any spare parts to repair them since Shotgun Uschi was Germany’s Minister of Defense.]

Afterword from the translator:

Whining at a high level. Is anyone surprised?

But should we believe him that there are more departures than arrivals? Especially since the German welcoming culture is really terrible: Ukrainian refugees were taken in without being checked, free SIM cards and free travel by train (including abroad) — anyone who has received a residence permit under Section 24 of the Residence Act gets accommodation and money for food, clothing, etc. etc.etc… In addition, a small amount of pocket money, for a single adult a maximum of €367 per month; minors receive up to €326. (In comparison, South African pensioners have to live on €107.33 a month, without all these perks and the same costs of living.) Even if the refugee is not yet registered and does not have a residence permit, he is entitled to shelter, food and medical care. Hartz IV entitlement from June 1, 2022, apartments and school places will be made available. Perhaps the Ukrainian refugees just wanted to return to their homeland? Or the host and the Ukrainian refugees are often too different.

“The wicked are always ungrateful” — Michel de Montaigne

14 thoughts on “Ukrainian Refugees Are Disappointed With Their German Hosts

  1. Good , let them leave!!, they want everything, I have friend in Berlin Her neighbours have extra apartment and welcome one woman and daughter around 11 years old for free , she drive with a new Mercedes’ and her daughter have everything new , including new computers , so for me this whole fiasco with this “war” is so weird, …

    • Masses of “tourists” on public transport or walking about with that one and only (Mien) Gott in Himmel attitude. Not carrying arms of course. Unless Boris needs them. Flashback to those alarming BBC Docs (Utube) of a decade ago about the rise of Nazi Ukraine. The Russians are not stupid. Yeah I know.

  2. On Bitcute there was a video of Arestovich, Zelensky’s right hand man, hanging out at a resort hotel in Kiev in the summer sunshine as if everything was fine and 1000’s of poor Ukrainians weren’t dying in Donbass. The rich are still enjoying a lavish lifestyle while the poor are dying in Donbass as canon fodder.
    I thought back to WW2 and the UK where even the Royal family had hardship with Princess Elizabeth driving an ambulance in London (probably not during bombing). Women could get killed driving an ambulance during the blitz, my godfather’s sister was killed doing that. But the war in Ukraine seems to be like an alternate reality, like two separate countries. It is not well publicised as the Ukrainians don’t want anyone to know what is happening in Donbass. The army has now been completely encircled. See Rusonline. Let’s hope they surrender and no more deaths.

  3. Just wondering where Ukrainians get they idea that they’re ‘entitled’ to heavy weapons from Germany?

    • This is a bit the other way around. Germany has kind of pledged ‘no more wars from this land’. They feel eternally indebted to russians (and jews). So not only they will never attack Russia themselves, but won’t facilitate others in doing that.

      Would be good and clear, but there is a problem in such logic. 15mln Ukrainians died in WWII, fighting that same Germany. The Russia (the Soviet Union) from a german viewpoint was a single country then but now has split in two. One is attacking another. If Germany does nothing it acts as if facilitating an aggression. If Germany sends weapons – ditto. Russia declared herself as the descendant of Soviet Union. Perhaps germany should pledge her guilt to Russia then? Yet the fighting is not on russian land – the ‘other’ victims of WWII that Germany pledged to defend now need help, and Germany does nothing. It’s a pickle. A clumsy ‘moral’ solution would be that Russia is actually ‘defending’ herself. Never mind that it does so by attacking another country.

  4. What a load of propaganda. As if refugees are the determining factor. As if refugees have a say and choice in the matter. Im sure enough have died already and they want an end to the war. By sending in more ammo there will be more civilian deaths . Another thing to consider is that today tanks are like paper cups and highly disposable with steel penetrating anti-tank weapons. Watch them blow up . Ask what chance you would have inside that death cylinder . Ukraine has no chance against Russia and continuous war means continuous deaths . That war isnt even proper . Foreign leaders are still meeting in Kiev. Thats how safe it is.

    • You say Ukraine has no chance? Really? So why are the Ukies bleeding the Russians white to the point they have to think about conscription to get more bodies to throw at the problem and why young Russian men are fleeing the country in droves? The bloody Russians strategy has always been to destroy cities and they could care less how many civilians die in the process.

  5. 1. Most of Ukraine “refugees” are in reality reach people who want to have free vacation in Europe.
    2. Weapons for Ukraine: big part of them goes to black market, heavy weapons are used to crash not Russian army but civilian people in Eastern Ukraine. Rackets are sent every day to schools, hospitals, food markets and kill women and kids.

    Time to stop supply Nazi and stop war

    • top 1 : the Ukrainians I noticed here in Germany came up in top notch SUVs , Mercedes, BMW, and such.
      Out of one upscale Mercedes Sedan with ukrainian license climbed 2 remarcably pigmented men.
      Might they have purchased ukr. passports to set foot in our country? And those guys looked the type that does not like questions.

  6. Heavy weapons are used against civilian in Donbass.
    Refugees: most are just people who want free vacation in Europe, coming on expensive cars with money. Why Europe does not see reality?

    • Yes one does tend to notice. Especially when there are so many local homeless living in fear of what one lives in fear of when one has no home and sees what appear
      to be holiday makers everywhere. Meanwhile The UK under the train wreck that is the current gang of rootless unqualified minorities is have the party time of its life. Taking on a real ME look and feel.

    • Gail : “Save Europe” in disguise? Check with a linguist.Same grammar. Search Sesame street for the letter “a”. No harsh feelings, though.

  7. Free spending cash per minor up to €326/month (I’m guessing based on cost of living of the locality) that is on top of cash for clothing, food, etc. etc. etc. and free housing, and more per adult? That extra spending money does reasonably sound like 3x a South African pensioner’s monthly pension, and way more than the average Ukrainian kid has ever had their hands on.

    You Germans are far too generous. When someone gets something they didn’t earn and don’t need (although it would be very nice to have), they are rarely grateful. Montaigne’s quote is very appropos.

    Why not say to the families, here is one month you can impose on a host-volunteer for housing while you figure out permanent arrangements. No savings, or friends or family to mooch off? Better find a job asap and if you don’t succeed you can apply for another month with a host, the same one if you were a good enough guest that they will tolerate you, and meals are at the local soup kitchen that the government is aiding to handle the extra load. Want better food, new clothes, etc.? Find a job, use the cash you brought, get online and withdraw savings from your account, or mooch off family and long-time friends from your home country… Don’t go to the Germans as your sugar daddy who are generous to a fault–a big misguided fault, and then complain.

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