China in a Bull Shop

Virginie Joron is a French member of the European Parliament for Rassemblement National (National Rally), the party of Marine Le Pen. In the following video Ms. Joron talks about the large amounts of money spent by the European Commission on fancy porcelain flatware embossed with a real gold circlet of EU stars.

Well, when the Great Famine arrives next year, at least the EU apparatchiks will be able to dine on long pig using fine china…

This video was put out by the group that Ms. Joron’s party belongs to in the EP, Identité et Démocratie (Identity and Democracy). Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   My dear friends, today we will not talk about lobster or burning cathedrals, but about porcelain.
00:07   With a war at the gates of Europe, prices exploding at the supermarket and
00:11   gasoline at the pump passing €2 per litre,
00:15   the commission in Brussels is ordering porcelain services.
00:19   While looking for information on the war in Ukraine, here’s what you’ll find on the website
00:24   of the commission’s diplomats (SEAE). Judge for yourself. On March 28, 2022,
00:28   the commission made a request to buy 42,900 items of porcelain,
00:34   including 3,600 dinner plates, 3,600 soup plates, 3,600 butter plates,
00:40   7,200 dessert plates. Let’s not forget, and I quote, “the 300 soup bowls, 300 gravy boats,
00:47   300 large milk pots and 300 large creamer pots.” Large pots are without doubt essential. Obviously.
00:55   Then, each item of the proposed porcelain service will be decorated with a logo
01:00   representing the circle of twelve golden stars from the European Union flag,
01:03   containing at least 10% real gold.
01:08   On page eight of the sales agreement, the EU agrees to at least 10% breakage during transit.
01:13   Who would accept that IKEA delivers a broken plate?
01:17   As for the suppliers, they could be from Taiwan or Moldavia?
01:21   Once again, a laissez-faire attitude occurs at all levels.
01:26   The total cost is more than one million euros. €1,212,000, to be exact.
01:32   This is a renewal of the fleet of porcelain plates for diplomatic service that was created in 2011
01:36   following the Lisbon Treaty. The porcelain is clearly the priority of European taxpayers, isn’t it?
01:45   France already has embassies around the world, but here we discover that we’re paying for
01:49   the porcelain for a second Quai d’Orsay. In fact, the French government sold the residence
01:55   of the French ambassador to New York on Fifth Avenue, one of the most prestigious addresses
01:59   in the world, to pay for Brussels’ embassy in Tajikistan or Kuwait.
02:04   We have also discovered that the European parliament has also opened an embassy in Washington
02:09   and later this year in Singapore. Apparently, Europe is too small for these people.
02:13   Those embassies will need porcelain, too. Following this purchase,
02:17   our feared Eurocrats won’t be recalling the porcelain made in 2018,
02:21   from Sevres, according to the Canard Enchaîné.
02:24   This included 900 presentation plates, 300 bread plates, with a cost of €500,000.
02:28   That purchase occurred just before the Yellow Vest crisis. Quite symbolic from
02:32   the “people who are nothing,” as Emmanuel Macron once referred to them.
02:36   At least this porcelain was made in France,
02:39   and hopefully is used to serve the next French presidency. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “China in a Bull Shop

  1. The stars on the EU flag look like a bu**hole.

    It is an ugly flag for an ugly institution. Modern day Babylon.

  2. Only an average of 28.25 euros/pc or 31.40 euro if they break 1 out of 10 pieces. They could break all of the dinner plates and 600 soup bowls (in transit) and still get paid. If the EU was really so green I think they would eat off of sun baked clay plates rather than porcelain fired in a kiln. What is the carbon footprint of that? At the very least they could get a hodge podge of used plates, etc from whatever the GoodWill in Europe is if they have such a thing.

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