Welcome to EUkraine

Our Dutch correspondent Thomas Landen sends this report on the latest insanity from the European Parliament:

The European Parliament voted yesterday with an overwhelming majority in favor of harder sanctions against Russia and of starting the process leading to EU membership for Ukraine

637 MEPs voted in favor of this madness.
26 MEPs abstained.
13 MEPs voted against.
The rest (74) did not participate in the vote.

Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National voted in favor!
AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) did not participate in the vote.
Vlaams Belang abstained.

Marcel De Graaff of Forum for Democracy was one of the 13 MEPs voting against the madness. Here he explains why. The link has two videos: one in Dutch and one in English.

30 thoughts on “Welcome to EUkraine

  1. Maybe madness… But only happened thanks to Mr Putin.

    Just like Ukrainians wanting to be in Nato is also thanks to Mr Putin.

    And any Ukrainians aligning themselves with Islamists is also thanks to Mr Putin.

    Eastern Europe is not woke. And Ukraine is even less woke, than most of Eastern Europe. Little acceptance of trans issues, LGBT, BLM or any other form of “social justice”… And when I was there during the “Pandemic”, very few people wore masks, and bars and restaurants were open.

    But Ukrainians know a threat when they see one. Just like the rest of this part of Europe, when it comes to the wannabe Hitler in the Kremlin.

    • Everything bad is Putin’s fault!!!! Yay.
      Neo-Nazis and Banderistas are Putin’s fault! Even though Bandera was slaughtering people en masse well before Putin was born.

      Ukraine refused to ruin their lives with the pandemic and lived normal lives! How horrible. Also fault of the Hitler in the Kremlin.

      [ad hominem redacted]

      • Putin supports Iran, which kills, preys and tortures Christians and spreads Jihad, including to Europe. He supports China, which kills and persecutes Christians, and keeps them in catacombs. He supports Cuba, which has persecuted and persecuted Christians, as well as Venezuela and Nicaragua, which do the same. In addition to North Korea, which he buries Christians alive. Cuba is the main influence on Latin American communist regimes, and Putin doesn’t seem to care about Christians there, other than those belonging to his KGB Orthodox Church, or those that Assad allows to live in Syria, more for the fact that he doesn’t oppose his regime than anything else. Of course, all for propaganda purposes.

        So I tell you this: you, and others who frequent here and see reasons to defend Putin, should think things through. Their antagonism to the European Union or to Globalism should not be a reason to turn a blind eye to political reality. Putin is not a hero, he is a dictator, his Christianity is as true as the Catholicism of Joe Biden, or Pope Francis.

        • Everybody in the West against Putin.
          But is anybody against Turkey who invaded Cyprus like Putin invaded Ukraine?
          EU punishes Putin and does not punishes Turkey who not only keeps part of the island under her 40000 soldiers,but also claims that the islands of the Aegean belong to Turkey and also that she has a right to all the Balkan peninsula because once it was under Ottomans,as if Greece could have the right to say that once we had all the south Europe as Byzantium we have the right to impose politics.
          And nobody in Europe says something or put restrictions like the ones to Russia.
          Because Turkey is the favorite to the West by having in her pay role western politicians.
          No,lets Putin gives us the opportunity to rearrange Europe, for as it is we are not happy,although one of the countries that Russia will hit will be the north city of Alexanroupolis,which is an american base.

          P.Something good came from Putin,Covid has gone.

      • Vera, why do you keep on about these supposed “neo-nazis”, when Putin himself has neo-nazis fighting his cause for many years, in the Donbas?


        And with the President of Ukraine being a Russian-speaking Jew, whose relatives were murdered in the Holocaust… The very type of people supposedly “threatened” by those “neo-nazis and Banderistas”, who Putin stepped in to “protect”.

        Let’s face it – we were all duped by the Kremlin madman’s lies and deception.

        I’m happy to admit I was, for many years even having a positive view of him, during the Isis situation in Syria.

        Many mothers of the deceived Russian soldiers fighting are also learning, how he deceived them – after Russian POWs call them, often crying.

        It’s time for the Russian people to also do this, and join those who bravely protested from the first day of the current madness, and for the madman threatening the world with his nuclear button to be removed, before it’s too late.

