Another Nigerian Success Story From Italy

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this piece from Il Giornale:

Raped in a cemetery by a Nigerian who had previously been jailed for rape

29-year-old attacked in Brescia by an African previously jailed for raping a woman

by Edoardo Sirignano
April 6, 2022

A 29-year-old raped in a cemetery by a Nigerian had already been convicted for the same crime. This is what occurred in the Vantiniano Garden, the monumental cemetery of Brescia, where a girl was attacked by an African on Monday evening.

The incident occurred around 10pm when a woman reportedly went to Via Milano, probably in search of drugs. The only person present in the area, however, was reportedly the 24-year-old rapist, who instead of giving her what she requested, allegedly lured her and dragged her with him to the cemetery entrance in order to tear off her clothes. The cries of the defenseless girl were not enough to keep the man from raping and robbing her.

In those moments, in fact, nobody was aware of anything. Not even the residents of the area, who usually walk their dogs after dinner. It was fortunate that just a few minutes after the incident, a local Brescia police patrol car was passing by and found the young woman semi-nude and in tears crying for help, and immediately went into action looking for the one who had reduced her to this condition. Thanks to detailed information furnished by the victim and the rapid response, the officers were fortunately able to stop the serial rapist a few hundred meters from the cemetery.

The young man, hiding his face under a cap in order to not be recognized, was immediately stopped and taken to jail awaiting trial. Meanwhile, several previous crimes have been discovered. The non-EU foreigner, in fact, had reportedly already been in prison for raping a woman in a similar manner to what happened at the Vantiniano Garden.

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old was transported to the hospital for the required checks. What remains, however, is the concern of the community, who never would have expected that such a thing could happen, considering among other things, that it concerns a non-EU citizen previously imprisoned for rape. There are several people, in fact, who have asked on social media for the area to be made safer, which from dusk on has reportedly become more of an attractive place for dealers and those with bad intentions.

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  1. This may sound silly but, if he had been convicted of rape, why wasn’t he in prison?
    And if his prison sentence was completed, why hadn’t he been deported?

    Also, in “culture enriched cities” men should not let women walk unescorted. It is obvious the people cannot depend on law enforcement, so the situation seems to call for “do-it-yourself” justice.

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