A Flood of Black-Market High Tech Weapons From Ukraine

Many thanks to HellequinGB for translating this article from eXXpress:

Via Darknet: Ukrainians are flooding Europe with newly delivered weapons

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the USA and other NATO countries have been sending state-of-the-art heavy weapons to Kyiv. However, many of the weapon systems do not end up at the front – but on the Internet. The dark web becomes an online wholesaler for war equipment. And the customers are also located in Europe.

Anti-tank missiles, automatic weapons, ammunition, drones or even mines — the Darknet traders’ warehouses are full. Thousands of weapon systems that Western allies are sending to Ukraine can be found online for sale.

Will Europe soon be threatened with rocket launcher terror?

The FGM-148 Javelin is a man-portable anti-tank guided missile (ATGM). The US developed this weapon system to combat heavily armored vehicles such as main battle tanks and lighter military vehicles. It’s amazing what terrorists with weapons like these could do in a European inner city. The eXXpress has already reported on this serious threat.

Police would have massive problems with armed terrorists

But this is exactly the scenario that is looming. It has never been easier to get hold of heavy NATO weapons than it is now — sent directly from Ukraine — to any place in the world. And to anyone who can pay. The assortment from Kyiv includes rifles, grenades (from 5 pieces), pistols, body armor. That’s scary: A single seller listed has already completed 32 successful transactions!

Massive security risk for big cities

As early as the Balkan War, it was experienced that thousands of handguns simply disappeared — and were sold on the black market to criminal organizations or even to terrorists. The Internet makes everything even more dramatic.

This development creates a massive security risk for all major Western European cities: The Islamist assassin in Vienna could have killed many more people on November 2, 2020 if he had not merely fired an old replica of a Russian assault rifle — but if a “Javelin” anti-tank missile had been deployed. The Cobra or Wega units would also have massive problems against terrorists with such high-tech armament.

300,000 guns disappeared in just two years

“While the reaction to supplying more arms to Ukraine is very understandable, it would be wise to also consider the immediate and long-term security implications,” the US-based think tank Stimson Center said in March about this development.

And: “We have seen time and time again how weapons aimed at aiding an ally in a conflict have found their way to the front lines in unforeseen battlefields. They often end up with groups that are at odds with US interests or those of civilians.”

Afterword from the translator:

I have to say it again, “As long as Evil turns a Profit for someone, it will flourish”

In the past Ukraine has had a very bad reputation when it comes to organized crime, and I’m pretty sure those in the driving seats of power knew exactly what will happen to many of these weapons and weapons systems. I’m also pretty sure that they “helped” to create the perfect environment in which those weapons will eventually been used against their own citizens. Fear, as we have seen, is a great incentive for tyrants to stay in power and to curb even more freedoms and rights. After all, when the devil runs free, thousands follow him, imitate him and even try to exceed him.

“Tyrants preserve themselves by sowing fear and mistrust among the citizens by means of spies, by distracting them with foreign wars, by eliminating men of spirit who might lead a revolution, by humbling the people, and making them incapable of decisive action.” – Aristotle

24 thoughts on “A Flood of Black-Market High Tech Weapons From Ukraine

  1. Perhaps noteworthy is this article citing the Russian-language Telegram channel “RVvoenkor”, which has a big “Z” in its profile picture, indicating support for Putin’s “special operation”…

    Are there any links to the original adverts? Any attempts by journalists to make a purchase of the weapons?

    After all, anyone can make an “advert” – including Putin loyalists wishing to discourage further weapons transfers.


    My god, who could have foreseen it?


    Answer: Anybody with two brain cells and a sense of realism

  3. Ukraine was a gift to certain arms manufacturers. Nothing good has come out of the very limited war in Ukraine that should have been entirely a Russian-Ukrainian affair. Outside intervention should have been limited to humanitarian aid and negotiating assistance.

    Instead, JoeBama and the US Congress got $40 billion of laundered funny money and the larger NATO members cleared out their warehouses of outdated military gear.

    • The war in Ukraine was preceded by the Russian attack on Georgia, then Crimea and directly affects what may happen next in Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Poland – all of which either have Russian separatist groups, have been threatened by Russia or are threatened during comments by Russian ministers or state TV.

      So it’s anything but a “Russian-Ukrainian affair”.

      And given that ex-KGB agent Putin and his sidekick in Belarus, Lukashenko, have become the biggest factors in illegal middle-eastern migration into Europe over the past year, it’s strange to see them being supported by so many “anti-communist” Americans.

  4. Who didn’t see this coming?
    I guess we didn’t supply enough weapons to the black market when we abandoned them in Afghanistan.

    • @ Harry_the_Horrible

      Re: “Who didn’t see this coming? I guess we didn’t supply enough weapons to the black market when we abandoned them in Afghanistan.”

      That was my first reaction as well. When they write the story of Crazy Joe Biden’s life, his title should not read “U.S. President,” but instead “International Arms Dealer” and “Black Marketeer”… oh, but pardon me! I forgot that it isn’t a ‘crime’ when those guys do it! (sarc/off)

      • I wouldn’t mind “international arms dealer” if the weapons stopped with whoever was on the end user certificate. But that ain’t the case.
        How long before the Mexican Drug Cartels started showing up with MANPADS and Javelins?