    • There is an ancient saying
      “Οὐδέν κακόν ἀμιγές καλοῦ”
      meaning :”something good will come of something bad.”
      I believe that NWO is breathing the last breath.

    • You need to read some history books, your statement here is [an assertion I vehemently disagree with]!

      The Russians have god given right to defend their country and people from western globalists killers.

      The NaZis are nato, the western Trojan horse traitors and soros funded banderites in Ukraine.

  2. I wonder if the Ukrainian people would be so quick to be a part of the EU if they knew it would mean having hordes of African and Middle Eastern rapists imported into their midst. Or economic colonization by Germany just like Greece and Italy have to endure?

    Ukraine seems cursed to forever be the puppet of empires far more powerful than them.

    • Zelensky does not care. And the decision is not in “the people’s” hands. I don’t know any country in the EU that is happy how EU has turned out.

      • However the EU has “turned out”, it’s surely better than being bombarded by Putin’s Grad rockets and thermobaric bombs…

        The Ukrainian people now this hence they want to be in.

    • When Putin’s puppet Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, flooded Eastern Europe last Autumn with aggressive, hostile middle-Eastern migrants last year, it was actually Ukraine who helped its EU neighbours stop the influx – donating barbed wire to countries to Lithuania’s borders and stepping up monitoring of its own borders…

      In fact, the EU was also not happy with the influx. The main actors right now, trying to flood Europe with “middle Eastern rapists” are Putin’s people.

    • Whenever one of these 3rd worlders act up, and they often do, the Ukrainians whether police or citizens put the boots to them without mercy nor quarter. About a year ago some middle easter “students” decided it was a really good idea to get a local girl drunk and have some fun with her, her family took care of the problem the next day with police looking and a very blind eye. The 3rd worlders that come there find out really quickly it is not nice to mess with the locals. If they make the police station, they often get the Cossack treatment.

  3. To be honest, the European Parliament cannot initiate the process leading to EU membership for Ukraine. This process can only be started by the Council of Ministers of the EU (EU Member States). What has already been done is that Ukraine, as an European state, (which it certainly is) has only applied for EU membership. Whether this application will be accepted is completely different thing as it requires the approval of ALL Member States. I am pretty sure that at the moment even Poland would not give its consent for the Ukrainian membership in the EU because this is a process requiring some time for preparation. The Ukraine membership in the EU will not happen overnight. (Treaty on the European Union, Article 49)

    • Poland was the first to call for Ukraine’s accelerated EU membership a few days ago, if I’m not mistaken.

  4. Insanity beyond, and I don’t think is Putin , it’s Schawb , Soros for distraction big time, Zieliński is another young globalist fascist, I feel sorry for Poland and Germany, the closest countries, it will be another Islamists invasions from Islamic states ,Poland will build wall again this time from Ukraine, it’s all about chaos and distraction nothing else. , next – economic crisis..

    • The “Islamic invasion from Islamic states” has been happening here in Poland since last year… Thanks to Putin’s puppet president Lukashenko of Belarus laying on flights, to take Syrian and Iraqi “tourists” to the Polish border.

      The EU actually made a big effort to stop it. Perhaps they actually learned something, after 2015.

    • Is Zielinski a globalist fascist?

      Well, I figured he was showing a lot of guts giving a good fight against Putin. Well, at least showing some guts so far, and not just flying out of the country like Biden apparently offered to him.

      I don’t get why everything has to boil down to Schwab? Isn’t Putin acting on his own?

      • Before all of this started, and after he got elected, Zelenskyy was actually regarded as the “Ukrainian Trump” – an anti-establishment outsider, famous for being a comedian, and winning a Ukrainian TV dance contest.

        This time last year, he launched a crackdown on corrupt oligarchs, including some close to Putin. Ukrainians I know were pleasantly shocked, that he moved so far…

        Then a couple of months later, Russian troops massed on the Ukraine border for “training exercises”.

        Then Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan pullout happened, and then Putin felt confident enough to turn the “exercises” into the real thing.

        Of course, due to his country’s circumstances, Zelenskyy may have to align with globalists, for strategic reasons… But if not for those reasons, I doubt he would do so.

        After he became president, globalists were pretty worried about him.

    • The Ukrainians hate the 3rd worlders and won’t tolerate a 3rd world invasion like the rest of western Europe.

