It’s 1918 All Over Again

We all know that true communism has never been tried. Well, the Young Socialists of Munich mean to do it properly. They plan to begin by expropriating the supermarkets to make them “democratic”.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this editorial from Bild:

Munich Jusos [Young Socialists] want to expropriate supermarket companies

“It worked out really well in the DDR,” critics comment

Munich — free market economy? Not in the supermarket. Munich’s Jusos called for “the socialization of supermarkets” by unanimous decision. Especially those of the companies Aldi and Lidl.

Juso boss Benedict Lang wrote on “Twitter”: The food supply must be “democratized”. There must be an end to “unfair production and working conditions”. The aim: “to decide together” which food is to be produced, how and at what price it is offered.

That brings back memories…

Do all social democrats see it that way? SPD [social democrats] parliamentary group leader Anne Hübner (43) said when asked that one could “of course argue” about the Jusos proposal. But the discussion about expensive food is correct. That’s not a clear demarcation.

Munich’s SPD boss Christian Köning — himself ex-Juso boss — to BILD: “This is not a decision by the Munich SPD and I can’t imagine that the SPD would decide that.” But Köning also says: The idea “doesn’t have to be implemented immediately”.

Köning continues: “While many supermarkets used to be organized as cooperatives, today there is undeniably a concentration among fewer owners, e.g. the founding families of Aldi or Lidl, some of whom make very large profits. The individual supermarket operator at Rewe or Edeka is certainly not one of them.” Köning’s wife Seija Knorr-Köning (28) sees the whole thing in less detail. The ex-Bundestag candidate for the SPD enthusiastically tweeted: “Let’s socialize supermarkets!”

Criticism was not long in coming — including from within his own party. Ex-SPD member of the Bundestag Florian Post (40) tweeted: Do the Munich Jusos really have so little brain?! Why don’t they go over to the KPD [Communist Party] as a group?”

“It also worked really well in the DDR,” comments the CDU politician Sebastian Steineke (48) on the ideas. The FDP member of the Bundestag Daniel Föst (45) says clearly: “This is such incredible nonsense that you don’t even know where to start.”

15 thoughts on “It’s 1918 All Over Again

  1. Leftists/socialists and the food supply are a terrible combination.

    • The Moon…: Yes, but, on the bright side, all the vegans and gluten-frees will be healthier when they starve to death.

  2. Food shortages plagued the USSR, (and WW1 Germany) when there were nearly counter-revolutionary bread riots in Moscow and St. Petersburg/Pertrograd/Leningrad in 1918, Stalin was sent to Tsaritsyn/Stalingrad to extort grain from farmers.

    His thugs cause mayhem and a mini-Holodomor.

    The USSR never managed to get its food supply sorted out, and always needed foreign currency to buy grain on the world market.

    The socialist religions seem to believe in magic: food does not come from farms produced by farmers/kulaks, it is produced by bougeois wizards in the back rooms of supermarkets in order to exploit the muggles who have to pay whatever price the wizards demand.

    That food production and delivery requires sufficient diesel fuel appears to be heretical, mythical battery powered (magic) delivery trucks will solve all the problems.

    These magical batteries will only use ‘green’ electricity and will recharge in the time taken to fill a normal gas tank. Maybe said wizards could lend a hand…..

    But then ‘saving the planet’ requires a mass culling of useledd eaters does it not?

    The nice thing about starving people to death like in the Holodomor, is that the cull is spread over many months which means that corpse collection and disposal is a managable problem whereas Zyclon B and gas trucks can easily overload the ovens and pyres.

    • I don’t think that April Fools Day can compare with reality any longer.

  3. First Apartments, then Supermarkets and at some point the collective Farms are introduced into their scheme, based on the Soviet model, alternatively the collectivization of Agriculture (LPG DDR), then follows the 5-year plan, which the head of the state council euphorically announces in the workers’ and farmers’ state .
    As Olaf Scholz said: There must be no red lines. – Sigh…..If only the Morgenthau plan had been implemented

  4. „ wait a minute, no,…. bananas are scheduled for october 11. You better ask Dr. Schulz, he is stacking the canned fruit right now.“
    ( we only employ folks with ivyleage degrees and pay them accordingly, Dr Schulz has a Phd in Shelf- logistics)

  5. First they make laws that make it impossible for small gardeners to sell their produce, or for a cow owner to sell his milk, or to sell the meat at the market unless he’s registered for taxation, which requires 100’s of bureaucratic steps to do…

    And then, when only the big supermarket chains with lawyers and capital behind them, when only these big supermarkets can make it through the bureaucratic jungle, and become monopolies on gorcery sales – after all this the solution is: To nationalize the supermarkets?

    What could go wrong?

  6. Konig: While many supermarkets used to be organized as co-operatives…”

    We had a co-operative retail movement (the technical term is “consumer-cooperative”) in the UK; they still exist, and (I believe) return profits to their customers, but they’ve not been especially successful compared with the capitalist enterprises customers seem to prefer.

    Interesting the department store group least hard hit by online shopping and lockdowns seems to be the John Lewis Partnership, which is a “producer-cooperative”, with profits shared by the workers.

  7. And how are they going to enforce this? I assume ‘expropriating’ a supermarket is against the law, if the supermarket doesn’t agree. Will the cops intervene to arrest the commie thieves?
    Is Aldi stupid enough to go along with this?
    And just what do the Jusos plan to contribute to the supermarket? Do they have livestock ready for slaughter and processing, or fields ready for harvest? Coops full of laying hens? Bread ready to package?
    I don’t know why anyone listens to these people or tolerates them. Where are the Freikorps when you need them?

  8. This is why Socialism must be inculcated into the young. No one over 30 was ever converted to something with so many internal contradictions. Truly a belief system for “youth”; which for at least three thousand years was considered a synonym for “stupid” across all cultures. Magically it was inverted in meaning in 1968 across all continents. Who made that happen?

    Destroying distribution systems, however imperfect, is a particularly bad idea since food supplies, even in the first world, are going to be less than reliable for at least the next three years. “Let’s remove distribution from the hands of those who actually know how to do it when on the cusp of a potentially world-wide famine”, is precisely the sort of thing that is so stupid that it could only find purchase in the academic mind and be passed off to ignorant children as a fresh idea.

  9. And then these young stupid communists are shocked and surprised that they are not communist enough. The are only good communists are when they are dead, we have once again allowed those old communist wounds to fester and grow to our collective horror.

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