        • Harry, let the cartels have them, we have allowed these cartels to operate with impunity by trying to solve it as a law enforcement issue instead of a national security issue for years, so let the cartels wreak havoc on the border, maybe the Govt might actually do something other than what is currently happening which is nothing.

          • If they were only going to kill each other and government officials with them, I might agree.
            But they’re most likely to kill innocents.

          • Harry, there are no more innocents any longer, you are either a victim or a killer, if you are not prepared to defend you and yours and property, you are sheep. It is as cold and simple as that.

  5. Would be extremely ironic if Russia were to start re-importing American-made anti-armor and anti-aircraft man-portable missiles through the nonexistent southern border. Arming a guerrilla movement in America and tying up the American government with a wee little insurrection inside its own border would only help Russia and China to end US hegemony.

    • Yes, that is the ONE question I always ask myself.

      What if Russia would arm various US organizations, like
      a) the Black Panthers
      b) the KKK
      c) MECHA, La RAZA (mexicans)

      and all at the same time.
      Equip them so they can carve their own states out of the US?

      If I am right:
      The KKK (nazis) want the Pacific Northwest (didnt the late Harold Covington not write a few books about it?)
      Ok, let them have it.

      The mexicans want Aztlan (and according to some of their webpages they even want to bring back human sacrifices with the traditional cutting out of the heart)
      Ok, let them have it.

      The blacks want the american south and ares like Los Angeles, Detroit to build their black utopia.
      Ok, let them have it.

      And for christs sake (sorry I blasphemed) give Florida to the Exiled Cubans, then some territory to the Amish, the Mormons and the native Indians.

      Can you imagine the look an the face of the FBI guys when they find out that each and every one of those groups gets weapons and advisors from Russia – at the SAME time?

      • As amusing as it is to contemplate arming various groups, the fact is that the only one likely to actually do anything with the weapons would be Antifa. The rest of them are all talk and no action.

        If I were Vlad looking to stir the pot I would be looking to get some agent provocateurs to target universally hated federal agencies like the IRS, BATF, that giant NSA data center in Utah, and any FBI offices tasked with investigating. This would be necessary in order to put the patriot and anti-government groups in such peril due to being targeted as perpetrators (whether the government knows the truth of who is behind the attacks or not) that they are forced to put up or shut up. Once there is actually force being used by the feds against citizens and vise versa, start feeding weapons and intelligence on potential targets into the conflict. And for a fraction of what Team America spends egging on the war in Ukraine to the last Ukrainian, Vlad the Cunning will have tied up American intelligence, military, and law enforcement assets for the foreseeable future and potentially brought about regime change.

        • All the Russians have to do is arm up the cartels and cut them lose on the US, it will cause so much havoc, panic and disorder for years to come.

          • I think it would be enough to take one agent, dress him up like a member of Al Quaeda, ISIS etc and make a video claiming to have stolen one or more nuclear warheads from Russia, North Korea, Pakistan and with the help of the Cartels smuggled them successfully across the US southern border.
            Just make sure there is a trail radioactivity at the place where the crossing took place and voila – Pandemonium happens.

  6. Excellent! It is not just jihadist getting these weapons, but nationalist are stocking up their inventories, the price of an AK has dropped, pistols of every make and model are now available, RPG’s by the containerful , if you know where to look, and it is not just on the internet where you can get them. It would seem the Ukies are collecting the Russian arms of every type and selling them to westerners by the shipping container and car load driving the spook agencies completely bonkers because there are too many to stop
    I look at it this way, if jihadist take out some VIP’s or a theater of sheep? So be it, the more horrific the better, something has to wake up the regular Joe from his disconnect of the reality on the ground enough for them to finally get off his backside and act in a town near you to rid ourselves of these one world types and their 3rd world pets. Hopefully then, the military will realize that only they can solve the problem and take over directly to take one the WEF/3rd worlder invasion problem because obviously the regular sheep cannot be troubled to do it themselves.

    PS Moon, an SVD will cost you about 1,200 bucks and RPG will 4 rounds about 500.

  7. @ The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

    Re: “Arming a guerrilla movement in America and tying up the American government with a wee little insurrection inside its own border would only help Russia and China to end US hegemony.”

    That is one possibility. Another one is that such internal conflict would give them – the Russians and the Chinese, I mean – a perfect pretext to meddle in U.S. internal affairs. Or as they would say, to give the U.S. a taste of its own medicine. They’d probably do it through the UN to provide a fig-leaf of legitimacy to the effort, but the end result would probably be the same – foreign troops on American soil.

    The Russians would love an excuse to grab Alaska back from the U.S., and goodness knows what the Chinese want… Taiwan to be sure, but what else?

    • The Japanese are not going to let the red chinks have Taiwan, for the Japanese actually run and own Taiwan.

  8. Just dig a bit and I’m pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for and they’ll deliver it to your doorstep via DHL or Amazon

  9. I wonder if CCP Joe and his grifter family (Think Hunter) is getting their 10%!

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