  5. Welcome Ukraine: now you will have Muslims invading militarily from eastern Chechnya (with the Islamic assassins under the control of dictator Putin.. who sponsors Iran, by the way), and from the West, through the Islamic immigration quota. There are already reports that Syrian Islamic terrorist rebels are trying to join Ukrainian militias, through a Ukrainian businessman of Syrian origin (jihad sympathizer apparently).

    But Ukraine’s fate must remain in the hands of the Ukrainian people, as much as we disagree with the European Union, as an intrusive, punitive (sanctions etc), and super bureaucratic, as well as anti-democratic and anti-nationalist body. It is a decadent regime of an idiotic idea, which takes advantage of weakness and weak countries, which are ruled by corrupt and bribery bureaucrats.

    • If the Ukrainian people are now having any common cause with Islamists, it’s only thanks to Mr Putin.

      But there’s something from the Islamic world right now, that they appreciate a lot more than any crazy Jihadis… The Turkish Bayraktar drone.

      There’s already a song about it!


  6. This is but a dress rehearsal by the elites to make certain that everything has been Putin place for the March south. Rushia’s ambassador has denied Israel claims to the Golan Heights calling it unlawful occupation, and with that Russia’s causus belli.

  7. Russia Armyfights for our freedom in Ukraine! We need them to go to Uk and Europe to free us all front he clutches and propaganda of the evil globalists planted traitor Trojan horses mass murderers who killing billions of humanity with fake vaccine depopulation injections and fake virus pandemic.

    The globalists try to smash Russia, like they did to gaddafi in libiya.

    Using rent a mob protesters, and nato mercenaries

    Pure evil!

    We must all support Russia and Putin, and spread the truth to all

    The western media whores must be hanged along with the architects of these criminals and their crimes against humanity

    Putin tells it as it is;


    • The “pure evil” is in the Russian artillery bombing the heroic cities of Kiev, Kharkov and Zhytomyr.

      In the Russian soldiers who are already raping women in Kherson. (Confirmed by a journalist, and doctors)


      And, most of all, in the cowardly dictator who sits at long tables, miles away from his timid subordinates. (The exact opposite, of the heroic president in Kiev – right now, an inspiration for the whole world)

      Ukraine only asks for support from globalists, because of Putin’s actions. Putin is the best argument for globalists, EU, Nato and all the other crazy initiatives that there ever was…

      We believed Putin was only bluffing, threatening and deceiving, like he always does.

      But we were wrong – he really did turn out to be a madman, following in the footsteps of Hitler.

      The world will never forgive him, and all those who enabled him.

  8. Huh? You use the name, “Solzhenitsyn” and advocate supporting Putin?

    That sounds crazy to me.

    • [ad hominem redacted]

      The west has turned into the eussr gulag, that Solzhenitsyn wrote about, or are you living on the moon?

      Putin Has given the finger to klaus anal schwab and the NaZi founder soros,
      Nwo butchers of humanity. Putin has chose god! And light over dark.

      Our enemy are the cancel culture gramsci nato lgbtqyz mass murderers, nwo infiltrater gangsters.

      The red army must liberate all Europe, and go to eussr in Brussels to take down and capture the eussr communist collaborators of the nwo mass murderers, put them on trial, immediatley, execution by the people.

      • The biggest “cancel culture” is in the country, which sentences for many years those who oppose its war, which checks the phones of those who try to leave, which blocks of access to Facebook and Twitter (as of today), so that people can’t read the information sources that they wish…. That country is Russia.

        The country which, according to intelligence reports (which lately have turned out very true), is planning to set up internment camps in Ukraine, for potential opponents of Putin.

        The heroic dissident Solzhenitsyn, known for being placed in sich a Gulag, would be ashamed of you for writing under his name.

  9. ” Rushia’s ambassador has denied Israel claims to the Golan Heights calling it unlawful occupation, ”

    But do you know why Russia is saying that? To keep friendly relations with Syria.

    And USA inimical attitudes towards Russia forced Russia tobefriend Iran.
    NATO wants to do Hitler’s job. is that strange?

    Why do you think the idea of Hitler expansion in Europe occurred to him?

    Because he was not allowed to have colonies while France and Britain (Sykes–Picot Agreement ) were busy dividing shares.

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